Top 15 Ways The NFL Has Insulted Our Intelligence

The National Football League is a sports organization unlike any other located in North America. Those running the NFL have mastered the art of turning a competition that runs for roughly five months into a product that is worthy of yearlong coverage. Pro football diehards who live and die on the NFL can get their fill 12 months out of the year thanks to events such as the NFL Scouting Combine, pro day workouts, the NFL Draft, and then all of the training sessions, practices, preseason activities and roster shake-ups that lead up to meaningful games that kick off in September.

Business is better than ever for the NFL these days. The league brings in record amounts of revenue with every year, Sunday Night Football dominates in the ratings on a weekly basis, and the NFL is looking to relocate teams to major cities. Los Angels could, if rumors are accurate, soon be the home of both the San Diego Chargers and the Oakland Raiders if those two franchises can agree on a long-term partnership. The St. Louis Rams could also potentially move out west if team owner Sam Kroenke has his way. We now know that the Buffalo Bills will be staying put rather than moving to Toronto, but there continue to be whispers that the Jacksonville Jaguars could relocate overseas to London at some point over the next decade or so.

That final sentence from the previous paragraph is just one example of how the NFL has insulted the intelligence of fans over the years. One would also have to include the ridiculous “Deflate-Gate” case that grabbed headlines for nearly eight months and that made, of all people, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady the good guy in a spat that included NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Last but certainly not least are the NFL rules that insult fans, the games and the athletes who take the field on Sundays, regulations that need to be explained by “experts” because they make so little sense to casual viewers.

15 Work Stoppages


14 The Pro Bowl

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13 Rush Limbaugh on ESPN


12 Dennis Miller on Monday Night Football


11 Illegal Contact/Pass Interference Penalties

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10 NFL Marijuana Policy

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9 Preseason Ticket Prices

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8 Roughing the Quarterback Penalties

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7 Big Hits Not Wanted (but not really)

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6 Gambling


5 Expanded Regular Season

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4 Player Promotion

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3 Replacement Refs


2 Deflate-Gate

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1 Domestic Violence Issues

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Here is the question you have to ask yourself: Would the NFL be taking such a stand against players found guilty of domestic violence if that disturbing video featuring former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice would never have gone public? It seems that we have our answer in that defensive end Greg Hardy is eligible to play in the league and is, as of the posting of this piece, a member of the Dallas Cowboys. There is no reason to believe that Rice would not be in the league today, either with the Ravens or with another team, had we never witnessed that tape. That is an insult to female and male NFL fans.

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Top 15 Ways The NFL Has Insulted Our Intelligence