Top 10 Classic Marshawn Lynch Interviews

Since the beginning of his career, Marshawn Lynch showed in his interviews that he was a different kind of player. Lynch excelled on the field during his first two seasons with the Buffalo Bills, but has taken “Beast Mode” to another level since joining the Seattle Seahawks. An earth-shaking touchdown run in the NFL Divisional Playoffs against New Orleans brought him into the national spotlight and turned him into an internet sensation. Now as he is being studied under the intensity of the relentless Super Bowl media, Lynch has decided to respond to their questions with simple catchphrases to convey his feelings.

While these phrases have certainly been entertaining if lacking variety, many members of the media have chosen to react childishly by lambasting Lynch for his refusal to elaborate. Others have hit out at Lynch based on some misguided notion that he must use his platform to speak because it is a responsibility to his community. The most ridiculous criticism has been that Lynch has a responsibility to give reporters quotes to fill space in their columns, which completely overlooks the fact that Lynch is saying so much more by not expounding.

The fact is that Marshawn Lynch gave fantastic interviews for years and they went completely overlooked by many. When he wants to be, Lynch is eloquent and quotable while maintaining the personality that many of his fans have become familiar with over the years. His decision not to be cooperative has come in the face of NFL fines and rampant criticism. Even with the league’s repeated fines, Lynch still has the support of his teammates and coach Pete Carroll and is the key to the success of the Seahawks offense. It is going to be very interesting to see what Lynch will say if he gets the opportunity to collect the Super Bowl MVP Award.

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10 Mayne Event

When Marshawn Lynch arrived in Buffalo as a rookie, the predecessor running back Willis McGahee made headlines for criticizing the lack of culture and nightlife in the city. Lynch responded by endearing himself to the city by making an absolutely hilarious Mayne Event feature for ESPN. In the feature, he jokes about his love of chain restaurants like Applebee’s and Dave and Buster’s. He shows off his jump shot while playing some Pop-A-Shot and even pours his own drink while in awe of the power. The question still remains what his favorite part of Applebee’s is, the ambiance or the décor?

9 Rookie Interview

Marshawn Lynch gave one of the most memorable rookie interviews of all time. In a dual interview while standing next to the late Gaines Adams, Lynch introduces the world to the phrase “Beast Mode”. The pair clown around for a bit while answering questions and Lynch declares that he has the skillset and work ethic necessary to succeed in the National Football League. Lynch defines his speed as “fast, stupid fast” and his mind as “solid, way too solid.” Lynch compared himself to LaDanian Tomlinson, but has already passed the Chargers and Jets legend in career Super Bowl rings.

8 Yeah

After being fined $100,000 for his refusal to speak to the media in the previous week, Marshawn Lynch sat down in his locker to address the media after a 19-3 win over Arizona. The first couple of “questions”” weren’t even questions but rather prompts to talk about a subject and Lynch simply responded with “yeah” to every question he was asked through the rest of the interview. He broke the streak momentarily to promote a foundation dinner to build a youth center in Oakland, displaying his charitable side before reverting back to answering “yeah” to every question. At the end he mixed in a maybe and a reference to Lil Boosie’s song “No Juice.”

7 Skittles Interview

Marshawn Lynch has had a relationship with Skittles for several years now. Lynch eats Skittles on the sidelines to celebrate touchdowns, a practice that he says has dated back to his high school football days. Skittles took an opportunity to host their own “press conference” with the running back and provided a giant bowl of the candy for the occasion. The interview almost instantly went viral because of him taking the time to throw Skittles to reporters who asked good questions. Lynch also revealed that “You don’t feel in Beast Mode, it feels you.”

6 I’m Just Here so I Won’t get Fined

In keeping with his tradition of not giving the media answers outside of catchphrases, Lynch responded to all questions during his Tuesday media appearance with the phrase “I’m just here so I won’t get fined.” 29 different questions were asked by reporters and all were responded to with the catchphrase. It makes you wonder why they kept asking questions, especially when they knew what was going to be said. He added in a “boss” a couple times and after five minutes his cell phone alarm went off and he left the podium.

5 Does Tom Brady get Hyphy?

Back when Marshawn gave interviews to media figures savvy enough to ask him good questions, an enterprising young reporter at Yardbarker decided to ask Lynch a very important question. That question was “Tom Brady, do you think that dude gets hyphy?” While sporting a full Oakland Athletics kit, Lynch spoke of his admiration for Brady declaring him “the God of football right now” and “you can’t get more hyphy than perfect.” For those of you who don't know what hyphy is, consult your nearest E-40 or Mac Dre album.

4 Thanks for Asking

Marshawn Lynch continued to appear before the media after a December 22nd victory over the Arizona Cardinals, but wanted to do the bare minimum necessary to avoid a fine from the league. Lynch had just rushed for 113 yards and two touchdowns after missing most of the first half with a stomach ailment. Lynch responded to every question with “thanks for asking,” making one exception for the reporter who asked about his stomach. Lynch eloquently responded “I appreciate you asking about my stomach, thank you.” The tension between the media and Lynch was mounting.

3 Deion Sanders Interview

Maybe Deion Sanders proved last year that the best way to interview Lynch is to come to him as a peer. Sanders sidles up to Lynch and is able to get him to open up during Media Day coverage surrounding Super Bowl XLVIII. Marshawn drops another awesome memorable quote when he declares “I’m just about that action, boss.” About that action has since become a catchphrase for Lynch that has been printed on t-shirts that are sold through his Beast Mode clothing line. Lynch made it known he was ready and excited for the game, while not wanting to talk about what he was going to do to the Broncos on the field.

2 Michael Silver Interview

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In the run up to last year's Super Bowl, Lynch had been typical reticent self, only giving interviews to Deion Sanders, former teammate Michael Robinson, and an exclusive interview with Michael Silver. Silver asked Lynch questions that allowed Marshawn to talk about how he doesn’t like being forced to do media interviews. The interview takes Lynch from his childhood struggles to his current NFL success and is a great insight into the man he actually is. At a time when self-praise is at an all-time high, Lynch remains a humble figure that is comfortable with who he is.

You can see that article here.

1 You Know Why I’m Here

On January 28th, Marshawn Lynch continued his media week dominance with another five-minute catchphrase appearance. That catchphrase “you know why I’m here” was alternated with “they know why I’m here” when asked about his fans. The truth is that if you’ve been paying attention, you do know why Marshawn Lynch is here. He’s here to play football at the highest level on the biggest stage. He is not here to give interviews and talk about playing football. He’s just about that action, boss.

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