Top 15 Reasons You Secretly Like Tom Brady

Tom Terrific.

The New England Patriots quarterback is one of the most polarizing figures in sports. Much like the team he plays for and the New York Yankees, you either hate him or you love him.

Brady is a four-time Super Bowl champion and put a struggling franchise on the map in 2001 when he took over for the injured Drew Bledsoe, shaping a legacy for himself ever since.

He's constantly on a winning team, thanks to head coach Bill Belichick. Unlike his rival, Peyton Manning, Brady wasn't supposed to be great or a franchise saviour, which is why he was a sixth round draft pick and went on to exceed greatness.

Brady has done so much on and off the field that can make him lovable or dislikeable, depending on how you feel.

All that I can promise is that the folks of New England love him and he is going to be a Hall of Famer one day.

It doesn't matter, Brady just doesn't care how anyone feels about him. That's what the best athletes do. Even though he does gain his fair share of taunts and trolls from opposing teams and their fans, he's gotten the job done.

Here are the main reasons why, even if you hate Tom Brady, you secretly love the Patriots quarterback.

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15 His Dances

Honestly, it's far from the truth. The man has no idea how to dance; not that it matters, but you almost wonder how he did during his wedding with Gisele Bundchen.

But yes, please think about dancing lessons when you retire, Tom. Though they are entertaining to watch.

14 His Commercials

That being said, it doesn't mean Brady's been a failure. In fact, he has had some decent commercials himself.

His Under Armour commercial is almost as epic as any '90s drama film you have seen. Meanwhile, his Boston accent skit was golden.

13 He Loves Himself Too Much

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In my opinion, Brady is guilty of the Deflategate allegations that were used against him. I know that we'll never know the truth, though.

However, I can't help but admire the way he kept fighting throughout the ordeal. He refused to give up his own name, smashed his cell phone, and did everything to keep his own name clear.

You have to love yourself, kids. This man does. He's a great role model.

12 You Pay to Watch Him

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You can't deny how he's entertained the NFL over the years. I personally made a trip to Seattle to see  the Seahawks play the Patriots in 2012 for the sole reason of seeing Tom Brady live.

It's just something else to see Hall of Famers in action. Brady's done a remarkable job providing fans with their money's worth.

You can't deny how he's one of the players you'd pay to see if you could.

11 His Anger

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I'm sorry, but I can't help but gain joy when I see the Golden Boy lose it at any point in the game.

No NFL player has the fiery temper that Brady does. Whether it's an interception, poor officiating, a dropped pass, or a loss, Brady lets his emotions get the better of him.

Remember when CBS captured him swearing three times in a loss to the Packers? That's always fun.

10 His Hair Styles

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Brady does something better than most: Adapting the new hairstyles.

He grew the Justin Bieber hair in 2011. He has done the comb over, the pony tail, the really long hair, the buzz cuts, the clean cuts, all of them.

Though Brady looks ridiculous in most of his hairstyles, you can't deny that you love the various hairstyles he puts on.

9 His Legs

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I love watching Brady best when he runs the ball. Oddly enough, any time the Patriots win, he always seems to pull off one huge run; or even a touchdown run.

Brady is always the slowest player on the field, but he sure does pull off a decent amount of running plays.

That play against the Philadelphia Eagles, where Danny Amendola threw to him, was fun to watch.

8 He's Beaten Your Most Hated Team

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If you don't hate the Patriots, chances are they've done you a lot of favours. They've beaten every team since 2008 at least once and have knocked out so many teams in the playoffs.

For example, if you're a Pittsburgh Steelers or Baltimore Ravens fan, he's knocked your rival out twice.

If you hate Peyton Manning, you love Brady for beating him so often over the years. So you probably owe him a lot for helping your team out by beating the one you hate most.

7 He's an Inspiration

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A backup and mediocre quarterback in college became a perennial Pro Bowler. He was a sixth-round draft selection.

What more could you ask for? How many people in his position have gone on to live their dreams compared to how many have given up entirely on the dream they had?

Brady's an inspiration to anyone who has a long shot of reaching their goals in life. He waited patiently and got his chance.

The rest is history.

6 His Intensity

Yelling at Bill O'Brien, his former offensive coordinator, back in 2011 was a sight to behold. How often does a quarterback yell at his coach?

Brady yelling at the refs isn't a nice thing on his part, but the man hates losing. You secretly appreciate that.

5 His Styles

via thebiglead.com

Brady doesn't just wear suits. He can pull off so many awesome outfits. Remember when he dressed up as the Cowardly Lion for Halloween one year?

What about as a Turkey to surprise his family?

His cardigans don't hurt either. Neither do some of the outrageous jackets he wears after games.

And you have to love the toques he wears during games. Few people pull it off like him.

4 His Facebook Trolling

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Brady runs his own Facebook page, something few NFL quarterbacks actually do. The best part is he humorously loves to troll other teams.

Sadly for him, the Denver Broncos struck back at him after their Week 12, 2015 matchup in the Mile High City in a victory.

Brady likes to take the other team's name and play around with it. He sat on a Bronco, held an Eagle high, among others.

It's all fun and games of course. At least he keeps it professional.

3 He Wins Your Fantasy Matchups

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

If you have him or any New England Patriots in fantasy football, then it's quite evident that you're doing well.

Fantasy football is a huge deal when you compete with your friends, so having Brady or any of his teammates is always going to help you.

Brady's one of the NFL's best, and with that comes fantasy football victories for you.

2 He Does Men's Uggs Commercials

There aren't a lot of men who ever wore them before Brady started doing advertisements for them.

Now that he has, the boots just might become even more popular. No matter how you think he looks in them, you have to be thankful he did this.

1 His Failed High Fives

If you love him, you think it's hilarious that no one wants to give some credit to their franchise player.

Brady's also paved the way for star athletes to not feel bad if teammates refuse to high-five him. What more do you want from the man?

He's a legend for doing that.

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