Top 15 Reasons Why People Hate the New England Patriots

Chances are unless you're one of the good folks from New England, you are part of the millions of Americans and countless others around the world rejoicing.

No, Donald Trump has not stepped down from his presidential election. Why, rather, the New England Patriots failed to defend their Super Bowl Championship.

Not a whole lot needs to be said about the AFC Championship Game: the Denver Broncos battered and beat up Tom Brady all game to win a 20-18 thriller in the Mile High City to get back to the Super Bowl.

Of course, the Patriots consequence from winning so much is drawing an unbelievable amount of haters. The San Antonio Spurs and Chicago Blackhawks always win titles, so why don't they generate all that much hate?

Well, let's just say the Patriots have done a whole lot to themselves, the league, and the sports world to warrant what I must say, is very deserved hatred.

From smug head coach Bill Belichick to all of the controversies surrounding this team (don't worry, we'll get there) it's so easy for anyone outside of New England to hate the Patriots. I don't think there's a more hated sports team in the world, to be honest.

The problem is, people who like the Patriots seem to question why people hate them, even though there's no law that states everyone has to love the same team. I'm a Vancouver Canucks homer, and even I understand why they were the league's most hated team for years and years.

Anywho, let's finally put an end to the talk and look at why the Patriots are so easily hated.

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15 Too Good

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, let's just be honest, right off the bat: The Patriots are way too good.

10 AFC Championship appearances in the Brady/Belichick era. Six Super Bowl appearances. Four titles. One non-playoff season for Brady. They win the AFC East title every year.

In sports, it gets boring seeing the same old team win every year. And the Patriots make it look so easy.

14 Tuck Rule

I'm not saying the referees automatically love the Patriots and give them every break in the book, but over the years, they have been on the beneficiary of so many controversial calls.

None more than the 2001 AFC Divisional Round against the Oakland Raiders, where Charles Woodson seemed to have forced a Brady fumble that they recovered to book a trip to the AFC Championship.

Of course, the dumbest rule in the history of sports (that no longer even exists) gave the Patriots another chance. You know the rest: They win in overtime, win the Super Bowl, and a dynasty starts.

All from one dumb rule.

13 Their Writers

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

I am breaking the number one rule of a journalist here, but journalists are supposed to be as professional as they can.

So what's classy about Boston Globe writers saying that the opponent has NO SHOT against the Patriots every week? What about the writers who say everyone hates the Baltimore Ravens, so America's cheering for the Patriots?

What about some ESPN writers, who we won't name, that always make excuses for them when they lose? Oh, and don't forget those former Pats players-turned analysts that always pick them.

I'm just stating facts. When some journalists can never be honest to the audience, it really will infuriate a lot of fans.

12 Spoiled Fans

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Something tells me that whenever you boo your team in a close game that's far from over, you're not a real fan. Considering your team always wins.

Oh, and it seems as though Gillette Stadium empties out pretty darn quickly during the fourth quarter...and we've seen Patriots fans leave games, doubting their team could come back to win (See Week 6, 2013 against Saints).

I mean, come on fans. So many people would love to have a guaranteed title every year, and four championships. Can you stop booing your team when it's 3-0 in the second quarter!?

11 Every Break

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

As good as the Patriots are, no coach can possibly draw up how this team seems to get so many fluky breaks to win games.

Last year's Super Bowl was one thing. The Tuck Rule was just one of many...Now how about the John Kasay kicked-out-of-bounds penalty when the Pats beat Carolina in the Super Bowl?

What about the ridiculous comebacks against Denver and Cleveland in 2013? And I mean, don't forget that butt fumble.

The Patriots just seem to get every bounce their way. Maybe Stephen Gostkowski's missed extra point broke that trend.

10 They Beat Your Team

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Just like the first slide, let's be honest...You hate the Patriots unless you're a New York Giants fan, and even G-Men faithful probably hate them.

Aside from anyone named Eli Manning, the Patriots beat just about everybody. Even though Brady has a losing record against the Denver Broncos, the man still has broke their hearts a few times.

Every AFC East team hates them. The Baltimore Ravens hate them. The Seattle Seahawks hate them. The Patriots have ruined your championship and playoff hopes many times.

And that's why you hate them.

9 Brady Rule

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

It seems to be a debate as to whether it was Brady or Carson Palmer who inspired the rules that make it seemingly impossible for defenders to be allowed to touch a quarterback, unless they're sacking them.

Even if it wasn't Brady who started it, he sure has drawn so many ridiculous roughing the passer penalties that just don't make any sense.

It's so hard to play good defense against him, so when you try to rough him up (the best way to bring him off his game,) it's just going to draw more flags.

That can't be fun.

8 They Get the Tim Tebow Treatment

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone knows Tim Tebow is a great person and model citizen, but even he probably doesn't know why the media gave him so much attention despite being a terrible NFL quarterback, save for a few magical moments.

Now, everything the Patriots do seems to draw so much unnecessary attention from the media world. Any pointless Bill Belichick conference, Brady Facebook post, or Rob Gronkowski video takes over multiple outlets for days.

I mean, come on. There's more interesting coaches to cover, and way more funnier athletes.

7 Brady's Constant Whining

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

So, let's put this in perspective: Brady's allowed to flip out on his wide receivers, coaches, and refs, and he's a fierce competitor and it makes him the best all time because he throws fits that resemble that of a three-year-old?

But Dez Bryant isn't allowed to yell at his teammates because he needs to grow up.

Exactly. Brady is always yelling to the refs for flags any time he's touched or throws an interception. He can't really just sit back and say "Yeah, that was my fault. I shouldn't have done that."

Tom, you're a good man. But you need to act like your age (38.)

6 Arrogance

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

I mean, in some ways, you can say that the Patriots are entitled to some form of self-pride and arrogance. But when you keep having to flash it and run your mouth, you're winning no points.

Remember when those newspapers called the 2007 team 19-0 before the game ended? Or spending big money on a Ray Lewis retirement scoreboard prior to the 2012 AFC Championship?

Or the fact that Coach Belichick can grab officials or skip press conferences when his team loses?

Come on, now.

5 Deflategate

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, let's be honest and real here folks, you can't tell me that Brady had nothing to do with Deflategate.

The man who has held a football his whole life believes the balls were perfect? And the constant story changes between "the deflator," and the text messages that clearly show Brady was behind the plans himself?

Even though the Pats hammered the Indianapolis Colts in last year's AFC Championship, there's no reason to cheat in the big boys league.

And the fact Brady kept denying it, Robert Kraft threw a major fit and his dad had to come in and defend him made this ridiculous. Own up to your mistake and all is forgiven.

4 The Fans

Robert Duyos-USA TODAY Sports

Every fanbase has some great fans, some bandwagon fans, and some straight up awful fans. The Pats are no different.

Some fans attacked Torrey Smith on Twitter following the 2012 AFC title game over his dead brother. Fans threatened the court sketch artist during Deflategate to a point where she felt harassed.

Unfortunately in New England, so many (but not all) of their fans seem to think that everyone needs to bow down and respect them. But when you have so much arrogance and attack people like that...no.

Keep it classy.

3 The Hooded Genius

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Bill Belichick is by far the greatest coach of the past 25 or so years. There's no denying he belongs on the Mount Rushmore of NFL head coaches.

But again, he hasn't done a whole lot to make himself likeable. He was the mastermind behind a certain scandal. He has no sportsmanship whatsoever (as I said about grabbing officials, skipping press conferences, etc.) and just doesn't seem to care about anyone in the world but himself.

Belichick's a great coach, but for someone who wins so much and has a great job with a cemented legacy....maybe you should show some appreciation to the people who admire your work.

2 Tom Brady

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

I've said all that needs to be said about the man on here.. He whines, he cheats, he beats your favorite team, he gets every call, and it goes on and on, quite frankly.

But Brady is no different than guys like LeBron James. With great power comes a lot of hatred. But Brady just doesn't seem to be all that likeable compared to others. When the league has made rules for his sake, and the refs have given him so many bad calls, well yeah, it's annoying.

Some people also hate his Mens Uggs commercials and his constant changing of bad hair cuts.

Okay, I'm kidding. Those last two points are reasons to like him.

1 Spygate

Before the infamous Spygate scandal, the Patriots were a lovable team that captured the hearts and minds of America. I mean, their first Super Bowl title against the St. Louis Rams as a huge underdog was incredible.

But once we found out that their head coach was cheating, it became a whole lot worse. According to a report by ESPN, it's worse than what we thought in 2007.

At least 40 former Patriots coaches and employees claimed that Spygate goes back to the early days of their dynasty, where they would steal opposing teams' playbooks and cheat in every way possible to win.

Nobody likes a cheater. And, to quote Ted Wells' report from Deflategate, "It's more probable than not," that the Patriots have won all of their titles by going past the line of fairness.

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