Top 15 NFLers Who Have Earned WAY More Money Than You Would've Thought

So often in the NFL, you hear about players getting huge contracts worth millions of dollars over x amount of years. But then the player gets released only a couple years into his deal, after seeing only a fraction of the total money promised. NFL contracts are seldom what they initially appear.

Russell Okung’s contract that got signed just a couple weeks ago is a good example of this. The original contract was reported as a 5 year deal, worth $53 million. A nice deal that looks to be paying out over 10 million a year. However, the structure of the deal allows Okung to be cut after the first year, which would net him $8 million at most.

Ranking players by how much money they’ve actually received tells a different story. It shows how much each team truly values their star players. It’s one thing for a team to sign a player to a massive contract. It’s another for the team to actually pay it. Given what we all know about contracts ( in general), that’s a statement that seems very weird but is true none-the-less.

Here’s the top 15 players who have earned more money that what you would’ve thought. When looking through the article, the place's rank for career earnings among active players is noted. All figures were taken from

15 Alex Smith 

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Earned - $78,975,000

Rank - 27th

Alex Smith is almost unanimously considered to be the most average quarterback in the league. It seems somewhat strange that a player can be perfectly mediocre and cash in $79 million, more than all but a couple dozen other players.

14 Reggie Bush 

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Earned - $61,696,734

Rank - 43rd

Reggie Bush was considered one of the greatest prospects to ever come out of college.

But since entering the league, he's been invisible. Some of it has been due to injury, a lot of it has been failing to come anywhere close to his expectations. When talking about NFL running backs, Bush will seldom come up. Yet, when we talk about the highest earning NFLers, his name will come up there.

13 Matthew Stafford 

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Earned - $93,778,969

Rank - 19th

After being drafted in 2009, it felt like every season Matt Stafford was close to taking his game to the next level. It just didn't happen. To be fair, part of it was due to injuries and a lack of talent around him apart from Calvin Johnson, but still.

12 Jay Cutler 

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Earned - $96,196,087

Rank - 18th

Over the offseason last year, Jay Cutler was considered by many to be a player the Bears should look to get rid of. A decent 2015 season put some of those discussions away, but Cutler still remains a barely adequate starting quarterback. He's one bad season away from being on the chopping block.

11 Matt Cassel 

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Earned - $59,639,057

Rank - 46th

Matt Cassel has made a killing as a result of a single good season. After Tom Brady went down with a season ending injury in 2008, Matt Cassel led the New England Patriots to a 11-5 record. Though, they somehow didn't manage to make the playoffs (something that would've made Cassel's resume quite a bit better and could've led to even more money).

10 Mark Sanchez 

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Earned - $69,150,832

Rank - 35th

Mark Sanchez has been a player that has had a ton of potential but has never quite lived up to it. Despite never playing better than an above average backup, he's managed to cash in on the hope that he might be able to make the leap.

9 Chris Long 

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Earned - $84,696,160

Rank - 24th

Chris Long is another player that's been very good, but not great throughout his career. For defensive players in particular, it's very hard to make your way up this list without being a Superstar or testing the open market.

8 Matt Schaub 

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Earned - $80,805,000

Rank - 26th

Matt Schaub had several very nice seasons with the Houston Texans. Currently, however, the quarterback appears to be ending his career the same way he began it - riding the bench.

7 Philip Rivers 

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Earned - $151,917,656

Rank - 3rd

When people talk about the best NFL quarterbacks, Philip Rivers is often forgotten. He's better than the "good" quarterbacks, but not as good as the elite ones. He's in a group by himself off to the side.

6 Mario Williams 

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Earned - $111,900,000

Rank - 12th

Mario Williams is about as good as you can be without actually being a superstar; or at least he was several years ago. The top part of the career earnings list is almost exclusively a list of quarterbacks. The only non-quarterbacks are elite, blue chip players who have dominated the NFL for a very long time..... and then you have Mario Williams.

5 Matt Ryan 

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Earned - $117,957,925

Rank - 11th

Matt Ryan is one of the most forgettable quarterbacks in the league. He's an above average player on a continuously mediocre team. He's good enough that there’s no threat of him being replaced, yet, not good enough to establish himself as one of the premier quarterbacks.

4 Michael Vick

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Earned - $121,258,908

Rank - 9th

Michael Vick manages to crack the top ten despite being out of football for a couple years in the middle of his prime. In addition, the controversial quarterback has been largely ineffective the past few seasons.

3 Larry Fitzgerald 

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Earned - $29,296,387

Rank - 8th

Larry Fitzgerald has been one of the most widely beloved players throughout his career, by fans of all teams.

During his prime, many fans loved to make the comment that Fitz deserved better than the lowly Cardinals; a team that struggled to find success. However, the Cardinals gave Fitzgerald one of the most player-friendly contracts in the NFL. The team rewarded incredibly well. To say that he deserved better was entirely unfair. Today, he's being fairly compensated AND playing on a true contending team.

2 Julius Peppers 

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Earned - $147,973,786

Rank - 5th

Julius Peppers is the highest earning non-quarterback among active players. The surprise comes from seeing a defender surrounded by quarterbacks. The veteran has been a good player recently, but his best years are behind him. It can be easy to forget that a few short seasons ago, he was one of the premier NFL pass rushers.

1 Eli Manning 

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Earned - $187,780,004

Rank - 1st

Eli Manning is no doubt a very talented quarterback. However, it should come as a massive surprise that Eli has managed to earn more cash than any other active NFLer. He beat out two notable players in particular, Tom Brady and Ben Roethlesberger, both of which are widely considered to be more talented.

Brady had even been in the NFL (and won a Super Nowl) several years before Manning entered. He's had more time to rake in cash. Yet, Manning managed to not only catch Brady, but also build up quite a lead. Currently, Eli has roughly $25 million more than Tom; who’s ranked second with about $162 million.

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