Top 15 NFL Players Who Have Celebrity Lookalikes

The NFL Playoffs are here, which means we're about to enter the most exciting part of the season. Unless, of course, your team didn't make the cut. In that case, you're probably upset about not being able to see your favorite team and favorite players until next summer. We empathize with you.

But fear not, gentle reader. The faces of your favorite NFL stars are still out there, as some of the players have celebrity (or at least semi-famous) counterparts that look quite similar to them. A few coaches have their own doppelgängers as well.

Although there have been a lot of stretches when it comes to people claiming to have discovered so-called twin siblings of NFL figures, we wanted to construct as concise of a list as possible. None of these examples are limited to just a single photo or instance that happened to make one of them look different from their usual selves, none of the comparisons involve cartoon or otherwise fictional characters, there are no cheap shots or jokes that aren’t actually accurate, and with just an exception or two, everyone played/coached or was eligible to play/coach in the 2015 NFL season. This is a collection of the best of the best, the most-commonly associated individuals, and a few deserving folks who have flown under the radar in regard to resemblances. This is the Top 15 NFL Players Who Have Celebrity Lookalikes.

15 Nick Foles & Jon Heder


14 Brock Osweiler & Robert Pattinson


Denver Broncos backup QB Brock Osweiler landed this spot on this list not just because he kind of resembles someone famous, but because he’s still new enough to the NFL to not be familiar to most people. If someone glanced at him quickly for the first time, his medium-short hair, flat eyebrows, strong jawline, and pale complexion really do look a lot like former vampire/Twilight actor Robert Pattinson.

13 Miles Austin & Alex Rodriguez

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12 Mike Smith & Steve Martin


11 Alex Smith & Kliff Kingsbury

Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports / Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Hey girl, I know you’ve probably heard that Kansas City Chiefs QB Alex Smith looks like actor Ryan Gosling, but don’t believe the hype. Although both are good-looking dudes, the resemblance is questionable at best. But if you’ve ever seen Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury, you’ll realize that Smith does, in fact, have a blue-eyed, stubbly-bearded lookalike.

10 Richard Sherman & Busta Rhymes/Waka Flocka Flame

It has been said before that dread-headed Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks looks a bit like rapper Busta Rhymes, especially when both of them are fired up and yelling. But recently another rapper was mistaken for Richard Sherman: Waka Flocka Flame.

9 Robert Griffin III & André 3000

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8 C.J. Spiller & Sean Combs


7 Jamaal Anderson & Ludacris

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports /

6 Matthew Stafford & Haley Joel Osment


5 Brett Favre & Geoff Jenkins


Alright, I’ll admit it: I’m stretching it a bit in this spot. Not because of the lack of resemblance, but because both people have since retired from their respective sports. But when it comes to former QB Brett Favre, an ubiquitous being when it comes to football, it’s safe to say he’s never really far removed from the game. Plus, how can you pass up a pair of twins like this?

4 Aaron Rodgers & Tom Wrigglesworth (or Jake Gyllenhaal, or B.J. Novak)


3 Drew Brees & Rutherford B. Hayes

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I was understandably skeptical the first time I heard that New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees allegedly looks like former United States President Rutherford B. Hayes, especially given the fact that most of Hayes’ portraits and photographs feature him with a long, grey, scraggly beard. But after seeing an image of a young Rutherford, I was blown away.

2 Sam Bradford & Ryan Reynolds

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1 Mike Tomlin & Omar Epps


If one day a film is made about the life and career of Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin, he would already have an actor perfect to play his part: Omar Epps. For the duo holding the top spot on this list, there truly are some striking similarities between the two. The former House actor has the same almond-shaped eyes as Tomlin, they share similarly round face shapes, and both have neatly trimmed & closely cropped facial hair and short cuts on top.

Even the age difference is minimal, as Tomlin is 43 and Epps is 42. And if there were any doubts, House put the debate to rest by actually mentioning the resemblance in an episode.

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Top 15 NFL Players Who Have Celebrity Lookalikes