Top 15 HUGE NFL Roster Moves That Could Happen Before The Season Starts

NFL trading is always a spectacle that gets fans riled up. Fans may be very happy with a trade, or they may hate their team for a trade its made despite all of their years of being loyal. Trading puts teams against each other like no other thing because when teams play against the teams with which they traded players, fans get a chance to see their former players either excel or fail in their new colors.

It's not always evident which trades may be made. The NFL works in mysterious ways in this arena, like other professional sports leagues. Fans may not always know HOW these trades came to be, but they accept that they occurred, however begrudgingly at times.

The NFL is a secretive league when it comes to trades, as is the NBA, NHL, and MLB at times, but the following are my predictions for significant trades that could happen before the next NFL season begins. I think a couple of these, if not a solid amount, have a good chance of going through and could make for another entertaining season of football. These predictions are not arbitrary either. In some cases, they are a long time coming, as some of these players sealed their fate with their attitudes or lackluster performances.

For some of these players, a trade may be just what they need to kick-start a faltering career. In other cases, these players serve as simply pawns in a game of chess--sacrifices for the greater good. Either way, if my predictions are correct, there could be a lot of movement before the next season begins.

As always, feel free to provide your input in the comments section and tell me if you think I'm right or wrong. I'm very interested to hear your take on what we can expect.

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16 Nick Foles For Late Round Draft Pick

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Many signs pointed to the Rams potentially trading Nick Foles for a 2016 draft pick, but Foles stayed put, despite L.A. taking Jared Goff first overall. The team seems to believe they can get something for him, instead of just getting rid of him. This would be interesting because Foles could find new life elsewhere. Whether it's as a backup QB, or an on-and-off starter, his career is NOT over. Sure, he is not a Pro Bowl caliber player, but he's still a servicable player.

Some teams that could be interested in Foles could be the Browns, the Saints, or even the Vikings for a backup.

15 Arian Foster To The Dolphins

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

There is speculation that Foster may be moving to Miami to possibly take Lamar Miller's spot. He's not as good as he once was, and is very injury prone, so Houston had little trouble getting rid of him. With Alfred Blue and now Miller, they are okay without him.

Foster would be good in Miami, and with Tannehill, a solid offense would be formed. The team in Miami is up-and-coming, and Foster would be very helpful to their building phase. The Dolphins have been considering his addition to the team for a while now, and we shall see if he gets added. Jay Ajayi is penciled in as the team's starting RB, but if they begin to have doubts about him, Foster would be a good fallback option.

14 Tyrod Taylor to San Francisco

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

The 49ers' future at the QB position still seems foggy. Colin Kaepernick has been in trade rumors since the 2015 season ended. While the Bills got a great season out of Tyrod Taylor, they've yet to commit to him as their longterm starter. The 49ers cannot get very far with Blaine Gabbert as their QB, who seems to be winning the starting job.

If Taylor becomes more and more antsy about his current contract situation, don't rule out the 49ers giving Buffalo a call. Taylor is affordable under his current salary and if the 49ers do plan on moving Kaepernick, they could give Taylor an extension later on in the year.

13 C.J. Anderson for a 2nd & 3rd Round Pick

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The Broncos could benefit from dealing C.J. Anderson to another team because they already have a solid guy in Ronnie Hillman. They could benefit from picking up a good defender to accompany their monster defense, or a tight end plus draft picks. Anderson is good, but Hillman is possibly a better runner and blocker.

The Broncos had to match an offer sheet from the Miami Dolphins to keep Anderson in Denver, but maybe they could now use that leverage to get something they want from Miami, or seek interest from other teams.

12 DeSean Jackson To The Los Angelas Rams

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

DeSean Jackson is not as good as he once was, and he gets injured pretty often. With the opportunity to refresh his career elsewhere, he could benefit from a change of scenery. The Skins could get a good draft pick, or another player on defense. The two parties could part ways, and it would make sense. They have Garcon, and just drafted Josh Doctson so Jackson could be deemed expendable. He is inconsistent to say the least and he continues to exhibit brain cramps on the field. The Redskins could better utilize their cap space elsewhere.

The Rams meanwhile, already mortgaged quite a bit to land Jared Goff at first overall, but they could pony up some players in exchange for a big play threat like Jackson.

11 Stephen Tulloch Cut By The Lions

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Lions linebacker is still awaiting his future in Detroit. He was told to skip minicamp which is a pretty telling sign he'll be released. He's a good player whose career could be taken elsewhere. Some interested parties appear to be the Jaguars, or the Bears. He's an impact player.

His Detroit tenure appears to be over, and the Bears may seem like a logical move because they are in the Lions' division. As odd as it sounds, players often move to cities close to theirs and teams in their division. Another possibility is that he could go to Florida and try to help the Jaguars' struggling defense, providing a veteran presence for young budding stars like Dante Fowler Jr. and Jaylen Ramsey.

10 Josh Gordon To The Patriots

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Gordon has had trouble complying with the NFL's drug policy of banning marijuana usage. Gordon may be going elsewhere this offseason because I have a feeling the Browns are sick of his troubles. Even if he is reinstated before the season starts, the Browns may look to move on for good. Though he's a very skilled receiver, maybe Belicheck would set him straight in New England with Tom Brady. The Patriots' window of opportunity gets smaller and smaller every year Brady gets older. If the Patriots want a shot at a fifth Lombardi Trophy before Brady retires, adding a true no.1 wideout for Brady would be the way to do it.

9 Browns Sign Ryan Fitzpatrick, Trade RG3 To The Jets

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets are no longer interested in Ryan Fitzpatrick's desires for a big salary. They know he's not their longterm solution and don't want to pay him as such. Though Cleveland has Robert Griffin now, there's no guarantee Griffin will be able to pick up the Browns' new playbook.

Fitzpatrick is capable of coming in and being a solid game manager. If the Browns don't mind holding off on a longterm solution getting Fitzpatrick on a two-year deal and subsequently trading RG3 to New York would be a possibility.

8 Ronald Leary For a CB

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys lineman lost his starting job last season after two years of success. He requested to be traded and wants out of Dallas. I don't blame him. He kind of got screwed. He's a good player who would be productive elsewhere, and if Dallas doesn't want him, he will be good in another city. Leary would be a good trade piece for Dallas, and they may be able to get some draft picks, or a cornerback. Dallas could benefit from a CB addition, as the defense has been mediocre.

7 Michael Floyd to the Patriots

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Floyd would really compliment this current New England team nicely, and help out the Pats' core offense. With Gronk, Floyd, and Edelman, there's no telling where this team would go next. This move isn't out of the question, as the Patriots need to find a top wideout for Brady to compliment Gronk and Edelman. The Cardinals have a lot of talent on offense and may not have the cap space to sign Floyd to a long-term deal when his deal expires following this coming season.

6 Cowboys Trade McFadden/Morris

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Cowboys don't need all three of their current running backs. They recently drafted Ezekial Elliot, so he's a lock to stay in Dallas. McFadden was good but seems like the most obvious to be on the move this summer. Morris was just added to the team, but he could be a trade piece for draft picks or defenders.

McFadden rushed for more than 1,000 yards this past season, and he would also be a very good trade piece. He could attract teams like the Jags, Panthers, or Rams.

5 Golden Tate to Philly

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

With the Lions losing their biggest star in Calvin Johnson, Golden Tate may have incentive to leave the win deprived city of Detroit. The Eagles could really use him, and benefit from the play of a receiver like him. With just Agholor and Jordan Matthews, Carson Wentz has limited options on who he can throw the ball to. Sure these guys are "okay", but the Eagles need a good player who can make big plays like Tate. Philly is never shy about making bold moves, so this isn't completely out of the question.

4 Von Miller to Chicago

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

With Miller seeking a lot of money from Denver, they aren't so sure they want to pay him. HE wants $22 million, which doesn't seem viable for the Broncos. He's possibly the best defender in the NFL, but the Broncos also have to worry about maintaining the balance on their roster that won them the Super Bowl.

Reports have been surfacing for months that the Bears have been eyeing Von Miller and would go all out to pay him. They would have pounced on him in the open market, but the Broncos tagged him. The Bears have over $22 million in cap space and also have John Fox, Miller's old coach. The Bears have to start building a monstrous defense again and Miller would be their centerpiece. This makes too much sense.

3 Colin Kaepernick to Cleveland

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Sure, the Browns already have RG3, but they aren't so sure he's "the guy." With Colin, they could mix and match to find out who would be better suited for the job. Also, maybe Kaepernick isn't so bad and is struggling in the 49ers offense because of coaching. RG3 was once good, and maybe he'll find new life in an orange uniform, but Colin should try to leave San Francisco. The 49ers have toyed with him all offseason on whether they would trade him or not.

He isn't loved there, and Gabbert appears to be earning the job over him.


1 Jamaal Charles Out of KC

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Charles will be coming back, but the Chiefs managed to win 10 straight regular season games without him and earned their first playoff win in over 20 years. Perhaps they'll feel they can move forward without Charles. Investing in one star running back doesn't seem to be a winning formula anymore. Charles is a prime time running back, whose skills could be utilized on just about any roster in the NFL. With a good quarterback, Charles could be poised to go far in the playoffs. Teams that should look into him are the Panthers, and Packers.

Charles is crazy when he gets running, and he should think about going to a more productive team to end his career eventually. It could be this offseason if he moves.

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