Top 15 Things Tom Brady Wants You To Forget

With the incredible comeback he led in Super Bowl XLI, Tom Brady officially etched in his name as the greatest quarterback in NFL history. What Brady has been able to accomplish on the field during his 17 year career is legendary. He has the most Super Bowl rings of all-time for a quarterback with five, and he was only minutes away from winning in his two other Super Bowls (more on that below). Not only does Brady seemingly always win on the field, he's absolutely crushing life off of it as well. Brady is married to an uber-wealthy, former Victoria Secret supermodel in Gisele Bundchen. If Tom Brady is considered one of the Greek Gods of the NFL, then Gisele is his stunningly beautiful goddess. The two have a gorgeous family and seem to stay pretty low key during the offseason.

But unless you hail from Massachusetts (shout-out to all you massholes out there reading this), there seems to be an aura around Tom Brady that rubs people the wrong way. For all of his great feats, he is seemingly more known for his trivial off the field issues like whether or not he instructed a New England staff member to deflate game balls. Every attempt to throw shade on his shining G.O.A.T. (greatest of all time) trophy only motivates him even more and he comes back stronger. He's like a human version of the comic book villain Doomsday.

So what is this article all about then?  This article discusses 15 things about Tom Brady that fans would like to just forget about. Most of these things are small and are just things that fans should get over and move on from. Other items are things that Brady did in the past, or continues to do, that annoys NFL fans. The purpose of this list is to approach these issues, grieve for about 5 seconds, and then forget about it completely so that everybody can just sit back and enjoy the greatness that is Tom Brady. Let's get started.

15 15. Deflategate

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First things first, we need to get this one off the table.  In the 2014 AFC Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts, it was alleged that the game balls for the Patriots were slightly deflated, thus allowing Tom Brady to have a better grip on the ball.  What made this worse were reports that Tom Brady specifically requested that the balls be deflated and had Patriots staff do so behind the NFL's watchful eye. An investigation was done and the NFL handed Brady a four-game suspension.

14 14. He's The Face of Ugg Boots for Men


Ugg boots and yoga pants go together like peanut butter and jelly. But Ugg boots were always known as being marketed for women, that is until they signed Tom Brady to be the face of their men's catalog. Brady could have been the face of Nike or Adidas, but instead is most commonly seen in ads wearing his comfortable, soft, and warm looking Ugg boots (disclaimer: this is not a paid advertisement for Uggs).

13 13. He Had a Child Before Gisele


The NFL's version of a power couple simply epitomizes the ideal of "couples goals." Gisele, the former Victoria Secret Supermodel, has been a ride or die with Brady since the two began dating in 2006. Although Brady and Gisele have been dating since 2006, Tom Brady had a son in early 2007 with actress, and former girlfriend, Bridget Moynahan. Brady and Moynahan's son is named John. I'm not saying that Brady cheated on Bridget with Gisele or the other way around, but I'm saying the overlapping dates don't add up.

12 12. He Can't Beat Eli Manning in the Super Bowl

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Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all-time and is now the most decorated postseason quarterback in NFL history. His career playoff record is an astounding 25-7, giving him nine more wins the next closest quarterback (Joe Montana). Where Brady really distances himself is the fact he is the only quarterback in NFL history to win five Super Bowls. While five Super Bowls is remarkable and record-setting, Brady came extremely close to having seven Super Bowl rings.

11 11. Dancing in Brazil during Carnival


While Brady is deft at dancing around the pocket on Sundays, he is far from a talented dancer off the field. In 2011, Brady was filmed dancing in the streets of Brazil during the famed Brazilian holiday, Carnival. Brady's dancing resembled a middle-aged dad trying to fit in during a Skrillex performance at Coachella. They just don't get it. If you're in need of a laugh, you should do a quick search for the footage of Brady in Brazil on Youtube.

10 10. He Plans to Play Until 2025

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In a 2015 interview, Brady stated that he was hoping he could play in the NFL for another 10 years. That would mean that Brady is still an active NFL player in the year 2025, at the ripe old age of 48 years old. This brings up two thoughts; (1) has Brady lost his mind? and (2) I wonder how many Super Bowls he would have by then?

9 9. The Tuck Rule


The infamous "Tuck Rule" was started by Tom Brady. Yes, that rule that sparks intense debates between fans on whether a quarterback's arm was indeed moving forward when the ball comes out. Sometimes this rule results in a legitimate incomplete pass call, but other times it ends in a way that gives the benefit of the doubt to the quarterback. I've seen numerous cases where the quarterback's arm is moving forward at the time he loses the ball, but his arm was only moving forward because of momentum from the massive hit he just received.

8 8. He Grew Up a 49ers Fan


Tom Brady grew up in Northern California so by nature he was a huge San Francisco 49ers fan. A team that had Joe Montana at the helm was certainly not a bad choice to idolize for a kid who would one day pass Montana as the greatest quarterback of all-time. Brady and Montana share similar qualities in their quarterback style that would lead one to believe that Montana had a huge influence during Brady's youth.

7 7. His Game Against the Ravens in the 2009 Playoffs

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It's not often that Tom Brady and the Patriots get knocked out of the playoffs in the first round but that is exactly what happened in 2009. What could easily be considered Brady's worst game of his professional career ended in an embarrassing 33-14 loss to the Baltimore Ravens. Brady had three first quarter turnovers (1 fumble, 2 interceptions) that cost the Patriots dearly and thwarted any thoughts of another Super Bowl run.

6 6. His Wife Is Worth (Much) More Than Him

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It's safe to assume that anybody reading this would trade places with Tom Brady. The guy has it all; greatest quarterback of all time, Hollywood good looks, super-model wife and more money than he could ever possibly need. But incredibly, Brady was still able to marry-up when he married Gisele. The two formed an ultimate power couple. Now this next part may be frustrating to hear so you might want to sit down.

5 5. The Torn ACL Brady Suffered in 2008


Given the Patriots' dominance over the past decade-plus, many people don't remember that Brady missed the entire season in 2008 because of a torn ACL he suffered in the first game of the season. It was a debilitating blow to the franchise and was the main cause the Patriots missed the playoffs that season. Incredibly that was the Patriots' one season in the past 14 in which they failed to reach the postseason.

4 4. The Justin Bieber Haircut Phase


In 2010, fans began to notice that Brady's newest hairstyle was remarkably similar to the young pop-star Justin Bieber. It was far removed from the short, neat look that Brady was always known for rocking early in his career. But there was something about it that just didn't fit. Brady is handsome enough to pull off nearly any hairstyle he wants, but for some reason this one (and the ponytail in Brazil) did not sit right with mainstream America.

3 3. He Was Drafted By the Montreal Expos in 1995


Yes, the greatest quarterback in NFL history came close to never pursuing a football career at all. Brady was a standout football and baseball player in high school and was selected by the Montreal Expos in the 18th round of the 1995 MLB Draft. Brady was a big, left-handed hitting catcher coming out of a baseball powerhouse high school that also produced former MLB legend Barry Bonds. So of course scouts were drooling over him.

2 2. His "Big Balls" in 2005


What is it with Brady and balls? In a post deflategate world, Tom Brady is synonymous with deflated footballs. But in 2005, Tom Brady's balls (testicles) were far from deflated. Brady suffered a sports hernia during a Week 14 game that caused an unfortunate medical condition on Brady's man jewels. It was reported that the injury had caused Brady's testicles to swell to nearly three times the normal size.

1 1. Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time)

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Now I realize this list is supposed to be 15 things fans would like to forget about Tom Brady, but I wanted to make it clear that us fans should never forget about Brady's dominance.  Whether you hate him or love him, you have to respect what he has accomplished in his time in the NFL. His postseason records alone are legendary and he just became the first quarterback to win five Super Bowls.

His overall career stats, however, are even more impressive and make it hard to argue that Brady is anything but the greatest of all time. He has missed the playoffs in only one of his 17 seasons in which he was healthy. That in itself is mind-blowing. I'm not a Patriots fan but I do understand that I'm fortunate to have grown up during an era that featured a quarterback like Brady. It's okay if you dislike Brady, but whatever you do just DO NOT ever forget about his on the field greatness.

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