10 Of The Most Shameful NFL Player Tattoos And 5 Of The Best

Professional athletes get these big paydays which can be their best friend or their worst enemy. Sometimes, athletes are smart enough to put their money away. They get the classic 401k plans, benefits, and save enough so that way when their professional sports career is over, they still have some money left. Look in the NFL at a guy like Marshawn Lynch. Lynch is said to be one of the smartest players with money that guys on the Seahawks were coming up to him asking for financial advice. Another example of a smart money investor is Rob Gronkowski. Sure, Gronk has the reputation of being a "lovable meathead" who only likes to party and act dumb. But when it comes to investments, he is actually very smart. He only uses endorsement money and doesn't touch his yearly pay. For those that are good with money come the ones that are bad with it. The bad ones usually buy clothes, mansions, cars, and also tattoos.

Tattoos can have a number of different representations according to the athlete getting it. Sometimes, it can be as simple as remembering a loved one that has passed away and they get initials of said loved one. Sometimes, it can be something inspirational like a quote. But there are times when athletes get tattoos that make you scratch your head and wonder why exactly they got them in the first place. There are the exceptions, however, of good ones that players can always treasure forever. This list takes a look at the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. Without further adieu, here are 10 of the most shameful NFL player tattoos and 5 of the best ones.

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15 Shameful: Terrell Suggs "S"

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Leading off the list of shameful tattoo ideas is Baltimore Ravens defensive star Terrell Suggs. Suggs has been part of a Baltimore defense that for years caused havoc for everyone in the AFC. Their defense helped play a huge part in their 2013 Super Bowl win. Suggs definitely is one that lets his actions (even sometimes his mouth) do the talking. He has a tattoo of just the letter "S" on him and it is quite shameful.

It is okay to get this tattoo, but the problem is there is no significance or meaning behind it at all. He also have the phrase "The Chosen One" around it too. How cocky can you be to have something like that on there? It almost looks like a tattoo that Suggs had to sneak because his parents disapproved of them. Whatever the case may be, it is just shameful that there isn't more to it than just being a simple letter.

14 Shameful: Arthur Moats "MOATS"

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The Pittsburgh Steelers are one of the top teams in the AFC that suffered a heartbreaking and highly controversial loss to the New England Patriots in week 15. Their defensive play has been questioned by many. Another thing questioned within the Steelers organization is the tattoo of outside linebacker Arthur Moats. He has the design with his last name on his back, but the meaning isn't necessarily the greatest.

He got this tattoo because of his hit on Brett Favre that had ended Favre's streak of consecutive starts in the NFL.

It goes to show that sometimes, guys in the NFL get tattoos for the wrong reasons. Sure, the design is cool and it lets people know who he is. But it sends the wrong message which makes the tattoo more shameful that he ever thought it would be. Then again, pain is only temporary in the tattoo industry.

13 Good: Donte Moncrief "Superman"

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Sometimes, tattoos can be a way to express a love and appreciation for an athlete's kids. This first good tattoo has a great design to it as well as a great message that everyone can pay attention to. Donte Moncrief is part of a Colts team that is looking toward the future with quarterback Jacoby Brissett at the helm. They may not be winning a lot on the field, but Moncrief is winning off the field with his Superman tattoo. But the tattoo isn't because Moncrief has a thing for heroes and villains.

Moncrief has a little girl that looks up to him in every capacity. She sees him as a father, a protector, and somebody that is going to love her until the day he dies. So he got the tattoo to remind himself that he is the hero in his little girl's eyes, quite powerful. The design and color scheme also is put together very well here. It just goes to show that sometimes, these athletes aren't just playing for the biggest contract in the world or just for a championship.

12 Shameful: Malik Jackson "Sack Tally"

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Some NFL players need a way to keep track of their stats in a unique way. Think of Willie Mays Hayes in the movie Major League, he used to hammer in his batting gloves in his bedroom for every base he stole. For Jacksonville Jaguars defensive tackle Malik Jackson, he uses his body and tattoos to do so. The Jaguars have had a resurgent season and one of the best defenses in the NFL. Unfortunately for Jackson, his tattoo choice wasn't too pleasing to see.

We get the point of it. He adds a tally mark for every single sack he records. It just seems to be a bit sloppy and unorganized. Plus, I'm sure there is another way that Jackson could have recorded his sack totals. What if he keeps recording sacks for another 5-7 years and there's no part of his leg left to ink?

11 Shameful: Taylor Lewan "Right Hand Man"

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Some tattoos will just never make sense no matter what way you put them. Taylor Lewan of course, is the star of the Titans' offensive line, as he's in charge of protecting Marcus Mariota's blindside and he's also one of the nastiest linemen in the league.

The shame in this one is just how plainly simple it is. It is literally a stick figure drawn on his hand. It could not have taken any longer than five minutes. For a guy that has to endure 300 pound men in his breathing space every week, Lewan definitely could have taken more pain from a tattoo needle if he wanted to. If the Titans somehow win the Super Bowl in the near future, he should reconsider getting a new tattoo as a reward to himself to replace the shameful tattoo he has above.

10 Good: Dak Prescott "Cartoon Lion"

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This next tattoo to actually be considered good belongs to a man that has been battling since the day he came into the league. For Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott, he has had a lot to deal with. He had to deal with being Tony Romo's backup just for starters. Then, he had to deal with the pressure of being the quarterback for the Cowboys which is a lot to take. Then, he had to deal with his mother being sick with cancer which is why he has this next tattoo.

There is nothing complex about this one, but the message behind it is sweet and innocent. Dak Prescott used to have his mother draw that same lion on him as a tattoo since she wouldn't allow him to have real ones.

When Dak knew his mom's time was short, he asked her to draw it once more so he could get it tattooed so his mom would be with him forever.

This is great because it can teach the young fans out there that it is great to have a solidified relationship with a parent even if you play professional sports.

9 Shameful: Ryan Switzer: "Believe"

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Sometimes, you just have to believe. Believe in yourself, believe in others, believe that everything is going to be okay, you get the point. For Cowboys wide receiver Ryan Switzer, he definitely has a lot of belief in himself to withstand the pain of a tattoo needle. But to get it on the gums of his bottom lip makes the tattoo just shameful as opposed to being inspirational.

The one thing you can give Switzer any credit for is having the Cowboys star on the top half of the gums, that is pretty cool. But the "Believe" looks like it is smudged, being that it has his saliva all over it. The location of the tattoo could be a lot better. He could have put it anywhere and it would have looked a lot better. That tattoo would look good on his hip, his arm, his leg, literally anywhere else. But the lip tattoo is one shameful one in my opinion, but fans have to wonder what Switzer might put on his top lip in the future.

8 Shameful: Su'a Cravens "L.A. Coliseum"

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There are just some aspects of life that we just cannot seem to get out of our heads. Whether it is a moment, place, or person in life; there is something all of us seem to never forget. For Redskins safety Su'a Cravens, that was the USC Trojans. So what better way to keep the Trojan spirit alive by getting the L.A. Coliseum tattooed on him right? While the idea was good, the end design is just shameful.

There isn't any color or anything added onto the actual tattoo itself. If there was some red and yellow in the picture, it might make the tattoo stand out. Plus, the actual writing of the words "Los Angeles Coliseum" seem to also be smudged and hard to read unless you are up close. Credit to Cravens for wanting to keep his love of USC strong. But he definitely could have put a lot more time and thought into making it something good.

7 Good: Chris Long "Ups and Downs"

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Chris Long has gone through a lot in his NFL career. From being cut by the once lowly Los Angeles Rams, to winning a Super Bowl with the New England Patriots and being part of a team with the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history, Chris Long has seen it all. He wanted to commemorate all that he had gone through somehow and someway. He figured the best way to do so would be by getting a pirate ship on his arm.

Long was basically staying above water by trying to make it by any means necessary in the NFL. Going from a bad team to a good team is always a good way to keep his head above the water. The moon in the sky is supposed to represent his wife and his son who he loves more than the game of football. This tattoo has a great design and a great message all in one. It seems like Chris Long has a thing for sacking the quarterback and for having good tattoo style.

6 Shameful: Josh Bellamy "Mo Money"

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This is just one of those tattoos that has a lot of questions behind it. First of all, what exactly is the message behind it? Is it to get more money? Is it to work hard to get more of the things you want in your life? It probably in this sense is meaning earning more money.

But the way that Josh Bellamy of the Chicago Bears has his tattoo, it looks like a five year old drew it on for him.

It is so small and the design doesn't seem to make sense, just a very shameful tattoo to have thought of in the first place.

Bellamy doesn't have much to cheer about now a days being on the Bears. The Bears are once again missing the playoffs. Luckily, they are playing the Cleveland Browns at home before the season is over. So, that should give the Bears fan base something to cheer about. But this tattoo by Bellamy is more shameful than a Bears blowout loss at home.

5 Shameful: Dalvin Cook "FSU Spear"

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Dalvin Cook was supposed to be a dynamic running back out of Florida State University to help out the Minnesota Vikings after moving on from Adrian Peterson. It certainly looked promising until Cook went down for the season. The Vikings seem to not be missing Cook too much as they are looking to make a deep postseason run in the NFC. It is really a shame that Cook couldn't be involved for the full season, considering he had a lot of potential coming into the season. But what is even worse is his Florida State tattoo is also shameful.

The design isn't too terrible, but you just cannot see it clearly. We all know that Florida State is known by the mascot name of the Seminoles. But they are usually represented by a spear on the side of their helmets. We see where Cook was headed here, but the ink just isn't showing as clearly as we might like. Considering Cook doesn't have a lot to do these days, maybe Cook should consider getting it fixed to not look so shameful.

4 Good: Matt Asiata "Asiata"

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The Detroit Lions have been trying to be relevant for a very long time. They haven't given the city much to celebrate. It is hard enough to get noticed on the Lions when you have to deal with the Tigers, Red Wings, and Pistons as well. But then again, the Lions also have to deal with Matthew Stafford getting most of the limelight because he is the quarterback and has one of the highest paying contracts in the league. Running back Matt Asiata has been trying to find a way to get into said spotlight. Maybe he can do so with his cool tattoo.

The whole design of his last name in big block letters is really impressive. Though nobody can see it on the field with the jersey and all the equipment on, Asiata should try to show it off more when he is not on the field. Lions fans need something different to look at besides this team struggling to make playoffs and then losing in the first round of the playoffs. This tattoo with its design and everything else added in can give fans new ideas for good tattoos in the future. At least the Lions would then give something good back to the fans.

3 Shameful: Brian Winters "Wife's Coordinates"

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If professional athletes do things for their significant others, that is very sweet and thoughtful. If they take them out to an anniversary dinner or buy them a nice new outfit, then that is all well and good. Tattoos are even good when they are the right design. Getting an anniversary date or initials is a very kind gesture to have forever. But this tattoo that Jets guard Brian Winters got could have been a bit more creative and a bit bigger as well.

He got the coordinates of the first home they bought together.

It's great to remember the occasion, but it didn't have to be in the form of a tattoo. If they got something different, it might have been better. Plus, the size of the tattoo is too small. If it was bigger, it would have more meaning. Winters has to cover it up anyway with all of the equipment, so why not make it bigger? It is shameful that the tattoo is so small and barely recognizable. It had so much potential.

2 Shameful: Captain Munnerlyn "Mom"

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The last shameful tattoo is one by Carolina Panthers cornerback Captain Munnerlyn. The idea of the tattoo was great and an awesome message to the young fans. He was getting one of his mom...even though mom was very much against her young boy getting tattoos like most parents are. But the thing is, this tattoo doesn't look that good with the shading.

The actual photo of the mother looks like it could be erased at any second. Once again, it isn't the thought of the tattoo that is bad here. It is just the result of it. The mother probably loved it because it was of her and it shows how highly Munnerlyn thinks of the woman who gave birth to him. But if you're getting a tattoo of your mother, you better make sure they do the best job possible on it.

1 Good: Antoine Bethea "Mom with Bow"

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The last good tattoo on this list comes from Arizona Cardinals safety Antoine Bethea. Bethea was dealing with his mother fighting against breast cancer. So, he wanted to do something to show he is with his mother in her fight, even when he cannot physically be present. He decided the best way to do that would be to get a tattoo. What was the tattoo idea? A breast cancer bow with the words survivor and mom filling in the bow.

This is a well thought out and creative tattoo. Bethea knows how hard his mother fought in that battle against breast cancer, so the tattoo has that much more meaning. The design of the bow and the implementing of the words within the bow make for a great overall tattoo. We all can learn that we can be a part of a loved one's fight in some creative way. Bethea cannot be with his mother physically 24/7/365. But he can be with her in spirit as he always can look at his stomach to remind himself how strong his mother was. This is truly a great tattoo in every aspect.

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