Top 15 Hottest Ex-Wives Of NFL Players

Any married couple will tell you that marriage is work. Choosing to spend the rest of your life with someone, having children with that person and watching the same crappy reality television shows with them is a daunting task. Every marriage has their unique set of problems that couples have to work through, whether it be trust, money, or the harsh realization the two of them made a really ugly kid. Marriage tests everyone and sadly not everyone passes. Luckily for us athletes have to go through the same grueling divorce process. In fact, their process is worse because it’s publicized and typically cost them millions of dollars. Having your heart ripped out by the person you loved the most feels like a pass play on the one-yard line to win the Super Bowl. Why!? Why would you do that!? Now imagine having to see millions of people worship your scumbag ex every week? Or see your gold digging ex on a television show that YOU got her? I like to think that athletes get paid to entertain us on and off the field. So let’s throw a little gas on that heartbreak fire and breakdown the 15 Hottest Ex-Wives of NFL Players and see where it all went wrong.

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15 Virginia Cha Barber

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Tiki Barber is the former New York Giants fumbling back and the evil identical twin to Ronde Barber. Tiki has a blinding white smile and a black cold heart. Tiki and Virginia were college sweethearts at the University of Virginia and got married on May of 1999. Tiki and Virginia have two boys, two girls, and one ugly cheating scandal. While Virginia was seven months pregnant with twins, Tiki saw this as a perfect time to inform his wife how he’s been having an affair with a twenty-one-year-old college student and he wants a separation. In 2012, eight days after his divorce from Virginia, Tiki married the homewrecker Traci Lynn Johnson in a New York courtroom. Tiki and Traci are still married and have two children together, but Traci will be turning thirty in a few years so I’m sure Tiki is out right now looking for a newer model.

14 Jennifer Petitgout 

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The New York Giants know how to do two things: Beat the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl and produce awful husbands. The former offensive lineman, Luke Petitgout married Jennifer in 2001, had three kids ,and in June of 2014 he lost his damn mind. Luke set up profiles for him and Jennifer on Adult Friend Finder in hopes of organizing threesomes, but when Jennifer used it to meet some guy from the site Luke and his rattled brain went mad. Luke tracked down Jennifer and assaulted her and her date, John Constantinides. I guess if you meet someone on Adult Friend Finder there’s always the risk that their 6’6 310 husband will show up. Luke asked Jennifer “who’s this f'n p***y?” and continued to start a fight with John, and was sentenced to thirty days in jail for harassing his wife and her date. Don’t worry Luke, you’ll still be my first pick in my fantasy CTE league.

13 Jean Muggli

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Michael Strahan, the former New York Giants defensive end, Kelly Ripa’s former co-host, and star of the short lived television show “Brothers” has had some great moments on television and the field, but not in the courtroom. Strahan had his first divorce in '96 and in 1999 decided to give marriage another shot with Jean Muggli. The two had twin girls, but ended up divorcing in 2006. Strahan was accused of cheating (no surprise), abuse towards his wife (still not surprised), and secretly video-taping Jean’s younger sister. (SURPRISED!) After Jean took her time tarnishing Strahan’s name she was awarded a fifteen-million-dollar settlement and eighteen thousand dollars a month for child support. And now it all makes sense why Strahan is doing every single television show possible. Here’s a pro-tip for you, Strahan. Next time you get married, don’t cheat, beat, and secretly video tape your wife’s sister. Fifteen million!

12 Rebecca Liddicoat 

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Robert Griffin met Rebecca Liddicoat at Baylor when he still had all the muscles in his knees. The two started dating in 2010, married July 6, 2013 and filed for divorce in 2016. RGIII switched teams and wives this off-season. RGIII fooled the NFL team with the racist name into thinking he was a good quarterback and he also fooled Rebecca into thinking he was a good guy. Seven months after Rebecca gave birth to their first child. Robert started his Instagram lurking. It all went down in the DM’s when Griffin messaged FSU track runner, Grete Sadeiko. Griffin being the classy guy he is, got Grete’s name tattooed on his arm before he even divorced Rebecca. Griffin should’ve gotten the tattoo on his knee because that relationship is already done.

11 Pilar Sanders

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Deion Sanders high-stepped down the aisle with Pilar in 1999. The couple had three children and stayed together until 2011.Deion and Pilar had a television show “Deion & Pilar: Primetime Love.” You figure a couple that has their own reality show would stay married forever. Unfortunately, the relationship wasn’t all beautifully choreographed touchdown dances. Pilar was arrested and charged with domestic violence after she and her friend attacked Deion. Nothing came from the arrested just a fantastic mug-shot by Pilar and the humorous image of Deion defending himself against two angry women. Pilar tried to flip the script and blame Deion for domestic violence. What did Deion do? He sues Pilar for defamation and wins $2.2 million dollars. Right when you think you got Deion beat, he takes it to the house.

10 Daniela Cortazar 

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Another degenerate New York Giants player makes the list. Jeremy Shockey, the loud-mouth, homophobic tight end from “The U” married Daniela Cortazar in May 2012 and got divorced in October 2012. Shockey’s married lasted almost as long as his time with the Carolina Panthers. The couple claimed the married was "irretrievably broken." Wait, so there were no crazy cheating scandals, no baby-mama drama, no Instagram tramps? I’m both impressed and disappointed in Shockey. Shockey learned from former teammate Michael Strahan and made Cortazar sign a prenuptial agreement.. Cortazar tried to get a piece of Shockey’s pie, but was shot down by the judge and was reward twenty-one thousand for moving expenses and nineteen thousand dollars for “temporary support.” How did Jeremy celebrate? By posting a nude picture of his ex-wife on Instagram. Yes! Now, that’s the Jeremy Shockey decision making I’m used to!

9 Sheree Fletcher 

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Former San Diego Charger running, back, Terrell Fletcher and “Hollywood Exes” reality star Sheree Flecher were married from 2007 to 2014. Which is like 50 years in reality star and professional athlete time. The relationship hit a crossroads when Terrell received a call from God to start his own church, and Sheree received a call from Satan to pursue reality television. The couple reported irreconcilable differences. Before Sheree was married to Terrell Fletcher, she was married to Will Smith. "Williennium" Will Smith, not former Saints player, Will Smith. Sheree and Will had a child together, Trey, who appeared in the “Just the Two of Us” video. It’s safe to give Sheree half the blame for the song, but props for birthing the least weird Will Smith offspring

8 Keshia Knight 

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Ed Hartwell played linebacker on the Ravens and Keshia Knight Pullman played Rudy on The Cosby Show. Hartwell and Pullman’s relationship lasted shorter than that chubby white kid Peter, bouncing on Cliff Huxtable’s knee during Rudy’s slumber party. The two dated for four months and then got married New Year’s Day 2016. First off, who gets married on New Year’s Day? That day is dedicated to hangovers, couches, and bad television. Clearly, that relationship was cursed from the start. On July 17, 2016, Pullman announced via Instagram she was expecting her first child. On July 25, 2016, Hartwell announced he wanted a paternity test and a divorce. According to Hartwell, the couple rushed into things and were on two different pages. Pullman wanted a child and Hartwell wanted to focus on their relationship. The former child actress is used to getting what she wants and would often disappear for days after having their baby arguments. This behavior and opposing views lead to the infidelity accusations and the divorce. I blame Pullman’s baby craziness on Cliff Huxtable being obstetrician. Clearly a case of T.V. daddy issues.

7 Ashton Meem

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Russell Wilson met Ashton Meem while in High School. The two got married in 2012 and divorced in 2014. The same year Wilson won the Super Bowl. Hmmm??? Someone thinking upgrade? During 2014 rumors swirled about Wilson and Meem’s relationship. The juiciest gossip was that Meem had an affair with Wilson’s former teammate Golden Tate. The rumors grew to the point of Percy Harvin punching Golden Tate in the face and body slamming him the night before the Super Bowl. Now maybe Harvin punched Tate for sleeping with a teammate’s wife, or maybe Harvin punched Tate because he is a nutcase. Whatever the case may be, I’m interested in mild-mannered Russell Wilson and his Jerry Springer-esque marriage. The rumors ultimately lead to their divorce and Wilson becoming “a born again virgin.” Within two years of his divorce from Meem, Wilson married pop singer Ciara. Got to hand it to the guy, whether it is long term relationships, or throwing Super Bowl losing intercepts, Russell Wilson bounces back quickly!

6 Racine Lewin

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Delanie Walker technically never married Racine Lewin, but she was his girlfriend/fiancé for ten years and gave him a child, so I’m calling her a common law ex-wife. Racine blew up the Tennessee Titans tight-end's lady game via Instagram. On Valentine’s Day, 2015, Racine hacked Walker’s Instagram and posted a picture of the beautiful couple and wrote a lengthy caption calling Delanie a “wh**e” and a “liar.” Racine went on to tell the world how Delanie breaks up with her every February because he has “no self-control” and only cares about his image. Racine also dropped some juicy gossip nuggets about being four months pregnant and then relieving to Delanie that he is having a daughter. After Racine burned the two-time Walter Payton Man of the Year nominee on his own Instagram account, she went to her account to clear some confusion. In a heartbreaking post she admits to lacking maturity and being manipulated and really makes Walker look like a scumbag. But hey, at least he is ranked as the fifth best fantasy tight-end.

5 Jennifer Conrad

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Keyshawn Johnson, author of the “Just Give me the Damn Ball” married Jennifer Conrad in 2014, and seven months later, Jennifer filed for divorce. However, Keyshawn did some slick Keyshawn stuff and got her back. I don’t know what he did, but my guess it was either a piece of expensive jewelry or Key wrote her a beautiful Shakespearean Sonnet. Unfortunately, in August 2016 the sonnet tricks must have spoiled and Jennifer, much like the Bucs dropped Keyshawn. Luckily for Jennifer, she never pulled the divorce papers from the last time she threatened to divorce Johnson in 2015, so she was able to expedite the divorce hearings. Keyshawn, was even luckier, and had Jennifer sign a prenuptial agreement before they got married. Way to use that USC education and protect that estimated seventy-million-dollar net worth, Keyshawn!

4 Porsha Williams 

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Former Steelers quarterback and gadget-man Kordell Stewart married Porsha Dyanne Williams in 2011. The two celebrated their love by throwing an elaborate wedding for the television show “Platinum Weddings” and celebrated their hate for one another by having a publicized divorce in 2013. In 2011 Porsha was part of the reality show “Real House Wives of Atlanta.” Porsha claims she found out the divorce via Twitter. Stewart dropped her because of her party lifestyle and failed duties as a wife. Another failed marriage between an athlete and a reality television star. It makes you think, if they can’t make it work, who can?! Many claimed that the marriage was a cover-up for Kordell Stewart’s sexual preferences. In his book, "Truth: The Kordell Stewart Story," Stewart addressed his failed marriage with Porsha, along with his speculation about his sexuality. Kordell writes, "I'm not a gay man, I've always had lust in my loins for a woman all my life." It doesn’t matter if Stewart is gay or not, but I’m just saying, using “lust in my loins” sounds like something a gay man who’s trying to act straight would say. I support you Kordell, and it makes your nickname “Slash” that much more fitting.

3 Romina Lombardo 

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Miami Dolphins’ running back Arian Foster had his marriage with Romina Lombardo end in 2015. The former Texans’ star is known for not eating animal products, not staying healthy, and not being faithful to his wife. Romina called quits on the married when Arian Foster fathered a child outside of their marriage. I’ve accused Foster of not staying healthy, but I never doubted the man’s ability to score. Foster and Romina were mature about their divorce and vowed to keep respect for one another and be excellent co-parents, so hooray for that. Foster has two children with Romina and one love child. Sure, compared to most people Foster would be a monster, but compared to Antonio Cromartie he’s a saint. It’s all perspective, people.

2 Evelyn Lozada 

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Chad Johnson, formerly known as Ocho Cinco, married reality star Evelyn Lozada in 2012. The marriage of Johnson and the "Basketball Wives" reality star and former fiancé of Antonie Walker, lasted eight weeks. Or you can say it last three weeks longer than Johnson’s career with the Montreal Alouettes. The divorce was set after Chad Johnson head-butted Evelyn. Sadly, the only time Johnson used his head was to assault his wife. The domestic dispute cost Johnson his marriage, his NFL career, and his upcoming reality show "Ev and Ocho." In an interview shortly after the divorce Johnson was quoted, “Chad has to work on Chad… Chad has to go deep down inside and figure out where he went wrong.” Chad, you don’t have to go down that deep, all you have to do is stop head-butting your wife and speaking in the third person.

1 Gabrielle Union 

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Chris Howard was a national champion in '97 playing running back for the Michigan Wolverines. Howard fumble his professional career away in two years with the Broncos and Jaguars, but Howard’s biggest fumble was letting Gabrielle Union slip away. Howard and Union married in 2001 and in 2006 they were divorced. Union has stated that she was young and was all about the ring and didn’t realize how much work marriage really is. Howard didn’t comment but I’m sure he would say something like, “Gabrielle is a dime and I got cut from the Jaguars, of course I was going to lock that down, but I didn’t realize how much crazy comes with a woman that gorgeous.” Since the divorce, Howard has probably been staring at wedding pictures while crying and cursing himself for not putting up the toilet seat. On the other side, Gabrielle Union has just gotten more gorgeous and is married Dwayne Wade in 2014. Let’s see they can make it over the five-year hump.

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