The Most Attractive WAG From Every Team In The NFL

By now, we are all familiar with the glitz and glamour that comes with being a professional football player. Sure there are the 16 weeks of small car wreck style collisions you must subject your body to, but it must be worth it (or almost worth it) when you consider what these world-class athletes have waiting for them at home – not to mention the huge contracts they all play for.

Some of the most attractive females walking this planet have partnered up with today's biggest NFL stars. Others have hitched their wagon to journeymen players who simply 'out kicked their coverage'. Whatever the circumstances, it's a rare occurrence to see an NFL player with a woman who lacks outer-beauty. Some of them happen to be fantastic people as well, while some are arguably even more famous than their NFL partners.

Between super-models, actresses, or the finest stay-at-home mom's the world has ever seen, it's evident that one way to punch your ticket to a lifetime partnership with a '10' is to commit oneself to the game of football and myriad of injuries that come with it. The old saying "no pain, no gain" comes to mind, and these players are likely very happy to suffer for the ability to land these beautiful women.

With that in mind, here's a look at the some of football's hottest WAGs...one for each team playing under the NFL shield.

32 Cleveland Browns: Elli Thatcher

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Thatcher is the ladyfriend alongside Browns' QB DeShon Kizer. Thatcher has been through a lot in her young life, already having to have a baseball-sized tumour removed from her neck. Kizer was hundreds of miles away as she struggled but supported her throughout the process. The two have been together for years and if they can persevere through what a Browns tenure will bring them, marriage should be a piece of cake.

Kizer, for all his struggles on the field in his rookie season, is clearly capable off of it. Bagging a bombshell like this requires a tip of the cap and hopefully he can continue to make improvements to his on the field performance, otherwise, Thatcher could look elsewhere for her Prince Charming. After all, if she's attracted to winning, Cleveland may not be the place to look.

31 Cincinnati Bengals: Katherine Webb-McCarron

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Introduced to the world in husband AJ's final college game, Katherine Webb is perfection personified. Her word-robbing beauty once left commentator Brent Musburger speechless.Webb was crowned Miss Alabama in 2012 and also finished in the Top-10 in the 2012 Miss America Pageant. She has modelled and appeared in various TV programs and commercials, captivating viewers with her incredible appearance.

Following her being pictured during the 2013 National Title game, Webb's Twitter following sky-rocketed from 2,000 to 175,000, with the likes of LeBron James clicking the 'Follow' button. Hard to blame him, or anybody else, for wanting to keep tabs on Webb's activities. AJ definitely did very well for a guy who plays behind the perennial choker Andy Dalton.

30 Pittsburgh Steelers: Jena Frumes

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Antonio Brown's sidepiece. Brown allegedly left his wife for the Instagram model. Whatever his reason, the decision has certainly paid off for Brown's on-field performance as he's been undoubtedly the league's most dominant receiver for the last two seasons.Frumes, well, I'm not entirely sure what it is that she does other than post lewd photos.

Well, I'm sure it goes beyond that, I wasn't able to dig any deeper as it was rather difficult to commit to closing her Instagram page. Recent reports suggest AB wants to reunite with his baby mama. It's anybody's guess how this will ultimately play out. It's no surprise Antonio Brown managed to catch this stunner as it seems he can catch anything.

29 Baltimore Ravens: Amanda Bass

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Speaking of out-kicking your coverage, that's exactly what Ravens kicker Justin Tucker did when he landed Bass. The two married back in 2015 after meeting in college. They have one son, Easton, born on May 10, 2016. Tucker himself has been one of the most proficient kickers in the league since going un-drafted in 2012. He's made over 90% of his field goals over the course of his career and even has a Super Bowl ring. You know what they say... happy wife, happy life. He isn't making Joe Flacco type money despite playing so well, but he can take comfort knowing he beats his QB in a different department.

28 New England Patriots: Gisele Bundchen

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The slam dunk of this list has to go to Tom Brady's better half, world-renowned supermodel Gisele Bundchen. The Brazilian born model and actress has given birth to two children and still appears as though she was created in a lab with the mandate being 'show me perfection'. She has made headlines not only with her modelling but also her criticisms towards some of her 'husband's teammates. Following the Patriots second Super Bowl defeat at the hands of Eli Manning and the Giants, she criticized the receivers on the Patriots for being unable to catch the ball, claiming that her husband couldn't "throw AND catch the ball". Her mouth has gotten her and Brady in some hot water several other times as well, including when she admitted that Brady played with a concussion, a claim that sent shockwaves through the NFL given its history dealing with the polarizing ailment.

27 Buffalo Bills: Tenia Clay

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Who wants to live in Buffalo? – Ok, I'm kidding (kind of), but when you think of all the other market to live in, Buffalo doesn't exactly make the top of the list. Despite that reality, Tenia's husband, Bills TE Charles Clay was signed to an offer sheet by the team back in 2015 that his former team, the Miami Dolphins elected not to match. Moving from Miami to Orchard Park, NY certainly has its advantages though. The Bills Mafia, the name given to the team's lunatic fan base, provide one of the most pronounced home-field atmospheres. All I can say is bundle up for the winters, you're not in South Beach anymore...

26 New York Jets: Natalie McCown

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Despite missing the playoffs, Josh McCown enjoyed his best year as a pro in 2017, finishing with a QB rating just shy of 100 (94.5). The Jets have been a tire fire recently but McCown's play was a bright spot in an otherwise disappointing year. At the age of 38, it's likely they will look to get younger at the position but McCown has to be proud. Along with his on-field resurgence, McCown has done well for himself off of it too. He met Natalie at Southern Methodist University and have four children together. If this is the end of McCown's time in the NFL, he can go out knowing he silenced his doubters with his play in his final season. If I were him, I'd hang them up and spend more time at home. No need to take any more hits when you can 'Netflix & Chill' with Nat.

25 Miami Dolphins: Lauren Tannehill

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'Certified smokeshow' Lauren Tannehill and Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill met in 2009 and married in 2012. Wise move by Ryan to put a ring on that quickly before somebody else swooped in. They have a daughter named Steel and are hoping Ryan can recover from a devastating knee injury suffered in the pre-season last year. The injury resulted in the Dolphins having to subject their fans to a season of Jay Cutler (eww). A former first-round draft pick, expectations have never been higher for Ryan Tannehill who, in 2015, signed a contract worth nearly $100 million. The time has come for him to prove why he was worth it.

24 Philadelphia Eagles: Madison Oberg

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The recently anointed fiancee to Eagles QB Carson Wentz, Oberg had to endure the circus that followed her soon-to-be husband's devasting knee injury this past year.However, after the Eagles magical Super Bowl run, Carson, clearly progressing in his rehab, got down on one knee and presented her with the ring she so desperately coveted – HEY! Now they both have rings! The two are heavily involved in the Philly community and will likely remain there for quite some time given Carson's success with the team that drafted him. One of the true off the field feel-good stories this season in the NFL.

23 Washington Redskins: Elizabeth Barry

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The newest member of the Redskins brings with him, a stunner of a bride. Alex Smith, recently traded from the Chiefs to the Redskins (why can't the guy join a team that doesn't have an offensive name?) is married to Elizabeth Barry. Barry is a former Oakland Raiders cheerleader an is now heavily involved in her husband's charity efforts. Married in 2009, they have two children and are heavily involved in the communities in which they live. In 2007, Smith started the Alex Smith Foundation & Alex Smith Guardian Scholars Program. He is committed to helping provide quality educations to foster children and continues to finance the programs almost exclusively with his own money.

22 Dallas Cowboys: Ilyne Nash

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Throw up the 'X' – Ok, so that's obviously an ode to Dez Bryant's well-known touchdown celebration. Bryant's partner, Ilyne Nash must be some kind of woman to commit herself to Bryant given his history of run-ins with the law. If nothing else, the photo above clearly suggests she is having a positive impact on Dez's two sons' lives. Bryant's childhood was filled with turmoil, something he hopes his two children don't have to experience.Bryant continues to be an upper echelon wide receiver in the NFL, though his last couple of seasons have underwhelmed compared to prior years. Look for him, and his team, to bounce back in 2018-19.

21 New York Giants: Polyxeni Ferfeli

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Odell Beckham Jr's 'flavour of the week', Ferfeli has been seen vacationing with the Giants star recently. Beckham Jr. has a history with the Kardashians so who knows where that relationship stands, but as of now, it appears he is committed to Ferfeli. Judging by her and obviously being aware of what the Kardashian's bring to the table, it's safe to assume Odell is a fan of certain features. While many have made fun of Odell's style in the past, it is clearly working out for him as he has been able to snatch a true stunner like he snatches so many one-handed catches in the NFL.

20 Seattle Seahawks: Ciara

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As much scrambling as Russell Wilson does between the lines, I can't imagine he's in any hurry to escape his house when you consider what he's got waiting for him inside on a daily basis. Ciara and Wilson began dating in 2015 and wasted no time, getting married in 2016. Given their religious beliefs, both reportedly refrained from doing the deed until marriage – it now makes sense why they wasted little time in tying the knot. The Wilson's are active in the community and over the years have donated millions to the Seattle Children's Hospital. In addition to financial support, Wilson visits the hospital on a weekly basis, and Ciara can often be seen alongside him. They continue to be a model couple.

19 Arizona Cardinals: Meghan Brock Johnson

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David Johnson, when healthy, is the NFL's most dynamic running back – sorry Le'Veon Bell fans. Johnson has battled injuries the past few seasons but figures to be ready for training camp. The Cardinals, fresh off the news of Carson Palmer and Bruce Arians retiring, will need Johnson to have a dominant 2018 campaign. Johnson met his wife, Meghan while attending Northern Iowa. The two got engaged in 2015 and married in 2016. They have one child and are supposedly planning on growing their family. Brock Johnson is a certified nurse and was featured in Amazon.com's All or Nothing: A Season with the Arizona Cardinals.

18 San Francisco 49ers: Madelyn Chupka

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First off, let's just wrap our heads around the fact that Jimmy Garoppolo is single?! Meanwhile, the man he replaced, CJ Beathard managed to land Iowa's greatest export in Madelyn Chupka. First off, best to keep Jimmy G away from her given he's clearly on the prowl and now occupies the position CJ was hoping to have entering 2018-19. Chupka is very supportive of her man's football journey, using her social media forums to show her support. Even dating back to her time at Iowa, she could be seen prowling the sidelines cheering on Beathard. The two are now married with children – great show by the way. One final note about CJ, he's the son of former country music songwriter Casey Beathard and brother of country music singer Tucker Beathard. The boy has some country roots by the looks of it.

17 Los Angeles Rams: Olivia Davison

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Gurley's girl, Olivia Davison is the proud girlfriend of the NFL's reigning Offensive Player of the Year, Todd Gurley. The Rams enjoyed a resurgence this season under rookie head coach Sean McVay, who also has done quite well for himself 'away from the field'. Along with his team's turnaround, Gurley benefitted perhaps more than any other Ram from the Jeff Fisher separation. He was an absolute beast in 2017! Meanwhile, Davison is an absolute stunner – check out her Instagram if you don't believe me. With the move to LA, she can expect her star running back boyfriend to be tempted far more than he was in St. Louis but my bet is the two are happily married with children before long.

16 Oakland Raiders: Heather Carr

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An impending move to Las Vegas might conjure up mixed feelings in the Carr household, but Derek's recently signed NFL contract likely makes up for it. Heather Carr, the wife of Raiders QB Derek Carr, has been a staple at Raiders games, often seen with the couple's two sons. The two married in 2012. Both Derek and Heather consider their religion and faith to be the most important things in their lives. It helped them get through trouble many times in their respective lives, including three surgeries shortly after birth to their son Dallas, who was born with tangled intestines. Moving to Sin City in a few years time, let's hope this marriage can withstand the unmatched pressure the Strip puts on relationships.

15 Kansas City Chiefs: Kayla Nicole

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A world without Rob Gronkowski probably has Travis Kelce as its most dominant tight end. Routinely a dominant force on the field, Kelce has partnered up with Kayla Nicole off it, a show of dominance off it when you look at what she's all about. Nicole is heavily involved in entertainment journalism. She can be seen on various NBA broadcasts and also hosts several R&B and hip hop stations and shows. She also is a 'model at request' and 'professional converser' according to her Instagram. Given her husband's penchant for end zone dances, one could assume she too can cut a rug.

14 Los Angeles Chargers: Parker Schmidly

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Hunter Henry is the up and coming tight end in the Chargers organization. Prior to his arrival, football fans will recall the dominance of Antonio Gates. Gates, still with the organization, has dropped off substantially and Henry has taken over primary TE duties.Henry and Schmidly met in college (a common theme apparently) and recently got engaged prior to the 2017 NFL season. An aspiring nurse, she has recently shifted focus to planning the wedding of her dreams.

13 Denver Broncos: Bo Podkopacz

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Trevor Siemian's better half, off the field (and quite possibly on it as well). Siemian struggled in his first season as the Bronco's primary signal caller. Regardless of that, he's still obviously got game off the field being able to bag a woman like B.Pod – can I call her B.Pod? Well, I'm going to... Podkopapacz, like Siemian, went to Northwestern. There, she played for the soccer team, scoring two career goals. A student of law, she was Academic All Big-10 for three years, graduating in 2014. She's also far more active on social media than her husband, which we should all be thankful for. Struggles on the field notwithstanding, Trevor is crushing it outside the lines. Thumbs up.

12 Jacksonville Jaguars: Lindsey Duke

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Blake Bortle's ex...kind of makes it easier to understand why he struggled most of this season despite falling one game short of a Super Bowl appearance. Now, the above isn't entirely fair because the couple's relationship is said to have ended back in 2013 and they supposedly remain friends as of today. Despite that, it's gotta be difficult to move on from such a loss. Bortles himself might suffer a similar fate if the Jaguars elect to go a different direction at the QB position this off-season. Due to make nearly $20 million in an option year, that's a hefty price tag for a quarterback who often forgets what colour jersey's his team are wearing.

11 Indianapolis Colts: Nicole Pechanec

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Andrew Luck's longtime girlfriend, Nicole Pechanec, is as big a catch as you'll find around the league. Whether or not her man plays another down in football remains to be seen, as he continues working his way back from a mysterious shoulder ailment that's robbed him of two seasons in his prime. Despite the uncertainty surrounding his playing career, his home life appears to be in good standing. Hopefully, he can get a clean bill of health for this upcoming season and get back to dominating on the field, something he's fully capable of doing. The former #1 overall pick has all the tools to be a top 3 quarterback in the league.

10 Houston Texans: Kealia Ohai

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JJ Watt, the NFL's most recent recipient of the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award has quite the resume when it comes to women. He had a brief fling with tennis star Caroline Wozniacki but is now happily dating Kealia Ohai. The two have been dating for awhile and seem happy with their relationship. Watt is presently rehabbing from a serious leg/knee injury suffered this past season. Ohai is a soccer player, captain of the Houston Dash and member of the US Women's Soccer team. In 2012, Ohai scored the game-winning goal in the U-20 World Cup, the only goal Germany conceded all tournament. Both her and Watt could be called iconic Americans...whether it be her scoring timely soccer goals, or JJ proudly waving Old Glory during player introductions, both are explicitly proud of their country.

9 Tennesse Titans: Jesse James Decker

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Eric Decker's tenure in Tennesse wasn't exactly how he imagined, but he's still got his wife, country star Jesse James Decker, to console him after weekly disappointments.The two married in 2013 and have two children and a third on the way. Decker has had a solid NFL career, but injuries have limited him the past several seasons.James has two studio albums and has had several charting singles. Prior to winding up with Eric, she was linked to former NFL running back Reggie Bush. I'd say she made the right pick to leave him for Decker, despite his recent struggles. His longevity at a demanding position is to be commended.

8 Atlanta Falcons: Sarah Ryan

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Sarah Ryan's, wife of Matt Ryan, maiden name was Marshall...therefore, upon marrying Matt, she had to 'Forget Sarah Marshall' and opted to take on Ryan's last name.Ok, now that I got that bad joke out of the way, I can continue... The two announced late in 2017 they were expecting twins. Both Matt and Sarah are charitable 'Gods', constantly donating their time and money to worthwhile causes. Despite all the good deeds, nothing will make them forget that Super Bowl collapse two years ago. I wonder if she ever jokingly teases him about it. I could see that being grounds for divorce. Best to keep the jokes to herself.

7 New Orleans Saints: Brittany Brees

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Married since 2003, the Brees' have been a constant in the New Orleans community. Mrs. Brees, while slightly older than perhaps some of the other wives/girlfriends, is as beautiful as ever (and think about how hard she's worked to maintain such beauty after giving birth to FOUR children). That's dedication and commitment, two traits she shares with her Super Bowl-winning husband. Brees, presently a free agent, is fully expected to remain in New Orleans, something I'm sure Brittany hopes is the case. At this stage, they don't want to have to move and uproot a family of six, including four young children. After all, Drew only has, at most, a handful of years remaining before he hangs up his cleats and embraces full-time fatherhood.

6 Carolina Panthers: Brooke Pettet

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The girlfriend of Panthers prized rookie Christian McCaffrey, Pettet attended Arizona State University where she graduated with a degree in broadcast journalism. She has interned at Fox Sports and is an accomplished equestrian rider. Look for the Panthers to ride her boyfriend to future division titles. McCaffrey showed just how much a force he can be in his rookie season and his role in the Panthers offence is only going to increase as time goes on. They currently have real competition from the Falcons and Saints, but both those team's QBs are set to retire far before Cam Newton does. Carolina should return to glory sometime soon.

5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Ashli Dotson

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Dotson married Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans in 2016. The two welcomed their first child in 2016. Evans admittedly does not talk very often about his personal life and such details surrounding his and Dotson's relationship are minimal. They have been married for a year and a half. Keep her away from Jameis, Mike. Evans is one of the more talented receivers in the NFL, but the Buccaneers have the distinct misfortune of being in one of the toughest divisions in football. Hopefully he can soon win on the field as much as he has clearly won off it by landing a stunner like Ashli.

4 Chicago Bears: Pilar Davis

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Prince's princess, Pilar Davis is the partner of Prince Amukamara. Amukamara has had an up and down career, and his move to Chicago didn't exactly revitalize his career. The two met at a New York nightclub and didn't consummate their marriage until both said 'I do'. The two have now been married for several years. A devout Catholic, Amukamara does not drink and credits Davis for being his good luck charm. Has she seen him play? He could probably use some more good luck thrown his way. As a matter of fact, the whole Bears organization needs all the luck they can get and then some! Hopefully things turn around, but if not at least he knows he has Davis.

3 Detroit Lions: Kelly Hall (Stafford)

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Last season, Matthew Stafford signed the richest contract in NFL history, something I'm sure made his wife a very happy gal. (NO, I'm not saying she's a gold digger but what woman wouldn't want to be married to the NFL's richest player?) Hall was a former cheerleader at the University of Georgia, Stafford's alma mater. The two married in 2015 and welcomed twin daughters in March of 2016. Kelly was the target of some criticism earlier this year when she posted an Instagram message stating her view that all players should stand for the anthem despite the obvious issues prevalent in the USA. As an affluent caucasian female, it's probably best she sticks to cheering on her man and refrain from debating such topics. Not saying she can't have an opinion on the matter but putting it on social media may have been a misstep given the backlash it attracted.

2 Minnesota Vikings: Caitlin Thielen

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Adam Thielen is a true NFL feel-good story. Undrafted out of Minnesota State, he was never recruited to play in college, accepting a $500 scholarship to attend Minnesota State.He's hard work personified. Never the tallest, strongest, quickest, or fastest, Thielen worked his way from special teams standout to NFL star. He is now a top receiver in the NFL and in addition to his on-field accomplishments, boasts one of the nicest looking WAGs in the league. The couple have one child, Asher, and are a staple in the Minnesota community. Once you read up on him, it's hard not to root for Adam Thielen and, by extension, his wife Caitlin who herself donates a bunch of her own time, money, and resources to charitable causes.

1 Green Bay Packers: Danica Patrick

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Before her, there was Olivia Munn...Aaron Rodgers, apart from being unstoppable on the field, is the same off it. While details surrounding his split with longtime partner Olivia Munn, people have pointed out to an overall lack of privacy in their lives coupled with a well-publicized family rift between Rodgers and his parents. It all wound up resulting in the two going their separate ways. Recently, Rodgers has been linked to racecar driver, Danica Patrick, with Patrick telling USA Today in an interview they two had been seeing each other. With Patrick finishing up her racing career, she should have more time to take in her new man's gridiron wizardry. It's certainly a sight to behold and if she needs any more convincing around what he brings to the table, just watch him pick apart NFL defenses with unmatched precision.

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