Top 15 Hottest NFL Daughters

Depending on what kind of person you are, and what interests you have, there can be many ways to find joy in life, either by yourself, or with other people, but one of the best joys in life is by far the moment in which you become a parent. The feeling of having a newborn son or daughter placed in your arms is like nothing else. It is at that very moment that you realize you will likely never love another living thing more than that child. Once the birth is out of the way, another one of the best joys life has to offer begins, and that would be raising the child, as every parent loves to watch as their child grows up into an adult, even if they talk back and cause you headaches from time to time.

In the world of sports, we are always delighted to hear about an athlete who has just had a newborn child, as most of us can understand the happiness they must be feeling, as well as the new responsibilities we now know they have. Every single sports league has athletes, coaches, and owners who have children, including the NFL, and just like the rest of us, the hearts of these football professionals melt whenever they have a daughter. Like all children though, their daughters do grow up, and in the case of several former players and other individuals associated with the NFL, their daughters have grown up to be very attractive women, and it is the purpose of this article to point out the 15 hottest of these NFL daughters.

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19 Angela Rypien

via pitchengine.com

Most of the time, it is a quarterback who is awarded the Super Bowl MVP award, and the reason for that is quite simple as the quarterback is the most important piece of any football team, and the vast majority of these quarterback MVPs are American born players, but there was one Canadian born quarterback to win it, and that was Mark Rypien. This native of Calgary, Alberta won the MVP as the Redskins’ starter in the team’s 1992 Super Bowl win, and he went on to play professional football until officially retiring in 2006. Mark has a daughter named Angela, and not only is she beautiful, but she too is the quarterback of a football team, as she is the starter for the Seattle Mist of the Legends Football League, which is otherwise known by its original name, the Lingerie Football League.

18 Lexxi Silver

via picclick.ca / via pinterest.com

Bernie Kosar is a prime example of landing in the right place at the right time, because when the Dallas Cowboys needed to temporarily replace an injured Troy Aikman in 1993, they went out and signed Kosar, who went on to win his first and only Super Bowl that same year as the team’s backup. Before going to Dallas though, he served as the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, and is still quite popular in the city, as he helped lead the team to multiple postseason appearances. Kosar may have been blessed with a championship title, but he was also blessed on the day his daughter Sara was born, except she does not really go by her given name that much anymore, as she uses the name Lexxi Silver, which is a fitting name considering she worked in the adult film industry.

17 Jordin Sparks

via Alchetron.com / via GotCeleb.com

The singing competition known as American Idol aired for a whopping 15 seasons, and in that time, it produced several winners who went on to have somewhat of a successful music career, with Jordin Sparks being one of them. Sparks was the winner of the show’s 6th season, and since that victory, she has gone on to sell over 1 million records, which actually makes her one of the most successful contestants in the show’s history; she also starred in the movie Sparkle and has appeared in several television shows including CSI. Sparks may love music, but she must also really like football as well, as her father, Phillippi Sparks played cornerback in the NFL for 8 years, of which 7 were spent with the New York Giants before retiring as a member of the Cowboys.

16 Deiondra Sanders

In 2011, Deion Sanders was inducted into the Pro-football Hall of Fame, and for good reason, as he was one of the best cornerbacks in the league throughout most of his 14-year career, where he played for a total of 5 teams, including the 49ers and Cowboys with whom he won a combined 2 SuperBowls with. Sanders was so good that his name needed to be passed down, which is why his daughter was given the name Deiondra upon her birth, who is not only great to look at, but who has also proven that she can stand on her own two feet. Deiondra is a proud small business owner, who has her own line of hair extensions called “Love Me Extensions”, as well as an online shoe store called “House of Sole”.

15 Stephanie Turner

via chicagotribune.com / via twitter.com

With this entry, we have Stephanie Turner, who is the first hot NFL daughter to appear on this list who is not the child of someone who played on the actual field, as her father has been a coach in the league for 30 years now. Norv Turner’s first coaching job came in 1985 when he became the Rams’ wide receiver coach, and then he went on to win 2 Super Bowls as the Cowboys’ offensive Coordinator before getting head coaching jobs in San Diego, Oakland, and Washington. Stephanie loves the game of football, which is not all that surprising considering her dad’s involvement in the game, and she has expressed her love by having her own blog called Football Brat where she provides her own NFL coverage.

14 Alexandria Schlereth

via cbslocal.com / via listal.com

Mark Schlereth spent 10 years in the NFL, and played as a guard for both the Washington Redskins and Denver Broncos, and between both teams, he managed to win the Super Bowl 3 times. Mark has 3 children in total, including 2 daughters, both of whom are incredibly attractive, but Alexandria is likely the most well known as she is both a former model and an actress. She may have been a model for Hard Ninety Gear for a time, but her acting portfolio is by far more extensive, as she appeared in 56 episodes of the show Desire, was the host and star of the show BarFly which aired on Fox Sports, and she also had a minor recurring role on the soap opera The Young and the Restless.

13 Elizabeth Montana

via latimes.com / via twitter.com

Whenever a list is made to identify the best quarterbacks in NFL history, Joe Montana will forever be mentioned somewhere in the top five, because not only was he good, but he has 4 Super Bowl titles to show for it. Montana may have ended his career in Kansas City, but all of his success and championships came with the San Francisco 49ers, and it is because of his notoriety that he has been hired to appear in multiple commercials over the years, including one in 2014 in which he appeared alongside his daughter Elizabeth. Just like her father, Elizabeth attended the University of Notre Dame, but instead of going into sports, she took up modeling before moving on to working in a public relations firm, and luckily for us, she likes to post lots of pictures of herself from the beach on social media.

12  8. Rachel Bradshaw

via SI.com

Terry Bradshaw is the second quarterback to appear on this list who was fortunate enough to lead the same team to 4 Super Bowl titles, except he accomplished this feat as the starter for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Bradshaw has had 2 daughters, with the most attractive being Rachel, who has been around the game of football basically her entire life, as she was also married to placekicker Rob Bironas until his tragic death in a car crash in 2014. Rachel is an aspiring country singer and songwriter, and even made an appearance on the show Nashville where she played herself; and in order to follow both her dream and her parents’ desire for her to go to college, she chose a college in Nashville which is the heart of country music.




8 Rooney Mara

Both the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New York Giants are amongst the oldest and most storied franchises in the NFL, and actress Rooney Mara happens to be connected to both of them as her family technically owns both teams. As it turns out, her father’s side of the family are the founders of the Giants franchise, while her mother’s family founded the Steelers, and both families are still partial owners of the teams. She has said that football is actually what keeps their entire family together, and when she is not cheering for either team, she is continuing her acting career which has seen her have credited roles in 20 movies, including the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and last year’s Carol which earned her an Oscar nomination.

7 Alexa Flutie

via NFL.com / via babereal.com

In Canada, Doug Flutie is considered to be a legend because of what he was able to accomplish in the Canadian Football League, which included 3 championships and 9 different MVP awards; which is why it is rather surprising that this former Heisman winner was never able to achieve much success in the NFL. In total, Flutie played for 4 NFL teams, including the New England Patriots and San Diego Chargers, teams which have provided his gorgeous daughter Alexa with jobs. Alexa served as a cheerleader for both these teams, and she is using this experience to pursue a career in choreography, and when she is not busy with that, she is enjoying married life with her husband who is a marine in the U.S. army.


5 Brittany Gastineau

via vettri.net

Mark Gastineau was a beast on defence throughout his 9-year NFL career, a career which was spent entirely with the New York Jets, and which made him a 5-time Pro Bowler, but even though he was a monster on the field, he was a good father towards his daughter Brittny. It is plain to see that Brittny is attractive, and if you think she has the look to be a model, she used to be one, and even made the cover of magazines such as "Life and Style" and "L.A. Confidential". Her face has not only dazzled the pages of magazines though, as she has also appeared on television, where she starred in the reality shows, Gastineau Girls with her mother, and Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive, which focused on spoiled rich kids on a ranch.

4 Leigh Mayock

via youtube.com

In 1981, the Steelers drafted safety Mike Mayock, and although he never played for the team, he did get his shot in the NFL when he played for the Giants for 2 seasons, and he continues to work in football as an analyst for college games, and as a draft analyst for the NFL Network. He may have not played football long, but his love for the game is so strong that it passed on to his daughter Leigh, who has based her entire career around both the sport and the league. Leigh is a sports journalist, who has worked for both Fox Sports and the Minnesota Vikings, but as of now, she works for Goal Line Football, where she serves as the Director of Client Development.

3 Kate Mara

Earlier on this list it was mentioned that both the Steelers and Giants are basically owned by the same family, and although Rooney Mara has already appeared on the list, this entry focuses on her older sister Kate. Like her sister, Kate Mara is an actress, but in terms of work, she is currently the more successful of the two, as she has appeared in over 20 movies, with credited roles in films such as the Fantastic Four reboot, The Martian, 127 Hours, and We Are Marshall; but she has also appeared on TV, with her best role coming from the Netflix series House of Cards. Kate admits that she loves both the Steelers and Giants, to the extent that she has a special clause in all her contracts which allows her to take time off if one of the teams make it to the Super Bowl.

2 Sydney Esiason

via nypost.com

Throughout the NFL season, we invite Boomer Esiason into our homes to hear his analysis on CBS Sports, but there was a time when we used to see him actually competing on the field every sunday. Boomer was a quarterback who played 14 seasons in the league, and although he played for the Jets and Cardinals, he is mostly remembered for his time with the Cincinnati Bengals, who he led to the Super Bowl in 1988, the same year in which he was named league MVP. As it turns out, Boomer is not the only member of the Esiason family who appears on TV on a regular basis, as his stunning daughter Sydney is an anchor for Sports Illustrated; but her connection to the sports world does not end there though, as she is currently dating Matt Martin who plays in the NHL.

1 Avery Schlereth

via thebrofessional.net

A few entries ago, it was said that former NFL guard Mark Schlereth had two daughters, and that Alexandria was one of them. But his other daughter is named Avery, and she deservingly takes the number one spot on this list. Avery may not be an actress like her sister, but she is a model in her own right, as she continues to work for Hard Ninety Gear. In fact, both sisters worked for the company at the same time. When she is not modeling, Avery keeps busy with her blog, where she gives advice on how to eat healthy. It is true that both sisters look amazing, but Avery just has a certain something that causes her to be even more stunning and breathtaking than her sister.

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