The 15 Steamiest Instagram Accounts Of NFL Cheerleaders

Cheerleaders and Instagram are a pairing destined to be as much a success as Apple and smartphones or Beyonce and Jay-Z, as the photo-sharing app is the ideal forum for these bouncy babes to share their images with the waiting world. In fact, these ladies' social media fame is such they even have a new millennial term for the phenomenon-- "Cheerlebrities"--an obvious compounding of "cheerleaders" and "celebrity."

For male fans who love checking out cheerleaders during a dull game, fortunately the majority of NFL teams have cheer squads shaking their pom-poms, as well as other "assets".  Presently, only six teams don't utilize cheerleaders, mostly old-school franchises like the Steelers, Packers and Giants.  The Lions finally relented in 2016 and added a cheer squad, which rather than a sexist throwback to the 1970's, is utilized by teams in the post-modern world to make a connection with female fans, many who identify with and/or aspire to be NFL cheerleaders themselves one day.

And for our college-age readers, please appreciate what you have with these Instagram beauties, because back in the analog day, we used to rely on some cheesy annual calendar of the team's cheer squad in order to have some visual inspiration to hang on our walls.. But thanks to the digital age, on every screen there is now instant gratification and endless appreciation of professional pom-pom pretties, including this eye-popping collection of some of the NFL's sexiest cheerleaders who sport the hottest Instagram pic galleries. 


For Houston Texans cheerleader Mallory Moore, it doesn’t get much more topical for the initial entry on this list, as the jaw-dropping beauty posted pics of Hurricane Harvey affecting the Texas town of Dickinson. The small city was terribly flooded, as the water almost reached traffic lights and people were paddle-boating down city streets normally reserved for vehicles.  As her Instagram account @dzangmallory indicates, this University of Houston broadcast journalism major obviously has her eyes set on the prize of getting in front of the camera and talking sports.  And why the hell not? As you can see for yourself, the lens certainly loves her bright eyes, perfectly upturned nose and succulent lips. NFL cheerleaders usually don't keep their jobs for very long, so perhaps Moore's cheerleading gig can parlay into her ultimate career goal.


The less you care the happier you'll be ✔️

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The hot Ms. Hart had the misfortune of watching her New England Patriots get shockingly and soundly defeated by the Kansas City Chiefs during the NFL Kickoff Game this past September 7. But at least Pats fans in attendance got to be distracted by Caitlyn's meaty thighs and bright smile. Hart's Instagram account, @c_hartxo, features pics of her wearing skin-tight outfits, and is infinitely more exciting than a Bill Belichick press conference, as after losing to Chiefs, the legendary coach painfully mumbled meaningless football-speak just to issue required responses to the post-game media.

In other words, a cheerleader like Caitlyn Hart is capable of articulating more detailed pigskin info than the paranoid Patriots coach is ever willing to impart in public. Let's see more of her in front of the cameras.



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Got to give the bodacious blonde Ms. Bell some credit, her faith in the Messiah is unassailable. As an Atlanta Falcons cheerleader, she witnessed first-hand the Dirty Birds historic choke job in losing a 28-3 lead to a clearly outmatched Patriots squad in last season's Super Bowl. Yet despite having her pom-poms wilted from the meltdown by Matt Ryan and crew, Nicole still proclaims herself to be a "lover of Christ" on her Instagram page, @nicollettejordanbell. Personally, if we were Falcons fans, we might have lost faith in our higher power after the team's unprecedented Super Bowl debacle. But for now, we'll settle for dropping to our knees and venerating Nicole's assets of gym-toned booty and curvaceous assets. Looking at her should restore some of your faith. 


Sun on my skin, wind in my hair

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Regardless of her parents being stoners or not, Los Angeles Rams cheerleader Sativa shares her first name with a dominant type of cannabis known for its energetic properties (such as Sour Diesel) that certainly reflects her high-energy lifestyle. Per The Hottest Dance Team, the sultry Ms. Skye used to dance for the Ladies of Ontario Fury, the American indoor professional soccer team located in Ontario, California. Now Sativa has reached the big-time, cheering for the Rams, who returned to L.A. in 2016 after two decades in St. Louis. Her Instagram account, @sativaheartsyou, fully displays her irresistible looks and smoking hot bod--pun fully intended. Things are looking up for the Rams this season and with Skye cheering them on from the sidelines, more fans in L.A. should be popping in the Coliseum.


Just what the team that has everything--the New England Patriots--needs, yet another hot cheerleader. But that's just what they have in Allison DeJesus, the lovely Latina with a skin tone that seems created in a laboratory, it's such a perfect shade of tan. It should come as little surprise Allison been an entrant in the Miss Massachusetts USA pageant or that she has a side-hustle as a fitness instructor. Per Busted Coverage, it's visually apparent the delightful Ms. DeJesus puts a lot of time and effort into maintaining her stunning physique, fully depicted on her Instagram account, @allison.dejesus. Unfortunately, DeJesus's boyfriend is also featured in some of her posts, but there are plenty solo shots of her for you to give her a follow.


How could we go through 15 names here and NOT include a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader? Whether donning a tight leather skirt or flashing her cleavage in her famed Dallas Cowboys cheerleader outfit, Erica Wilkins has plenty of satisfying images on her Instagram account @ericawilkins_.  On social media, the brunette beauty Erica proclaims she is a “follower of Christ."  She just happens to be one who's also adept at doing the splits. Obviously, Ms. Wilkins isn’t familiar with the logic of German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, who wrote, "In truth, there was only one Christian (Jesus), and he died on the cross." In other words, Ms. Wilkins, don't follow someone else's ideas, embrace fulfilling your own destiny. Whatever views you may or may not share with Wilkins, let's not forget about those pictures!


pretty girl$ 👍🏻 #trap music 🎀

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Shelbie Kovach might have shredded her pretty little lungs cheering on the Los Angeles Rams' opening week victory, a 46-9 disassembling of the hapless Indianapolis Colts on September 10. On her personal website, Kovach recalls her days at Arizona State University, that indulgent party school supreme that serves as the Pac-12 antithesis of intellectual campuses like staid Stanford and political Cal.

On her steamy Instagram page, @realshelba, Ms. Kovach shares pic after pic of her slender bod and long legs that propel her dancing career--she's been a dancer almost the entire span of her life. Shelbie even dances competitively, having represented the ASU Spirit Squad and even the good ol' USA in dance-offs decided before a panel of judges. We promise you won't get tired of her feed.


OCD 🛠 Obsessive Camaro Disorder

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The Jacksonville Jaguars have been a largely unimpressive franchisee since their 1990s glory days, but at least they have a bevy of sexy cheerleaders like Allison Renn to divert your attention while Blake Bortles is overthrowing yet another receiver.  The ravishing Ms. Renn is so hot, in September 2016, SI named her “Lovely Lady of the Day." On her Instagram page, @allisonrenn, the brunette babe describes herself as a “Mermaid,” and indeed she likes spending a lot of time by the water, so it seems perfect for her to be cheering in the aquatic state of Florida. Ms. Renn is no prude, evident by her August 13 post, shot from behind while she was preparing to fish, and wearing an extremely revealing bikini-bottom with the rising sun in the background. Allison playfully labeled the picture “Booty Crack of Dawn." Wait, she’s sexy, a football fan and funny? Where do we propose? Oh wait, she's already married--damn.


Ah yes, we come to a cheerleader residing in the Big Easy.. And her Instragram feed sure is easy on the eyes.... Not clever enough? Fine...

Another bombshell cheerleader who runs around in skimpy clothing on Instagram--in this case it's @galepirk--another misplaced Bible quote. For gorgeous blonde Abigale Pirkle of the New Orleans Saints, it's Proverbs 31:30, which demands a woman "fear God" for some unknown reason.  Obviously the pretty Ms. Pirkle isn't much of a feminist.

Abigale, part of the unfortunately named "Saintsation" cheer squad, is engaged to professional pitcher Taylor Gilbeau, presently hurling in the Washington Nationals system, pitching for the "Class A" Potomac Nationals, which plays their games in Woodbridge, Virginia.  Luckily for us, Gilbeau's Instagram account, @gilbo2, is also packed with pics of Abigale in various bikinis and other sexy offerings.


Here we go...#twomonths #missindianausa

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The Indianapolis Colts cheerleading squad is certainly bolstered by the presence of the fresh-faced and well-toned Ms. Toney, despite the dismal outlook for the team's chances of competing in the AFC South without their franchise quarterback Andrew Luck. At least the Colts' faithful can divert their attention to Toney when the team's stinking it up on the field.

On her playful Instagram page, @sammypaiget, there are plenty of snapshots of Sammy's bright smile and sun-kissed bikini bod. Radio website My 105.3 WJLT chose the perpetually pretty Ms. Toney as “Colts Cheerleader of the Week” in October 2015, but as far as we’re concerned they could have elected her for the entire season! Sammy has also worked as a server in a local Indy establishment--and who wouldn’t want to be waited on by this blonde beauty?


This Jacksonville Jaguars' cheerleader is also a ballet dancer, which accounts for her graceful moves on Sundays along with her perfect stems. Alison also dabbles in visual web design and created and maintains her own website, theotherap.com. The pretty Ms. Powers prefers millennial-speak, as she refers to herself as a "cheerleader brand ambassador," which is a pretentious way of saying she shakes pom-poms on weekends. Oh and in case you're wondering, @theotherap is also Alison's Instagram handle. We're not sure who the "original AP" Alison seems to be referring to, but we wonder if "she" could possibly be as hot as Ms. Powers?  If so, point us in her direction!  Otherwise, we'll keep focusing on the lovely Alison. In any case, she's definitely worth a follow.


dress it up & go to nassau 🇧🇸

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Unfortunately, the cheers from Washington's squad did not sufficiently inspire the Redskins to win their home opener versus the Philadelphia Eagles, as Carson Wentz and crew stole one in D.C. On her Instagram, @dancingcandee, Candess professes to be a “follower of Christ” but seems okay “shaking pom poms” for a team with a racist nickname (Redskins) that represents genocide committed by white Christians against an indigenous people (Native Americans). Guess that contradiction doesn’t enter Candess' pretty little head-despite her ability to solve Sudoku puzzles in less than five minutes. But we'll let it slide this time, and instead admire Candee's lovely hair draping over her shoulders and astounding body. Candess provides many sultry beach pics on her feed and keeps us up to date on her schedule.


ROAR calendar is a wrap! Loved this 'kini by @lkbikini 💕👙

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Human beings don't get much more limber than Jacksonville Jaguars cheerleader Kendall Clemenz, who augments her taut athletic figure with her wholesome big smile and full red lips.  On her spectacular Instagram page, @kendallclemenz, the blonde babe does the splits, sports thigh high boots and dons sexy velvet cocktail dresses that show off her luscious legs. For the wedding-obsessed, check out Kendall and fiance Pedro's page at The Knot regarding their impending nuptials to be held this October 27 in Jacksonville, Florida. The picture perfect couple seems awfully concerned with signing up guests with the ride-share app Uber, providing endless details on how to get Uber on the "Details" page of their wedding website. It's almost like they're trying to absolve themselves in advance from any legal obligations from guests who might party too hardy at their wedding. We're pretty sure everybody on planet Earth knows about Uber by now, Kendall and Pedro, but thanks for the concern.


Sunshine on my mind☀️❤️✨ #fridayfeels #beachin #weekendready

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Our penultimate entry on this list going backwards down the number line had to wait a week longer before getting in her "rah-rah-rah's" than the rest of the girls featured here, as Britt Cortazar's Miami Dolphins cancelled their home opener on September 10 because of the ravages of Hurricane Irma.  Due to Irma becoming a storm of historical proportions as a result of climate change wrought by unbridled burning of fossil fuels, Miami fans were deprived of seeing Jay Cutler's Dolphin debut--and the beautiful brunette Britt, who resembles actress Selena Gomez--if Gomez had legs that extended down to the Florida Keys!  And you can watch Britt from as many angles as possible on her Instagram page, @mdc_britt.

DolphinsCheerleaders.com previously selected the curvy Cortazar as "Cheerleader of the Week" in a video that's well worth the 19 seconds to view. If you can watch it just once, that is.


We admit, this isn't fair-the Patriots land yet another cheerleader on the list--and this one, Bailey Medeiros, takes the top slot at that, for her dazzling array of swimsuit shots on her Instagram page, @baileynmedeiros. Seems like fitting symmetry; the best team with the best coach and best quarterback also has the hottest cheerleader. Per a Busted Coverage profile earlier this summer, we learned Bailey is a local girl, hailing from Monson, Mass. Bailey sports that combo of innocent cuteness and coy hotness that's nearly impossible for a man to resist, because everything he wants is embodied in one single woman. Bailey is such a woman; so pretty, yet so desirable with her tanned bikini bod.

The lucky bro who gets to date Ms. Medeiros is a lacrosse player of all things--Jack Horan, who according to his own Instagram page, @jack_horan, plays for Bryant Univesity a private college in Rhode Island.  You'd think the beautiful Bailey would hold out for an NBA superstar or a social media billionaire, but she obviously follows her heart and we commend her for that.

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