20Billy "White Shoes" Johnson - WR/KR

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Billy Johnson was an electrifying kick returner who played for the Houston Oilers from 1974 to 1988. He was one of the most dangerous kick returners of his time, returning 8 kicks for scores while also amassing 4,211 yards of receiving with 25 receiving touchdowns. Despite his smallish 5'9", 170

pound frame, he used his supreme speed and quickness to make himself a factor in any game. He paved the way for Rick Upchurch, Brian Mitchell, Devin Hester and other return artists who followed in his footsteps. What really made him special is the entertainment he added to the game.

Billy "White Shoes" Johnson was the first player to attempt to bring more fun to the game. With his "funky chicken" end zone celebration dance and trademark white shoes, he delighted the crowd by giving even more meaning to his touchdowns and more pain to the opposing fans and team. His art of celebration brought more emotion into what was previously more of a grind it out kind of game. It brought more of the players' personalities out for display during the course of a game.

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