15Colin Kaepernick 

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We are aware that Colin Kaepernick has seen better days. Kaepernick came to the league and instantly became a huge commodity. His best seasons were between 2012-2014 and while this is a short timespan, he was unstoppable during those years. Kaepernick is still a young player at age

28 and he still may be able to put on a show for another few years. With Chip Kelly coming to San Francisco, his partnership with Kaepernick will be vital to the team's success. Chip Kelly is known to love rushing quarterbacks and run the college offense, leading many to believe that Kaepernick will be able to fit in perfectly with this scheme.

Kaepernick’s QBR in 2012 was 98.3 and in 2013 it was 91.6. These are amazing numbers and, as fans of the NFL, we hope to see Kaepernick have another great season, as he brings a lot to the league.

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