Top 15 Craziest Rob Gronkowski Moments

There is no doubt about it, Rob Gronkowski is one of the most exciting players in the National Football League. Last season, he was far and away the most dominant tight end in the league, with 82 receptions for an impressive 1,124 receiving yards. Along the way, he snagged 12 touchdowns during the regular season. Down the stretch, he was virtually unstoppable with a touchdown catch in seven consecutive weeks to close out the season (excluding the finale where he didn't play). His production was an invaluable asset to Tom Brady’s offense, and he was able to earn his first Super Bowl ring after toppling the Seahawks.

Following his recent Super Bowl triumph with the New England Patriots, Rob Gronkowski set out to do what he does best—party. During his tenure in the NFL, Gronkowski has become the hard partying spirit animal of young fans that admire his ability to have a great time. Whether Gronk is celebrating in the end zone or at the club after the game, you know he’s going be dancing away his worries, but he has taken several opportunities to take it up an extra notch. This list is dedicated to the moments when Gronk takes it to the next level.

Aside from his numerous dancing escapades, Gronkowski has also been fantastic during his cameo and feature appearances on several television shows. His enthusiasm and impressive comedic timing are unusual for an athlete of his caliber. While other superstars may shy away from the spotlight, Gronkowski is not afraid to step into it…and take his shirt off. From his red carpet antics at the ESPYs to the exploits of his personal life, there never seems to be a dull moment in the life of Gronkowski. Here are the most outrageous moments of his career.

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15 Gronk Goes on Kimmel

When Rob Gronkowski took the stage with Jimmy Kimmel, he came bearing gifts. He carried out a bouquet of flowers for his mother and a tray of food for his father and brothers. Running on two hours of sleep, Gronk revealed that he planned on being up all night before the Super Bowl parade and laid out his extensive party plans for the week ahead. Their conversation ranges from the dating history of party bus driver Goon to Gronk's recent scrap at the end of the Super Bowl. Kimmel also invited Gronk to take his talents to Dancing with the Stars, which would give him another chance to excel in prime time.

14 Gronk Throws Sergio Brown out of the Club

In spite of his off the field antics, the best part of Rob Gronkowski is still his ability to excel on the football field. Not only is Gronk a force of nature in the passing attack, but he can also contribute by blocking at a very high level. He displayed this against the Indianapolis Colts’ Sergio Brown and got a little vengeance at the same time. Brown had previously broken Gronk’s arm, but Gronk avenged his appendage by drive blocking Brown off of the field before slamming him into a television camera. Gronk said Brown had been “yapping” and that he “threw him out of the club.” He received a personal foul penalty for his trouble, but Jonas Grey still scored his fourth touchdown of the game on the play.

13 Gronk the Christmas Tree

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Perhaps the Gronk’s most endearing quality is that he participates in many different charity organizations throughout New England. He has the Gronk Flakes cereal brand to raise money for the Gronk Nation Youth Foundation. This past year, he appeared at the Patriots’ 21st Annual Christmas party for children and allowed some of the kids in attendance to decorate him like a Christmas tree. When Gronk was asked what he wanted for Christmas he responded perfectly with, “More Ws.”

12 Gronk Buys a Party Bus

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As a successful NFL player, Rob Gronkowski lives a lavish lifestyle that many of us cannot imagine. Part of that includes his own private party bus, which was sponsored by Body Armour. Gronk purchased the bus from a church in New York and had it completely remodeled to include a high end sound system, mini bar, multiple televisions, and custom upholstery. The best part is that it is driven by a chauffeur named “Goon.” The bus made the road trip from the Providence area to Arizona for the Super Bowl and is a unique personal purchase by Gronkowski.

11 Dance Gronk Dance

Regardless of the location, Rob Gronkowski can be counted on to bust out the dance moves. Whether it is on the sidelines celebrating a touchdown, at a Super Bowl parade, or on stage with some of music’s biggest superstars Gronk will dance. He capped off his Super Bowl win by appearing on stage alongside Flo Rida, where he remarkably kept his shirt on. With a bottle of Patron in hand, he danced the night away, although he may not have had as good of a night as Bob Kraft, who appeared on stage alongside Rick Ross.

10 The First Gronk Spike

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The spike is a football celebration that has been around for decades, but it has seen a recent revival with the rise in Gronk’s popularity. Gronk debuted the celebration in the 3rd quarter of the 3rd game of his rookie season against the Buffalo Bills. It did not immediately catch on, but managed to attract some attention when Rob’s brother Chris claimed his touchdown spike was better. The Gronk Spike only made a few more appearances this season, but really picked up steam the following season. Now every NFL fan knows that a Gronk touchdown requires an equal and opposite Gronk spike.

9 Gronk Onstage with LMFAO

Following his loss in Super Bowl XLVI to the New York Giants, you might expect Gronkowski to take it easy, especially considering he had injured his ankle. However, Gronk just had to dance away the frustrations of losing, while on stage with LMFAO .The man was spotted party-rocking in several YoutTbe videos, which showed him having a good time despite the evening’s previous events. Win or lose, Gronk is going to make the most of it and have a good time.

8 Waking up with Bibi Jones

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Rob Gronkowski lives a pretty outrageous life, and that became apparent in 2010 after he was selected by the Patriots in the 2nd round of the NFL Draft. After spending a Saturday night with adult film star Bibi Jones, the duo took to twitter, where Jones announced that Gronk was “her favorite football player.” Pictures then emerged of Jones wearing an oversized Rob Gronkowski jersey, while the man himself stood shirtless next to her in what appears to be his bedroom. Thankfully the incident took place during the Patriots bye week, otherwise Coach Bellichik may have found reason to take offense.

7 Playing Mortal Kombat with Marshawn Lynch

As part of the Super Bowl festivities a few weeks ago, Gronk took an opportunity to appear on Conan alongside Marshawn Lynch. The pair exchanged fatalities as they virtually duked it out while Conan provided the comedy fuel for this dynamic duo. The two discussed their mutual past in Buffalo before taking things to loftier topics like touchdown dances. The highlights of the night included Rob Gronkowski doing a live read for Lipitor and when he revealed that Bowser was his man in Mario Kart.

6 Gronk at the Super Bowl Parade

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

There is no question about who had the best time at the New England Patriots Super Bowl parade earlier this month. Rob Gronkowski was the parade’s MVP, and he provided a highlight reel performance for the ages. A video of him catching a sock-rocket of Fireball from a fan along the parade route, revealed a childlike excitement in his eyes as he reached out for the tiny bottle of cinnamon spirit. He followed that up by sloppily chugging some Natty and Bud Lite, before performing pushups for the gathered crowd.

5 GronkSpike at a Bruins game

As part of his victory lap with the Patriots, Gronk took his talents to the TD Garden for a Boston Bruins game, where he joined his teammates at center ice. Islanders captain John Tavares stepped back as Gronkowski went for his own twist on the ceremonial puck drop. Instead of calmly dropping the puck like many normal humans would, he Gronk spiked the puck. He slammed the rubber disc with so much force that it bounced off the ice and over the glass. It will be interesting to see if any NHLers attempt their own interpretation for goal celebration.

4 Gronk Parties at UA

Rob Gronkowski has had a reputation for partying since his days at the University of Arizona. It is no secret that the school is one of the nation’s top ranked party schools on an annual basis and Gronk contributed to that atmosphere significantly during his time at the school. When he was out of work due to the NFL lockout, he took his game back to campus for a pool party at the Seasons Apartments. Gronk danced shirtless in front of the DJ booth before pulling up a female companion to dance to Rick Ross’ classic B. M. F..

3 Yo Soy Fiesta

In 2012, Gronkowski gave one of the most entertaining postgame interviews of season when he was talking to ESPN Deportes correspondent John Sutcliffe. Sutcliffe expertly weaved between Spanish and English, so Gronk took notice and decided to have some fun with the interview. He started off with a simple “Hola, me llamo Roberto” before switching back to English to answer Sutcliffe’s questions. When Sutcliffe went to close out the interview by asking how Gronk would celebrate the Patriots win over the Ravens, Gronk dropped the legendary line, “Yo soy fiesta.” For those of you that don’t speak Spanish, the phrase means “I am party,” which is a perfect description of the Gronk.

2 The Piñata Photo

via ESPN.com

Over the years, Gronk has never been afraid to show a little skin. In the summer of 2012, he took that to the extreme when he appeared naked on the cover of ESPN Magazine for their annual “Body Issue.” However, the cover photo was not the one that generated the most heat. The photo that received the most online attention involved Gronk wearing only a candy necklace and a football piñata over his man parts. In the background are the remnants of another piñata torn to shreds, which must have been meant to symbolize the treatment Gronk was going to get from his teammates over the photos.

1 Gronk at the ESPYs

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According to ESPN’s Bill Simmons and several other sources, Gronk may have had the most fun ever at the annual ESPYs. The event usually turns out the world’s elite athletes in formal attire for a night of semi-serious back patting. Gronkowski took the opportunity to take the red carpet along with his brothers, and they proceeded to tear the place apart. Gronk ran the wrong way on escalators, asked if he could take his shirt off at an after-party, and crossed streams with his brothers and a stranger in the men’s room. Just another evening in the life of Gronk.

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