Top 11 NFL Players Who Hate Richard Sherman

The history of the NFL has been littered with hated players from all different teams, generations and backgrounds. They have been hated for a number of reasons, whether it be their play, their off field antics or their mouth, but in recent memory, there is perhaps no one who is more hated than Seattle Seahawks star cornerback Richard Sherman. Sherman quickly made a name for himself early on in his career with spectacular play and a ton of confidence in himself and his team. His trash talk and interviews off the field without a doubt overshadows his obvious talents on the field.

In fact, this confidence and cockiness about himself and his team is the biggest reason why he is so hated. Though he does have his supporters around the NFL fan circles, his haters outweigh his fans by a wide margin. Also, it’s not only fans that hate on Sherman, he has also made his fair share of enemies in the NFL.

There are many current NFL players that have voiced their displeasures about Sherman and the way he acts on and off the field, and those men will be the focus of this list. This list will look at 11 of the top players who hate Richard Sherman, and will go into why each of them feel the way they do about the Seahawks star corner. Read on and enjoy!

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11 Colin Kaepernick

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

It’s no secret that the San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks hate each other. With this being the case, it is also no surprise that 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick has a strong dislike for Sherman, who has picked him off on numerous occasions. After being eliminated from the playoffs by the Seahawks, Kaepernick said that “if you have to tell people how good you are, how good are you really?” Kaepernick also added that Sherman was afraid of the 49ers receivers.

10 Tom Brady

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Number ten on the list is another quarterback, Tom Brady of the New England Patriots. Brady is known around the league as a guy who isn’t afraid to talk some trash during the game, but he usually doesn’t let people get in his head, except for Sherman. Following a 24-23 loss to the Seahawks in 2012, Brady took an earful from Sherman and later said that Sherman is “that kind of guy,” meaning he doesn’t respect his opponents.

9 Steve Smith

Let’s be honest here, Steve Smith hates just about everyone. The current Raven and former Panther is one of the most outspoken and aggressive wide receivers in the NFL, with a short fuse to boot. Match that up with Sherman, who is extremely outspoken and aggressive himself, and you have one hell of a match up. There are numerous occasions where the players have been tangled up and engaged in some extracurricular activities on the field. Since Smith isn’t in the NFC anymore, so we may not see this match up as much, but it was fun while it lasted.

8 LeGarrette Blount

@LG_Blount did that help y'all win the bowl or nah?

— Richard Sherman (@RSherman_25) March 13, 2014

In mid-2014, Patriots running back LeGarrette Blount sent out a tweet to his teammate Aqib Talib, congratulating him for signing a new contract and proclaimed that Talib is the greatest corner in the NFL. Of course, Sherman took offense to that, so he and Blount engaged in a back and forth on Twitter. The exchange ended with Sherman getting the last laugh at the time, but with Blount and his Patriots winning the 2015 Super Bowl over Sherman and his Seahawks, looks like Blount got the ultimate last laugh.

7 Santana Moss

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Santana Moss recently voiced his displeasure with Sherman on a radio show. Moss appears weekly on the 106.7 The Fan’s “Chad Dukes vs. The World.” In late 2014, Moss was asked on the show to name a player who he dislikes. He named Sherman and players like him. His reasoning for the hate is because he believes Sherman is too “mouthy” and can you blame him for thinking that?

6 Trent Williams

Trent Williams is an offensive lineman for the Washington Redskins, and has famously shown his displeasure with Sherman. This is rather odd, as Williams isn’t a QB, WR or CB, which are normally the positions of players who have a problem with Sherman. For whatever reason, Williams and Sherman got into a scuffle after a game. The scuffle really took off when Williams told Sherman: “I’m gonna punch you in yo (expletive) face.” Turns out, Williams wasn’t kidding as he took a swing at Sherman, doing something that a lot of other players wish they could do as well.

5 Roddy White

Roddy White and Richard Sherman have a longstanding rivalry that dates back to 2012. They would always jaw back and forth at each other, and they have a famous interaction where White got right into Sherman’s face after a touchdown in the 2013 Divisional Playoffs. The rivalry continued when Sherman said White didn’t belong in the Top 100 Players, before White fought back, saying that Sherman talked himself into an All-Pro Selection. There is definitely no love between these two competitors.

4 DeAngelo Hall

DeAngelo Hall, like Sherman, has his own reputation as an outspoken and brash player, so it’s no surprise that these two stars have gotten into it. Hall, like many other CBs, was a little annoyed with Sherman and his antics and took to Twitter. Sherman responded, and then they traded personal shots back and forth for quite a while, in front of the entire NFL world.

3 Darrelle Revis

@Revis24 don't need ya name... Ur name will be irrelevant once u step back on the field bruh. Get ya picks up!

— Richard Sherman (@RSherman_25) February 20, 2013

For the last couple of years, the argument for the best cornerback in the league has been between a few men, including Darrelle Revis and Richard Sherman. Both men have their supporters and those who feel that they are overrated. Their rivalry is no secret and the players themselves have also had a say in the matter in a massive Twitter battle back in early 2013, that involved both men going back and forth with insults and banter. The hate is real in this rivalry.

2 Patrick Peterson

That's what I always see someone helping. Last I check a lockdown corner is when it's him and WR. pic.twitter.com/ytHQcJsZCH — Patrick Peterson (@RealPeterson21) May 23, 2014

Coming in at number two is another of the top cornerbacks in the NFL, Patrick Peterson, who plays for the Arizona Cardinals. Peterson and Sherman got into it on Twitter back in 2014, right after Peterson signed a massive new contract that made him the highest paid corner at the time. Again, Sherman and Peterson went back and forth sending tweets and pictures back and forth about who the best corner is. Since the beef,both players have maintained their high level of play, making the debate about the best corner in the league extremely compelling.

1 Michael Crabtree

Coming in at number one is Michael Crabtree, which shouldn’t surprise anyone. Crabtree is currently with the Oakland Raiders, but while with the 49ers, he was the victim of Sherman’s largest and most polarizing tirades of all time. Following a playoff win over the 49ers, in a post-game interview, Sherman exclaimed “When you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree, that's the result you're going to get.” He also added "Crabtree. Don't you open your mouth about the best or I'll shut it for you real quick." Crabtree has grown extremely tired of the talk and there is no doubt that he probably hates Sherman more than anyone else.

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