Youth And Revolt: 15 Young NFL Stars That Have Smoking Partners

How nice must it be to be a young player in the NFL? Sure, you have to deal with a lot of pressure from playing a professional sport at the highest level. You might even have to deal with the heckling from fans and perhaps other players.But at the end of the day, you are living the dream. Let’s leave aside all the talks about injuries, concussions, and all the terrible stuff that can happen if you are a football player. This is still the dream of a lot of kids, not only in America anymore, but all around the world. Somehow, football has become a global sport, and everyone wants to play in the NFL. There is a danger involved, but the reward is so high that, sometimes, or most times, people think that it is totally worth it. And who are we to argue with them?

Either way, one of the biggest perks of being a young NFL star is that you get a lot of attention from the opposite sex. And by a lot, we really mean a lot. We seriously cannot even imagine how many groupies these guys have to say no to every day. It seems to be one of those situations in which you have to live it in order to understand. Either way, we can still talk a little bit about what set in stone, and what is set in stone is the people these guys date. So here are 15 examples of beautiful women young NFL stars have dated.

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15 Todd Gurley (Olivia Davidson)

whatever floats ur boat, as long as it doesn't sink mine🙊

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What better way to start a list like this than from the top? No team in the NFL has surprised as many people this season as the Los Angeles Rams. Too bad they don’t have enough fans to pack a stadium because they are good. And one of the big reasons why they have been so great this season is a man by the name of Todd Gurley.

Still just 23 years old, Gurley has been a beast for the Rams this year. As his team is cruising with the number one spot in the NFC West, and one of the NFL's best offenses, Gurley has entered the conversation to be among the best running backs in the league. But somehow this guy has even more reason to be happy about at home. Just take one quick look at his girlfriend, Olivia Davison.

14 Keanu Neal (Chelsey Tekavec)

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Another young player who has been making waves around the NFL this season is Atlanta Falcons’ safety, Keanu Neal. The Falcons are a good team, but they are not nearly as good as they were last year. Or perhaps, that idea might be a little off because of how good the other teams in their division have been. Who would’ve thought that the Saints would be 8-2 by this point in the season? Or the Panthers would come back from a bad season and have a 7-3 record?

Nevertheless, Neal and the Falcons have been doing good with their 6-4 record this season. The sophomore is not only doing well on the field, where he has already forced a couple of fumbles this year, but also in the dating department, as he’s currently going out with Chelsey Tekavec.

13 Brandin Cooks (Briannon Lepman)

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Brandin Cooks is one of those rare receivers that teams have to take in the first round if they are available. This guy is so quick he can burn almost any cornerback in the NFL. Not only that, Cooks is such a deadly open field threat that safeties are always getting closer and closer to him if they even think there is a possibility he is getting separation from the cornerback. This guy is a monster, and the New England Patriots are probably very happy that they picked him up this offseason.

So far, Cooks has managed to fit in beautifully as Tom Brady's deep target. His longest reception the season was a 64-yard gain. He is still adapting to New England, but once he and Tom Brady get on the same page, we don’t know how high this guy can go. Dating wise, he’s doing pretty well. Just check out his girlfriend, Briannon Lepman.

12 Blake Bortles (ex, Lindsey Duke)

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Blake Bortles is still just 25 years old, but we can easily say that the best things about his career are all in the past. Usually, when a quarterback is thrown into the rotation as a starter during his rookie campaign, he can either make it or break it. Bortles is one of those guys who showed promise but still wasn’t good enough. His second season was fantastic if you compare it to any other season by a Jacksonville Jaguars’ quarterback in recent memory. However, it has all been downhill since then. We almost feel bad for Bortles because his team is terrible, and everyone knows it, but he is not very good either.

What makes it even worse is that it doesn’t seem like he’s doing too well in the dating department either, as we cannot even find rumors about him dating anyone. But we would be negligent if we didn’t show you a picture of his ex-girlfriend, Lindsey Duke.

11 Amari Cooper (Destiny Jones)

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The Oakland Raiders were supposed to be the surprise team of the year. They had a good season last time around, but 2017 was supposed to be when they became great. They had everything going for them before the start of the season. Their quarterback was evolving just like they had predicted, and they had one star receiver who could compete with any corner in the league. That man was Amari Cooper.

As you all definitely know, things haven’t panned out so great for the Raiders. Yes, they are still in contention, but their offense has been an extreme disappointment. On the other hand, the one field in which Amari Cooper did not disappoint so far is the dating pool. According to a few sources, the 23-year-old former Alabama star is dating the beautiful Destiny Jones.

10 Derek Carr (Heather Carr)

We brought Amari Cooper up to tell you a little bit about the struggling season the Oakland Raiders are having while everyone expected them to be above average this year. However, while Cooper might not be performing as well as people thought he would, another guy who also deserves a good deal of the blame is quarterback Derek Carr.

Carr is a two-time Pro-Bowler who has been in the league for four years now. Those are pretty big numbers to live up to. Still, while many teams would dream of their quarterbacks having his numbers, Carr is still not up to his own standards. So far, he has thrown for more than 2100 yards, scoring 14 touchdowns and given away eight interceptions. Great numbers, but not when you compare them to his 28 touchdowns and six interceptions last year.

Still, we bet he feels okay when he comes home to see his beautiful wife, Heather.

9 Ha Ha Clinton-Dix (Bria Moody)

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Not only does this guy have one of the best names in the NFL, but Ha Ha Clinton-Dix might also just be one of the best free safeties we have in the game today. The Green Bay Packers are terrible without Aaron Rogers, but somehow their defense can still put up some good numbers every now and then. Most of the success of their secondary has to do with how much this 24-year-old Alabama graduate has evolved during his four years with the team.

An unquestionable starter, Clinton-Dix is the kind of safety most quarterbacks fear throwing the ball against. This guy is a ball hawk, and he already has two interceptions, as well as four pass deflections this year. As for his girlfriend, we can say that Bria Moody was quite a good pick by Green Bay’s favorite ball hawk.

8 Carson Wentz (Melissa Uhrich)

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So far we have spent a lot of time talking about players from struggling teams, so why not change gears a little bit and talk about the quarterback of the best team in the NFL right now. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, as one would expect, Carson Wentz has a scorching girlfriend. This guy is only in his second season in the NFL, and he could very well already be a part of the MVP conversation. Maybe he will even win the award.

In 2017, Wentz has led the Eagles to an almost perfect record. Even though he's only a second year QB and he's coming from a small school in North Dakota State, he's quickly acclimated to the NFL game and looks to be a favorite to win the 2017 NFL MVP award.  Plus, he is a good guy who still dates his high school sweetheart, Melissa Uhrich.

7 Odell Beckham Jr. (Polyxeni Ferfeli)

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You know you are special when people already consider you the best at what you do at just 24 years old. That is the life of a guy like Odell Beckham Jr. This kid is simply special. There is no other easy way of describing him and what he does on the football field. He only played four games for the New York Giants this season before getting injured, but even though his team was terrible, he still had some good outings and finished the season with three touchdowns.

To be honest, we really do think that Odell deserves to play in a better team than the Giants. Do you want proof of how special this guy could be on another team? He has been doing what he has done with Eli Manning as his quarterback.

One thing about his New York Life he wouldn’t want to change is his girlfriend, Polyxeni Ferfeli.

6 Dak Prescott (Yasmine Nicole Lee)

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If Odell Beckham Jr. was the undisputed number one young gun in the wide receiver category, there are a few guys who could fill in the role at the quarterback spot. We talked about Carson Wentz, who might be running for MVP this year, but the first guy out of this generation of new quarterbacks to excel in the eyes of the world was the Dallas Cowboys’ Dak Prescott.

While everyone was working on their game last year, Prescott had a rookie campaign that would rival most NFL greats. The guy led the Cowboys to a 13-3 record. Prescott threw for more than 3,600 yards, scored 23 touchdowns and only had four interceptions. That is crazy. To make it even worse for normal people, not only is this guy great on the football field, but he also has an amazing girlfriend in Yasmine Nicole Lee.

5 Chris Conley (Brianna Stade)

•Monday• thanks for coming to cheer me on🤗

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OBJ might be in a league of his own, but there are other good young receivers out there who also have incredible girlfriends to boast about. One of these guys is Kansas City Chiefs’ wide receiver, Chris Conley. This 25-year-old from Georgia has been slowly making his way into the league and has finally become a starter for the Chiefs. Or at least he was until he got injured and ruptured his Achilles tendon earlier in the season.

Nevertheless, Conley can still enjoy the good things in life. One of them is going with the team to Atlanta to visit his girlfriend, who is a Falcons cheerleader, believe it or not. We don’t know who she is going to cheer on when he returns and has to play the Falcons at some point, but we are sure they can work things out.

4 Albert Wilson (Dawn Woodruff)

Ooooowe 😘😍 !!

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No one has any doubt that the quarterbacks are the players who get the most attention from fans and probably groupies. But it turns out the wide receivers have been making a solid case for being the young group of players with the hottest girlfriends. We have already named a few, but here is another one for you to add to the list. Albert Wilson has been playing a solid role in the ascension of the Kansas City Chiefs this season. The guy has a catch percentage of more than 77 percent and has scored a pair of touchdowns.

Off the field, he has also scored a touchdown in the dating department. As he is thrilled to boast about on his Instagram, the young 25-year-old receiver is dating Dawn Woodruff.

3 Brett Hundley (Dawnielle Baucham)

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There are a lot of tough jobs in the NFL. But we have to agree that none of them has to be as hard as replacing Aaron Rodgers. The guy is simply the best quarterback in football today, according to most analysts. So how good could a third-year player who's barely ever seen NFL game action be at replacing Rodgers? The answer is not very good.

Everyone has to agree that the Packers are not that good of a team offensively without their star QB. And their deficiencies have been showing more and more since Rodgers got injured and Hundley had to take the helm. Hundley has shown some promising signs for the future, but the Packers' season has slipped away from them. Well, at least Hundley has a beautiful wife in Dawnielle Baucham.

2 Chris Wormley (Alexis Dings)

Time to give the rookie a cookie because he is doing well both on the gridiron and outside of it. A 24-year-old rookie out of Michigan, Chris Wormley has slowly wiggled his way into the Baltimore defense and even made a couple of starts this year. He only has five tackles to his name, but that is not all that bad for a rookie in a team that is hovering around .500 like the Ravens.

And who knows, if he keeps developing at the pace he has been growing, it won’t be long until this guy is a sure feature in that Baltimore defense. Relationship wise, he is also doing pretty well and seems to have just gotten engaged to his girlfriend Alexis Dings. The two of them are quite entertaining in their Instagram pictures.

1 Mike Evans (Ashli Evans)

We said that the receivers were killing it on this list, so what better way to end it on a high note than to finish talking about a 6’5” star receiver who plays in Tampa? Yes, we are talking about Mike Evans. This might be a little bit controversial, but despite his team’s struggles, Evans has been a consistent performer for the Bucs ever since he arrived in 2014. In case you don’t remember, before he came to the NFL, Evans was part of one of the deadliest one-two punch combos the NCAA had seen in a while as he paired up with Johnny Manziel at Texas A&M.

While many people thought that Manziel would be the best prospect, it turns out that Mike is the one making millions in the NFL. Luckily, he has someone to share all that wealth with, his wife, Ashli.

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