10 Hottest NHL WAGs And The 10 Hottest Daughters

This week is truly the "hot time" for hockey, both in terms of the weather warming up and the Stanley Cup playoffs kicking off. Correspondingly, the better halves of many players--whether they be bound for the postseason or an early vacation on a tropical beach--are hotter than ever--both literally and figuratively! The TV reality series “Hockey Wives,” featuring some of the fine females that grace our particular list, will be entering its third season on the Canadian W Network with the premiere coming April 19. As we delve deeper into the 21st century, it seems that the sexy spouses of pro pucksters are gaining considerable fame and recognition in their own right, an obvious reflection of our celebrity-driven culture. That’s not to say the stories behind these hockey wives and their bonds with their hockey husbands are shallow sensationalism; on the contrary, many are heartfelt--and sometimes heart-wrenching--tales of love and marriage.

Let’s face facts--hockey players are athletic, successful, reasonably famous and well-off to wealthy, so they understandably attract some of the finest women the world has to offer, as we just witnessed from the previous list. And from the amazing array of NHL wives, it’s easy to recognize that many offspring of NHL players and their blushing brides would reflect the beauty of the mothers--and occasionally the fathers, but let’s be honest--mostly the mothers. And seeing as younger lives tend to have less emotional scars and experiential baggage, there’s simply more optimism and purely good times associated with the stories behind these young ladies. But that’s more than okay--because if you can’t have fun when you’re a beautiful young daughter of a pro hockey player, then really, what’s the point of life?

With all that in mind, here then are the 10 hottest hockey WAGs and 10 hottest daughters.



Listing this blonde bombshell entry’s full name might take up most of the profile space, but here goes--Barbara Jean “Barbie” Blank-Souray. She picked up that last name when she married ex-NHL defender Sheldon Souray in February 2016 as reported by Eonline. Of course,some Sportster readers may also know Barbie by her wrestling ring moniker of “Kelly Kelly”, where she was perfectly built for the archetypal role of the “exhibitionist” as noted by Bleacher Report. She is a one-time WWE Divas champion, securing the title in 2011. As recently as February, TMZ praised Blank’s “ring ready insane bikini bod” while she was enjoying vacay in South Beach with husband Sheldon, who totaled an even 300 points in a 13-year career for five teams.


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Claude Vilgrain only scored 21 goals in 89 career games for three NHL teams, but he stands alone in NHL lore as being the only Haitian-born player. But Vilgrain’s distinction is not the reason we included his beautiful daughter Cassandra, one of several female athletes to grace this list. As profiled by the Color of Hockey in 2014, Cassandra was playing forward for the University of New Hampshire’s women’s hockey team. In just 32 games for the Wildcats, Cassandra proved she’s a balanced offensive threat, tallying 9 goals and racking up 8 assists. Not that she’s merely a jock, as Cassandra’s luxuriant Haitian skin and thick, rich hair are just two of her many irresistible features. While Vilgrain isn't well remembered by many fans, you won't forget his daughter now.


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Married to the “Great One”--all-time NHL scoring leader Gretzky--since 1988, Janet Jones is pretty damn good herself. Even today at age 56, she still looks enticing enough to put many younger hockey WAGs to shame, and that’s the reason “Mrs. Gretzky” still warrants inclusion on such a list, not by virtue of “legacy status.” Hello Magazine in May 2015 dubbed Jones--then 54--“hottest grandma” when she was snapped sunning her taut bod and shapely stems in a sexy black two-piece bikini. JJ is a granny due to her daughter Paulina--who may just be making an appearance on the list accompanying this one--giving birth to her own son Tatum in January 2015.  As for Janet, she’ll head into her golden years happily married and hot as ever.


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Beyond scoring 692 goals and dishing out 1,063 assists during his NHL career with the Detroit Red Wings from 1983 to 2006 that resulted in Hall of Fame induction in 2009, Steve Yzerman has also contributed to the “Hottie hall of fame” with daughter Isabella. While Yzerman is now the general manager of the Tampa Bay Lightning, his wife and children reside in Michigan, where Isabella was a star athlete at Ann Arbor on the collegiate lacrosse team beginning in 2013. Isabella sports a fresh face look with the tight body of an athlete, that always remains feminine. “Bella” also landed her membership in the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, as noted by UMich. It's good to see a daughter of a hockey legend doing so well.


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Montreal Canadiens all-star goaltender Carey Price is noted for his aggressive net-minding style--and wife Angela is no pushover herself! As reported by CBC, in late October 2015 Price refused to kowtow to the media that exploited the Prices by leaking news of her pregnancy, preventing the couple from privately surprising family and friends with the news they were expecting their first child by late April 2016. So Carey’s blonde and beautiful wife took to her personal website By Angela Price to take on the leakers. She has since removed the rant--though still stands by her words, as she explained on her site.

Mrs. Price certainly doesn’t mind showing off her legs, as evidenced on Instagram--though in her case, it should be rebranded as “Insta-Gam!” Angela and Carey--married since 2013--are an aforementioned “Hockey Wives” couple, featured on Season 2.


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Ms. Chelios was named a reporter for the Tampa Bay Lightning in 2016, in which she interviews the likes of superstar Steven Stamkos. As noted on the Lightning’s NHL.com website, Caley was raised outside of Chicago, growing up amidst suburban security while her dad Chris toiled for the Chicago Blackhawks. Ms. Chelios attended upper-crust private school Northwestern, where she ultimately earned a master’s degree in journalism, and combined with her fresh-faced good looks and hockey lineage from Pops, that all paved the way for Caley’s entry into TV sports broadcasting.

The big-haired blonde with a smile that could brighten the darkest hockey arena, Caley is another ex-college athlete on this list, competing in Big 10 lacrosse for the Wildcats. If she has her dad's genes, she might just play lacrosse forever.


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Ms. McGuire brings a considerable measure of fame herself to the union with the Blue Jackets’ center Dubinsky, who this season went over the 400-point mark for his 11-year career. For Brenna is not only a model babe standing 5-11, she’s also an athlete--having played for the Virginia women’s basketball team as a defensive whiz. Must be in the genes, for she’s the granddaughter of the late great Al McGuire, legendary title-winning college basketball coach--at Marquette in 1977--and familiar TV color commentator during NCAA “March Madness."

Perhaps that’s why the beautiful brunette Brenna retained the family name. As noted by Inside Weddings, it almost seems destined these two were to meet--considering they lived in the same Manhattan (NYC) building! Brenna and Brandon never bumped into each other in the lobby or elevator, but were introduced via mutual friends and soon discovered they were a lot closer than they realized. By 2012, the neighbors became newlyweds.


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One of hockey’s all-time greatest players who produced on the highest levels also produced a very pretty and smart daughter. Lauren was born during the 1993 playoffs per the which perhaps explains why Mario might have been slightly distracted as the two-time defending Stanley Cup Champion Pens fell to the Islanders in a major upset in the old-school Patrick Division Finals back when the NHL utilized that playoff format. With Lauren, you don’t just get beauty, you also get a self-starter with brains to spare. As reported by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in Dec 2014, Lauren was attending Babson College in Wellesley Massachusetts, a private business school that happens to be the most prestigious entrepreneurship college in the United States for 20 years running. That's quite an accomplishment for Lauren.


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The wholesome blonde Becky is the wife of Ryan Suter, currently enjoying another stellar season with a plus-35 rating as star defender for the Minnesota Wild. The Suters met in 2003 while both were students at the University of Wisconsin, then married in 2009, while Ryan was with the Nashville Predators. The Suters shared an intense emotional moment when hubby Ryan was in the midst of a pre-camp skate-around with his Wild teammates on the morning of September 9, 2014, and Becky had to pull him out of practice from the Braemar Arena rink in Edina, Minnesota. That was the day Ryan’s father Bob Suter, a member of the “Miracle on Ice” USA Olympic hockey gold-winning team of 1980, suffered a heart attack--also at a hockey rink--and passed away at the too-early age of 57, becoming the first player from that team to die.

On the positive side, the couple have their Ryan and Becky Suter Foundation, holding events like “Skate with the Greats” in September 2015.


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Reide is the darling daughter of Phil Housley, the hall-of-fame defender who played for eight NHL franchises playing from 1982 until 2003, spanning age 18 to 38, amassing 1232 career points. Reide also covers a lot of ground, as the classy blonde with the face of a model has legs that seemingly run from Minnesota to Florida (the two states she has real estate licenses in). Reide gets her house-closing skills from mom Karin Housley, who runs her own practice. In terms of being a professional, Reide is versatile like her dad; as noted on her Twitter page, she’s also a certified yoga instructor and a Lifestyle Solution Adviser, which we’re sure she’s great at, as soon as we figure out what that means.


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The beautiful Mrs. Booth underwent an adjustment period when she and husband David relocated to Russia in 2015, when David couldn't land a job with an NL team. The Booths left the NHL--and North America--after the left-winger departed the Toronto Maple Leafs following the 2014-15 season to play in the international Kontinental Hockey League with the far-flung Vladivostok Admirals, as depicted during season 2 of “Hockey Wives."  Ashley was part of the “Leafs’ Ladies”, as many Toronto players’ spouses were on the "Wives" cast that particular show cycle. Fortunately, the Siberian-influenced winters did not diminish Ashley’s lovely face or radiant smile that made her Miss Tennessee USA in 2011 when she was still Ashley Durham, before marrying David Booth in 2014.


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The blonde beauty just happens to be the baby girl of Igor Larionov, the hall-of-fame center who amassed 644 points in his 14-year career, most notably with Detroit. Off the ice, Igor gifted the world with not one but two devastating daughters. For this list we’re selecting the more developed Diana over sister Alyonka, although really, any guy would be lucky to be with either of the beautiful blonde Larionov ladies. In fact, in Vegas in summer 2014, you could have partied with both, as Diana and Alyonka got down in Sin City, displaying their sexy bodies in nightclub dresses as well as in bawdy bikinis. As for Igor, he now spends his days as a player-agent, while his daughter will most certainly will find a way to make a good living.


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Fans of Charlie Sheen’s TV show “Anger Management” will recognize Ms. DeWulf--born Noureen Ahmed--who portrayed the character of “Lacey” on the outrageous sex-fueled sitcom. The East Indian goddess with mesmerizing eyes and sensuous dark locks kept her surname from a previous marriage even after she married Vancouver Canucks’ goaltender Ryan Miller in 2011 when Miller was still minding the nets for the Buffalo Sabres. DeWulf can’t seem to help making headlines, like in December 2014 when she apparently posed for Playboy while pregnant.  The couple were featured in the first two seasons of “Hockey Wives.”  

In a March 2015 interview she did with the Toronto Sun, DeWulf opined the reason NHL players get married so young is because they like the stability marriage brings to their lives, as well as having a compressed sense of age--for hockey players, turning 30 is old.


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This daughter-daddy combo is more proof that the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. Just as Doug, the Chicago Blackhawks’ star for 14 seasons spanning three decades (1977-91) won the Norris Trophy as the NHL’s top defender for the 1981-82 season, Lacey was victorious as Miss Massachusetts in 2010. And from her pretty face, great body and long blonde hair, it’s easy to see why she won and went on to compete in the Miss USA Pageant that same year. Lacey is now married to “professional baseball player” Aaron Bates. And she and her father are still sharing parallel paths--just as Doug is currently general manager of the San Jose Sharks, Lacey is owner of LWBPR (get it, it’s Lacey’s initials plus “pr”), self-promoted as a “full-service boutique public relations agency.”


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Being comfortably married surely enhances husband Patrice’s concentration, as the Boston Bruin center is an absolute master of winning the face-off. He also might be the most well-rounded hockey player in the NHL. Mrs. Bergeron is that rare alluring beauty indeed--face of an angel, body of a bikini model--so it’s easy to see why Patrice made sure he married her after the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals when Bergie’s Bruins went down to stunning defeat in Game 6 to the Chicago Blackhawks. As reported by Players Wives the Bergerons now have a home in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, located in central Quebec. At the NHL Awards in Las Vegas in 2014, even though Patrice won the Selke Award, Stephanie stole the show and media attention with her sexy style from head to toe.


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Even after Paulina was domesticated by bearing her aforementioned son Tatum--to pro golfer Dustin Johnson--the gorgeous Ms. Gretzky is still more than capable of generating sexy headlines. In June 2016, her skin-tight white bandage dress stole some of the spotlight from hubby Dustin winning the U.S. Open, as reported by Inside Edition. In her heyday as a “celebutante”, Paulina established herself as the world’s most famous hockey daughter--and arguably the most desirable daughter of any athlete--with her combination of stunning beauty, edgy wardrobe and playful persona, as compiled by Hollywood Life. You might not know that the daughter of Janet Jones and the “Great One” is also a singer, putting out a pop song in 2006 called “Collecting Dust”--perhaps an apt title, given its lack of success.


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Cosgrove is the captivating wife of Washington Capitals’ center T.J. Oshie, who’s having a fine 2016-17 season for the high flying Caps, with 56 points and a current rating of plus-27. The pair got married in July 2015, and as the vivacious Lauren detailed, even major milestones in their personal lives take place within the context of hockey reality. For example, T.J. proposed to Lauren before he had a skate-around, and they had a summer wedding in Minnesota due to the constraints of the hockey season, as the Blues were a legitimate threat to go deep into the playoffs after amassing 109 points in the 2014-15 regular season--until being upset in the first round by the Wild. This goes to show Lauren has great patience to go along with her face that’s easy on the eyes and a rock-hard bod.


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The scintillating Scorupco is the daughter of Bond girl Izabella Scorupco, who in 1995’s GoldenEye played the character of the gorgeous heroine Natalya Simonova. In the 21st century, it’s Izabella’s daughter Julia who is all grown up and adding even more beauty to this planet. Julia’s NHL father, Mariusz Czerkawski, dubbed the “Polish Prince,”, holds the distinction of being the first Polish-born player to be named an All-Star, as the right-winger played in the year 2000 edition of the mid-season exhibition. Unfortunately, his NHL career began to dwindle in the early 2000s before heading overseas.

Julia’s full sensuous lips and long brown hair you could get lost in for days guaranteed her high placement on this list, as her Instagram page proves with each new post.


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Where did you go on your honeymoon? Some Hawaiian island stuffed with other tourists? That’s nice. In the summer of 2016, Lauren Anaka and Vancouver Canucks defender Luca Sbisa went on an African safari and climbed Mt Kilimanjaro as newlyweds. You can hardly blame Sbisa from wanting to climb to the highest mountaintop in Africa to show off the once-in-a-world beauty of his new wife. Anaka hails from Ladner, British Columbia, but seems more like a Sanskrit enchantress than just another Canadian NHL wife with her distinct reddish-brown skin tone, black tresses and radiant eyes, as highlighted in her appearance in the 2014 "Lady Ducks" fashion show. Per the Vancouver Sun, the couple met during the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics and married six years later.


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This blonde babe attends--no surprise--the University of Arizona, where she is a member of Delta Gamma sorority. Ms. Hull's enticing Instagram page features a series of salacious photos of her frolicking on various beaches, wearing the skimpiest of bikinis and the sexiest of tans. Crosby comes from an incredible hockey lineage, as her dad Brett and grandfather Bobby are the only father-son combo to each have accumulated 1,000 career points in NHL history. As for Crosby, right now, she does what gorgeous young girls--and daughters of ex-star hockey players--do best, having a good time all the time.

Her VSCO site--where she goes by the handle “crosss”--certainly attests to that. One prime example--this past April 3, Crosby posted an instantly classic photo of herself on social media, blonde hair waving in the wind, smiling for all the world to see.

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