Top 5 Winners and Losers of the 2015 NFL Draft

The NFL draft came and went this year, without all of the drama and franchise altering trades that we have seen in the recent past. In fact, there were only two trades in the first round, the fewest in the modern 32 team, seven round format, and they came in the later part of the round. Speculation of who the Titans would draft or who would trade up to their spot to draft Marcus Mariota were answered simply when the Titans stayed put, while the rest of the league was left with their hands in their lap to make the best of the draft position they were given.

Some teams made the most of it, like the Jets, who lucked out by getting potentially the most talented player in the draft, while some teams, who should have traded back or simply passed on their pick, made serious blunders and forgot about the weaknesses they displayed last year.

Every year, teams try to draft the next cornerstone of their franchise in the first round and do diligent research and homework to make sure that they get their guy. Sometimes teams luck out and get a player that is better than expected and sometimes players completely whiff and they get a dud that is out of the league in two years.

Though it is more reasonable to evaluate a team's drafting a few years down the road, it is much more fun to do that hours after they have made their decision. Here are the five biggest winners and losers of the 2015 NFL Draft.

12 Winners

11 5. Miami Dolphins

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10 4. Philadelphia Eagles

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

9 3. Denver Broncos

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8 2. Washington Redskins

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7 1. New York Jets

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The Jets held strong with their pick at number six and hit the draft lottery. By being patient and watching the teams ahead of them make somewhat surprising picks, Todd Bowles ended up with the best player in the draft in Leonard Williams. The Jets followed up this pick by taking WR Devin Smith, OLB Lorenzo Mauldin, and QB Bryce Petty, respectively in each of the next three rounds, as they tried to fix the question marks the Jets had at these positions. The Jets made huge splashes in free agency this year and followed that up by bringing in the best draft class of any of the 32 teams.

6 Losers

5 5. St. Louis Rams

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4 4. Dallas Cowboys

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3 3. Cincinnati Bengals

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2 2. New Orleans Saints

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1 1. Indianapolis Colts

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Everyone already knows that Andrew Luck can get the ball to just about anyone and that the Colts already have a stacked receiving core. So, after being abused by Tom Brady and the Patriots the past two seasons, one would think Colts GM Ryan Grigson would be focused on upgrading the offensive line and defensive secondary instead of taking Phillip Dorsett, a WR out of Miami. The Colts didn't draft an immediate impact player outside of DE Henry Anderson, who was taken in the third round. The pieces they added to the secondary are going to take some time to develop and with a number of aging players on the Colts roster, they needed to draft players that can step in and contribute now.

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Top 5 Winners and Losers of the 2015 NFL Draft