10 Golf Gadgets That Can Actually Improve A Player's Game And 10 That Are Just A Waste Of Money

Golfers are meticulous about their game. You’ll very rarely find golfers who go out on the course just to have a bit of fun. Sure, it makes for a good day out. But you want to conquer the course, the hole before you, in a few shots as possible. That’s the aim of the game and that’s what most golfers strive to accomplish. Because of this, golf can be mightily infuriating. There are plenty of tear-your-hair-out moments. But it’s also rewarding. Play a great shot, make par or better on a tough hole, and you’ll be leaping for joy as if you’ve just won a Major.

Golfers are meticulous and are very often obsessive about their games. For some, improving their handicap is all they can think about. They buy things such as roll out putting greens for the home and the office. They engage in a little putting practice during their break times. Any spare moment they get, they’re watching the pros or are practicing themselves.

Over the years golf has gotten more high-tech. There’s an assortment of gadgets on the market, catering to golfing fanatics. They can all help improve a person’s game. Well, they claim to. Some are nothing more than gimmicks. They may look nice, the concept may be sound, but are they really going to get you putting like Tiger Woods, improve your drive to the standard of Phil Mickelson? Ok, that may be overstating things a bit. No gadget’s going to help you improve to that extent. But some really can help. Some are used by the pros themselves. But others, you can do without. Here are 10 golf gadgets that can actually improve a player’s game and 10 that are just a waste of money.

20 Improve: Trackman Device

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Trackman is a company that’s leading the way when it comes to golf gadgets. This technology basically tracks everything that the golf club does. From the swing, to the contact, and your follow through, Trackman allows you to see and analyze it all.

You’ll be able to assess the spin rate, launch angle, the curvature of your shot, power, and many other aspects of your stroke.

It can also track ball flight and landing. Many pros use this for putting purposes. It allows you to see the role of the ball, from putt, across the green and into the hole.

19 Waste: Swing Training Device

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There are numerous gadgets out there to improve your swing – or at least claim to improve your swing. There are some good ones on the market. If you want to get all technical and analytical with your game, there are devices which you can attach to your clubs, sync it up with your laptop, and be able to see the data, track your swing. But, these are mightily expensive, and unless you’re able to analyze the data and make effective changes, they’re a waste of money. There are also simpler gadgets, swinging aids that you can easily attach to the shaft of your club. These can improve your alignment, swing plan and your follow through.

18 Improve: Pocket Bunker

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Don’t get the wrong idea. This isn’t something you can fold up and put in your bag, it’s not something with artificial sand or anything like that. That could be a real mess. This is easier, cleaner, and far more effective. It looks like a tee. But with the design of its legs, the depth of the ball in the hole, it simulates bunker play superbly. You’ll be able to practice your bunker shots anywhere you go. Just take the legs out of the bunker, practice hitting the ball at certain angles, and the dreaded bunker will no longer be the stuff of nightmares.

17 Waste: Dancin’ Dogg Shot Making Simulator

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This is a pretty pricy piece of kit. Go to most pro golf shots and you’ll be able to find the most professional version on the market. These costs tens of thousands of dollars. This Dancin' Dogg Shot Making Simulator is available at a fraction of the price. But is it worth it? It hasn’t gotten the greatest of reviews.

The simulator is all about analyzing your game. It’s about swing analysis, and can give you data about your shot, spin, accuracy, distance and whatnot.

It can also be used in conjunction with various golf games. But you need to be pretty into your tech just to be able to hook this up and get it started. For the price, it’s not really accessible to many either.

16 Improve: Rangefinder

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If you’re playing some rounds of golf on your own and don’t have a spotter, or perhaps you don’t trust the spotter’s eye, then a rangefinder is a really neat bit of kit. Most golf rangefinders are split-image range finders. This means they can measure the distance to the ball, split up the distance in different parts. Most also have lasers, to make measuring distances extremely accurate, helping you with your club and shot selection. They’re small and sophisticated, and even in tournament play, most are legal to use. It’ll help you judge and learn your distances on the golf course.

15 Waste: Alignment Sticks

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Okay, so if you purchase alignment sticks, you’re not going to be wasting much money. But whatever amount you fork out for them, it’s going to be a waste all the same. There are those who use alignment sticks to help ensure they have the right stance. They can also help people direct their aim. Some are quite stylishly designed. But at the end of the day, they’re just sticks. Find a couple of straight sticks on the course and use them instead. What most people prefer, is to use their golf clubs to help set up their stance. There really is no need to actually buy alignment sticks.

14 Improve: Birdieball Putting Green

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The Birdieball Putting Green isn’t simply a rollout portable putting green. It’s much more than that. The aim of this green is to provide the golfer with an authentic experience when they’re working on their short game. It replicates the touch, feel and roll of natural grass, and it plays like natural grass too.

There are different sizes, different angles and gradients, and most greens have multiple holes so you’re practicing different putts.

This state of the art putting green will certainly improve your putting skills and you’ll be able to translate this into success, knock some strokes off your score when out on the golf course.

13 Waste: Groove Sharpener

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All you golf aficionados out there will know the importance of keeping your clubs in good condition. They require regular cleaning and maintenance if you want them to play their best. You don’t have to be excessive with this. Each time you go out on the course, just give them a little clean. Some choose to do this with a groove sharpener. You’ve probably seen people using this gadget out on the golf course. If you want to keep your club groove in good condition, use what you have already. There’s no need to buy this blade-like piece of kit. Use a golf tee to scrape the grooves. It’ll have the same effect.

12 Improve: Indoor Golf Ball Simulator Impact Display Projection Screen

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Just from the rather long name, you can probably tell that this is one fancy bit of a kit. You can probably anticipate that it’s going to be quite expensive too. Actually, these simulator impact screens are less than $200. They’re perfect for indoor use, and provide the golfer with an immersive experience. This really is the ultimate in golfing technology. Hit balls like you would out on the course, and the simulator will be able to withstand the impact and accurately show you where your ball has ended up. This piece of kit really is a must-have for all golfing fanatics, or those just looking to improve their game.

11 Waste: Ballfinder Scout

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This is a golf ball tracking system. If you don’t have a spotter or have lost sight of your ball, this piece of kit will help you find it.

It was, once upon a time, regarded to be a decent gadget.

But nowadays, there are far more advanced gadgets on the market. Things like rangefinders and ball trackers will do the job, and they’ll be able to do so for more accurately too, in addition to performing other tasks. It uses digital imaging and tracking technology, but as just mentioned, there are more advanced gadgets on the market. It presented a breakthrough but now it’s old news.

10 Improve: Hitting Net

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A hitting net is just as it sounds. It is essentially, just a net. But it can massively improve your game. You can take it anywhere and practice your drives and long shots, smacking the ball into the net without fear. Golf hitting nets are sturdy and absorb the power of your shot. They’re well secured to the ground and are easy to assemble. These nets are available at varying prices. Some nets cost in excess of $1K. But do your homework and you can also get yourself a hitting net for under $100. One of these spacious nets will be a great edition to your garden.

9 Waste: Laser Putting Trainer

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Nowadays there are all sorts of gadgets available to help your short game. Sure, there are things that are beneficial, that can actually help. But the best way to improve your putting is to actually putt on different greens, get a feel of the green. A laser putting trainer will help you to an extent. You can attach it to any putter to make sure you’re aligned, are playing the shot you want. But these putters don’t help with angles, they don’t help with force. Unless you’re going for straight putts each and every time, you’re going to need a different gadget.

8 Improve: Swing Coach Club

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Some of you may scoff at this gadget. But it’s one that can have a positive impact on your game. This swing coach club is especially geared towards newcomers.

It’s the perfect gadget to help someone get a feel for their drive, and get everything in order, before they pick up their actual driver and hit the links.

It’s about developing that all-important swing, learning and practicing the importance of a smooth pickup, a smooth acceleration, and then the perfect follow through. Initially, the impact of the club hitting the ball could be a distraction. This aid eliminates that distraction.

7 Waste: Golf Hook Talking Swing Meter

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Go onto golf forums and product review sites, and you’ll realize that there aren’t a lot of people raving about this gadget. A lot of people feel rather strongly about this gadget, that it’s a bit of a gimmick and doesn’t really do anything to improve a player’s game. In fact, it can have the opposite effect. The talking swing meter attaches onto your driver. When you hit your shot, the swing meter essentially gives you feedback about how awful your shot was. As far as improving your game, it’s a no no. There’s one thing it can do and that’s crushing your confidence.

6 Improve: Golf 3D Swing Analyzer

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Here’s another gadget for improving your swing. You’ll all know the importance of the swing. Forget talking devices and lasers. A golf 3D Swing Analyzer is the product you want. This gadget can be truly beneficial to you in terms of enhancing your swing.

It provides proper analysis, and doesn’t just give you crushing comments or irrelevant bits of advice.

It’s the best gadget on the market when it comes to providing 3D swing analysis. Just take a few swings and then let the analyzer do the rest, providing you with constructive feedback and tips to help you improve your long game.

5 Waste: Golf Grip Training Aids

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These training aids are essentially to help you grip your clubs perfectly. You can use these grips on any clubs. As golfers know, how you grip the club is vitally important when it comes to the outcome of your shot. You need to start things off correctly, get your hands in the right position. It works on the premise of muscle memory. Play your shots by putting your hands in a certain position enough times, and it’ll feel natural, you’ll get used to it. But you can do that simply by practicing your game again and again. Go to a driving range and practice your long game, all the while focusing on your hand position. That’ll have the same effect. After all, practice makes perfect.

4 Improve: Garmin Approach S4 Watch

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This is the ultimate gadget for any golf enthusiast. It’s a smart watch of the highest order, one that every golfer needs. It has an easy graphical user interface from which you can track your shots, measure your distances and locations, and keep a record of your scores. You can also get some form of guidance on certain courses and analysis. It automatically updates new layouts on selected courses for free.

The watch gives you smart notifications and general activity tracking. There are different watches, all with different updates and features. But for golfers, you’ve got to get this on your wrist.

3 Waste: Tailormade Clubs

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You often see this in a lot of sports, with a lot of professionals. If they mishit a shot, they look down at the tools in their hands and admonish them. It can’t possibly be the player’s fault, it’s got to be their racket, bat or club that’s let them down. You can’t get away with doing this.

It’s better for you to try and master your game using the standard clubs.

You don’t need to shell out for anything special. As experts will testify, it’s the player that makes the shot, not the clubs. As soon as you realize this, the blame game can stop. You can take account of your own game.

2 Improve: PowaKaddy Electric Trolley

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What does this do? It’s pretty much self-explanatory. Some of you might be rolling your eyes because of the fact that this gadget is in this section of the list, but hear me out. It’s just a really cool piece of kit. It’s going to make you look like the real deal when out on the golf course. In a way, it will help you improve your game too. You can focus on your next shot, keep an eye on the ball and then get on the move right away. You don’t need to be preoccupied with lugging your clubs around the golf course. You'll likely have a lot more energy when you get to the later holes.

1 Waste: Rollout Putting Mats

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Nowadays, you can get portable putting mats for a pretty cheap price. Of course, it largely depends on the size of the putting mat. But think about it for a second. While initially a putting mat could help to improve your game, what’s it going to do after you use it a few times. Sure, you’re going to master putting on that green, on that one hole. But how is that going to help your overall game? Unless you play a green exactly like your rollout putting mat, it’s not really going to test your short game. There are other mats available which are more high-tech, which will give you feedback and analysis.

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