Top 15 Hottest Alleged Mistresses Of NFL Players

Cheating. It happens quite a bit. I won’t be one to dissect the reasons for why one strays from his or her partner, but I will instead take a closer look at some who have. When you ask most married people, they will tell you that to be and stay married, it takes hard work. To cheat is to take the easy way out, or go for the easy fun. And it seems nowhere else does this happen more, than amongst celebrities and professional athletes.

Now, of course, it doesn’t really happen more to that subset of the population, because in reality there are more regular people than there are celebrities and sports stars. It only seems like it happens more commonly with them because, well, we live in a society today that is always looking for that next dirt on someone famous. We love seeing the mighty fall, we love to learn that that big name star from that team we love (or love to hate) is no better than us. I will say this, though: people with money, people who travel, they have some factors that normal people don’t always have. They are on the road a lot, they are away from the comforts of home a lot, and the money is like a bug zapper on a front porch in Summer-and the flies are those women, those groupies who always find out what hotels the teams will stay in, and then they pursue some players. It’s too easy, really. Guy, on the road, away from the wife or girlfriend, a lot of these guys are weak and cheat and figure they won’t get busted.

But, invariably, they always do (and for that, we thank them, because without them getting busted, this column doesn’t exist!). So, for those who did in fact get busted, why don’t we take a gander at just who these women were, and figure out just who was the hottest of them all!

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15 Ashton Meem Wilson

via nypost.com

This one, right out of the gate, is like a double whammy. How? Well, not only was Golden Tate accused of cheating, but he was accused of cheating with the quarterback’s wife. Yes, the story goes that he was banging Mrs. Russell Wilson. Now, Tate was adamant that this was not actually happening, but chalk this one up to just too many coincidences. Or, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Right? I mean, week leading up to the big game, Tate is sporting a shiner from a locker room scuffle. OK, fine. Boys will be boys. But, in the off-season, Tate opts to sign with Detroit as a free agent, rather than stay in Seattle. And, oh yeah, the Wilsons got divorced. So…maybe he didn’t sleep with her…but man, things sure look like something happened.

14 Bianca Zuluaga

via twiter.com

One thing you will notice as the list unfolds, there are a lot of women on here (fifteen in all, duh), but most of these will be those sexy and gorgeous “girl next door” types. Oh, sure, there are going to be some famous names, perhaps. But most will be names that, unless you recall the news of the cheating coming out, you probably won’t remember them. But, fear not, that doesn’t make these women any less hot, and Bianca Zuluaga is no exception. She was a conquest of Chad Johnson, more recently known as Chad Ochocinco. Chad was engaged at the time the cheating was found out, and somehow he still was alive to get married. However, the marriage didn’t last long, as he was divorced a few months later. But, Zuluaga had her fun, and she makes the list.

13 Angela Buchman

via indystar.com

Now, this is another name that means very little to anyone… unless you followed Peyton Manning and/or the Indianapolis Colts. Because Angela Buchman was an Indianapolis area television personality with whom the generally clean-cut Manning was linked to. In all honesty, his is a name I never in a million years imagined would be linked to someone on this list, but indeed that is what happened. By all accounts, not only was Peyton friendly with Angela, but his wife was too (no, not like that…at least, I don’t think so…). But what amazed me even more, was that while Buchman might have been his most notable notch, there are rumors swirling around him involving plenty of other women, including opposing team cheerleaders. Who’d have thought the Papa John’s pitchman was like that?

12 Aleea Lee

via rapsandhustles.com

Say what you will about this one, while not a household name, she was a gorgeous model. At nineteen, she had the world beckoning her, her whole life ahead of her. She was seemingly so young, so naïve, so innocent…only for this to happen? Oh, don’t worry folks, nothing ominous happened to her. But, she did get shacked up with a married man in the form of Prime Time Deion Sanders. Who, as luck would have it, was still married to who is now his ex-wife. I mean, I guess I get it, she was an attractive young woman and all, but man…you were MARRIED!! I don’t know what else to say, other than he went from hot to hot and young, but this one didn’t have a happy ending.

11 Erika Ann Hammond

via nextimpulsesports.com

OK folks, remember a few entries ago, when you possibly felt bad for “poor” Russell Wilson, for having his wife sleep with former teammate Golden Tate (allegedly)? Well, I didn’t, and you shouldn’t either. Why not? Oh, I am glad you asked! So, while still married to his now ex-wife, the story goes that Wilson decided he was going to shag someone else’s girl. Now, at least in this instance, it wasn’t a teammates wife or girlfriend…but it was another NFL player’s girl, and one who was a one time WWE Diva at that, in the form of Erika Ann Hammond. Now, unlike Wilson/Tate, which was kept all in-house and is basically rumor, Hammond’s NFL boyfriend blasted the accusations on social media, so that the whole world got to know. Ouch.

10 Tina Julian, Erica Wilson and All of Antonio Cromarie's Baby Mamas

via bossip.com

So, Antonio Cromartie is one of this generation's poster boys for learning to cover up, say no and save money. Why? Because he was foolish with his money early on, and careless when it came to the ladies-he has 12 children now, with numerous women including his wife, whom he got pregnant AFTER he had a vasectomy (how's that for good swimmers). Between his spending and child support, when he came to New York, the Jets actually had to float him a five hundred thousand dollar advance to cover his back child support payments. Yikes. So, about those women? Take your pick, really. Of the mamas, I think Tina Julian and Erica Wilson would have been my favorites, but the reality is, he didn't really choose any bad apples. So, I guess there's that.

9 Camilla Poindexter

You do what you want when you poppin!

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If you know who she is, great. I honestly did not, but if you believe what you read online, then she knows Donald Penn of the Raiders quite well-especially if you believe his wife Dominique. She, the mother of three of his kids, made things very public, posting the accusations on social media and accusing him of having another child, his fourth, with Poindexter, who became famous for being in a show called Bad Girls Club. Apparently, she felt it necessary to live up to the name of the show that made her famous, and by not only sleeping with a married man, but having a baby with him? Yes, that’s a really exceptional way to live up to that. And, if Camilla expected to win Donald away, his wife was having none of it.

8 Vernon Davis’ Twenty Year Old Mistress

via elitedaily.com

Now, we all know this girl has a name, but thus far, she’s been depending on her anonymity and has not embraced the infamy that was thrust upon her when Vernon Davis’ longtime fiancée did what everyone does nowadays when your man cheats, or is suspected of cheating: you blast it all over social media for the world to know your pain and your most intimate issues. Not exactly what I would do in that situation, but to each his or her own. Now, his fiancée has every right to vent and to be angry, especially after 15 years and three children with Davis. As for his alleged mistress? The fiancée saw enough to be pretty sure, and whether he did or not, she was certainly a looker.

7 Jenn Sterger

via huffingtonpost.com

Everyone has surely heard of this by now, so let’s bring it up one more time. Brett Favre, he of the “I’m retired. No, wait, I want to play more” off-seasons that drove football fans nuts, had found his way from the Midwest to New York City (well, really, North Jersey) to play for the Jets. And when he was there, he somehow thought it would be a brilliant idea to send all sorts of inappropriate messages and pictures to one of the teams massage therapists, a rather attractive Jenn Sterger. What makes this even worse is that, once Sterger came forward with her accusations, other female employees did too. Now, so far as I can tell, there was never anything more than the sexting, but ask any woman who had her man “only” sext another woman, and they will tell you it’s still cheating.

6 Yasmina and Kehaulani, The Women Of Frank Gore

via vladtv.com

This is a really interesting story that cropped up in 2014. And, once again, in good part we can thank the wonderful world of social media for knowing far too much about people and their life's most intimate moments. In this case, Frank Gore, NFL running back, was seemingly living a good life. He was posting about just getting engaged to his long time girlfriend, who also happened to be the sister of one of his teammates. So, things are about to get a wee bit awkward, right? Absolutely! Apparently, all while romancing his now fiancee, he was also knocking boots with, or at the very least supporting, two other women. One, named Yasmina, the other named Kehaulani, who was a friend of Yasmina's. Supposedly, Gore hooked up with Yasmina before she was even of legal age, and while she stuck around him, her supposed job implies she did so for the money (she allegedly had a pimp). So, there's cheating, and then there is cheating like Frank Gore did. And all the proof was all over the Internet. Ooops!

5 January Gessert

via VH1.com

So, way back when, Reggie Bush was dating a Kardashian. I know, I know, I would offer him my condolences too. Except that, by some sheer stroke of luck, he decided rather than stay faithful to a Kardashian woman and that dysfunctional family, he would cheat on her. And that’s where January Gessert comes in. She was that woman, who as fate has it, might have done a bad thing, but might have also saved Reggie Bush. I mean, it’s easy to say that now, but I guess you could say he dodged a massive bullet by being foolish and thinking with the wrong head. Looking back on it, no matter how bad it is to cheat, this might just be one time where you almost have to tell him he did the right thing.

4 Sahel Kazemi

via freerepublic.com

This one brings chills to me. Why? Well, let’s be honest-she was a beautiful young woman who had the bad luck, if you will, of falling in love for a married man. Unlike one a few spots earlier, this one does indeed have a very unfortunate sad and tragic ending. As tends to happen when you play with someone’s emotions while being involved with yet another person’s emotions, someone is going to get hurt. Actually, it’s a good chance everyone gets hurt. And in this particular instance, lives were shattered. Former Titans QB Steve McNair was happy with Kazemi, but what he wanted and what she wanted were two different things. And in the end, Kazemi decided if she couldn’t have him, no one could. McNair and Kazemi were found dead, he of four gunshot wounds inflicted by Kazemi, and herself of her own doing.

3 Traci Lynn Johnson

via nydailynews.com

Here’s a good one, I promise. Tiki Barber was a really good football player, but if he wasn’t on your team, he was easy to dislike. And, once he decided to hang up his cleats, even those folks who used to cheer for him could see just how big of a tool he actually was. So, in retirement, Barber went to work for NBC in Manhattan. Nice gig, and he was good on camera, so it made sense. Traci Lynn Johnson was an intern at NBC at that time, which is where these two met. And, when they met? Barber’s wife (ex, now) was at home, very much pregnant. So, instead of worrying about his expectant wife and unborn offspring, he was romancing Johnson and winning her over. Yes, he ended up divorced from his wife. And, apparently, he might still be together with Traci Lynn. Guess he has to wait till she gets pregnant before he can leave her, too.

2 Gina D’Agostini

via BlackSportsOnline.com

This is a good story, one I became even more familiar with as DeMarco Murray signed with my hometown Eagles. As the story goes, Murray was shagging the wife of a former teammate, going back to his time as a running back in college for the Oklahoma Sooners. That wife? Gina D’Agostini. Now, I can never condone the cheating, but she was absolutely beautiful. But, she was also apparently very sneaky. Supposedly her hubby caught text messages between wifey and Murray (whom he wa teammates with at Oklahoma), talking about which rooms in his (and hers) house they had done the deed in. But, she wasn’t texting to “DeMarco Murray”. Nope, she was texting him as “Spray Tan”. That could be one alias that will go down in history, right up there with Carlos Danger.

1 Gisele Bundchen

via sportingnews.com

Seriously, was there ever any doubt who’d be number one on this list? I would hope there wasn’t. Honestly, Tom Brady didn’t have a need to stray, did he? Hot, celebrity girlfriend, who was also pregnant at the time the news surfaced that he was cheating. Now, you hear all that and you are like, wow, he’s that much easier to hate now. Right? Right, of course. But then on top of the fact that he was sneaking behind his pregnant girl’s back, it was with one of the hottest women in the world, model Gisele Bundchen. I guess it’s go big or go home, right? I suppose so, but the bottom line here is, she is hands down the hottest woman on this list.

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