WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon announced on Thursday that he is planning to bring back the infamous XFL in the year 2020. He said he plans to wait two years because he wants fan interaction to rule. In that, he wants football fans to tell him and his team in the XFL what they want in their football. A lot of things are going to be different from the NFL it seems.

McMahon mentioned that, while he did not clear the idea of bringing XFL back with wife Linda, he planned to do this with a lot of input. Last time, he felt it all moved too fast and that was a lesson learned. He wants to make the quality of the play much better with a game that fans want to see.

Vince McMahon was asked during the live stream of the announcement about players coming to the XFL. Certain people were mentioned in the question, such as Tim Tebow, Johnny Manziel, and Colin Kaepernick. All three quarterbacks no longer play in the NFL, but did prove some ability to play in their time. While McMahon did say he would love if Tebow came over, he also pointed out that some people might be ruled out when it comes to playing in the XFL.


He mentioned things like a DUI would mean you would not be allowed to play in games. He likely meant that players would be suspended if they were to get one, which the NFL allows owners to make the decision about as well. The exception to that rule is if someone is hurt while a player is drunk at the wheel as it would bring legal issues and the NFL would step in. This also got a lot of fans of the WWE talking. Are the players in the XFL going to have stricter rules compared to the WWE Superstars?

WWE Rules Don’t Mesh With XFL Ones


Via freshpics.blogspot and Pro Wrestling Sheet

Vince McMahon obviously has rules on the people in WWE. If you fail a drug test, you get added to the suspension policy. The first suspension is 30 days, the next is 60, and the third violation is an automatic firing from the WWE. They cannot rehire this wrestler for the period of one year after the firing. If they are hired again, they are under a two-strike policy. This is considered a good rule by WWE, and wrestlers can even work off the suspensions over a period of time of being clean and doing extra work for WWE.

WWE Superstars are allowed to bring up social issues and the WWE themselves are huge in that world. As they help with numerous charities, and wrestlers talk about major things on the shows. On top of this, there are characters that are socially involved. Darren Young was, for instance, when employed. Though his character did not represent his life away from the ring.

WWE does have drug testing, but they have allowed people like Alex Riley and most recently Jey Uso get a DUI and still wrestle for the company without suspension. WWE was ahead of the NFL when it came to sexual assault, as they immediately suspend someone if they are involved in something like that. So WWE does have some rules ahead of certain sports, but others they are not. We’re sure they would use the same sexual assault policy in the XFL, as it is a good rule.

Vince McMahon’s XFL mentality does make sense, in theory. Sadly, it seems that he’s clearly not considering his own WWE Superstars are less affected by rules than what players in the XFL will see overall. The question is, will WWE rules get stricter too?


Vince McMahon’s XFL Contradicts WWE Mentality Completely

Austin stuns McMahon


Vince mentioned that politics will have no role in XFL. This was a shot across the isle to the NFL, who has seen a massive amount of political material the last few years. With 2017 being a big year for kneeling alone here.  McMahon said that players will have a rule book of what they can and cannot do, with things like the National Anthem likely being something players must stand during. Though he said they could be vocal about social issues away from the field.

This is a good compromise, but in WWE, social issues are often part of the entertainment. One of the biggest regarding female WWE Superstars, who are only getting more opportunities today. All of this happening during a major women’s movement in top fields across the world. Especially entertainment.

Clearly, rules for XFL seem to be a bit strict compared to the model WWE follows, which seems to be open and free.


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