Age Before Beauty: 8 Young NFL Players And 8 Veterans: Who Are They Dating?

NFL players are known for being with some of the most beautiful women in the world. With the NFL being so mainstream, many of these players gain so much popularity, which sets these guys up in a position to meet some of the most desirable women imaginable. Many of the girlfriends and wives of NFL players are unknown, but may be some of the best looking women in the world. That’s just the way it works with NFL WAGs. And then there are a lot of celebrities that go after these players for obvious reasons.

Whether it be the youngsters or the veterans, a lot of these players are always hanging out with some incredibly beautiful women. Many times, you look at some of these players and are surprised to see how much of an upgrade they can get. Usually, the veterans are the guys that are able to begin dating some true A-listers, due to their everlasting fame. But lately, a lot of the younger stars have been walking around with dimes in the league. Maybe it’s because of how a lot of these young guys have erupted to become some of the NFL’s biggest stars. But in any event, it's time to look at some young NFL stars who have landed some beauties and some veterans who are clearly still on their game.

15 Young Blood: Todd Gurley (Olivia Davison)

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Todd Gurley deserves to have a beautiful girl like Olivia Davidson after the season he had. Gurley finished off his 2017 campaign second in the league in rushing with 1,305 yards. Meanwhile, Davison likes to post a lot of artsy pictures of her in different areas on her Instagram. That may be the benefit of dating a star player, is that you get to travel around the world, and most likely don’t have to pay for it. From five-star nightclubs, to some of the most exotic locations across the globe, Davison has taken pictures with some of the most beautiful scenery. And what else would you expect; a beautiful girl needs that five-star scenery to take pictures in front of. Now, Gurley's beautiful girlfriend gets to visit him in one of the most desirable cities in the world.

14 Old Timer: Antonio Gates (Sasha Dindayal)

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Antonio Gates has stayed consistent throughout his career, and has had an incredible woman by his side. In 2011, Gates married Sasha Dindayal, who is a former actress. Their marriage has been looked at as the perfect relationship, as fans have seen the two grow together. Even with two children, Dindayal still isn't afraid to show what she's got. And why should she, considering how stunning she looks?

It’s clear as daylight that Dindayal is a devoted wife and attentive mother. Unlike in some other famous relationships, although Dindayal may model occasionally, she doesn’t make any questionable decisions that may make the media believe that Sasha is going behind Antonio’s back. Dindayal is the perfect, supportive wife that every NFL player wishes they had, if they don’t already.

13 Young Blood: Chris Boswell (Morgan Kauffmann)

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Who would ever think that a placekicker could land a dime in the NFL? No offense, but there’s so many stars in the game and other sports, but how does a beauty like Morgan Kauffmann land with a kicker? Sometimes, these players spend the rest of their life with women that they grew up with.

Kauffmann is your typical high school beauty that everyone crushes on. Perfect smile, with big pretty eyes, and a fit body. Kauffmann has the looks to be a model, but she would rather just stay behind the scenes and live a private life alongside Chris Boswell. For many place-kickers, it can be kind of boring just being responsible for kicking the football on Sundays. But when you have a girlfriend like that, what is there really to be upset about?

12 Old Timer: Donald Penn (Dominique Penn)

From being an undrafted free agent from Utah State, all the way to being one of the best offensive tackles in the league playing for the Oakland Raiders, Donald Penn has come a long way throughout his career. Despite going from not being truly wanted by any team, to become one of the game’s best, he also has married one of the most loyal and best-looking NFL WAGs in the league. The only thing that Donald may dislike about his relationship with Dominique, is the lack of trust in their relationship.

Dominique Penn claimed that Donald cheated on her with another woman, and even had a child with someone else. Dominique has been known to wish that the couple never had fame, and that they could live a normal life. As great as it can be to have fortune and fame, sometimes it’s a struggle having to balance a relationship in the middle of the surrounding noise.

11 Young Blood: Dak Prescott

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Dak Prescott seems to be taking the approach of Derek Jeter in his love life. Like Jeter, Prescott went after a low-profile, yet beautiful girl. Lee was seen first by the public, as she supported Prescott on the sidelines wearing a #4 jersey. Besides pictures of her on the sidelines, we haven’t really seen much of the Cowboys QB's new girlfriend. Prescott once told reporters that he didn't want to give in to certain temptations Yasmine Nicole Lee, because he was afraid if he did the Cowboys would start losing. Well, the Cowboys continued to lose so who knows how that went.

Even if Prescott didn’t succeed in getting back to the playoffs in year two, he did score by dating this beautiful girl. Lee has an incredible body, and a gorgeous smile. Prescott has had a lot of success in his young career and should only continue to do so.

10 Old Timer: James Harrison (Beth Tibbott)

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James Harrison has been doubted a lot this year, and he seems to continue to prove the doubters wrong. Later on, in the season, the Pittsburgh Steelers released long term linebacker, James Harrison. What many thought may be the end of his career, ended up being a new opportunity when he was signed by the New England Patriots. Now, Harrison gets a chance to play in the Super Bowl, rather than sitting at home watching the game. Most NFL fans count veterans as “out of the game,” when some of them are actually with beautiful women. Beth Tibbott is the girlfriend of the legendary linebacker, and is also the mother of their two children. Tibbott definitely has that mother look, but she remains stunning even in motherhood.

9 Young Blood: Odell Beckham Jr. (Polyxeni Ferfeli)

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Odell Beckham Jr. is one of the best wide receivers in the league, but also, is one of the best when it comes to finding women. Polyxeni Ferfeli, OBJ’s girlfriend, is one of the best-looking NFL WAGs around. She looks like a long lost relative of Iggy Azalea. The Greek beauty has been seen with Beckham in Cancun, Mexico, but has not yet confirmed their relationship. Seeing the way the two are together, it seems pretty obvious that the two are an item. There’s absolutely no reason for OBJ to be shy about his new girlfriend, as she puts many to shame. What else is to expect of the Pro Bowl wide receiver? Hopefully next time the Giants are in the playoffs he isn't seen on any boat parties, but rather relaxing at home with his beautiful partner.

8 Old Timer: Aaron Rodgers (Danica Patrick)

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There’s not many people that Aaron Rodgers gets along with, which may be why he’s not married yet. The superstar quarterback is currently dating race car driver Danica Patrick. The two started dating recently, less than a year after Rodgers and Olivia Munn ended things. At 34 years old, Rodgers may want to see what his future will be after football is over.

Rodgers has had some well publicized problems with his own family, which many speculated stemmed from his relationship with Olivia Munn. While Patrick is retiring and likely won't have as hectic a schedule as Munn has, we wonder how Rodgers and Patrick will be as a couple. All we know is, the NFL's A-Rod is doing just fine.

7 Young Blood: Paxton Lynch (Jami Miller)

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Surprisingly, a lot of backup quarterbacks have some pretty good looking girlfriends. A lot of them have these good-looking women from college or high school, but it’s just pretty interesting how some backups can score dimes, while some starters remain single. Paxton Lynch, who is in one of the stickiest situations for a backup quarterback, at least has a beautiful girlfriend by his side. Regardless of how the quarterback situation works out in Denver, he has a lovely girl to go back to at home.

Jami Miller, Lynch’s girlfriend, is known for exposing men on Twitter for trying to get to know her (what's their obsession with getting to know her, anyway?). The two have been dating since they both attended the University of Memphis.

6 Old Timer: DeSean Jackson (Kayla Phillips)

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It’s pretty insane to think that with how long DeSean Jackson has been in the NFL, even though he’s only 31-years-old. He’s currently with Kayla Phillips, and the couple has a baby together. For a veteran, Jackson is dating a woman who looks like she can be in her early 20s. For a mother, she looks terrific. She has nice Kylie Jenner-type lips, and really pretty eyes. And when it comes to her body, the girl looks like a fitness model. What’s really great about Philips is that she's willing to defend Jackson against criticism. After a disappointing season in Tampa Bay, you wonder how much longer Jackson is going to play in the NFL. When he is ready to retire, he'll have a beautiful woman to settle down with.

5 Young Blood: Mike Evans (Ashley Evans)

While the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are waiting for it all to come together on their team, one player who seems to have it all together is 6'5 wide receiver Mike Evans. Evans has been a stud since entering the NFL, as part of the elite WR class of 2014. Evans came into the NFL from the same college team as Johnny Manziel, as Evans was his big threat target at Texas A&M. Turns out Evans was crucial to Manziel's college success, as Evans has gone on to stardom, while Manziel's career is over. Anyway, Evans decided to settle down pretty early, as he landed Ashli Evans, as the two got married in 2016. Hey, when you meet the right woman, you just know, right?

4 Old Timer: LeSean McCoy (Delicia Cordon)

LeSean McCoy jumps on to the list of NFL players who have cheated on their girlfriend. McCoy made a huge mistake cheating on his partner when he literally has a model of a girlfriend. Delicia Cordon, a thick, beautiful supermodel, has been everything McCoy would want and more. She should provide enough satisfaction for McCoy that he doesn’t need anyone else in his life.

LeSean McCoy’s Buffalo Bills actually made the playoffs this season, before they were eliminated by the Jacksonville Jaguars in a 10-3 loss. Finally, McCoy seems to be playing for a team that could add another playoff run to his career. Once they figure out their quarterback situation, this Bills team could be dangerous for the future. And for McCoy, he needs to learn to stay loyal to his girl.

3 Young Blood: Nelson Agholor (Viviana Volpicelli)

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Nelson Agholor went from one of the worst players on the Philadelphia Eagles, to becoming one of the biggest threats on a loaded Eagles offense. Agholor became one of the scariest receivers to defend, as he has become a long ball threat for Carson Wentz (and recently Nick Foles). Well, Agholor is also a star on the dating scene, as he scored a dime in Viviana Volpicelli. Not only did Agholor go from being one of the worst wide receivers in the game, but also, he still has one of the steamiest WAGs in the NFL. Volpicelli is a beauty vlogger, and has actually been dating Agholor since college.

The good thing for Agholor, is that no matter what struggles or fame Agholor may go through, Volpicelli will still be there with him.

2 Veteran: Julius Peppers (Claudia Sampedro)

Age doesn’t affect Julius Peppers, in fact, it may even make him better. At 38 years old, Peppers was still able to tally up 11 sacks. Peppers ranks fourth all time in sacks. That, might be the reason he’s with one of the most attractive women on this list, Claudia Sampedro.

Sampedro's not afraid of showing some private aspects of her life. In fact, she was even on the television show WAGS Miami. She got to premiere on TV with some of the best-looking wives and girlfriends among NFL stars. Word was that Peppers was called "grandpa" in the Panthers locker room this year, as 38 is usually well past the prime of a pass rusher. But Peppers can just look around, smirk and show them what kind of a woman he's dating if he wants to quiet the youngsters on his team.

1 Young Blood: George Iloka (Gaby Barcelo)

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Once considered one of the best safety prospects in the draft, to now having one of the most attractive girlfriends in the league. George Iloka, safety of the Cincinnati Bengals, is currently dating fitness model, Gaby Barcelo. Iloka is a lucky man, because regardless of his lack of popularity in the league, his girlfriend remains a huge supporter of him. There are many pictures around of Barcelo around rocking a George Iloka jersey.

What’s pretty unique about Barcelo is that unlike most fitness models, she’s private on Instagram. Most fitness models like to have as many people see their profiles, but Barcelo is different from most. And because of how different she is, Iloka has given his all to her. He recently proposed to her by creating a music video, giving her the romantic relationship the beauty deserves.

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