Top 15 NFL Athletes Who Wasted Huge Amounts Of Money

I'm going to preface, I do not have much experience with the high style lifestyle that accompanies many professional athletes. While they can drop hundreds of dollars on a meal, I need a few minutes to mull if I can afford to upsize my McDonalds fries. I remembered how jealous I was of these athletes growing up with seemingly endless talent and endless earning potential ahead of them.

Then I got older. Then I got wiser to the real cost of playing in the NFL, both to your body and to your long term finances. For all the athletes that saved their money wisely, there are countless other NFL athletes that wasted and continue to waste their money foolishly.

For many of these professional athletes, they get misguided information. They may invest in a project that goes nowhere or purchase expensive items without ever thinking about a future where they are struggling to get by.

As NFL rookies are entering the league, there is more emphasis than ever being placed on teaching athletes on how to be smart with their money. They do not earn a paycheque every two weeks of the year like many other jobs. While their paycheques are substantial, it takes a degree of planning to make sure you can use your money wisely.

That becomes an all the more tragic story when you consider how many athletes have had their careers cut short by injury, long before they ever make enough money to sustain them the rest of their lives.

Every NFL player is not going to play until his later 30s, many won't make it to their mid or early 30s. It can be enticing to live the NFL lifestyle, especially when you are young and not used to having what seems like an endless stream of money. Unfortunately, as you will see, for many of these athletes, this high style living has cost some long term damage.

15 15. Adrian Peterson 


14 14. Sam Hurd 


13 13. Terrell Owens 

12 12. Vince Young

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11 11. Bryant McKinnie 

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10 10. Fred Smoot 


9 9. Warren Sapp 

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8 8. Andre Rison 


7 7. Lawrence Taylor 

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

6 6. Travis Henry 


5 5. Chris McAlister 


4 4. Dan Marino

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3 3. Bart Scott 


2 2. Chad Johnson 

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1 1. Michael Vick 

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There are not many people in the NFL with a worse past then Michael Vick. For those who are unaware, Vick made over a hundred million in his career with the Atlanta Falcons. That all came crashing down when it was revealed that he was involved in a dog fighting scandal. Prior to going to jail, one of Vick's last purchases was an $85,000 fish pond for his house. Vick also spent over $40,000 on landscaping for his property prior to going away. Something tells me that despite all these efforts, he still needed to re-cut the grass when he got out of jail.

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Top 15 NFL Athletes Who Wasted Huge Amounts Of Money