Top 15 Pictures Tom Brady Doesn't Want You To See

Everyone has been caught at times doing embarrassing things, and sometimes these moments are forced upon us and other times we choose to look or do a humiliating action. People get caught all the time in an awkward moment. Some people have collections of moments that they are not fond of, and we look back at these moments and even laugh at ourselves. Sometimes it is a phase that we are going through that is just temporary. Other times it is a spur of the moment embarrassing gesture made that makes us look completely different than usual, and these moments are usually a split second but the camera just happens to catch the embarrassing action as it is occurring.

These embarrassing actions even happen to football star Tom Brady. They not only happen on the field, but the paparazzi are keen on catching these moments at the perfect time. When you are as famous as Tom Brady it is rare to have moments of privacy. Unfortunately moments in which Brady thought he was alone he wasn’t, and the media caught him doing something he doesn’t want the public to know about.

Here are the Top 15 pictures Tom Brady doesn’t want you to see:

15 Tom Brady revealing himself at the 2000 NFL Combine

Tom Brady did not have the greatest of combines going into the 2000 NFL draft. His 40 yard dash time was extremely slow at 5.24 seconds, and this was a sluggish time for even the slowest of quarterbacks. He performed slightly above average on the wonderlic test scoring a 33. Brady was still a fringe player on many people's draft boards, and it wasn’t a sure bet that he would be drafted. To make matters worse an embarrassing photo was taken of him at the Combine wearing nothing but his boxers.

In the photo it is visible that Brady is built like a regular guy on the street and not an elite professional athlete, but luckily for Brady social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook were not in place to circulate this humiliating photo of him at the time.

14 Tom Brady's back up plan in case football didn't work out

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Not everyone who applies to get drafted is lucky enough to get drafted, and some undrafted players don't even get signed at the end of the draft process. Those who don’t get signed need to be prepared for a life outside the football world. Tom Brady was not 100 percent confident he would be given the chance to have a career in football, so like most young men he created a resume highlighting his non-football talents. It is always fun to see what our favorite athletes were doing in college or what they would have done if they didn’t excel in football. We see that Brady had a lot of different jobs during his time at the University of Michigan, and the amount of fabricated language to make these jobs seem more important than they actually were makes this photo comical.

13 A grown man enjoying a water slide like this

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Who doesn't like going to the water park even as adults?! Now this clearly isn't a water park because there are no lines to be seen, and lines are the most popular and hated ride at water parks across the country. There is nothing wrong with a grown man going down a water slide. Going down a wet slide reaching rapid speeds, and then reaching a maximum velocity as you reach the bottom of the slide is an exhilarating ride. Once you launch off the slide you hit a large pool of water and a huge splash of water ensues.

Unfortunately for Tom Brady his picture gets taken when he is making a very feminine pose, and the look on his face is an awkward one.

12 Tom Brady Giving fans a scare

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Tom Brady should maybe just stay away from anything water related, because he tends to get his photo taken at the most unfortunate moments. Again we see Brady flailing his arms like a child in a similar manner to his trip down the water slide. He also looks undecided while jumping off as to whether or not he made the right decision to jump, and the way his body is positioned does not bode well for Brady’s splash into the water. From 30 plus feet up it seems like the way his body is facing he will have an epic belly flop into the water. The most troubling part of the photo is his risk of injury by doing something like this, and the Patriots organization and fans are thankful that nothing catastrophic occurred.

11 Tom Brady's not so athletic build

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Professional athletes are thought to be well conditioned machines whose bodies are in much better shape than the average guy. In the photo above Tom Brady is not possessive of a rock hard body that is assumed of most professional athletes, but yet he has a super model wife unlike the average guy. This photo is more than likely from the offseason, but that still isn’t a valid excuse for him looking like this. Being near the water just isn’t a good look for Tom Brady in general. Tom Brady apparently has a very strict diet, but it doesn’t show in this photo. Perhaps Brady has the more ideal athletic looking body during football season. He does have a cookbook on the market, and maybe his body fat percentage has dipped since this photo was taken.

10 Tom Brady endorses UGG

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When we think of sports stars promoting products we think of brands such as Gatorade, Under Armor, Nike, and many others. The fan does not however think of UGG, the shoe company that primarily attracts female customers and are worn by mostly women. Tom Brady endorses the UGG brand which does not appeal to the mass of the NFL fan base. Men are still cautious to wear the UGG boots because it would be embarrassing in a way. It’s like the man at the bar who drinks appletinis, when the majority of men would opt for a cold beer or rum and coke. In essence Brady is promoting something that is not very manly. There is nothing wrong with endorsing the UGG boots, but there are certainly repercussions for promoting them.

9 Tom Brady the Cry Baby?

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Tom Brady loves to win. Everyone likes winning and we all have different ways of coping with losing, but to cry so hard on national television is a little embarrassing. The New England Patriots have been one of the most winning franchises in the NFL since Tom Brady took over at quarterback. This embarrassing sequence may have occurred because Brady just isn’t used to losing, and since he is not used to losing he took it harder than most other players would have taken it. This doesn’t exonerate him for crying like a child who just got a shot. Crying in this fashion was not the manly way to go about losing, and as a result of this incident Brady has seen this picture recreated into memes all across the internet.

8 Tom Brady's relationship with Donald Trump

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Robert Kraft and Tom Brady have been linked to the President of the United States, Donald Trump, and have been cited as being friends with the president. Is this photo truly embarrassing? It is embarrassing to those in the United States who did not vote for Donald Trump, which accounts for half the voters essentially. The other half does not think there is anything wrong with Brady having a friendship with Donald Trump. The issue has been brought up at press conferences, and Tom Brady has wisely avoided the question.

The media has talked about the issue on countless radio shows, sports shows, and everything else in between during the election process. It is not an embarrassing photo if you support his ideas to make America a better place, but it is if you believe he is as negative a figure as some have portrayed Trump as.

7 Tom Brady's awkward high five

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By now Tom Brady and the New England Patriots should have mastered celebrations since they are constantly winning, but this photo proves that Brady has not mastered one of the most basic revels. The high five has been a way of celebration and a kind gesture for many years. The Patriots under Tom Brady have won five Super Bowls, so it is plausible to say that Brady has high fived his teammates on numerous occasions. During this moment with LeGarrette Blount he does a very awkward looking high five. The celebration was so odd because Brady had made the blunder of missing high fives with teammates in the past, or was just neglected by teammates when he was looking to celebrate with them. Let’s hope that Tom Brady has finally learned the high five presently.

6 Tom Brady's lack of receivers to practice with during his suspension

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If you have not watched the news, read a newspaper, or even went onto the internet in the last three years you may be unaware of the scandal that surrounded Tom Brady and the New England Patriots that was known as deflategate. Deflategate was dragged out for over a year, and the end result costed Brady the first four games of the 2016 NFL season. The Patriots were not hindered much at all by this going 3-1 in his absence and winning the Super Bowl at the end of the year. Brady was not allowed to have contact with any of his teammates during his suspension, and this would make it difficult for him to prepare for football during his suspension. Instead he practiced with his wife who from the looks of it was not as helpful as former teammates of Brady who could have been of greater help in getting him ready.

5 Tom Brady the goat

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Tom Brady believe it or not is not a mid-western boy, despite going to college at the University of Michigan, but this photo would have you believe that. Brady grew up in San Mateo, California which is close to San Francisco. This photo of Brady is a little weird because to this day he is not thought of as a country guy, but maybe this photo is a sign. The acronym for goat is the greatest of all time, and perhaps Brady is holding this goat to secretly deliver a message to anyone who sees this photo.

Holding an actual goat is a strange sight of Tom Brady, but the conspiracy theory that was mentioned earlier is thought of as truth among many, that Brady is the greatest football player of all time.

4 Tom Brady's awkward teen years

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Let’s be honest with ourselves, everyone had an awkward stage growing up. Most of us just want to burn these photos so that there is no trace of them. Our parents insist on keeping them because they are precious memories for them, but they are torture in your eyes. Tom Brady also had an awkward stage growing up and he willingly posted it online for the world to see. The vest and bow tie are not the greatest of looks for Brady, and his hair seems to be a little messy for the dress outfit that he has got on. His pose for the picture is certainly unappealing. Brady may want to stick to the classic shirt and tie when in a formal setting, and also when the camera is pointed in his direction he should stand up tall.

3 Tom Brady with the awkward celebration

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Golf is a really tough game, and some might say it is way harder than the game of football which Tom Brady excels in. For the average hacker a birdie is hard to come by. Many golfers struggle to even get one birdie in a round, and sometimes when attaining the great score we do not know how to react. Tom Brady found himself in this predicament on the golf course. As he sunk a birdie putt he celebrated by lifting one leg off the ground bent and sticking his right arm straight forward, and at that exact moment the camera caught Brady. This sure was an awkward celebration from Brady and he has become a victim of strange celebrations after great accomplishments whether on the football field or off it.

2 The King of High School?

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Who as a high school senior wasn’t nervous for picture day.? Picture day as a senior often meant much more attention than previous years, and students are encouraged to use props among other things. Tom Brady as a star football player wanted to show off his lettered jacket. Every football player at the high school level has a team jacket that symbolizes to the rest of the school that they are a football jock. Brady was no different and incorporated this jacket in this photo, but in California it is usually pretty hot year round. This makes it a little odd that Brady is wearing his football jacket over a long sleeve shirt. It is also a bit unusual that Brady is holding onto a wooden fence that looks like would be at a cattle ranch.

1 Tom Brady the man child?

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The Razor scooter was a hot item for any kid that was born in the early to mid 1990s. As middle schoolers they would go outside after school and ride on their scooters all day until the sun went down, and they were also extremely durable. Scooters now a day break much easier than when they first became popular among the public. Tom Brady is a grown man, but he is seen riding a kid’s scooter. It is kind of embarrassing for a man to be seen on a Vespa which is an electric scooter, but Brady is seen on a kiddie scooter. Brady does not look all that happy to be on the scooter, so the possibility that his wife is making him ride the scooter is very high.

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