10 NHL Stars Who Foolishly Burn Money (And 5 Who Pinch Pennies)

NHL players are extremely lucky that they have the opportunity to make far more money than the average human being. Most players end up making at least $1 million per year and that is truly outstanding for them. With that amount of money, there is absolutely no reason for these to not spend it on items that they have always dreamed of owning. Due to this, many hockey players are extremely quick to spending their money and we are often given a glimpse of what they have gotten. Although it is fun to have a lot of money, it is also important to note that players can end up making huge financial mistakes that leave them with very little.

The players on this list are all active members of the NHL, so it is important to note that they still are receiving high amounts of cash today. The players on this list are all extremely talented players and rightfully so. These are the players that make the most money and it would be shocking if they did not spend their money. However, this list will also show others who do just the opposite. Some of the purchases that these athletes have made will truly shock you and make you wish that you were able to make it to the pros. Yet, that is sadly not the case for the majority of us so 9 to 5 jobs are our best options.

Nonetheless, let’s take a look at the ten big NHL spenders and five players who pinch their pennies!

15 Spender: Tyler Seguin

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Since joining the NHL back in 2010, Tyler Seguin has been one of the most talented offensive players in the game. The Boston Bruins shockingly and stupidly traded him when he was only 21 years old to the Dallas Stars and they regret it immensely. Seguin has grown into an even better player today and due to this, makes a lot of money per year.

Tyler Seguin is a player who lives his life to the fullest and that includes spending high amounts of cash. Seguin is huge on the party life scene and that is a major reason why Boston moved on from him. This party lifestyle has definitely made Seguin spend a lot of his money on alcohol andexpensive items. Yet, at the end of the day, it’s been worth it for him.

14 Spender: Ryan Getzlaf

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Ryan Getzlaf is the face of the Anaheim Ducks and has been for quite some time. Although he is getting older, he still has yet to lose a step and is the main reason why the Ducks are still a fairly good hockey club. His leadership and outstanding offensive production will always be remembered because he led the Ducks to their first ever Stanley Cup in 2007.

Off the ice, Ryan Getzlaf is not shy to reward himself for all the hard work that he puts in. Getzlaf has been known to spend his money on very nice sport cars and rightfully so. The guy has dedicated years to the NHL, so if he wants to spend his millions, I say let him. He has owned many Mercedes and Ferraris over the years.

13 Saver: Phil Kessel

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Phil Kessel is one of the top players on the Pittsburgh Penguins and trading for him has been an absolutely beneficial move. Kessel is one of the main reasons why the Penguins won back to back Stanley Cups this past season and that they are still contenders today. This is totally different than where Kessel was a few years ago when he was stuck in Toronto.

Phil Kessel has always been an under the radar type of guy who seems to enjoy the simpler sides of life. This is what ultimately made him despised by many members of the Toronto media because he was a player who seemed to like to have fun more than anything else. You are more likely to see Kessel spend money on food than expensive items and that is perfectly fine.

12 Spender: Patrick Kane

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Patrick Kane is arguably the main reason why the Chicago Blackhawks had such a strong dynasty during the early to mid 2010s. Although they are falling off a bit now, Kane is still one of the best players in the entire NHL and is dominating the league. Kane still has plenty of good years left in his prime as well, so Chicago is extremely lucky to have his services.

When it comes to life off the ice, Patrick Kane is someone who definitely is a big spender. A lot of his social life has been publicly documented through photos, so we have seen firsthand how wild he can be. Kane is a huge partier who spends a lot of his money on alcohol and that has even gotten him in trouble over the years. Nonetheless, he still is an absolute star.

11 Spender: Brad Marchand

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Brad Marchand is one of the top scorers in the NHL today and one of the main reasons why the Boston Bruins are having such a strong season this year. Although there are many issues with his discipline, he is clearly a legitimate superstar in this league and is worth all the money he is earning per season. The Bruins are extremely lucky to have him.

Back in 2011, Brad Marchand’s spending habits became clear to everyone when photos of him partying at multiple bars went viral. Marchand spent the summer after winning the Stanley Cup partying relentlessly and rightfully so. He helped the Bruins win their first cup in over thirty years and it was a spectacular sight. That summer alone showed us how willing Marchand is to spend money to have fun.

10 Saver: Gabriel Landeskog

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Gabriel Landeskog is having a great season this year and that is awesome to see because of how bad the Avalanche were as a whole just last year. Landeskog is clearly showing signs that he is confident again and due to this, the Avalanche are currently playoff contenders. It is fair to assume that literally no one expected that this season from them.

When it comes to spending, Gabriel Landeskog has specified that he is extremely careful with spending his money. Landeskog is an extremely wise individual because he recognizes that money is something can go away extremely quickly. Yet, Landeskog can probably afford to spend a bit more because he currently is making superstar type of cash.

9 Spender: P.K. Subban

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The Montreal Canadiens are absolutely stupid for trading away P.K. Subban because he still has many years left in his prime and is far better than the aging Shea Weber. Subban is currently one of the best players on the Nashville Predators and is having an absolutely wonderful year. There is no reason to believe that this will change anytime soon.

P.K. Subban is a very big spender in multiple ways. Anyone who has watched the Canadiens or Predators is quite aware of the magnificent suits the Subban owns and it is easy to believe that they are extremely expensive. Yet, what is most important to note is that Subban will always be remembered for donating $10 million to the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

8 Spender: Dan Hamhuis

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Dan Hamhuis is still a very effective NHL player and is doing quite well this season with the Dallas Stars. Although he is definitely out of his prime years, he still is good enough to hold a job in the NHL and should for a few more seasons. Hamhuis is a player who was always extremely underrated and excelled immensely during his stint with the Vancouver Canucks.

While in Vancouver, Dan Hamhuis and retired defenseman, Willie Mitchell, bought out an entire hotel in the area. They did this because they were huge fans of fishing and also grew up in the area. This alone shows the fact that Hamhuis is not afraid to spend big money on products that he will absolutely enjoy. In my opinion, he definitely deserves to.

7 Saver: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

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Ryan Nugent-Hopkins has had a pretty decent career with the struggling Edmonton Oilers because of his work ethic and strong defensive play. Over the years, Nugent-Hopkins has developed into one of the best players on the Oilers. Although he has been in the trade rumours, the Oilers should be very careful with parting ways with him.

When it comes to his life outside of hockey, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is incredibly careful with the way he spends his money. At a young age, Nugent-Hopkins learned the importance of saving money through his parents. Since then, he has been learned to spend his money of products that he absolutely needs, rather than spending frivolously.

6 Spender: Thomas Vanek

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Thomas Vanek is having a turnaround year this season with the Vancouver Canucks and is showing signs of the player he used to be during his prime years. Vanek is dominating because he is playing on a line with rookie sensation, Brock Boeser and the two have outstanding chemistry. This season will hopefully get Vanek another NHL contract this offseason.

When it comes to off the ice, Thomas Vanek has not been the smartest man with his spending habits. Although Vanek has made millions of dollars since joining the NHL, he has lost big chunks of it due to his gambling habits. There have been reports that he owed over $1 million dollars at one point and that truly shows how bad his spending habits are.

5 Spender: Carey Price

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Carey Price comes from a long line of spenders and rightfully so. His father was extremely wealthy and when Price was little, used to fly him to his hockey games and practices. Price lived in Anahim Lake so he was located very far away from everything so it makes sense. Yet, it is clear that the wealth was evident.

Since becoming a franchise goaltender for the Montreal Canadiens, Carey Price has lived an absolutely amazing life. This past offseason, he signed an eight year extension that is set to pay him $10.5 million per year. Now that he has a family, he is going to continue to spend that money to make their lives as perfect as possible. At the end of the day, he deserves it.

4 Saver: Travis Hamonic

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Travis Hamonic is one of the core defensemen on the Calgary Flames and his arrival has been nothing, but positive. Although the defender is not necessarily known for putting up high amounts of points, he is extremely effective on the backend because of his physicality and intelligence. He was worth the package to pick him and he cares immensely for the team.

Travis Hamonic is a player who is extremely careful with his money because he experienced extreme tragedy when his father passed away on their family farm. His father taught him how to be a mature man at a young age and that ultimately gave him his hard work ethic. So, because of the life and death of his father, Hamonic has always been extremely careful with his spending.

3 Spender: Alex Ovechkin

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Alex Ovechkin is the best natural goal scorer of this generation and very well could catch up to Gretzky’s goal record if he continues at this pace. Although the Washington Capitals have yet to win with him as their leader, that should not take away from the fact that he is a franchise player who any team would be lucky to have. He is easily the best Capital of all time.

Alex Ovechkin spends his money like a true superstar off the ice and in many different ways. This past year, Ovechkin had a huge wedding reception that cost thousands of dollars and it looked like an absolute blast. Like Getzlaf, Ovechkin also loves to collect cars and has even called it a passion of his. So just like his score totals, he likes to spend big.

2 Spender: Anze Kopitar

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Anze Kopitar has already had such a fantastic NHL career and it crazy to believe that he still has so many years left to go. Kopitar was a huge reason behind the Los Angeles Kings winning the Stanley Cup twice in the early 2010s. Kopitar is the best offensive player on the Kings and will most likely lead them to more glory before his time is up.

Off the ice, Anze Kopitar has adopted the California lifestyle and is a huge spender. Once Kopitar signed his long term extension with the Los Angeles Kings, he bought himself not one, but TWO beach houses. This easily can classify Kopitar as one of the league’s biggest spenders and he does it right. It is apparent that we all wish we could do that.

1 Saver: Jack Johnson

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This season has definitely been a down one for Jack Johnson, but that is only because the Columbus Blue Jackets have lowered his playing time down immensely. Due to this and his pending free agency, Johnson has requested a trade from the Blue Jackets so he can bolster his value again. This is a smart move by the veteran and should be respected.

Jack Johnson also will always be remembered for what happened to him financially off the ice. His own parents, who had control of his money, spent millions of it on expensive purchases and in return, left Johnson is serious debt. To pay off his debt, Johnson gave up two whole years of his salary. In total, Johnson owed over $10 million and it was all his parents’ fault.

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