Top 20 NFL Players With the Most Kids

Do you think that professional football players are too busy on the field to do anything else? Hah! Just take a look at these guys. Here we have the Top 20 NFL Players with the Most Kids. Yes, having

Do you think that professional football players are too busy on the field to do anything else? Hah! Just take a look at these guys. Here we have the Top 20 NFL Players with the Most Kids. Yes, having a large brood is not just for those crazy television families. Professional athletes like to have big families, too. Just think about it; that means more adoring fans at the games! Unless of course, you are like some of the dads on our list. There are definitely some people who just should not be fathers (or should use more protection with their intimate partners). So, needless to say, this list is filled with the good and the bad.

Even so, it is interesting to see the parallels and differences between a variety of NFL dads. It always makes you wonder just what kind of father a professional athlete makes. Do they force their kids to love the game they play? Are they automatically signing up their children for kiddie football straight out of the womb? Or do they take a more relaxed and chill parenting style? After all, with the amount of running and tackling football players need to do, these guys might be too tired to take care of the kids!

We hope you enjoy reading about these NFL dads.

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20 Haloti Ngata (3) 

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

While people in the sports world are wondering whether or not the Baltimore Ravens have their eyes on Haloti Ngata, he is focusing on his game on and off the field. You see, Ngata is the daddy of three children, so he needs to be a tough guy on the football field and a teddy bear at home. Currently, Ngata is a free agent in the NFL and played last for Detroit. He has been playing for years and will hope to build on a decent year with the Lions. At age 32, he is a bit old for professional athletics, but he is at a prime fatherhood age.

19 Maurice Jones-Drew (3) 

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

At age 30, Maurice Jones-Drew is now retired from the NFL, but he was good enough to make a name for himself out on the football field. He was a running back who ran with vigor and contributed to the Jacksonville Jaguars for years, before spending a year with the Oakland Raiders. Now that he is retired from the sport, he can devote a lot more time to his three children. Maurice himself was raised by his grandparents, so he should know the importance of being a great parent. To commemorate his late grandfather, he had his entire last name emblazoned on his football jersey; hence the Jones-Drew thing.

18 Tom Brady (3)  

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

When Tom Brady isn’t canoodling with Gisele Bundchen (his model wife), refraining from tomatoes and eggplants (he does not eat nightshades because they are not anti-inflammatory), or scaring people with his viral videos in anticipation of the playoffs, he is taking care of his brood of three kids. The quarterback for the New England Patriots recently got hyped up for the big game by releasing an Internet vid featuring inspiration and game faces. So is Tom all bark and no bite? Well, he is a pretty talented quarterback, even with the Deflate-gate debacle. Patriots fans will definitely tell you that!

17 Adrian Peterson (4) 

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Adrian Peterson is a man with a plan. The pro footballer said that he was looking ahead to the 2016 season and that more action is needed. One of his primary goals is to knock it off with the fumbles. Sounds like a good idea to us. We hope that Peterson puts as much dedication and commitment into his football games as he does to his family. He has a brood of four kids at home, though reports do suggest he's .reports do suggest he has a few more scattered about

16 Steve Weatherford (4) 

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Weatherford may be 33 years old, but he is still kicking it on the football field. He was most notable during his time as a New York Giant, where he punted his way to success. Even though he is super devoted to the game, he seems to have a light-hearted side as well. Just check out his social media activity and you will see that he does not mind poking fun, playing pranks, and “trolling” other players. So, does that mean he is a stellar dad? It looks like it, as after all, he has four children with his wife, Laura. They’re a big, happy family!

15 Drew Brees (4) 

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

When Drew Brees is not working it on the football field, he is either caring for his four kids or … watching WWE Raw, ringside. Yes, apparently Brees brings his kids with him to enjoy another activity he enjoys: wrestling. And while we think he should stick to playing in the NFL, at least he can appreciate other athletes as well... although we are not quite sure how safe it is to have 5-year-olds chilling right next to the wrestling ring. Maybe Brees was trying to get some WWE support to help the New Orleans Saints kick some butt on the field?

14 Jay Feely (4) 

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Now here is a guy who likes to burn the midnight oil! Jay Feely is a 39-year-old dad of four and only recently retired from the guy. Does this guy ever take a break? As it turns out, yes he does! He made headlines recently for calling out Stephen Gostkowski on his failed attempt at an extra point. Ouch, talk about poor sportsmanship. Apparently Feely was totally feeling the snarkiness when he trolled Twitter to make comments about the field goal mishap. Hmm, he better watch his mouth or else his kids will end up giving him some sass...

13 Steve Smith (4) 

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

36-year-old Steve Smith is nearly 200 pounds of wide receiving power. He currently plays for the Baltimore Ravens and the Los Angeles native says that he plans on making it season #16 next year. So, does he have what it takes? Our guess is that if he can handle rambunctious little ones, he can tackle huge linemen, too. Smith called for his retirement earlier, but is now saying that those prospects may be a bit “premature,”  considering last year ended with injury. Well, this is the professional who played football with a broken back, so if he says he can push it, he probably can.

12 Andrew Whitworth (4) 

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

With his shaved head and huge body, Andrew Whitworth does look a bit intimidating. Yet he does have four kids, so maybe he is just a big ol’ teddy bear. Either way, when he called out the Steelers' assistant coach, Joey Porter, saying that he had no respect for him, it made us wonder if he's a no nonsense kind of dad. With four kids, it would be hard to blame him!

11 Dustin Colquitt (5) 

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Dustin Colquitt is currently playing ball for the Kansas City Chiefs and he is also working hard throughout as the chief of his own family brood. Besides playing football, he also plays a supporting role with his wife Christia, as they raise five children. Dustin comes from a family of football players, so who knows, maybe one of his children will grow up to be a super-star punter just like their old man. All of his kids are blonde-haired, making them a very cute family. They were even named after famous football players. Now that is pure dedication!

10 Chad Johnson (5) 

Chad Johnson split his time as a professional wide receiver and a devoted dad. He has got five kids of his own and it had to be tough to leave the family behind to play in the big games. In the past, Chad has also gotten into some big legal troubles. For instance, he was nabbed for not giving away a Lexus that was supposed to be the prize in a raffle drawing. He was also charged with assault after getting into a scuffle with his then-wife, Evelyn Lozada (by the way, she is a Basketball Wife reality star.) Another legal struggle emerged when Chad was accused of violating his probation. So…maybe choosing a football game over his kids is the least of his worries.

9 Marshall Faulk (6)


Marshall Faulk is now 42 years old and a little too old for the game. Still, it is one of his first loves, so he now works as a football analyst on NFL Total Access and Thursday Night Football. You can’t take the man away from the game. Could the same be said for his family? After all, Faulk has six (yes, six) kids. He was married to Lindsay Stout, but the two got a divorce. Even so, he still needs to take his duties as a father seriously. If he puts as much effort into parenting as he does his game, then he’ll be just fine. After all, he was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame.

8 Bennie Blades (6) 


Bennie Blades has quite a lot of history under his belt. He played as a cornerback and safety in the NFL and in college. The 1980s were his prime, when he earned the Jim Thorpe Award and two Consensus All-American Awards in college Now that he is in football retirement, he can devote more time to his family (he has six kids.) Yet perhaps he will not be letting his children see their uncle Brian. It turns out that in the 1990s, Bennie’s bro, Brian, was charged with manslaughter after killing their cousin. Now that is some serious family drama right there.

7 Ray Lewis (6) 

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Bring up the name Ray Lewis and get ready for the drama. During the 2000 Super Bowl, two friends of Ray were killed and mystery still looms over the case. The two victims were stabbed outside a nightclub while Ray played in the biggest football game of the year. People are still speculating about who is responsible for the murders and some fingers are pointing at Ray. For his part, he pled guilty in court after being slammed with two counts of murder. He was later acquitted. How does a guy live with that and raise six kids? It can't be easy, but if anyone can do it, it's someone with the perseverance that Lewis has.

6 Charles Rogers (7)


Charles Rogers was a wunderkind on the football field, but not without his demons. He was suspended at one point from the NFL for his substance abuse issues and is considered one of the largest busts in NFL history. He has a large clan of kids and he became a dad when he was still in high school. You can probably guess where this is going. On top of that, Rogers has faced charges such as assault, battery, probation violations, driving under the influence, and drugs. Not exactly father-of-the-year material. Cryin’ shame.

5 Derrick Thomas (7)


A sad tribute to a guy who had a whole family behind him. Pro football player Derrick Thomas passed far too soon due to complications from a car crash. The accident left him paralyzed and he soon died from a blood clot. He was only in his early 30s. People remembered him for his stunning sacks and terrific leadership skills, and he's dearly been missed as a member of the NFL's family.

4 Philip Rivers (7) 

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The San Diego Chargers are currently calling Philip Rivers their main man and with good reason, as Rivers is a star in the NFL who's snagged records such as the most games played back-to-back passing 400 yards. Sadly, the Super Bowl has been a stranger to him, but he'll always be hoping for next year. Being a faithful Catholic man, he has quite a number of kids; seven to be exact. His wife is the girl he fell in love with in high school. Is this starting to sound like a cheesy romance novel?

3 Willis McGahee (9) 

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

It is a good thing that Willis McGahee is a running back, because he has to run after nine children. The pro football player has contributed to the Baltimore Ravens, Denver Broncos, Cleveland Browns, and Buffalo Bills. He is a Miami native himself and was a solid football player throughout his time in the league. He even earned an athletic scholarship to attend the University of Miami, where he crushed it on the field. However, his greatest achievement might be off the field, as he's managed to have nine kids, with rumors that a tenth one is on the way!

2 Travis Henry (11)


Now that we’re getting into the huge NFL families, it is time to talk about Travis Henry. This guy has kids that just keep coming! Henry has had children with 9 different mothers and some of the pregnancies were just mere months apart. Can you say “player?” As you may suspect, Henry has had to deal with loads of court cases and trials relating to child support and the like. Jeez, how did the guy find time to play football? Oh, and on top of all that legal baby mama drama, he also has a history of drug abuse.

1 Antonio Cromartie (12) 

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Finally, we have Antonio Cromartie, the football player who just never seems to stop procreating. Right now he has 10 kids, but his wife is expecting twins. Oh boy! So, how did the couple respond? They were surprised. Really? All that business between the sheets and you didn’t expect to create a baby? Well, actually, Cromartie had a vasectomy and still managed to get his wife pregnant...with twins. Well, Cromartie is now using his large family (and multiple sexual partners) to make a reality television show and a book about all the baby mamas and kids. We aren’t sure whether we want to roll our eyes or bang our heads against a brick wall. Seriously.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports
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