Top 15 NFL Players Who NEED To Change Teams As Soon As Possible

This NFL season brought a lot of interesting aspects to the table. The Cowboys emerged as the front-runners of the NFL, along with the Patriots, Falcons, and Chiefs. Though there were great times this

This NFL season brought a lot of interesting aspects to the table. The Cowboys emerged as the front-runners of the NFL, along with the Patriots, Falcons, and Chiefs. Though there were great times this season, there are certain players who didn't enjoy their time in the NFL season, or just didn't succeed. The NFL as a brand wants players to be in the best position to succeed, and for them to enjoy their careers. Though the NFL is a big corporation that employs a lot of workers, they are known to be particularly rude towards players. If an individual doesn't like his team situation, he may request a trade, or maybe he will end up being released regardless. This list is of players who struggled, or didn't fit within their team's system. It is likely very obvious who is going to appear on this list, and you, the readers, will understand why they are on this list. Some of the players who need a change are superstars or at least used to be. Some of these guys are merely solid players who maybe haven't yet achieved superstar status because of their situation. Anyway here are 15 NFL Players who NEED a change this offseason, comedic or severe as it sounds.

It is likely very obvious who is going to appear on this list, and you, the readers, will understand why they are on this list. Some of the players who need a change are superstars or used to be. Some of these guys are merely solid players who maybe haven't yet achieved superstar status because of their situation. here are 15 NFL Players who NEED a change this offseason, as comedic or severe as it sounds.

Here are 15 NFL Players who NEED a change this off-season.

15 Marvin Jones

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Jones started the year strong with Detroit. As the year went on, Golden Tate dominated targets, and Anquan Boldin got the remaining few left. Jones would do better on another team. I don't doubt his abilities, but I think he may be better suited for a different type of offense. Jones and Stafford obviously don't have much chemistry. Anyway, Marvin Jones has a lot of potential. The Lions have a fairly dynamic lineup: Stafford at quarterback, Riddick at running back, and Golden Tate at receiver. I could see Jones going to the Bears, back to the Bengals, Eagles, or Rams. Jones has talent; this is obvious. Whether he can utilize this elsewhere is up in the air, but we are certainly hopeful for his sake and his team's, whichever it will be.

14 Derrick Henry

George Walker IV/The Tennessean via USA TODAY Sports

Henry is stuck behind DeMarco Murray, who has now emerged as the fantastic running back that he once was in Dallas. Murray had a rough year in Philadelphia but is back on track. Henry was fantastic in college, and his talents should be used elsewhere. He is a bulky back who has strength and agility. Though he may lack significant speed, Henry is a "Frank Gore"-like back who can power through defenses. Some potential landing spots for his talent could be Philadelphia, a city in need of a young running back.

Darren Sproles gets the job done for now, but he isn't a first string RB. Henry could maybe go to the Panthers, who could use a third down back like him in the wake of their now struggling offensive attack.

13 Tyrod Taylor

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

The Bills offense isn't the right one for Taylor. This guy can run and needs a protective offense line that doesn't get penalties 24/7. Taylor had a great year in 2015, but was nursing an injury this year. He had a rough year with Rex Ryan, and so did the entire Bills organization. It seems probable that he should want to continue his career elsewhere, maybe as a backup on another team. Taylor isn't necessarily meant to be a first string QB.

After all, he was the backup for the Ravens for quite a little bit for Joe Flacco. I don't doubt Taylor's ability to play, but a change would do the young guy well. I am thinking perhaps the Browns would be a good fit.

12 Jeremy Langford

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

I'm a pretty big advocate of this guy. I think he is on the wrong team, this being the Bears. He had an awesome year when Matt Forte was injured last season, and killed it for fantasy football owners. He hasn't produced under the shaky Bears offensive line this year, and Jordan Howard has. Langford should request a trade maybe, though he's not worth a whole lot. It would really do him well to be behind a solid offensive line, or an average one.

The guy can run, and has some wheels. Teams that I could see him landing on include the Eagles, Browns, Lions, or Patriots. Whenever there is someone good, the Patriots make them great. Behind the Patriots offensive line, Langford would simply flourish.

11 DeAndre Hopkins

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It would be nice to see Hopkins with a good QB. With Brock Osweiler, he is still productive. With Tom Brady? This guy would be top three in the league. The truth is, DeAndre has a ton of speed and skill at the receiving end, but kind of gets screwed with inadequate quarterbacks. I would really like to see this guy get a break and have an opportunity to be on a team with a better QB. Though the Texans made it to the playoffs, I don't trust the Texans' offense. There are many WRs like this who are trapped on one-dimensional offenses, and Hopkins might be the best who is. Switch teams, man, and give yourself a chance to really prove what you are worth.

10 Philip Dorsett

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Another wide receiver who I find has some talent is Philip Dorsett. The guy is trapped behind Moncrief and Hilton, and not in a position to make plays. It would be ideal for him to find a team where he is the #1 or #2 receiver, like the Browns. Dorsett shows a lot of skill as a wideout, especially as a runner. Andrew Luck is one of the best QB's in the league, but Dorsett finds difficulty being incorporated into the offense. The Colts don't really need Dorsett either; they have two elite receivers already. That being said, they don't use him nearly enough as they truly should as a receiver. Dorsett has raw agility; that was evident in his college days at the University of Miami.

9 Jeremy Maclin

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Maclin started the year as an average player, and just declined from there. The Chiefs have been riding the young prospect Tyreek Hill. Hill has been unbelievable in the past couple weeks, helping Kansas City get some huge wins. Maclin was the top guy over in Philadelphia but while this is true, his team is doing very well right now. Alex Smith is showing pocket control as a QB. Maclin would do fairly well on a team that had a more fast-paced offensive attack.

The guy can do damage in the open field, and should get some snaps as a running back. I agree with others that Hill may be the best option at this point, but Maclin has more experience in the NFL, obviously.

8 Jimmy Garoppolo

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Jimmy Garoppolo showed true ability when Brady was suspended at the beginning of the season. I get that being behind the New England offensive line is enough, but he made a lot of fantastic throws while starting. His vision down the field was tested, and he proved to be worth a look for some teams. The Browns should look at him, as well as the Bears, or maybe the Cardinals (sorry Carson Palmer). Garoppolo could be a potential starter somewhere, and he might be one of the hottest commodities on the trade market this spring. This being said, it is important to understand his price. He might, in fact, be an expensive buy for some teams, which might make some organizations not want to take him on their team. All things considered, this guy is worth a shot.

7 Tim Hightower

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Hightower might have played better than Mark Ingram this regular season. In terms of his fantasy football value, he was a steal from the waiver wire. Tim got a great opportunity from Sean Payton, and proved valuable. I would be shocked if other organizations didn't make a run for Hightower. He proved that he can be VERY valuable out of the backfield, even without the presence of a fantastic offensive line. He is similar to Laurence Maroney in my opinion.

Hightower still has some potential to help a team as a complementary back. Some teams that would do well to acquire him include the Eagles, which desperately need a running back. Another team on a halfback search is the Giants, as they aren't sure who their number one guy even is, so Hightower can fit in their RB committee.

6 DeAngelo Williams

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Though he is a little old, Williams is still a solid running back. Why doesn't he start for the Steelers? Well, because they have maybe the best running back in Le'Veon Bell already. Williams would start on several other teams in the NFL. He had a hell of a career in Carolina for the Panthers, and had a great year in 2015 while Bell was injured. Williams may do well with the Steelers offensive line, but I believe he can do well wherever he goes. The guy understands the game. DeAngelo should try to maximize his career's level of greatness by going elsewhere, somewhere he will be the main ball carrier. He may be getting dubs with Big Ben and Le'Veon, but he isn't getting enough playing time.

5 Jordan Reed

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Jordan Reed has been on the Redskins for an eternity it seems like. And though he has his fair share of injury problems, he should want to leave Washington already. I find the Redskins boring, not multi-dimensional enough for Reed. Reed is a top three tight end in football, but doesn't get to perform on the level he can for the Redskins. On another team, with more talent around him, he could really flourish. Reed on the Cowboys? Imagine that.

My point is, Jordan Reed could do better. The Skins aren't a horrible team, nor should they be regarded as such, but I don't see a particular reason for him to want to stay in D.C. Is Kirk Cousins what makes Reed want to stay? I doubt it.

4 Eric Decker

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Decker went on IR earlier this year. Regardless, he is stuck in a horrible system. Fitzpatrick sucks, and the Jets just can't find a groove in the AFC East, or a QB. Decker would be smart to get out of this situation as soon as possible, and escape Todd Bowles. He is an elite receiver who deserves to have a talented or somewhat talented guy throwing him the ball. In 2015, Decker had 12 touchdowns. With another team, he could put up those numbers and then some.

I would like to see him move -- even though he's tied into a lot of money in New York -- to a more fundamentally sound team. The Jets are always a weirdly different team. With a QB, this team could be okay, but they need stability. Decker should move on.

3 Jay Cutler

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Cutler hasn't been able to find his grove for a little bit now. I think it's very apparent that Chicago isn't the place for him. Cutler isn't a horrible QB, as he has been around for a while, but he rushes his passes. If he was more dynamic and relaxed in the pocket, he could revamp his seemingly washed-up career. Some teams on the hunt for a quarterback include the Bills, Browns, Jets and Broncos. I could honestly see Cutler going back to Denver. It might be the change that he needs to pick up his career. After all, Cutler was pretty productive for the Denver Broncos back in the day. With Sanders and Thomas, he would have a lot of talent with which to work, and of course, the league's best defense.

2 Josh Gordon

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Gordon has said that he wishes to stop using drugs and fully focus on football. Hopefully, this is true because the guy was one of the best receivers when he was playing in the league. Gordon should go to another team, maybe one with a nice city. I could see a change of scenery being beneficial to Gordon. With a solid QB and some palm trees in his sight, he could return to his intensely athletic position in sports.

I would like to see him go to a team that would be very strict with him but also have a good passer. Gordon, like Hopkins, hasn't had a good QB, but with one his style will be totally different.

The Patriots could be a perfect fit for him, as Gordon would have to straighten up pretty quickly and of course, he'd have the best in the business throwing him the ball.

1 Tony Romo

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Many thought Romo would NEVER leave Dallas. Why would he? But now it has come to a crossroads for him, a potential time for change. Dallas has found their QB, a rookie Pro Bowler by the name of Dak Prescott. They have also found their flow, killing it in the regular season, and earning home field advantage in this year's NFL playoffs. Now Romo needs to decide where he would like to be. Does he want to be a backup for his franchise, or move on to start elsewhere? He should move on for sure.

The Broncos need a QB badly, and Romo would fill the spot better than Jay Cutler -- or any free agent. Romo is still an elite QB, and with a couple of Pro Bowl receivers, he could lead the Broncos to new heights. Maybe we could see a Broncos/Cowboys matchup in Super Bowl LII.

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