Top 15 NFL Quarterbacks Who Revived Their Careers On New Teams

Retread has been defined as to go back over. On most occasions the retread quarterback is a football player whom teams already know what he can and cannot do but expects a better result from the experienced signal caller. Throughout the history of the NFL teams have put faith in players such as Matt Flynn and Matt Schaub to help their team get over the hump despite the obvious signs that their quarterbacks play has been declining. The most successful quarterbacks in the NFL usually stay on one team throughout their entire career.

Not every good quarterback has only played on one team, and there have been many examples where a quarterback continues his success or revives his career with a new team. Some quarterbacks get replaced by a younger player who a franchise feels is ready to lead the team in a new direction. The older experienced player then joins a new team and has a successful end to his livelihood. There is the even rarer case of a journeyman type who has played for multiple teams, and these struggling athletes are given one final chance to make something of their time in the NFL.

Here are 15 Quarterbacks Who Found New Life on Other Teams.

15 Carson Palmer

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14 Brad Johnson


13 Rich Gannon


12 Trent Dilfer


11 Brett Farve


Brett Farve is one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever sport an NFL jersey, but he achieved success with more than just one franchise. He started off with the Atlanta Falcons but barely played in his one year on the team. He became a legendary figure in his next stop with the Green Bay Packers, and even delivered a Super Bowl for the team in 1996. The first team all pro included Farve three total times while he was in Green Bay. Farve announced his retirement in 2007, but then came back with the New York Jets in 2008.

10 Randall Cunningham


9 Warren Moon


8 Drew Bledsoe


7 Michael Vick


Michael Vick’s career in football seemed to be over after he was incarcerated for dog fighting. He had been the face of the Atlanta Falcons, and had been rewarded with a $100 million contract from the team for his superb play. In 2006, his last season with the Falcons, he rushed for over 1,000 yards becoming the first quarterback to be a 1,000 yard rusher. He led the Falcons to the NFC Championship game in 2004.

6 Joe Montana


Joe Montana is the most recognizable player in the San Francisco 49ers history. He made it to four Super Bowls and won all four of them while winning the Super Bowl MVP award three times, and in many eyes is seen as the greatest quarterback in NFL history. He spent 14 seasons with the 49ers franchise, and when Steve Young became a viable replacement for Montana, the team traded him away to the Kansas City Chiefs.

5 Ryan Fitzpatrick

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Ryan Fitzpatrick is the picture perfect example of a journeyman quarterback in the NFL. Throughout his tenure in the NFL he has started for six different teams around the league, a feat that not many could have projected after Fitzpatrick came out of Harvard. He received a nice contract to play for the Buffalo Bills where he started four seasons. He was unable to have much success with the Bills, but was given another chance with the Titans and then the Texans.

4 Drew Brees

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3 Kurt Warner


By now everyone knows that Kurt Warner was bagging groceries before he was given his shot with the St. Louis Rams. He engineered the greatest show on turf in 1999, and the team rallied around Warner to win the Super Bowl that year. After 2003, Warner joined the New York Giants but struggled in his lone season with the team.

2 Peyton Manning

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Peyton Manning was one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL, and few prepared for any given game the way that Manning did. During his career, critics began to realize Manning struggled in the playoffs when games mattered the most. Manning finally broke through when his team defeated the Chicago Bears in Super Bowl XLI, and he would win four MVP awards as a member of the Indianapolis Colts.

1 Sam Bradford

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Sam Bradford has just recently been traded from the Philadelphia Eagles to the Minnesota Vikings, and the Vikings are in hopes that Bradford can play well enough to carry them to a Super Bowl in Teddy Bridgewater’s absence. Bradford was drafted first overall by the St. Louis Rams in 2010. A slew of injuries derailed his chances of finding success with the Rams, and he was surprisingly traded away to the Philadelphia Eagles. Bradford had an up and down year with the Eagles. The team did not perform up to its standards, but Bradford played well in the latter half of the season. For his career Bradford has thrown for 15,076 yards, 80 touchdowns, and 52 interceptions.

The Minnesota Vikings gave up a lot to get Bradford, and in his first game with the team he played great throwing for 286 yards and two touchdowns. He has since been very solid with the Vikings and with Teddy Bridgewater's injury being so serious, Bradford has a serious chance to finally establish himself as a solid NFL quarterback.

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Top 15 NFL Quarterbacks Who Revived Their Careers On New Teams