The 15 Best NFL Teams If Current Players Played For Their Hometown

Imagine, a football league where every player immediately gets drafted by the town that they are from, or closest to. No Tom Brady in New England, and no Aaron Rodgers at Lambeau. Every organization that is set today, may have a completely different history then they have now. Teams who have never won a Super Bowl in history, may have multiple, while other teams who have a lot of success may not have any. The league may be in a different position than it is right now.

There are many hometown players that have wanted to play for their hometown team, but many times it doesn't happen. Sometimes it does, but it's more rare for it to happen. Teams don't look to see where a player is from to accommodate them, but to see what they're going to bring to that team and if it fits what that team is trying to do. Teams draft and sign players based off of their skill level and how they fit the team's needs.

You'd be shocked to see what NFL stars relocate to different teams. Some of your favorite teams, may no longer be your favorite teams. The hometown heroes go back to their home, and play for the team that represents their home. So, forget about everything you know about the NFL, and imagine a league where every NFL player, plays for their hometown.

Here are The 15 Best NFL Teams If Current Players Played For Their Hometowns:

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15 Green Bay Packers

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The top quarterback free agent currently would take over at Lambeau, Colin Kaepernick. The controversy ends as Kaepernick respects his country, and stands during the National Anthem. Kaepernick doesn’t just do that, but he succeeds as a quarterback in Green Bay. Kaepernick struggles with the lack of wide receivers, but utilizes Michael Thomas to the best of his ability as the Packers remain in the hunt for the playoffs every year. With protection from Joe Thomas, one of the best offensive tackles in the league, Kaepernick is able to stay in the pocket as well as run and make the big throws.

The Packers defense improves from what it is now, but still isn’t great. Darius Slay is at cornerback and continues to produce consistent numbers coming up with 1-2 interceptions a season. The star of the team though, J.J. Watt, continues to dominate and wins his first MVP award in the league.

14 New York Giants

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Given that there are not enough quality players from the New York City area, and the fact that we'd like to include a New York team here, the Giants will have to represent all of the state of New York (hey, would you rather have the Jets?).

The New York Giants stay as a mediocre team, being one of the better teams, but missing the playoffs year after year. Struggling to find a franchise quarterback as they are led by Dan Orlovsky, leads to their struggles. However, some of the more dominant parts of their team help keep them in the race. Orlovsky still manages to get the ball to tight-end Rob Gronkowski (a native of Western New York state), but Gronk’s numbers begin to fall without having a premier quarterback. Running back Dion Lewis begins to shine and become a starting running back in the NFL. Victor Cruz makes his return back to New York, and helps produce consistent numbers being the top wide receiver in the Big Apple.

The McCourty brothers reunite, helping defend opposing wide recievers and try and keep the dominant defense New York once had. Brian Cushing gets in the groove again and becomes the leader of this Giants’ defense.

13 Carolina Panthers

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Jay Cutler comes out of retirement, and joins his hometown heroes in the Carolinas. Cutler who struggled to have a dominant team in Chicago, comes on a Panthers team with some talent. The Panthers become one of the more dominant teams in the NFC, with a stacked roster. Cutler is gifted with two star wide receivers in A.J. Green and Randall Cobb. The Panthers finally have two stud wide receivers, allowing Cutler to throw the ball around the field. Jimmy Graham also comes back to the NFC South, and dominates becoming one of the best tight ends in the league. However, the offense struggles to become a powerhouse due to the inability to run the football.

On defense, the team shines with Cortland Finnegan (in his prime) and Jonathan Joseph at each corner. The Panthers stack up having one of the best secondaries in the league, preventing teams from being able to dominate in the pass game against them.

12 Atlanta Falcons

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Superman takes a super turn, as he goes from the rival Carolina Panthers, to the Atlanta Falcons. And this time, Newton has many weapons. The wide receiver corps isn’t the best in the NFC South, but has some key parts to help give some players to throw to in the pass game. Between Demaryius Thomas, Tyreek Hill and Brice Butler, this team is able to toss the ball all over the place. Seeing the success in the pass game, former Detroit Lions wide receiver, Calvin Johnson, debates coming back into the league.

Isaiah Crowell find himself becoming a star as he becomes one of the better running backs in the league. The Falcons continue to have a good offense balanced out in the passing and running game. Jared Cook helps become a more dominant tight end, giving Newton a safe target to throw to.

The defense stays average, with some dominant figures. Safety Eric Berry locks down the middle of the field, while cornerback A.J. Bouye dominates at the cornerback position. However, the defensive line shines with Bruce Irvin and Justin Houston coming around the edge. Also, the special teams become one of the best in the league with two of the best punters, Marquette King and Chris Jones. And on returns, Dwayne Harris and Tyreek Hill become the best returners in the league.

11 Los Angeles Chargers

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Derek Carr stays in California, but moves closer to home as he plays for the Los Angeles Chargers. Carr joins the mix of San Diego and Los Angeles football players, to become the bully in L.A. The Rams struggle to get it going, as the Chargers become a powerhouse in the AFC. Carr gets some weapons in DeSean Jackson and Marqise Lee, as well as Jordan Cameron at tight end. Carr is able to toss the ball around, but not as effectively as he was able to in Oakland. Arian Foster comes in and becomes an average running back, staying healthy but taking a step back as he ages.

The offense is decent enough to be consistent, but the defense becomes one of the better defenses in the NFL. With Richard Sherman and Orlando Scandrick help control the outside perimeter, while Jairus Byrd controls the middle of the field. Clay Matthews becomes his old self again becoming disruptive in the pass game, as well as a factor against the run.

10 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers take a step back, becoming a team that seems to constantly be at 8-8. Matthew Stafford’s weapons begin to become weaker in tropical Florida including Doug Baldwin and Harry Douglas. However, the running back position improves as Chris Johnson and LeGarette Blount switch off. The running game in Tampa balances out, becoming the best in the NFC South. Chris Johnson begins to show that he can become a dominant force in the NFL again, as Blount comes off and becomes hard running back to bring down on third down.

The defensive back position is great, as the Bucs play Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Sam Shields. The defensive backs back it tougher for Cam Newton and Jay Cutler to throw in the division, causing their interception rates to raise. The Bucs struggle against the run game, which contributes to their failed attempts of trying to make the playoffs.

9 Cincinnati Bengals

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Bengals fan base gets excited, as a quarterback that they have been tough to stop, joins the Ohio family. Ben Roethlisberger moves to Cincinnati and plays for his longtime rivals. He also gets to bring his star running back, Le’Veon Bell, who continues to become a threat in the run and pass game. Only this time, he becomes a threat to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Problem is, the wide receiver position for the Bengals becomes very weak. Losing A.J. Green and John Ross, the new duo becomes Cecil Shorts and Ted Ginn Jr. The receiver position weakens by a lot, which contributes to their decline in the passing game.

The defense adds some pieces to the linebacker position with James Harrison and Luke Kuechly. Aqib Talib and C.J. Spillman do work in the secondary, being disruptive forces against the pass. As the offense weakens, the defense adds many strong pieces.

8 Minnesota Vikings

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Vikings remain at the middle of the pack, they’re there, but they aren’t. Carson Wentz from North Dakota, comes over to play for the Minnesota Vikings. The young quarterback gives the Vikings hope to make the Super Bowl again one day. Wentz has a great receiver core in Larry Fitzgerald, Eric Decker, and Adam Thielen. The young quarterback who had no weapons in Philly, has some of the best when he arrives to Minnesota. Darren Sproles joins Wentz on the Vikings

The Vikings seem to be like the present day New Orleans Saints. A loaded offense, but a very poor defense. The star of the defense, Terrell Suggs, seems to be a year or two away from retiring. With no other true big defender, the Vikings struggle on defense.

7 Seattle Seahawks

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Alex Smith has been blessed having such a dominant team in Kansas City, but on his move to Seattle, it’s not as dominant. A team that is always close to making the playoffs, but never makes it. Smith’s numbers get worse, as his only real threat on the corners is Jermaine Kearse. Kearse a versatile wide receiver, but definitely not a number one receiver on any team. Jonathan Stewart, takes the snaps as the team’s starting-running back. Even at an old age, continues to show why he is still in this league.

The defense isn’t flashy either, but it’s enough to give these Seahawks a chance in a weak division. Ndamukong Suh shows his Lions colors, as he becomes an animal on the defensive line. Desmond Trufant plays all around the ball playing good coverage yet being able to come after the quarterback. The Seahawks lose their dominance, but still manage to stay in the playoff race each year due to a poor division.

6 New Orleans Saints

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Eli Manning goes back home, and is gifted with an offense. Manning has a great wide receiver core in New York, but has no run game and struggles to be protected by one of the worst offensive lines in the game. On his move to New Orelans, he’s happy to know that he has one of the best offensive tackles in the league, Andrew Whitworth. He may miss OBJ, but he’s lucky enough to take his top receiver with him, as well an upgrade with Julio Jones as the top wide receiver. Manning tends to throw the ball up many times, and Jones may have a better chance against any corner back in the league opposed to any other wide receiver. Manning also has Jarvis Landry and Mike Wallace, to help spread the ball against opposing defenses. His run game improves as he joins with Eddie Lacy, Matt Forte, and Spencer Ware.

Enough with just the offense, the defense is just as dominant. Defensive end Michael Bennett attack opposing quarterbacks along sign defensive tackle Bennie Logan. The secondary maintains good enough to help stop the pass with Tryann Mathieu and Eric Reid down the field of the field. Also, Landon Collins and Morris Claiborne help, as the secondary is one of the best in the league. And the best part, is that once Eli Manning retires, Dak Prescott is known to be the future of the Saints organization.

5 Tennessee Titans

Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

The day that many football fans have been waiting for a long time. Philip Rivers is finally on a winning team, and one of the best teams in the AFC as well. Rivers teams up with Jason Witten, Randall Cobb, and Golden Tate. Together they become the most versatile offense in the league. No big name wide receivers on this team, but targets that can help spread the field. Rivers loved having Antonio Gates on his team, but will love having Jason Witten even more. One of the most dependable tight ends in the league helps Rivers have a safety target to reach the first down markers.

The defense isn’t flashy, but has the pieces to hold down offenses from throwing against them. The defense includes Dontari Poe, Dont’a Hightower, Harrison Smith, and Jalen Ramsey. The Titans defense becomes one of the most consistent defenses in the league, competing closely with the Houston Texans for the division.

4 Dallas Cowboys

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

At last, “America’s Team” is back to their way of the 90s. Having one a recent Super Bowl, they become the team to beat in the NFC East. Sam Bradford takes over a winning ball club, constantly is able to throw the fall to his speedy targets Taylor Gabriel, Terrance Williams and Michael Crabtree to help make this team one of the fastest teams in the NFL. Adrian Peterson finally gets what he wants, as he gets his wish to play in Dallas. He does not only just play in Dallas, but becomes a star. Peterson fights and is on his way to break former Dallas Cowboys running back, Emmitt Smith’s rushing record. The Cowboys keep their top notch offensive line, by having two of the best offensive lineman in football, Jason Peters and Trent Williams.

Not only does the offense stay loaded, but the defense finally improves. Adding Von Miller and Derrick Johnson. The linebacker position improves. Jerry Jones finally gets the Cowboys back to a place they have been wanting to be for a long time.

3 Miami Dolphins

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

When was the last time you heard someone else besides the New England Patriots won the AFC East? That time is now. The Miami Dolphins become one of the most electrifying teams in the game to watch. Even with a struggling Geno Smith at quarterback, the team dominates. Smith’s game improves, as he has more targets and better protection. The Dolphins have Anquan Boldin, Antonio Brown, T.Y. Hilton, and Amari Cooper as the wide receiver corps, talk about a group of receivers. The Dolphins become the scariest wide receiver group to face, adding such dominance. Frank Gore, Devonta Freeman and Latavius Murray become one of the best running back groups in the nation. Even without a premier quarterback, this offense is scary.

The defense gets better too, adding Cliff Avril, Darius Butler, Jason Pierre-Paul, Geno Atkins, Patrick Peterson, Janoris Jenkins, Xavier Rhodes, and Ryan Shazier. The Dolphins become the bullies of the AFC East, winning the title year after year.

2 Houston Texans

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Drew Brees makes his way back to Texas, and turns the Houston Texans into the most dominant football team in Texas. With weapons on the outside such as Dez Bryant, Emmanuel Sanders, Brandon LaFell, and Cole Beasley, the Texans finally make their way to the Super Bowl and bring back the first Super Bowl in Texans history. Jamaal Charles goes back to his original form, and helps speed this offense up making it one of the most dynamic groups in the game. Brees also missing his former tight end Jimmy Graham, gets to play with Martellus Bennett, who becomes one of the best in the game. The offense is loaded with different types of players, which is why they have become so successful.

The defense is where this team tends to struggle a bit, which seems to happen to Drew Brees throughout his career. But they are better than his previous defense with the Saints, with defenders such as Earl Thomas and D.J. Hayden. The Texans finally take over “America’s Team” and show who’s the real team in Texas.

1 Oakland Raiders

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

And the best team in the NFL is the… Oakland Raiders! And of course, who is the quarterback? Aaron Rodgers. A-Rod finally has the help he needs on this team. Being a native of Chico, A-Rod could have gone to either San Fran or Oakland, but when he sees this team, he might forego his childhood team if this was the nature of the NFL. A-Rod gets top receivers in Julian Edelman and Brandin Cooks, to join him on the Raiders. He also gets the addition of Marshawn Lynch and Davante Adams. The Raiders offense is scary, as A-Rod takes the next level of having a super team in the NFL. Lynch dominates the run game as Rodgers still manages to pound through defenders.

The defense also has a lot of pieces with Haloti Ngata, Lorenzo Alexander, and Trumaine Johnson. The Raiders do what they have to do.

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