Top 15 NFL Memes That Are So Savage, But So True

There is little doubt about the fact the NFL is one of the most entertaining sports leagues around the world. After all, it is the only major football league on the globe. And, let’s just say that football is a rare sport that involves two things fans everywhere love to watch. The first aspect is physicality. While sports like hockey and lacrosse certainly have a robust physical side to them, they can’t be compared to football. On a football field, most plays can only stop when someone is brought down to the ground, which is often done through violent tackles. Of course, turnovers and scores are other ways to end a play, but that is beside the point. The second aspect that attracts sports fans to football is the beauty of the game. Yes, despite being one of the sports that takes the heftiest physical toll on its athletes, there is a beauty to football that is seldom found in other games. The strategy and skill required to play this game are sometimes otherworldly.

But even as those traits inside the field are enough to entertain millions of fans around the world, there is another side to football that is as entertaining as it gets. The best part about it is that it originates from the fans themselves. Aren’t we glad that we have the Internet these days? Aren’t we glad that we have a way to give people an opportunity to make memes about the ridiculous things that happen to NFL teams and players? Yeah, we are glad for those. And we separated 15 savage NFL memes that you will love and know have some truth to them.


15 What are the Dolphins thinking?

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Seriously, what the hell are the Dolphins thinking? It is not like the free-agent market was full of talent, but Jay Cutler? Did they not watch Chicago Bears games when Cutler was still playing? Maybe bringing Dan Marino back from retirement would have been a better idea. Maybe they should’ve invested those $10 million in trying to make a time machine and saving Ryan Tannehill from getting injured in the first place. That would’ve been a better investment than giving Cutler a $10 million one-year contract.

This joke they made on the meme could very well be true. Just imagine a Dolphins representative calling Cutler asking if he wanted to play, and him just laughing and saying: “Yeah, just give me $10 million and I’ll play.” Poor Jay, it seems the Dolphins didn’t get the joke.

14 The Kaepernick Show

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If someone in the NFL has found a way to make headlines without even needing to throw a pass over these past few seasons, it was Colin Kaepernick. At one point, he was known as the quarterback of the future, the man who led the San Francisco 49ers to one of their best seasons in a long, long time. Nevertheless, while his performance on the football field started to decline, Kaepernick began to make headlines around the world for his decision to kneel during the national anthem. And whether he is right or wrong is up for each one of you to decide. What we are interested in are the hilarious memes that came out of this decision, because, after all, people will turn anything into a joke.

Someone in particular, found the perfect TV show for Kaepernick. We hear “bend the knee,” so many times during Game of Thrones, they should consider hiring a professional to do just that. It’s not like Kaepernick is doing anything these days anyway… #Savage

13 The Big L

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Sometimes things are looking so bad for your team, that even the sky on your city knows that there is no hope. Just imagine what happened to the poor little hearts of the many Philadelphia Eagles’ fans when the preseason was about to start and they looked up in the sky just to see a giant cloud in the shape of an L hovering over their heads.

If that is not a sign from the gods, we don’t know what it is. If you need any more proof of that, just remember that in their first preseason game against the Packers, the Eagles ended up losing 9-24 in Green Bay. We hope you’re not superstitious if you are a Philly fan because if you are, it is better to start hoping things will look up in 2019.

12 Poor Cowboys

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Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Or, in this case, don’t hate the team, hate the game. It is not like Cowboys’ fans are at fault for their team never getting past the divisional round. At the same time, it is not like they have Tony Romo to blame for throwing a ridiculous interception when the pressure is the greatest. Dak Prescott was a welcome surprise for everyone but Romo, as Cowboys fans thought that they finally had a chance. Well, at the end of the season the excuse was that Dak was still too young to compete with Aaron Rogers. The year before that they had another excuse, as they did in the one before that, all the way back to 1996. We cannot help but wonder what it will be this year. Surely it will have something to do with Ezekiel Elliott.

11 Blake Bortles is trash

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Hey, you were the one who said it, we want nothing to do with this. Well, now that we think about it again, there might be a little truth to this savage meme. It is not like anyone ever expected the Jaguars to be good, but we were sure they would at least be better than they are now. When Jacksonville drafted Blake Bortles with the third pick in the 2014 draft, there was a little surprise, but he was quick to show that he had promise. Or maybe he didn’t, after all, they only won their first preseason game.

Since that first win, Bortles has led the Jaguars to three very unimpressive seasons, the best of which ended up with a 5-11 record. He might hold a few franchise records, but 3-13 last year? That’s trash.

10 The Real Reason

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We mentioned it before, but it doesn’t hurt to say it again. It is up to you to make your own decisions about the whole Kaepernick debate, but there is one thing it would be unfair for us not to talk about. If people want to believe that the former no.7 of the San Francisco 49ers is not being signed by any team because of his beliefs; that is your right. Still, it only takes a look at his stats to realize Kaepernick is far from being an alluring prospect for any NFL team these days.

No team will ever look at a player and say "hey, he was good at some point, let’s disregard that his team was 1-10 with him under center last year." No, Kaepernick was terrible throwing the ball last season, and he has a long way to go to prove his worth as a football player again. Savage, but true.

9 The Houston Watts

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Sometimes a player is so good that it doesn’t matter where he goes, he will always be the heart and soul of that team. Sometimes, however, your team is so bad that you are literally the only guy who can do anything to win a game. They might have gotten better over these past couple of seasons, but many fans will remember 2014, when JJ Watt was literally King in Houston. It is not always that we can say that a defensive end led his team to a 9-7 record, but that was certainly the case during that season.

Watt won the NFL defensive player of the year that season, and should they have gone to the playoffs. He would’ve been in the conversation for MVP. All rightfully so, because he was so out of this world that year that he even caught three touchdown passes.

8 Looking Forward to Next Year

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Geez, come on, don’t do them like that. Believe us, if someone is a Browns fan they know that there is little hope for a successful season. It still doesn’t give you the right to take that little hope away from them. It is not like anyone has never beaten 1000 to 1 odds. But who is not to say that Brock Osweiler couldn’t become the greatest quarterback in NFL history playing for Cleveland this season?

For all we know he could be the next Tom Brady. Or he could be the next Jay Cutler. Jaguars’ fans sure don’t need a reminder that their future is tied to Blake Bortles. There really is no reason to talk about the Jets anyway. Maybe the 49ers could surprise somebody. Still, that savage meme seems to be very much true.

7 The Longest Yard

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Okay, this might be the most messed up meme we have on this list. Seriously, this is not something anyone should be laughing at, but you certainly couldn’t help but chuckle when you saw it. Ezekiel Elliott is just the latest addition to the long list of NFL personalities who have allegedly been involved with the issue of domestic violence. The amount of NFL players who have committed acts of domestic violence is so ridiculous that people have managed to make this a Cowboys only addition. Over here we are missing superstars like Ray Rice and a bunch of others.

Perhaps a lot of them are innocent, but there is certainly a majority who are guilty. We are here for the fun, but this certainly is food for thought to bring up an issue of what the league should do with these guys.

6 Tebow in Miami

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We almost feel bad for Jay Cutler. This guy has been catching so much heat from the mere fact that he decided it was worth to come back from retirement for $10 million. How many of you would have turned down 10 million bucks to play for the Dolphins for one year? Seriously, this is perfect for Cutler. No one expects the Dolphins to get anywhere anyway, and everyone knows that Cutler doesn’t care about anything either way. It’s a match made in heaven. The only thing better would have been if he was signed by the Browns. Either way, the similarity between him and Tim Tebow is not just in the fact that he looks like Tebow on, well, that substance Walter White sold in Breaking Bad.

Just imagine if Tim threw more passes than he ran the ball. He would’ve been the second coming of Jay Cutler.

5 How do these balls look, Tom?

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God, aren’t sports fans the best? In what place other than a football stadium would you find such creativity? Of course we are leaving the Internet outside of this equation. This might not qualify exactly as a meme like many people think of internet memes. But in its own way, bringing a sign to the stadium to troll a player on the other team could very well be qualified as a meme.

Either way, we are sure enough of you hate Tom Brady to laugh your ass off about this one. The controversy about the deflated balls is one that will live on as long as football exists. And hell, aren’t we all glad that until Tom Brady retires, and maybe even after that, fans will still be trolling him for this?

4 That’s just mean

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Eddie Lacy is almost like the Benjamin Button of football. It seems like he started his career in the NFL looking like a seasoned running back in the peak of his form, only to grow back and look more like a rookie with each passing year. More than that, these days it looks like Lacy has just come out of gaining the freshman 15 from college. Actually, scratch that, it looks like he gained the freshman 50.

Either way, since he signed with the Seahawks, Pete Carroll might have just found the way to put his new running back in shape. All that Lacy ever needed was some real incentive to run towards the end zone. And let us just say, if the NFL allows the Seahawks to use this new gadget, we already have our pick for Super Bowl champion.

3 The Jets

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If you are a New York Jets fan and you thought you were going to get through this list with just one little hit, you better think again.

It has been a long time since the Jets could even be considered a good team. Even in 2015 when they went 10-6, everyone knew that it would just be undone the next year. At some point, it even becomes a bit sad for all the other fans to make fun of the Jets. After all, the last time these guys got to a Super Bowl was the only time they won, all the way back in 1968.

Still, with Josh McCown under center, the best they can hope for is to tank another year and “trust the process.” Of course, sometimes “the process” takes half a century to show any results.

2 One last Jay Cutler meme

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We are sorry. It is not like we wanted to put so many Jay Cutler memes on this list. It is just that as you browse for the latest NFL memes, all you get is Jay Cutler, and the memes are hilarious. Remember the last time a big-name athlete decided to “take his talents to South Beach?” Come on, you can’t make a joke better than this.

We did not expect Jay Cutler to take his turnovers to South Beach. As a matter of fact, we didn’t expect him to take his turnovers anywhere. For God sake, the guy was retired, why bring him back for more pain? But hey, if the Dolphins think they need a QB who threw 146 interceptions in 139 NFL career games, that’s their business.

1 No Fix for Zeke

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While not a meme, this local business's shot at Zeke was too savage not to share.

It usually takes a few years before an NFL player has done enough stuff to get them suspended for six games. Still, all this superstar 22-year-old running back needed was a good season in order for him to believe he could do anything he wanted. Elliott has allegedly done more in terms of controversy in one year than a lot of NFL players go their entire careers without doing. Let’s just name a trio of accusations that led to Elliott being suspended for the first six games of the 2017 NFL season.

To start off, the Cowboys’s running back was accused of pulling down a woman’s shirt and exposing her breasts in St. Patrick’s Day. Next up he allegedly broke a guy’s his nose after a bar fight. But the icing on the cake was the domestic abuse accusations brought up by his ex-girlfriend.

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