Top 10 Reasons To Hate Tom Brady

Nearly everyone roots for the underdog. At one point in time, Tom Brady was exactly that. He stepped into the league as a sixth-round draft pick from Michigan and was thrust into a starting role after Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe was literally forced to the sidelines. In his first Super Bowl appearance against the St. Louis Rams, Brady and the Patriots were heavy underdogs, who wouldn't stand a chance against "the greatest show on turf" led by the three-headed monster of Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, and Torry Holt. But for Brady, the tables turned as of that night. He won his first Super Bowl with a game-winning fourth quarter drive, and began his journey from underdog to future Hall of Famer. With that, comes a hatred from those on the outside looking in, wanting their quarterback to be just as good as Brady, and be the guy to take him down, though history has proven that such a task is near impossible.

Since Brady has been able to remain at the top of the NFL's elite for such a long period of time, he has become one of the most hated players in the league. Fans continue to root for the underdog, and nowadays in the NFL, that guy is no longer Tom Brady. In recent years, fans have preferred to root for a guy like Russell Wilson, who was a third round pick in the 2012 NFL draft, and the new "underdog" at the quarterback position. Fans were in the rising Seahawks star's corner when he defeated Peyton Manning under the bright lights of Metlife Stadium, and like Brady did in his first Super Bowl victory over the Rams, Wilson played the role of fan favourite. Instead, when the two faced each other in this year's Super Bowl, Brady played the role of villain, loser of his two last Super Bowls with fans hoping that number would extend to three. If Wilson continues to take Seattle deep into the postseason, he may one day have a similar top 10 list of his own. For Brady, his supposed involvement in the Deflate Gate scandal prior to reaching the Super Bowl hasn't helped him win any popularity contests. He has continuously denied having any knowledge of the saga, and this is just one of many reasons why NFL fans have become annoyed with the Patriots quarterback. Here is a look at nine other reasons to hate "Tom Terrific."

10 Television appearances

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Along with playing the role of A-List star on the football field, Brady has tried to move his way up the acting scale with numerous television cameo appearances. He hosted Saturday Night Live in 2005, and voiced himself on the Simpsons that same year before and did the same on Family Guy in 2006. Brady also appeared in a 2009 episode of Entourage. It comes as no surprise that he played another short cameo role in Ted 2, which stars diehard Patriots fan Mark Wahlberg. In Brady's big-screen film debut, he played the role of "computer geek" in the 2003 film Stuck On You which starred another huge Patriots fan, Matt Damon.

9 His good looks

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Let’s face it, not only does Brady play the role of star quarterback well, but he looks the part too. Brady has appeared on the cover of GQ and has endorsement deals with Uggs, Dodge, and Underarmour. According to Forbes, the total value of his endorsement deals is $7 million. As you’ll find out by the next reason on this list, his looks have benefitted him tremendously. Curse him! Why weren't the rest of us blessed with those good looks?

8 Gisele Bündchen

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That’s right, just when you thought Brady had everything going for him, he married Brazilian fashion model Gisele Bündchen in 2009. That news broke the hearts of men across the universe and made them even more jealous of the iconic quarterback. It comes as no surprise that Bündchen is a huge Patriots supporter. She made football headlines after coming to the defense of her husband following his loss in Super Bowl XLVI against the Giants. She called out New England's receivers, notably Wes Welker after a huge drop, saying Brady can't throw and catch the ball at the same time. The couple has two children together and is estimated to have a combined net worth of $410 million.

7 The Super Bowl Trophies

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From the moment Brady stepped in for then injured quarterback Drew Bledsoe, he helped turn the Patriots into a dynasty. Brady won three Super Bowls in four seasons from 2001-2004, and made reaching the league’s summit look easy. Brady and clutch kicker Adam Vinatieri were called upon in vital moments of historic games, and they answered the bell each time. The two became household NFL names after largely contributing to Super Bowl victories in New England. Since then, fans have been hoping to see anyone knock off the most dominant team for over a decade. When Brady finally lost a Super Bowl in his fourth appearance, NFL fans were overjoyed. And the fact that New England was 18-0 heading into that contest, and strong favorites over a Giants team it had beaten in the regular season only made Super Bowl XLII that much sweeter for NFL fans.

6 He keeps winning

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The bodies of most NFL athletes begin to deteriorate once they hit the wrong side of 30. Quarterbacks are usually the exception to this rule, but while their bodies manage to remain intact, rarely are they able to keep their play at the same high level. But in Brady's case, he is able to defy all odds; after a short Super Bowl slump, he won his fourth Lombardi trophy against the Seattle Seahawks in February. He already had the rings, and teams are continuing to have trouble preventing him from adding more.

Football enthusiasts have been boldly predicting the end of Brady's magical dynasty run for several years, just like pundits in the NBA have done when discussing the San Antonio Spurs. However, like Spurs frontman Tim Duncan, it doesn't seem as though Brady's play has begun to decline, and many are now left wondering if it ever will. The two athletes have broken the barrier of longevity in pro sports, and end up retiring at the top of their games. Both Brady and Duncan have been coached by two of the greatest bench bosses in sports history, and that brings us to the next topic on this list.

5 His relationship with Bill Belichick

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Some call it the greatest quarterback-coach tandem in the history of the league, while others view the two as the league’s primary antagonists. Nevertheless, the duo has combined for four Super Bowls in New England, and continues to stand as the measuring stick for the other 31 teams, and their starting quarterback and coach. The pair’s savvy was evident in last year’s divisional playoff game against the Baltimore Ravens, in which New England used an unorthodox formation to pick up a first down.

4 He gets all the credit for each Super Bowl win

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When comparing Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, many people allude to the latter’s hall-of-fame calibre receiving corps that he played with for the majority of his career. On the flip side, no one ever mentions the quality of New England’s defense, a unit that played a large role in each of Brady’s Super Bowl wins. Instead, most remember his game-winning drives in the late stages of Super Bowl victories against the St. Louis Rams and Carolina Panthers as the sole reason why the Patriots won. In this season’s Super Bowl victory over the Seattle Seahawks, Brady received much of the credit despite the solid play of New England’s defense including Malcolm Butler and led by Darrelle Revis.

3 Spygate

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Before Deflate Gate, New England ashamedly gave birth to Spygate. This scandal ignited the disdain most NFL fans feel toward the New England Patriots organization. The fact that the Patriots attempted to gain a competitive advantage by videotaping the New York Jets’ coaching signals during a game in 2007 and essentially disrespecting the integrity of the game upset fans most. The Patriots are now considered a repeat offender following the Deflate Gate incident because of Spygate.

2 Deflate Gate

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The biggest reason why the debate over the Patriots and Brady’s respect for the game has resurfaced is because of the recent Deflate Gate scandal. Despite a lack of hard evidence, it is believed that Brady arranged for some footballs to be underinflated so that he could gain a competitive advantage. The whole scenario seemed extremely odd, and while it may not be much, if Brady is guilty of devising this plan, he should be held accountable. And the league has already taken the necessary steps to make sure he is.

1 Lying about Deflate Gate

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As bad as the scandal was, the way the Patriots organization and Brady specifically, handled the situation was what the league was most frustrated with. The Atlanta Falcons and Cleveland Browns were each involved in a scandal of their own during the offseason, however, both squads were upfront and straightforward about their involvement and as a result, their punishment was less severe than that of the Patriots. Perception could have been so much different had Brady just owned up to it from the start.

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