14Robert Griffin III

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Remember when Robert Griffin III was special? The former Heisman Trophy winner out of Baylor melted hearts of Washington Redskins' fans everywhere. Griffin passed for 3,200 yards as rookie, leading the Redskins to the NFL playoffs in 2012. Unfortunately, the postseason was the beginning of the end. Griffin injured his

knee late in the season, but returned for the playoff game. He started the game with flawless execution until another hit hobbled the rookie QB. Instead of heading to the bench, Griffin played until his knee finally succumbed to the pressure. He was never the same, and things spiraled out of control once Jay Gruden was hired as head coach.

Now Griffin is the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. On his first preseason play, he connected with Terrell Pryor on a deep pass. Moments later, Griffin threw an interception at the goal line. Currently, Griffin is a reclamation project for the Browns. It might be his final chance to become a starting quarterback again. A Super Bowl championship would be sweet vindication for a career that seemed to be cut short.

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