15Ryan Fitzpatrick

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Ryan Fitzpatrick was a seventh round selection in the 2005 NFL Draft. Throughout his 11-year career, Fitzpatrick has failed to make the postseason. He was so close to snapping the streak in 2015, but Fitzpatrick turned into the Jets' version of Tony Romo in the season finale against Buffalo. Three interceptions

doomed the Jets and they were left wondering what could have been. He led the Jets to a 10-6 record last season. It was the first time Fitzpatrick ever had a winning season. However, expectations are large for the 2016 season. Currently, Fitzpatrick has a 43-61-1 record in the NFL.

He has a lot of work to do to reach .500 as a quarterback. Yet, if he won a Super Bowl as a starting quarterback, Jets' fans would declare Fitzpatrick a spot in the Hall Of Fame. He has 154 touchdown passes and 116 interceptions. Fitzpatrick waited this long to persevere. He deserves some love that would come with a Super Bowl title.

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