Top 15 Hottest Women That Football Players Hooked Up With

There are more than enough reasons to put the work in that is required to be a professional athlete. Fitness is a perk in and of itself. If you're in shape, it's far easier to be happy. Your body functions better and your mind follows. The money is great and you get paid to do something you love. You're usually idolized in your community as a pillar of hard work and determination (until you get a drug suspension or caught with a hooker), and finally, if you have the drive, fitness and natural skill to be a pro athlete, you're more likely to be able to wrangle yourself some primo women.

You could strip away the money in sports and guys would still line up around the block if all you told them was "you can probably bang hot women if you do this." It's the most basic desire that every hetero dude has and the one that supersedes virtually anything else.

Within the world of athletics, it would be very difficult to determine which athletes are able to marry, date or just mess around with the hottest women. Soccer, hockey, basketball, baseball, MMA, boxing, probably cricket, if you're a skilled sportsman you likely have first dibs on any ten in the bar. NFL players are no different and while most have (or have had) great looking wives and girlfriends, some have bedded, dated, or married women whose beauty is on another level. Here, after an upsetting amount of research, soul-searching and admittedly some drool; are the fifteen sexiest, hottest, most beautiful women who have been involved with NFL players.

15 Kim Kardashian


We should verify something for those of you upset that we listed Kim K as our first entry here. In all honesty, she's one of the most well-known on here, but in this group she's not the most special. Furthermore, the nonsense that comes out of her face when she flaps her jaws combined with her consistent spoiled brat attitude really do counteract her otherwise attractive figure and face.

14 Gisele Bundchen


We couldn't write an article like this without mentioning Mrs. Brady. She's one of the most famous supermodels in the history of that business and is worth so much money she still looks like the bread-winner compared to Tom Terrific. Here in 2016 it is looking like Brady and his Patriots may well be Super Bowl bound again (who in the AFC is going to stop them from getting there, the Raiders? The Broncos? The Steelers? Get a grip). But even if he gets there and loses, look at what he's going home to. He'll be just fine.

13 Jessica Gysin


12 Sarah Hinton Celek


If you don't religiously follow the San Francisco 49ers, you may not know the name Garrett Celek. We'll save you a trip to Google/Wikipedia. He went to Michigan State and signed undrafted in 2012 with the 49ers. This is his fifth season with the team and he has made 48 catches, with a career total of just over 600 yards receiving and four total touchdowns. He's a solid backup for San Fran but not much more.

11 Jessie James Decker


10 Lindsey Duke


Remember how we took it easy on Jimmy Clausen because he has such a hot wife and we respect that. We're doing the reverse for Jaguars' quarterback Blake Bortles. We aren't going to take it easy here, because Bortles dumped this gorgeous babe before the 2014 Draft. We could understand if it was because she was holding him back, but he and the Jaguars continue to look like a big, steaming pile of nothing special. Granted it is an issue of a Jacksonville defense with more holes than Spongebob Squarepants, but we're trashing Bortles right now and it's fun. Furthermore, he's 24 but looks like he's going to turn 40 any day now.

9 Carrie Prejean


If you zealously followed the 2016 POTUS election, you may have noticed a certain former Miss USA runner up and her comments about Donald Trump. She wrote something slightly critical of Trump in her post-beauty-pageant book, but insisted that he is no monster after the New York Times used her words from her book in a "twisted" manner, to use her terminology. She also got hit with a tsunami of controversy when she (as Miss California) politely suggested that maybe marriage should be between a man and a woman. The evil that exists in the world's shocking, horrifying really.

8 Shenae Saifi


One of the best linebackers of the 21st century retired before last season and his name was Patrick Willis. He had played eight seasons in the NFL and missed most of his eighth with an injury. Throughout his seven full seasons, however, he was the best inside linebacker in the game and occasionally received compliments along the lines of being "the Lawrence Taylor" of playing on the inside. Willis called it quits after eight seasons because he wants to be functional after his career. We call nonsense on this and think he retired so he could hang out with this hottie more.

7 Lauren Tannehill


The Miami Dolphins' first round pick from 2012 hasn't blossomed into an NFL superstar by any means, but at the same time Ryan Tannehill hasn't degenerated into a complete bust either. This year is looking like it may be the Dolphins' first winning season since 2008 and while Tannehill's stats are mostly in the bottom half of the league, the team's winning games and a couple are due to the miraculous rushing of Jay Ajayi.

6 Leila Lopes


A two-time Super Bowl winner, Osi Umenyiora is one of only four British born players to achieve that honor and one of only two (the other being his former Giants teammate, kicker Lawrence Tynes) to win the big game twice. This defensive end (occasional outside linebacker) racked up over eighty sacks throughout his career and was a major piece of the Giants pass rush in the mid and late 2000s. He'd finish his career by playing two seasons with the Atlanta Falcons, where he wasn't his usual dominant self. However, even if he wasn't at his peak in Atalanta, he still got to come home to this gorgeous lady.

5 Claudia Sampedro


We mentioned Patrick Willis earlier and he would likely be a first ballot Hall of Fame choice if he had continued playing. Julius Peppers is another elite defensive player on our list and given that he's still tallying up sacks for the Packers at age 36, he's making a strong case for himself right now.

Off the field, he's dating model Claudia Sampedro, for whom he left his ex while she was pregnant. We aren't saying it was a nice thing to do, but we can kind of see why. At least his ex didn't get completely fleeced in this deal, as Peppers is chucking eight grand her way every month to pay for the ankle biter.

4 Kate Upton


If we have to explain to you who Kate Upton is, you have a glaring knowledge gap in the category of stunning, endowed blondes. She's taken over the modeling world and moved onto acting, which is impressive, thought it isn't hard in today's Hollywood to find a place in any movie for a bombshell.

3 Olivia Munn

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

You didn't think we'd leave this gem off the list did you? The Green Bay Packers may be in the middle of a relatively poor season, but cheeseheads can always just Google their quarterback's girlfriend if they need some cheering up. Best known for hosting Attack of the Show and her role on The Newsroom, she's easily one of the hottest women in show business and you wouldn't think it by looking at her, but she's in her mid thirties.

Aaron Rodgers has built one heck of a life for himself. He's a Super Bowl champ/MVP, two-time league MVP, has a touchdown to pick ratio that is up around 4, and of course there is that impressive quarterback rating. On top of the football career, he's dating Olivia Munn. Is this what people call "living the dream?"

2 Sasha Dindayal


Now in his 14th season of NFL play, Antonio Gates is among the top tight ends of all time. Gates actually didn't play football in college, but was considered a poor size for professional basketball; his primary sport. His size had in him a grey zone among forwards, too small to physically challenge forwards, but too slow to keep up with guards.

His size and speed, however, made him a perfect matchup nightmare to be an NFL tight end. Almost 11,000 yards and 109 touchdowns later (as of writing, early the week of December 5th, 2015), he has the third most receiving yards and second all time touchdowns among tight ends, behind Tony Gonzalez and Jason Witten (Witten for yards only).

1 Carmella DeCesare


Remember Jeff Garcia, the four time Pro Bowl selection quarterback who was on seven different teams between 1999 and 2011? Well, he's worked as a quarterbacks coach for a CFL team and has worked with individual quarterbacks since his retirement. He was solid throughout his career and often doesn't enough credit for being a decent starter in the NFL. He's also spent time with his four kids, who he has with a former WWE Diva and Playboy model; Carmella DeCesare. The two married in 2007 after her very brief WWE and Playboy careers were over. She looked unbelievable back then and she looks almost as amazing now. We are highly comfortable saying that she is the hottest woman that any football player has ever hooked up with.

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