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#10 - You Will Most Likely Lose


At the end of the season, only one of the 10, 12, or 14 teams in the league will win, and in fantasy, there is no respectable showing, and there is no solace in losing. That’s because, almost inevitably, there will be a case where someone on your bench could have helped you win and you’ll end up regretful and bitter.

Even if that isn’t the case, and you simply lose to a better team, it still hurts. It’s not like you could have tried harder, and it’s not as if there are expectations set on your team to surpass to make you feel better. It’s a clean slate at the start, anyone can win, and when you don’t, it’s painful. The Oakland Raiders may only win two games this year, but they will sure enjoy looking back upon beating a division opponent at home in primetime and knocking off their bay area rival and playoff contender. This doesn’t really happen in fantasy.

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