Top 15 Most Disgraceful Madden NFL Player Ratings Of The Past 3 Years

Something good is brewing up for football fans gamers around the world. Something that will keep the biggest sports fans in their houses for days, months. Fans will connect with each other, and play the most competitive sporting game in the world: Madden NFL.

At the end of August, EA Sports releases Madden NFL for football fans around the world to play with their favorite football players on one of their consoles. Madden releases the game on both PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The game includes updates each year, with new players on the cover every year.

This year, EA Sports is releasing “Long Shot.” In this part of the game, you can take a player on their road to the NFL Draft, on and off the field. It is the first ever Madden NFL story mode to appear on the game. Fans that may be bored of the online play or franchise mode, may seem themselves enjoying a more story telling type of sports story, where gamers can interact with the players off the field as well as one the field.

Madden NFL has been known for rating many players accurately based on their previous season, but unfortunately, sometimes they are a bit off with their ratings. Ratings are based off of the previous season, but also include expectations from that player for the following season. Many players have had decent seasons, but have seen their productivity drop the following year due to injuries or other reasons. Or sometimes, it may be the Madden curse.

Here are The Top 15 Most Disgraceful Player Ratings In The Past 3 Years:

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15 Nick Foles - 88 Overall (Madden 15)

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Should Have Been Rated: 82 Overall.

It almost seems that Madden looked at Nick Foles' statistics from 2013, when they were figuring out the rankings for Madden 15. At the time, Foles played quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. In 2014, he only played either games. It’s shocking to see that Madden would rank a quarterback so high, that only played half of the season. Even within his either games, Foles wasn’t a huge impact. In 2014, Foles threw for 13 touchdown passes and 10 interceptions.

His season finished at the halfway point, where he broke his collarbone. During the time Foles played, the team went 6-2, but began to lose games towards the end of the season. Foles may have won games while playing, but the ratings on Madden go by the talent of the player and their production.

The year of Madden 15, Foles didn’t even play for the Philadelphia Eagles. He played for the St. Louis Rams and threw for seven touchdowns and 10 interceptions. Whoever rated Nick Foles 88 overall, must have been forgetting that he wasn’t rating for Madden 14.

14 Marcell Dareus - 94 Overall (Madden 16)

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Should Have Been Rated: 86 Overall.

Once again, we see a problem that occurred with Nick Foles, Madden ranking a player higher than they should have been, based off of the wrong year. In 2014, Marcell Dareus had a great year in 2014 with 49 combined tackles and 10 sacks with the Buffalo Bills A season like that for the nose tackle may be worth rating Dareus with a 94 overall, but this was Madden 16, two years after that great season.

The year before Madden '16, in which Madden rates players based off of, Dareus’ production went down. In 2015, Dareus only got to the quarterback two times and had a combined 51 tackles. A man coming off a season with 10 sacks, down to two, doesn’t seem like he deserves over a 90 overall in Madden. Look, 94 overall is for many elite players, unfortunately, Dareus has been on the decline since 2015.

13 Josh Gordon - 92 Overall (Madden 15)

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Should Have Been Rated: 84 Overall.

The Cleveland Browns lately have found some star wide receivers for their team. Josh Gordon definitely played like one in 2013 with 1,646 receiving yards and nine touchdown catches. In the year before Madden 15, Gordon had no touchdowns and only 303 receiving yards. Gordon’s career has been defined by suspensions.

Unfortunately, Gordon is unable to follow the NFL's substance policy, and remains off the field since 2014.

Gordon has the ability to be a great wide receiver in the NFL, which may be why Madden ranked Gordon so high in Madden 15. Players need to play on the field in order to get high rankings in Madden. Josh Gordon may have the ability to be 92 overall in a Madden game in the future, but fans want to see Gordon prove that he can still play in this league, and stay clean and get back on to the field.

12 Justin Tucker - 87 Overall (Madden 17)

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Should Have Been Rated: 97 Overall.

In past years, Madden has ranked kickers a lot lower than they should be. Madden may be better off ranking kickers based strictly off of their kicking ability, as opposed to all their other attributes. The Baltimore Ravens kicker, Justin Tucker, has the best field goal percentage of all time by kickers in the NFL. As that can change at any given point of a season, Tucker is still one of the elite kickers in the league currently.

Tucker was only ranked 87 overall, despite being the most accurate kicker in the NFL. It’s a disgrace that Madden ranks these kickers so low. When playing the game, a lot of these kickers don’t even have the leg power to kick 55+ yards. It’s hard playing Madden and feeling that it’s similar to real games. NFL kickers should get the respect they deserve, and Madden should rank these kickers with the ratings they deserve.

11 Vernon Davis - 94 Overall (Madden 15)

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Should Have Been Rated: 85 Overall.

Vernon Davis used to be an excellent tight end, and has performed at the highest of levels playing the position for the San Francisco 49ers since 2006, but eventually players age and their production levels decline. The last great season Davis had was in 2013, when he caught 13 touchdown passes and had 850 receiving yards. Since then, Davis' production value has declined. In 2015, he left San Francisco and went to the Broncos. He stayed one year before he left for the Washington Redskins.

After a poor 2014 season, where Davis only had two touchdowns and 245 receiving yards, a 94 overall is an exaggeration for the aging tight end. In his prime, Davis may have been a 92 overall at best, but 94 overall for a tight end that is past his prime, seems a bit too generous for an older tight end.

10 Vince Wilfork - 91 Overall (Madden 15)

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Have Been Ranked: 86 Overall.

Vince Wilfork, a man who even at the weight of 325 pounds, was able to dominate in the NFL. At the weight he was at, it’s tough to navigate between offensive lineman, but he managed to be one of the top defensive lineman in the past decade. Throughout his career, he played for the New England Patriots and the Houston Texans.

Madden 15 would be the last game of Madden that Wilfork would play for the Patriots. EA Sports ranked him as 91 overall, which may be an exaggeration for a big man that was pushing towards the end of his career. In 2013, Wilfork only had nine combined tackles. That year may have given fans evidence that Wilfork’s production level went down.

Wilfork maintained to be disruptive till he retired after the 2016 season, but a year where he was injured, it didn’t seem promising that Wilfork would come back full throttle.

9 Amari Cooper - 84 Overall (Madden 17)

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Should Have Been Rated: 90 Overall.

Amari Cooper has become the star wide receiver of the Oakland Raiders. It’s embarrassing that his Madden player rating would be so low for a team that had one of the best offenses in the league.

Cooper isn’t as flashy of a receiver as others like Julio Jones or Antonio Brown, but he makes plays and makes Derek Carr’s life as a quarterback, a little bit easier. Cooper has become one of the better wide receivers in the league, even only finishing his sophomore season. In two seasons, Cooper has finished with 2,223 and 11 touchdowns. Cooper is the future along with Carr, and will help contribute to their future runs at Super Bowls. Cooper may be young, but he deserves the ratings for the numbers he is putting up. Cooper helps make this team a better team, and Carr a better quarterback. Amari Cooper will have a boost in his Madden ratings for Madden 18.

8 Todd Gurley - 80 Overall (Madden 16)

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Should Have Been Rated: 88 Overall.

Madden many times ranks rookies a lot lower than they should be. That may be the fact that these players have not proven themselves yet or because they feel that they won’t play a major factor in that season. We have seen many times where a rookie has contributed to the team at the highest level, especially in 2016. In 2015, Todd Gurley of the now Los Angeles Rams, had a star rookie season finishing with 1,106 rushing yards and 10 touchdowns.

Gurley gave Rams fans a reason to believe that there is a future for the team, those fans and Gurley should be rewarded with a rating that makes Gurley a dominant force in Madden. Even on poor season by Gurley, he still finished with 885 rushing yards and six touchdowns. Gurley can make magic happen with a poor offensive line, something that may be very difficult for many running backs to do. Todd Gurley needs to see himself higher in the player ratings and as a more dominant force in Madden.

7 Landon Collins - 92 Overall (Madden 17)

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Should Have Been Ranked: 97 Overall.

It’s hard to tell if anyone expected the New York Giants defense to be as dominant as it was in the 2016 season. But the Giants were able to stop the best offenses in football, due to their great secondary. One of the major pieces of that secondary is safety, Landon Collins. Collins helps cover the whole back end of the field, making it very difficult for quarterbacks to launch the football across the field.

Many may not have expected to have Collins to have as great of a year that he did, but he was insane. Collins finished with 125 combined tackles, four sacks, five interceptions, and one touchdown. He played an insane season, which helped lead the Giants to the Wild Card Round of the playoffs, where they lost to the Green Bay Packers.

Collins has proven that if he can continue the production after this season, he would easily become one of the NFL’s best safeties. Landon Collins is a nightmare for quarterbacks, and will be even tougher for Madden players to throw against.

6 Jimmy Graham - 95 Overall (Madden 16)

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Should Have Been Rated: 90 Overall.

While in New Orleans, Jimmy Graham was one of the top tight ends in the NFL. Many expected him to be a monster when he made the transition to Seattle, but unfortunately that hasn’t happened. We saw in a season where Graham recorded 1,215 receiving yards and 16 touchdowns. Graham hasn’t been able to bring that monster season to the Seahawks in the two years he has been there.

Graham finished his better of the two seasons this past season, finishing with six touchdowns. He played decently, but nothing that would make him an unstoppable force in Madden. Graham in Madden is a nightmare matchup for linebackers, making it hard to both cover and tackle Graham. It may be the fact that Russel Wilson doesn’t have as much time to throw as Drew Brees, or the other options that Wilson may have, but Graham has not been able to bring back a 1,000-yard receiving season yet. Graham’s play rating needs to be lowered, as it should not be unstoppable for defenders to cover the Seahawks tight end.

5 Jamaal Charles - 94 Overall (Madden 16)

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Should Have Been Rated: 87 Overall.

It’s sad what fans have had to see with Jamaal Charles within the past two years. A few years ago, Charles was one of the most electrifying running backs in the NFL, now many fans barely recognize his name. Jamaal Charles suffered a knee injury in 2015 that has affected his whole career up until this moment. The Chiefs refused to resign him, as Charles was signed by the Denver Broncos this offseason.

Following another 1,000+ yard rushing season and nine touchdowns, it would be expected to see Charles have a high Madden ranking as he was so dominant for the Chiefs. Unfortunately, Charles hasn’t seen the field much since 2014 due to injuries. Injuries can change a player’s career, and it seems that is what is happening with Jamaal Charles. As many can hope that he will be dominant this season, nothing is guaranteed following two seasons filled with injuries.

4 Ezekiel Elliott - 88 Overall (Madden 17)

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Should Have Been Rated: 96 Overall.

It’s tough a lot of times to try and create ratings for a player that has never played a NFL snap, but a player that plays behind the best offensive line, it should be easy to rank them higher. Ezekiel Elliott, the leading rusher of the 2016 season, was only ranked 88 overall. Expectations were high for him, and he succeeded those expectations. Zeke was a force in Madden 17, but not as big of a force as he should have been. He wasn’t as fast as he is, and seemed to not have as many moves as he does in real life.

Zeke proved he is one of the top three running backs in the NFL, along with David Johnson and Le’Veon Bell. A running back who as a rookie, rushed for 1,631 rushing yards and 15 touchdowns should be rated much higher than he was. Zeke ran best some of the best defensive lines in football. Even though he had the best offensive line in football, Elliott has skills that are special. He has the ability to make defenders miss, and that should help him be rated higher for Madden 18.

3 Andre Johnson - 95 Overall (Madden 15)

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Should Have Been Rated: 90 Overall.

Andre Johnson is probably the most underrated wide receiver in the past 10 years of football. Many fans and reporters ignored his productivity due to the inability to win. Johnson had his best season with the Houston Texans in 2009, when he had 1,569 receiving yards and 9 touchdown catches, the most of his career. Johnson was a fan favorite in Houston, before his departure to Indianapolis in 2015, and then to Tennessee in 2016.

Johnson has been very good his whole career, but towards the end of the career he saw a bit of decline in his game play. He struggled to get into the end zone as much, even if he put up a lot of yards in the season. A big factor in rating a player for Madden is their ability to make plays in the end zone, and unfortunately, Johnson didn’t always do that. Andre Johnson going into Madden 15, was towards the end of his career, and wasn’t showing the same dominance that he did back in 2009. Johnson was a great player, but his Madden 15 ratings were a bit too much.

2 DeMarco Murray - 94 Overall (Madden 16)

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Should Have Been Rated: 85.

It seemed that Madden got excited when Demarco Murray dominated in Dallas in his contract season of 2014, but then decided to leave Dallas to go to the Philadelphia Eagles. Murray had a great season in 2014, but the rest of his career in Dallas was decent. He had a good year in 2013 as well, but besides that, he was just an average running back.

The expectations for Murray were high after completing an 1,845-rushing yard season in Dallas. With Chip Kelly as the head coach, many Eagles fans were excited to see how dominant Murray could be. At the end of the day, Dallas got the last laugh. Murray finished the 2015 season with 702 rushing yards six touchdowns. Murray was not able to be as dominant with the difference in plays in Philly. Murray saw a huge downfall in 2015, which led to his departure to Tennessee the following season. It seems that Murray is back on track, but for the 2015 season, Madden may have wanted to see a little bit more of his play, before rating him a 94 overall.

1 Marcus Mariota - 79 Overall (Madden 17)

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Should Have Been Rated: 89 Overall.

The most shocking Madden rating of the past three years… Marcus Mariota of the Tennessee Titans. Many people were unsure how the Oregon alumni would deal with taking snaps under center, but Mariota proved he is one of the future stars of the NFL. In his rookie season he played decent, missing the playoffs, but showing he can be the quarterback of the future for the Titans. In 2017, Mariota tore it up on the football field finishing with 26 touchdown passes and 3,426 passing yards. Mariota was injured against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 16, concluding the end to their season.

Mariota was almost impossible to use, due to how poor his rating in Madden was. An upcoming star quarterback, with poor accuracy and speed, is very confusing to see on a game like Madden. Mariota has proved to fans that he can help make this Titans team, a playoff team in the years to come. With some help around him, the Titans can be a tough team to play in Madden, and Mariota can become one of the better passers in the game.

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