Top 10 Offseason Moves NFL Teams Will Regret

Every NFL offseason, people get excited to read the rumors and see what players their favorite teams might pick up. Usually it just ends up in disappointment as the player you’ve always wanted to see wearing your team’s colors end up playing for your rival for more money. It’s a business, so that’s just the way it is.

Between free agency, trades and the draft, there are a lot of puzzling moves made every offseason. Veterans get truckloads of money backed up to their houses in hopes of enticing them to switch cities. Guys who think that they were happily playing out their contract received a phone call that they were leaving, and the best college players ended up being scooped up by teams with the worst rosters.

There were a lot of good offseason moves that happened this year (such as the Jets firing General Manager John Idzik). There was the New England Patriots signing Darrelle Revis to a one-year deal, which was an absolute steal, as Revis proved to be the missing piece for a Super Bowl in New England. Brandon Albert was having a heck of a season in Miami, improving their offense and Ryan Tannehill's game, before suffering a season-ending injury and the Fins struggling in his absence.

This offseason arguably had the greatest crop of free agents in decades, with household names from seasons past moving around, including Ndamukong Suh going to Miami, DeMarco Murray signing with the division rival Eagles after winning the rushing title and LeSean McCoy going to Buffalo. We also saw longtime one-team veterans like Andre Johnson and Frank Gore jump to Indianapolis, from Houston and San Francisco respectively.

There were also a lot of moves that left us scratching our heads and wondering how the front offices could be so stupid. It was hard to narrow down the bad moves to just a few, but here are the 10 that happened this offseason that NFL teams will be regretting for years to come.

10 10. Giants Spend Millions on Special Teamers

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

9 9. Chiefs Give Jeremy Maclin A Huge Contract

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

8 8. Jaguars Spend Money in the Wrong Places


7 7. 31 Teams Pass on La’el Collins

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

6 6. Colts Go Old

via Kevin Jairaj and Ed Szczepanski, USA TODAY Sport

5 5. Vikings Trade for Mike Wallace

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

4 4. Packers Don’t Let Cobb Go

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3 3. Titans Not Trading Back in the Draft

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2 2. 49ers Booting Harbaugh

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1 1. Pretty Much Everything the Eagles Have Done

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The 49ers might be having the worst offseason from a standpoint of bad luck and bad management ego issues, but the Eagles have had the most baffling offseason. They could either be making a beeline to the bottom of the NFC East in a couple of years, or they could be laughing at all of us while waving around the Lombardi Trophy. For now, most of their moves just look plain silly. For starters, they signed Tim Tebow to welcome the circus in. They also traded LeSean McCoy for Kiko Alonso (which might end up being a good deal), but then it gets weirder.

The trade for Sam Bradford, shipping away Nick Foles, makes almost no sense, and they gave massive contracts to players they don’t really need. Byron Maxwell got six years and $63 million (with $25.5 million guaranteed) while DeMarco Murray got $42 million over five years. The Murray signing makes sense, even if for a player that has had some injury issues and was overworked last year. But then they went and signed Ryan Mathews to a three year deal. Again, this could all work out, but right now it looks like they are mortgaging the future.

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Top 10 Offseason Moves NFL Teams Will Regret