Top 20 Worst NFL Players Heading Into The 2017 Season

With all of the great talent in the NFL today, it's easy to focus on the upper echelon of the league only. There are so many dynamic players in the game today at so many different positions, that it's only logical that fans and pundits only want to break down the best in the sport. However, as great as the league is doing right now with ratings and popularity, and as much as the elite players are getting all of the headlines, it's important to remember that there are some NFL players who simply don't belong on the field.

Some of these players were once notable names, or highly-touted prospects coming out of college. They were once considered to be the future of the league, and ended up crashing and burning in short order. While a select few of them still have time to turn their career around, the vast majority of them are doomed for mediocrity in the NFL. Let's take a look at which NFL players are at the bottom of the barrel, and won't be in the conversation with the league's best anytime soon, or anytime at all.

Ranked below are the top 20 worst players in the NFL today.

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20 Cordarrelle Patterson

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A former 1st-round pick of the Vikings in 2013, Patterson has been nothing but a disappointment since entering the league. He's nothing more than a filler body at WR, and hasn't lived up to his draft position at all. He's moved on from Minnesota, and is now with the Raiders, while hoping that a career resurgence can begin with Derek Carr throwing him the ball.

But how many opportunities will he actually get? Patterson has gotten a sufficient amount of targets before, and he's squandered every opportunity that he's been given. If any new opportunity is granted at all, it will come on a short leash. Patterson likely ends up being dead weight in Oakland. They have far better receiving options, and brought in Patterson just on a whim to see if he can win out at a depth position.

19 E.J. Manuel

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Just another in a long line of purported Bills franchise quarterbacks, Manuel was a 1st round pick out of Florida State. Expected to lead Buffalo to prominence in the playoffs once again, Manuel instead proved that he wasn't cut out for the NFL game. His rookie season wasn't good, and it only got worse from there.

Now on the Raiders as well, Manuel's best case scenario is to play backup to Derek Carr. But he would still be one of the worst backups in the league, so there really isn't much room for improvement at this point. If he makes the team at all, it's likely as a 3rd-stringer behind 2nd-year quarterback Connor Cook.

18 Andre Williams

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

When he was seeing significant carries from the Giants several years ago, Williams was absolutely one of the worst running backs in the league. His average yards per carry was far below the benchmark for an average NFL player. Now on the Chargers' roster, he's barely hanging on in the league, and it's likely that he doesn't even make the team.

It's hard to think of a worse running back in the game today. Williams has failed to live up to any expectation any team has had for him in the league so far. He's a lumbering, clumsy player with no vision, and Los Angeles probably doesn't see him in their future plans. Nor does any other team.

17 Ereck Flowers

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Talk about a real 1st round bust for the Giants. Flowers was a top-10 pick and was selected to be the anchor on the New York offensive line for years to come. In his two years in the league, Flowers has been one of the worst tackles in the game instead. He consistently gets beat off the edge, and hasn't proved at all that he deserves to be an NFL starter.

The Giants will probably give him another year, simply to due to a lack of options, but don't expect Flowers to turn it around. He's going to be a liability again for the team in 2017, and go down as one of the biggest offensive lineman busts of the past decade. Flowers simply isn't getting it done right now.

16 Austin Seferian-Jenkins

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

A few years ago, there was some buzz about Seferian-Jenkins, and his potential to be the number one tight end for the Buccaneers. A hot start to the 2015 season had him marked as one of the best young players at the position. The solid beginning to the season gave way to almost a complete lack of productivity.

Things went from bad on the field, to rock bottom off of it, as Seferian-Jenkins was charged with a D.U.I. in September of 2016, and promptly released from Tampa Bay's roster because of it. Now on the Jets' roster, he was suspended for the first two weeks of the upcoming season for substance abuse. Between his poor play, and transgressions to his name, his career seems to be spiraling out of control.

15 Reggie Bush

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Once the most highly-touted prospect in the country coming out of USC, it's amazing to think that Bush's career is actually still going. The only problem is that the last few seasons haven't been too kind to the former 2nd-overall pick. Bush failed to register positive yardage as a depth running back on the Bills roster last season, and there's not much reason to expect that to improve.

While Bush is currently a free agent, it's likely that some team is going to pick him up as a depth piece later in the summer. If that happens, expect the limited playing time he'll get to be just as cringeworthy as last season. It's abundantly clear that he can't do it anymore, and he should really take the hint. Some players stay too late at the party, and Bush is a prime example of this.

14 Kendall Wright

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans have been plagued by terrible wide receivers for years, and Wright is just another one in that equation. As a former 1st-round pick, he was expected to eventually lead the Tennessee receiving corps, and become a go-to threat at all times. Instead, he just became a peripheral receiver who wasn't nearly consistent enough.

Wright is now getting a shot with the Bears, but that's unlikely to be enough to turn his career around. Mike Glennon isn't going to elevate his game, and he may not see the amount of targets necessary to make it happen anyway. Wright hasn't been such an egregious bust as some others, but he's still one of the most underwhelming receivers in the game.

13 Austin Davis

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

For what seemed like a mere two hours, there was once a time when people were actually complimentary of Davis' efforts as the Rams backup quarterback. While he had a couple of good games as Sam Bradford's backup in 2014, the time since then has shown him to be what he is; not a very good NFL quarterback.

Davis just doesn't have the tools to be a starter whatsoever, and is probably one of the worst backups in the league. It's difficult to rip too much on an undrafted free agent, but that doesn't change the fact that Davis has been horrible when he's had to start. Not that many people expected anything more, but he did have his supporters for a short period of time.

12 Byron Maxwell

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Without a doubt, Maxwell was the member of the "Legion Of Boom" that was most aided by the presence of Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor. When Maxwell signed with Philadelphia, it was abundantly clear that he wasn't the caliber of player that everyone thought he was.

He consistently struggled to contain receivers who were merely good, not great. This an a carefree attitude didn't ring well, and he was sent to free agency, where he then signed with Miami. More struggles have come Maxwell's way, and he's not even a guaranteed starter anymore. It's understandable why playing on one of the best defenses of all-time would have inflated the perception of his play, but he's still a really bad NFL cornerback all the same.

11 Matt Jones

Rafael Suanes-USA TODAY Sports

A former 3rd round pick of the Redskins, Jones has been a complete disappointment in the NFL so far. Washington drafted him to be a featured running back, and while he got off to a strong start, once teams got some game tape on him, it was all downhill from there. Jones is barely hanging on to the roster right now, and is a long shot to make the team.

He's put up enough raw numbers to warrant another team giving him a look, but it won't improve his game. Jones exhibits poor vision for a running back, and he's simply not up to par for the position in the NFL. The Redskins dropped the ball with this pick, and as a result, their running game continues to struggle.

10 Robert Woods

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Woods may not be the worst receiver in football, but he's without a doubt one of the most overrated. For some inexplicable reason, the Rams saw fit to ink him to a big multi-year contract this offseason, despite his limited production with the Bills over the course of his career. It's not a shock to see something like this occur in free agency, but Woods isn't the kind of player it usually happens to.

He failed to stand out on Buffalo's terrible receiving corps, even when Sammy Watkins was out due to injury. The fact is that Woods just isn't good, and the Rams were desperate after losing Kenny Britt. This was probably the most head-scratching signing of the offseason. This will inevitably turn into a typical Rams offensive personnel blunder.

9 Sammie Coates

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Drafted by Pittsburgh to be yet another deep threat for Ben Roethlisberger, Coates never was able to crack the top tier of the depth chart. Despite a few highlight reel catches, he never exhibited to the all-around aspects to his game that can make him an every-down threat in the Steelers offense.

Like so many others before him, Coates is a one-trick pony; a very fast win receiver who has next to no nuance to his game whatsoever. With Martavis Bryant expected to be back in the fold for this season, it's a long-shot for Coates to see any kind of significant share of the targets. Consider him to be an occasional deep threat and nothing more. Once his speed goes, he's finished.

8 Nelson Agholor

James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

There may not be any receiver more disappointing who was drafted in the 1st round than Agholor has been over the last few years. The Eagles thought they were getting a polished talent out of USC, and one that could lead their receiving corps for years to come. Contrary to their belief, Agholor could barely catch a pass, and that created a problem with the position group.

Now that Philly has added Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith, Agholor has little chance of reclaiming any kind of good standing within the receivers on the team. He'll be on the team for at least another year, but expect him to play second fiddle. Agholor hasn't shown yet that he belongs on an NFL field.

7 C.J. Spiller

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

For a hot minute, Spiller was one of the most popular running backs in football, and was thought to be one of the best young players at the position. Whether as a runner or receiver, he was on fire for the 2012 season, and the hype was growing. That quickly gave way to consistency, and almost overnight he turned into a liability.

Surprisingly however he has remained in the league, and is on the Chiefs roster for the Summer. It remains to be seen whether or not he's able to make the roster, but all signs point to Spiller being a camp casualty, as he hasn't shown that he can still play at a reasonable level in recent years.

6 Eric Ebron

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A tight end who is a 1st-round bust is a tough pill to swallow, but that's exactly what the Lions are doing with Ebron right now. It was a squandered 10th-overall pick to say the least, as Ebron hasn't come close to fulfilling the role that he was expected to. He doesn't really excel at anything regarding the position, and is a nothing more than a JAG player.

Ebron will have to do a lot in the next season to prove that he belongs as a starting tight end in the league. So far he's been underwhelming for Detroit, despite having access to a good quarterback in Matt Stafford. If he has another poor season, the Lions may want to part ways. Only time will tell.

5 Andy Dalton

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to supposed franchise quarterbacks, Dalton is the biggest farce in the entire league. He consistently can't elevate his team in playoff situations, or primetime games, and is being paid like a player who can. The Bengals are stuck with a quarterback who is good enough to demand a contract extension, but will never be good enough to win them a Super Bowl.

Dalton falters against quality competition in important games. That much can be determined from his time in the league thus far. Ultimately, that's almost worse than having a bad quarterback, because a team will be less inclined to move on from them. So yeah, Dalton isn't good, and will continue to be exposed during the 2017 season.

4 Andre Ellington

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Before David Johnson came along, many believed that Ellington was in line to be the Cardinals bell-cow running back of the future. He turned in a couple of promising seasons, but since then, everything has fallen off a cliff for Ellington, and he's barely hanging on to the roster.

He's seen reduction in the amount of carries he's gotten for every year he's been in the league, bottoming out to a paltry 34 last season. Despite having he starting job all but locked up in 2014, he still found a way to give it away over the course of the next 3 years. He wasted his opportunity, and now he's looking at a depth role at best, and not making the 53-man roster at worst.

3 Sam Bradford

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

No quarterback in the league swindles teams out of more money than Bradford does. The obvious defense for him is that injuries have plagued his career, and while that's certainly true, he's also been underwhelming in the multiple starting roles that he's had access to. Now he's doing the same to the Vikings, at least until Teddy Bridgewater is able to return (maybe).

Bradford may be an accurate passer, but he's also one of the most risk-averse quarterbacks in the league. Despite a 5-0 start by Minnesota last year, he wasn't able to carry them through, and they faltered to a 7-9 record. Much like the aforementioned Dalton, Bradford is dangerous because he's good enough to be on the field, but will never be able to match the level of play, or success, of a truly good NFL quarterback.

2 Phillip Dorsett

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Dorsett was slated to be the receiving help that could assist Andrew Luck as one of the game's best young quarterbacks, and most agreed that it was a perfect merging of skill sets. Dorsett had proved himself to be a speedster at Miami, and Luck likes to throw the long ball. The problem is that Dorsett is just one of the worst players in the league, and can't get open with any kind of regularity.

The Colts have tried to work the former 1st-round pick into the offense with every opportunity, but it just hasn't come to fruition the way they had hoped. Dorsett seems to be doomed to being a typical 1st-round bust as a receiver, unless he's able to turn it around very quickly. 2017 may be his last opportunity to do so. He's skating on thin ice.

1 Brock Osweiler

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

After what was the most ill-advised contract ever given to a quarterback in the NFL, Osweiler failed to perform for the Texans in 2016, and they promptly shipped him off to the Browns, for the low asking price of taking his contract off their books. That should tell it all right there, as Osweiler was absolute horrible during his brief time in Houston.

The hype for the former Peyton Manning backup was also questionable, and everybody found out why by the conclusion of last season. Many around the game were disillusioned with Osweiler's failed season, not the least of which was head coach Bill O'Brien, who opted to put in unproven backup Tom Savage at quarterback late in the year.

Ultimately, the Osweiler experiment never had a chance. You would think he would be a lock to make the Browns as the starter, given their woefully terrible quarterback options, but even that's not a guarantee.

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