Top 15 NFL Rookies Who Already Look Like Steals

Rookies entering the NFL are faced with one of the sharpest learning curves in sports. To make matters worse, they’re also expected to contribute far sooner than rookies in other leagues. If you aren’t a starter by your second year, you will typically be labeled a bust if you were a high pick or a career backup if you were a mid/late round selection.

To come out and perform immediately is a tough thing to ask. It isn’t fair, but that’s how it goes. Yet, every year there are a handful of rookies that are perfectly up to the job. They manage to blow the overly high expectations right out of the water.

Some of them were considered NFL ready and were expected to have success early on, others came out of nowhere and shocked everyone. Here are the top 15 rookies who are playing like stars and have been massive steals for their teams.

15 Michael Pierce, DE - Ravens 

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Pierce walked on to the Ravens as an undrafted free agent several months ago. Despite being just three weeks into the season, it appears the Ravens have found a diamond in the rough.

Michael Pierce has not gotten much play time so far. It’s understandable why the team isn’t comfortable putting an undrafted player immediately into the starting lineup. But slowly Pierce has been forcing them to give him more time. He is constantly disrupting the offense and making his presence felt. This isn’t the case of a player racking up fluke stats, Pierce has been passing the eye test. He is a guy that stands out on the field as a true impact player when watching his games.

14 Eli Apple, CB - Giants

Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

The Giants got a massive amount of criticism for selecting Eli Apple in the top 10 last year. Many felt like he was better suited in the late teens/ early 20s range. This is yet another example of why you should trust your team’s scouts more often.

Eli Apple has been everything he was hyped up to be and more. He earned his starting spot; he wasn't forced into it. The Giants were prepared to give him time and ease him into the NFL. As it turns out, criticisms of his tackling ability, zone coverage ability, and discipline have been entirely exaggerated.

13 Hunter Henry, TE - Chargers 

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Hunter Henry was brought in to be the long-term replacement for Antonio Gates. Many were expecting him to show the traits of a high-end pass catcher. However, the story of Hunter Henry so far has been his insane run blocking skills. Now, that might be one of the most boring things you’ll ever read. When talking about tight ends, everyone was to hear about players like Rob Gronkowski; players who are impossible to tackle or cover.

But blocking is one of the fundamental aspects of football. What Henry has been bringing to the team so far has been incredible. It has been a massive benefit to the run game which appears to be revitalized. That obviously isn’t 100% due to Henry, but he has had a serious impact in that regard. On top of that, in his first start, apart from a poorly timed fumble, he proved to be a receiving threat as well, catching five balls for 76 yards.

12 Laremy Tunsil, T/G - Dolphins 

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Laremy Tunsil is showing everyone why he was the consensus first overall pick prior to the Rams/Titans trade. He isn’t playing his natural position, as the Dolphins have moved him to guard until they have an opening at tackle. But he has been doing just as well as what anyone would have expected from a first overall pick.

He entered the season with quite a bit of hype. Over the course of the preseason, he did not allow a single quarterback pressure, something Miami has been desperate for over the Tannehill era. Though, doing things against backups in preseason is one thing. Doing against starters in the regular season is another.

11 Su’a Cravens - LB - Redskins 

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Washington is off to a bit of a rough start. Though, they have plenty to be excited and hopeful about, particularly on defense. Above all, Su’a Cravens is quickly breaking out as a special player. This is extra satisfying for Redskins’ fans as the pick was criticized by many at the time who didn’t feel the linebacker was worth a late second round pick.

The thing that makes Cravens unique is his coverage ability. It isn’t too hard to find linebackers that can stuff the run. But getting guys who excel at pass coverage is one of the hardest things to accomplish when building a team and he's already showing it, with a critical INT in week three. With the impact tight ends and slot receivers are having on the game today, players like Cravens will start to see their value skyrocket.

10 James Bradberry, CB - Panthers 

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Carolina’s decision to move on from Josh Norman was highly questionable. It wasn’t so much of a cap issue as the team had already applied the franchise tag to him. By the time they rescinded it, it was too late in the offseason to reinvest the money anyway. For a team that was just in the Super Bowl, this is usually the point where you’re doing everything it takes to gain an edge on your opponents. That's not an easy thing to do.

James Bradberry was brought in to replace him; a late second round pick. Now, that’s a fairly prestigious draft position, but most second rounders aren’t expected to be immediate starters. Yet, Bradberry jumped right into his role and has seemingly picked right up where Norman left off. Per Pro Football Focus, James Bradberry has the lowest burn rate in the entire NFL. He was also their top graded corner in week two.

9 Joe Thuney, G - Patriots 

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

The Patriots forfeited their 2016 first round pick as a result of the deflategate scandal. However, Joe Thuney has been playing like a first round pick. Granted, it wont stop Patriots’ fans from being bitter over the messy situation, but it will certainly help.

He has been particularly impressive as a pass blocker. Most often when young, mid/late round guards excel, it is as a run blocker; an aspect of the position that many linemen find to be easier. The fact that he's been doing the harder, more important job is all the more impressive and heartening for Patriots's fans.

8 Will Fuller, WR - Texans 

Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

Will Fuller was selected towards the end of the first round and some felt it was a bit of a reach by the Texans. They thought his value was that of a second round receiver.

However, Fuller has been proving his critics wrong so far. Not only has he been excellent so far; he's been one of the best rookie WRs through three games. He has eclipsed the 100 yard mark twice now, an accomplishment that deserves an insane amount of praise. Even among the best rookie wide outs, you typically don’t see this type of production until they’re at least half way through their first season (which doesn’t sound like much, but it makes a big difference).

7 Noah Spence, DE - Buccaneers

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Noah Spence may just have been the riskiest prospect in the class. Many analysts felt some general managers would get so caught up in his potential (as the often do) and take him in the tail end of the top ten. Others felt like he was far too raw of a prospect and would be much too big of a risk to take that high.

As it turns out, caution prevailed for once and Spence slipped out of the first round. The Buccaneers picked him up early in the second round, preventing him from sliding too far.

6 Sterling Shepard, WR - Giants 

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The expectations coming out of the draft were that Stering Shepard would make an instant impact as a rookie with Eli Manning throwing him the ball. He was expected to be the perfect complement to OBJ out of the slot.

So far, it appears those predictions have been spot on. Shepard has been electric and even hauled in a crucial touchdown catch against the Cowboys in week one that helped seal game.

5 Tajae Sharpe, WR - Titans 

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Tajae Sharpe wasn’t taken until the 5th round, yet has emerged as one of the premiere wide receivers in this class.

He has become the top target for Marcus Mariota in Tennessee. He will be given every opportunity to impress and prove himself. If he continues to progress, he will be able to quickly solidify a spot in the starting lineup for the foreseeable future.

4 Vernon Hargreaves, CB - Buccaneers 

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Coming into the draft, Vernon Hargreaves easily had the talent to be a top three selection. However, many disliked his less than ideal size, standing at just 5’10”. With all the freakishly large athletes at wide receiver these days, coaches and general managers are concerned their smaller corners are just going to get physically beat up regardless of how talented they are. As a result, Hargreaves slid out of the top ten to 11th overall, where he was scooped up by the Buccaneers. So far, he has been making his doubters look like fools.

3 Carl Nassib, DE - Browns 

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Carl Nassib looks like a veteran at defensive end. The third round pick has the technique and strength to do anything the coaching staff wants. He has been excellent at both generating pressure and setting the edge, making him a strong asset in both the passing game and the running game. Most often when mid/late round rookies are successful, it’s limited to one facet of the game. Not Nassib though.

In week one, he was matched up against Eagles right tacke Lane Johnson and gave him an incredibly hard time. Johnson isn’t a slouch, so Nassib wasn't beating up on replacement-level lineman.

2 Dak Prescott, QB - Cowboys 

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The hype train on Dak Prescott is completely off the rails. The preseason MVP got thrust into action far sooner than what anyone expected. While he understandably hasn’t been quite as electric as he was against backups, he has been a quality player for Dallas – far better than any fourth round quarterback should be in week 1 of his rookie year.

1 Carson Wentz, QB - Eagles 

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Carson Wentz put together one of the most impressive games for a rookie quarterback in recent memory in week 1. Granted, it was against a talent-deficient Browns defense, but the throws he made were some that some veteran NFL starters would struggle to hit. He continued his run into Monday Night Football in week 2. He took command of the offense and made throws that were spot on. Critics expected his run to slow down against Pittsburgh, but he was exceptional and outplayed Big Ben, a player he's often compared to.

Ultimately, what has fans so excited is his intangibles. He is smart and can call the right play at the line. He can keep everyone coordinated. When it comes to passing the ball, he's been incredibly accurate, especially on some of the deep balls he's thrown. Had it not been for several absolutely terrible drops by his sub-par group of receivers, he would look so much better than he already does, which is saying something.

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