Top 10 Reasons The NFL Should Have A Team Move To London

Bold steps are taken when the stakes are high. Maintaining the status quo would be the easiest thing for the National Football League to do, but there is so much to gain from expanding the game’s horizons. An NFL franchise move to London would break the mold and while the logistics of a potential move continue to be debated, the possibilities of an overseas franchise can introduce multiple benefits.

Hand on heart, most British people either have no clue or a skewered idea of what the NFL is. Last year, we had another writer gave us 10 reasons why a move to London is simply ludicrous, outlining the various pitfalls and embarrassments the league could face if it all collapses in a heap.

But lets be honest, the same can be said for advocates against the move. If a franchise like the Jaguars are torn to shreds and shipped off to London then we at The Sportster would join in the outrage. However, should a brand new team with its own English identity come into the fold, all parties will gain from the added revenue and international exposure.

If fans flock in their tens of thousands to fill Wembley to see two random teams, why deny them a club to call their own? The mantra of “bigger is better” is not just a common saying, but a code to live by in America. Well it should be time to put that to the ultimate test.

So put down your tea and crumpets, pick up a helmet and set of pads and find out 10 reasons why a move to London should be given the green light by the NFL.

10 Fan Base

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9 Stadium


8 Love of Sports

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

7 New Culture


6 Television Coverage

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5 Depth In Rosters

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4 New Talent

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3 Hurts Competitors

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2 Growing the “Brand”

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1 Beginning of a “Globalized” NFL

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NFL without borders – this is the big challenge that lies ahead should Goddell and co reach for global glory. We’ve established that spreading the gospel of American football would grow the brand, produce more talent and utilize a sports hungry population with the appropriate facilities to host a franchise. However the tag of “World Champions” surely has to have some merit. The hard part is not just to establish a London team, but to make it thrive. If this case study becomes a success, why can’t the NFL have a team out of South America or Asia? With the English Premier League examining the possibility of a 39th game to go global, the NFL has the resources to fight fire with fire. Whether those at NFL HQ have the ambition to do so is the real question.

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Top 10 Reasons The NFL Should Have A Team Move To London