10 NHL Players Who Live Large (And 5 Who Are Counting Their Pennies)

Many NHL players are enjoying their heavy contracts to the fullest, but some are more frugal with their money.

Although NHL players technically make the least money on average out of the four major sport leagues in America, they still are fortunate enough make, at a minimum, at least one million dollars per season. That alone gives these players great financial security and far more than what most normal workers are able to make. Due to the gruelling schedule and immense entertainment that hockey players give to us fans, it is easy to understand how they are able to make the amount of money they do. Also, making the NHL is such a rarity that the best of the game deserve good money.

With all of this said, in this article we will be looking at ten hockey players who use their money to live life to the fullest and five others who are far more conservative with their cash. It is quite interesting to look into the personal lives of these players because of the vast differences in the way they spend money. Some players focus on buying the best and most expensive houses they can find, while others like to spend their money on the party life. Needless to say, this article could surprise you in more ways than one.

Let’s take a look at 10 NHL Players Who Live Large (And 5 Who Are Counting Their Pennies)!

15 Living Large: Alex Ovechkin


Alex Ovechkin is by far the best pure goal scorer of this generation and easily will be a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame when he retires. Ovechkin has consistently been at the top of the league in goals and when he has a down season, he at least puts up 30. Although he still has yet to win a Stanley Cup, there is no denying his immense talent.

Ovechkin definitely is a player who lives life to the fullest based on what we have seen through his personal life. A few years ago, Ovechkin spent over four million dollars on his current Virginia home. That home is worth more money than many NHL players salaries. Also, he recently had a huge party for the one year anniversary of his wedding and it was extremely fancy. It is easy to see that Ovechkin is not afraid to throw away his cash.

14 Living Large: Tyler Seguin


Tyler Seguin has officially grown into one of the top talents in the NHL since becoming a member of the Dallas Stars and there are no signs that it will change anytime soon. Seguin easily has one of the best wrist shots in the NHL and that is the main reason why he is putting up spectacular numbers. It is the main reason why Seguin is now a very wealthy man.

Like Patrick Kane, Tyler Seguin has been deemed a huge partier and that ultimately is what led him to be traded by the Boston Bruins back in the 2013 offseason. Since signing his huge extension with the team, Seguin has been seen publicly spending his money on his huge penthouse in Dallas and many other luxurious items. Seguin is an individual who definitely knows how to live.

13 Counting Pennies: Phil Kessel


Phil Kessel dealt with some much criticism during his tenure with the Toronto Maple Leafs and the majority was not necessary. Kessel was consistently the best player on the Maple Leafs when he was there and did not receive the respect that he deserved. It is great to see that he has been able to win two Stanley Cups in a row with the Penguins and reverse everything that was said about him.

Yet, with all that has happened in his NHl career, it is apparent that Kessel is a player who does not enjoy the limelight. Kessel absolutely hated the media’s presence during his tenure in Toronto, so he tried to live a fairly normal live outside of hockey. Also, looking at the way he celebrated his day with the Stanley Cup, it is clear he is a man who simply enjoys spending his money on hot dogs instead of fancy products.

12 Live Large: Ryan Miller


Ryan Miller is in the downswing of his NHL career and should always be remembered during his prime. As a member of the Buffalo Sabres, Miller consistently made a weak team have moderate success because of his stellar play. Although Miller’s game has dropped off a little since his tenure there, he still is a quality goalie and deserves to be in the league.

As a free agent this offseason, Miller decided to sign with the Anaheim Ducks to be the backup for John Gibson. Miller moved to California because he is married to actress Noureen DeWulf. With that, it is easy to comprehend that Miller is spending his money pretty often, even if it is not necessarily by choice. I mean, he is married to a Hollywood actress.

11 Living Large: Evander Kane


Evander Kane has had a lot of ups and downs during his NHL career, but he is a very good hockey player. Most of the issues that Kane has had in the NHL are due to his off ice behaviour. He has always been a solid player when it comes to his statistics, but it is apparent that he could do so much more in the league if he could just stay out of trouble.

It is well known that Kane is a person who loves to party off the ice and this has been an issue since the beginning of his NHL career. Kane has been caught numerous times the night before a game drinking and spending his money in large amounts. However, it became perfectly clear that Kane likes to display his money when he tweeted a picture of him holding a large sum of cash and using it as a phone to call out Floyd Mayweather.

10 Counting Their Pennies: Milan Lucic


Milan Lucic is a very talented power forward in the NHL and due to this, signed a seven year, $42 million dollar deal with the Edmonton Oilers during the 2016 offseason. Lucic has been a solid player for years, so the money definitely has added up from even before then. However, Lucic is fairly smart with his money and is not seen publicly flashing it around.

This could be because Lucic grew up in Western Canada with immigrant parents. Lucic appears to have a better understanding of hard work and stability because he has done a very good job at managing his salary. Also, Lucic faced extreme tragedy when his father unexpectedly took his own life back in 2015, so that very well could have also shaped his style of living.

9 Living Large: Dion Phaneuf


Like Phil Kessel, Dion Phaneuf went through a lot of terrible treatment during his stint with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Phaneuf was given unrealistic expectations when he was named as captain of the Leafs and it made it impossible for him to match them. Yet, Phaneuf has had a fairly solid NHL career and is currently enjoying his life far more as a member of the Ottawa Senators.

When looking at Phaneuf’s personal life, it is easy to understand that he is living the life of a champion. Phaneuf is currently married to beautiful actress Elisha Cuthbert. The two currently live in a very large home in New London and Phaneuf has basically made it into his own paradise. Needless to say, Phaneuf definitely deserves some happiness after how badly he was treated in Toronto.

8 Living Large: Patrick Kane


Patrick Kane is one of the best players in the NHL today and will go down as the greatest player from the United States of all time. Kane has led the Chicago Blackhawks to three Stanley Cups and easily could get them to win a few more by the time his career ends. Kane is still in his prime and the city of Chicago is quite lucky they have a star like him around.

Kane has an extremely hectic life off the ice since his career started. Kane is a well known drinker and easily has spent thousands on alcohol since his career started. Besides Kane’s party personality and drinking habits, he also has used his large salary to buy a mansion for himself. Kane is definitely a player who likes to live his life to the fullest with the assistance of his salary.

7 Count Their Pennies: Travis Hamonic


Travis Hamonic recently was traded to the Calgary Flames and that is spectacular news for them. Hamonic is a very solid defensive defenceman and Calgary desperately needed that as they are on the cusp of becoming true contenders. Hamonic was one of the main reasons why the New York Islanders had their success, and Calgary is hoping he can help them as well.

Looking at Hamonic’s personal life, he is a player who does not spend a lot of money at all. Hamonic grew up working on his family’s farm and that was his first experience with structure. As a result of this, Hamonic is an extremely hard worker who spends his time focusing more on the simple elements of life. His father’s tragic passing during Hamonic’s childhood also helped shaped him to be this way.

6 Living Large: Chris Neil


Chris Neil was one of the best enforcers of this generation of hockey players and will forever be loved by the fans of Ottawa. Neil spent the entirety of his career with the Senators and was an amazing leader in the dressing room. Not many players wanted to mess with him and it is easy to understand why because he was one of the toughest players to have ever played in the NHL.

Neil was not the smartest when it came to his financial decisions. A few years back, Neil decided to assist his brothers with a construction business and that hurt his salary immensely. Neil ended up falling into over two million dollars of debt from this decision and went bankrupt because of it. Luckily for him, he was able to pay it off and play in the NHL for a handful of extra seasons.

5 Living Large: Dany Heatley


For about a decade, Dany Heatley was one of the best players in the NHL and it is shocking to see how quickly he found himself out of the league. Nonetheless, Heatley’s accomplishments during his prime should be recognized. He hit the fifty goal plateau multiple times and was the face of the majority of franchises he played for. It is disappointing he could not win the Stanley Cup with Ottawa back in 2007.

Dany Heatley did not necessarily spend his money by choice, but he fell into a few rocky situations that can put him on this list. First, everyone remembers that he accidentally took the life of his former teammate Dan Snyder due to driving under the influence. That cost him a lot of money through legal fees. Heatley also was guided incorrectly by his agent, Stacey McAlpine, and lost a lot of money because of it.

4 Counting Their Pennies: Joffrey Lupul


Joffrey Lupul is currently on the long term injured reserve list, but overall he had a decent NHL career and it would be nice to see him back in the league. Lupul’s career has been riddled with injuries, but when he was healthy and at his best, Lupul was one of the better hockey players in the NHL. He did fairly well for the Leafs during their abysmal rebuilding years as well.

Due to the fact that the continuation of Lupul’s NHL career is in serious doubt, he is a player who definitely needs to be smart about how he is using his money. Lupul has not played in the NHL since the 2015-16 season and he is getting to be far older as well. Him being able to adapt to the NHL’s speed is incredibly unlikely, so it is easy to understand that he now has to be far more careful with his salary.

3 Living Large: Carey Price


Carey Price is the top goalie of this generation and as a result of this, the Montreal Canadiens gave him an eight year extension that will pay him over $10 million per season. This move was essential for the Habs to make, and they knew that if they let Price hit free agency that would set their franchise back for many years and ruin their chance of winning.

For a player to be seeking over $10 million per season, it is extremely easy to comprehend that he is someone who is living for fun. Although Price is not necessarily a person who is seen partying a lot, he does appear to have an amazing life with his wife, Angela. The two live together in their million dollar home and have a baby girl. That seems like truly wonderful for Price.

2 Living Large: P.K. Subban


P.K. Subban is deeply missed by the Montreal Canadiens and that is evident through their abysmal start this season. Subban was arguably the best skater on the Habs during his tenure there and when he was traded Montreal was in a frenzy. Since the trade, Subban has shown even more growth in his game and came very close to getting Nashville their first Stanley Cup in franchise history after one season with the club.

Besides his immense talent on the ice, Subban classifies as someone who absolutely enjoys life outside of hockey. First, have you ever noticed how remarkable Subban’s pregame suits are? The uniqueness and overall patterns of them makes it easy to comprehend that they are not cheap whatsoever. Besides his fashion sense, it is important to note that Subban also donated $10 million dollars to Montreal’s Children’s Hospital back in 2015. That donation alone shows that Subban lives large, but in the best way possible.

1 Counting Their Pennies: Jack Johnson


Although a bit under the radar at times, Jack Johnson is a very reliable defenseman for the Columbus Blue Jackets and a big reason behind their current success. Johnson has been through a lot of adversity due to two big trades during the beginning of his career, but he has turned it around and truly has become a solid top-4 defenseman in the NHL.

Financially, Johnson has been put in the worst situation of any athlete in this generation. After leaving his finances to his parents, Johnson had to file for bankruptcy because they spent millions of his dollars on an abundance of things, such as a new mansion and fancy car. Due to this, Johnson had to give up two year’s salary to pay off the immense debt that his parents left on him. Needless to say, he is someone who has to be very strict with his earnings for now on.

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10 NHL Players Who Live Large (And 5 Who Are Counting Their Pennies)