10 Pictures Of Carrie Underwood That Would Drive Mike Fisher Crazy And 10 He Doesn't Mind Sharing

Carrie Underwood has come a long way. She grew up on a farm in Muskogee, Oklahoma before taking a huge risk and auditioning for the fourth season of American Idol. That risk paid off as she won Idol, and ultimately went on to launch a music career in country.

And launch a career she did! She is one of the most popular and successful country stars, constantly turning out hit after hit that tops the Billboard music charts. Carrie Underwood always come across as immensely likeable and genuine, which only helps her win over the fans.

Also helping her cause is that she just so happens to have natural beauty. She doesn’t need extensive cosmetic work to look beautiful. In fact, her beauty shines through even in pictures where she is wearing minimal makeup. Between her charm, likeability, and beauty, any guy would be lucky to win over the country superstar’s heart.

After dating for only a year, recently retired NHLer proposed to Carrie Underwood in December 2009. They would go on to get married and have a child together, born in 2015. They are constantly spotted out at events together, whether it be at hockey games, awards shows, or on family vacations. There is absolutely no question that Mike Fisher is a very lucky guy!

Maybe it’s because she’s a country star who is a devout Christian, but there aren’t exactly a boatload of steamy photos of Underwood out there. However, there are still a number of pictures that available on the Internet that would just drive Mike Fisher crazy! We have found ten pictures of Carrie Underwood that the former NHLer wished would just stay hidden, and another ten that he wouldn’t mind sharing at all.


Let’s start it off with a photo of Carrie Underwood in a nice bikini by a lake. It’s pretty obvious why Underwood received 461 thousand ‘likes’ for this photo. She has always had a large, and loyal, fan following, and posting photos like this will probably help her attract more attention from those who like seeing photos like this from her on social media (Hint: Mike Fisher is not one of them).

Fun Fact: Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher have always been supportive of each other and their careers. When he was still playing, Underwood was regularly spotted attending games at Bridgestone Arena to support her husband. Likewise, Fisher is almost always in attendance at various events and awards shows in support of his wife.


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Mike Fisher probably wouldn’t mind sharing this photo of Carrie Underwood. She looks amazing in this dress, which she wore during her impressive performance during the series finale of American Idol in 2016. She blew the audience away with her song, Something In The Water. Returning to the place where she got her big break and blowing them away vocally must make Fisher proud.

Fun Fact: Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher met backstage at one of her concerts. Her bassist, Mark Childer, convinced Underwood to meet Fisher, and the rest was history. In an interview with People Magazine, Underwood recalled that she initially thought he was “hot, hot, hot”, and decided to see where things went with him when Fisher reciprocated interest.


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Now that you’ve made it this far, we thought it was time to reward you with another stunning photo of Carrie Underwood in a bikini. This time around, Carrie flaunted her toned beach body while relaxing at The Cove Hotel, in the Bahamas. She was not on vacation, mind you, as this photo was snapped before Carrie left to perform a concert that night. She always looks good, but seeing her in a bikini is even better.

Fun Fact: Religious beliefs are very important to Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood. Compatible beliefs played a role in whether or not their relationship would work (fortunately they are both on the same page spiritually). Underwood is a devout Christian, as is Fisher. Due to her beliefs, Underwood remained abstinent until marriage, but is also a supporter of the same-sex movement.


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This simple yet elegant photo of Carrie Underwood is one that Mike would not mind sharing at all. It is a nice, classy photo that shows off her natural beauty and elegance. Her confidence and beauty radiate from this photo, and she looks quite nice in her multi-colored dress.

Fun Fact: As we mentioned earlier, Underwood and Fisher were initially attracted to each other. However, both of them lived very busy lives which makes it hard for them to actually “date”. When they first started dating, Fisher lived in Canada (playing for the Senators) and Underwood lived in the U.S.A. Their first real date was on New Year’s Eve 2008, and they actually shared their first kiss that same night when the ball dropped!


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Here we see Carrie Underwood posing for a promotional photo for her 2016 The Storyteller Tour: Stories on the Road tour. Carrie shows off her toned midsection in a photo that many of her fans would surely love. We can only imagine what Mike thought when this photo of her in a skin-tight dress that shows off her body was chosen as one of the first promotional photos for her tour.

Fun Fact: Mike Fisher didn’t win many individual accomplishments during his 17 year career, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t leave a lasting legacy. The one award he did win was the NHL Foundation Player Award in 2012. Fisher was awarded it because he applied the core values of hockey (commitment, perseverance, and teamwork) to enrich the lives of people in his community. On the rink, Fisher has generally had a strong physical presence whilst also demonstrating consistent offensive production.


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This was so, so close to ending up on the other side of this list (you know why!). We’re going to say Mike reluctantly doesn’t mind sharing this particular post because of the presence of their son in the photo. After all, Mike must love seeing Carrie and their son, Isaiah, working out together.

Fun Fact: Mike Fisher was born June 5 1980 in Peterborough, Ontario. Growing up, he played amateur hockey with the Jr. A Peterborough Wolves. His uncle, David Fisher, is a former chaplain to the Toronto Blue Jays. He was then drafted in the second round of the 1997 OHL Priority draft by the Sudbury Wolves. He is proud of his roots, and still has a cottage in the north Peterborough area.


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This photo of Carrie Underwood shows off her legs, punctuated by her black and gold studded heels. Her fishnet leggings and dark attire show off her athletic figure. She obviously keeps in good shape as she tours the world and performs exhilarating concerts for millions of fans.

Fun Fact: Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher got married on July 10 2010 at a Ritz-Carlton resort on Lake Oconee in Georgia. The newlywedded couple had approximately 250 guests to watch them share their vows. In a statement following the wedding, they shared, “We could not feel more blessed to have found each other and to have shared this day with our friends and family that mean so much to us.”


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This is a lovely photo of Mike Fisher with Carrie Underwood, backstage at the 2012 Country Music Awards in Nashville, Tennessee. It is good to see Mike Fisher supporting his wife at the awards show, even during the hockey season! Carrie Underwood co-hosted the 2012 CMA's with Brad Paisley that night, although she did not pick up an award wins that night. Mike surely wouldn’t mind sharing this photo of him and his wife. He is there supporting his wife, who looks a whole lot more dressed up than he does.

Fun Fact: Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood are an undoubtedly wealthy couple, as both are standout stars in their careers (before Fisher retired that is). Fisher was worth an impressive $30 million, but that came nowhere near his wife. Underwood’s estimated net worth was $85 million, almost triple that of her husband!


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This throwback photo of Carrie Underwood takes us back a few years to when she really dressed “country”. Nowadays, she increasingly dresses in a much more mainstream way. That doesn’t mean she didn’t dress to impress. She certainly impresses us as she shows off her body in this pic!

Fun Fact: On February 10 2011, the Ottawa Senators traded Mike Fisher to the Nashville Predators. That just so happens to be the heart of the country music world, and where Carrie Underwood is from. An Ottawa radio station said they would ban playing Underwood’s music since Fisher was traded to Nashville. The radio station apologized to the couple and retracted their statement after fans threatened Carrie Underwood. The radio station said its’ statements were made in jest and it was a tongue-in-cheek way of wishing Fisher the best of luck in Nashville.


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Mike Fisher’s caption says it all – Holy smokes! He hit the nail on the head right there. Normally, we would think this photo of her would belong on the other side of this list. Since he shared it himself, it’s fair game. Carrie really does look gorgeous in this dress, as she walked the red carpet at the 2016 Grammys.

Fun Fact: Carrie Underwood won season 4 of American Idol in 2005. Early on the in competition, judge Simon Cowell predicted not only would she win the contest but also outsell all previous Idol winners. The country singer had a strong fanbase and was long considered a frontrunner. In a 2008 interview, one of the producers revealed Underwood led fan voting almost every week of the contest. Wow!


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Wow! This night gown doesn’t really leave a whole lot to the imagination, now does it? This lacy, satin night gown that Carrie is wearing would keep her husband, Mike Fisher, up at night knowing that it was shared with all her followers. We should appreciate Carrie showing off a side of herself that we seldom get to see!

Fun Fact: Carrie Underwood was born March 19, 1983 in Muskogee, Oklahoma. The youngest of three, Underwood grew up on a farm to a mother who worked as a teacher and her father who worked in a sawmill. At age 5, Underwood was diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and was prescribed medicine that she still takes today. Underwood frequently performed at local talent shows and at her church, much to the pleasure of the local townsfolk.


This is a very sweet photo that Mike Fisher took of Carrie Underwood on their 7th anniversary date night. It’s plain for all to see that Carrie doesn’t need all the glitz and the glam to look magnificent. Anyone would be lucky to go on a single date with Carrie, let alone be that man who marries her.

Fun Fact: The couple welcomed their first child in 2015. Their son, Isaiah Michael Fisher, was born on February 27 2015. When describing their son in a 2016 interview with E! News, Underwood revealed, “He is a very physical baby. He loves to climb things—but he does love music, too. There are certain things you don’t even realize he’s picked up, but he sometimes tunes in and will start singing along.”


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This is yet another stunning photo of the 34-year-old blonde star. In this photo, Carrie shows off her incredibly toned body while also showing off her love for her country. Her millions of Instagram followers received another treat when she uploaded this photo of her, posing by the boat’s stern.

Fun Fact: Mike Fisher spent 17 seasons in the NHL for the Ottawa Senators (1999 – 2011) and the Nashville Predators (2011-2017). He was drafted 44th overall in the 1998 draft and, after returning the OHL for a final season, went to the NHL in 1999 and never looked back. Throughout his career, he has generally stayed healthy and has appeared in 1,088 games. In 2016, Fisher was named the captain of the Predators after Shea Weber was traded.


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With this photo, we see a relaxed Carrie Underwood swinging on her front porch. With her radiant and warm smile, Carrie shows off her legs while stretching out on the porch. There is an overall warmth to this photo, especially with the exquisitely hand-crafted porch. Of course, the blonde country star would make anything look infinitely more beautiful.

Fun Fact: Underwood is a highly acclaimed vocal artist. She has received near universal praise for her vocal ability and versatility when it comes to covering different songs. Underwood even once performed a cover of the gospel song “How Great Thou Art” and rock songs like “Paradise City”, both to rave reviews. Many other country artists, male and female, have spoke of their tremendous respect for Underwood, who has remained humble despite her huge fame.


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Well, this is a very nice photo. The background is a bit basic, but it makes the lovely woman in the foreground stand out…. Who are we kidding? This photo is all about Carrie. Dressed in blue, Carrie stands out in the photo. You can’t take your eyes off of her as she drags you in with her seductive gazes into the camera.

Fun Fact: The two of them did not date for years until Mike Fisher decided to propose. Both of them knew they had found love. Fisher proposed to Carrie Underwood at home in December 2009, a year after their first date. They were in Ottawa at his home over the holidays, and she had come to support Fisher and the Senators during their games against the Minnesota Wild and Boston Bruins. Fisher actually helped design the $800,000 12-karat engagement ring for Underwood!


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Carrie Underwood surprised Mike Fisher by performing the National Anthem before Game 3 of the Western Conference first round playoff series against the Chicago Blackhawks. As you can see from the photo, Carrie looks very good in her Predators jersey as she belts away the lyrics. Mike surely has no reason to worry about sharing this photo – she is wearing a Predators jersey and is singing the anthem before a very important hockey game.

Fun Fact: While Fisher played for the Ottawa Senators, he and Underwood bought an 11-acre mansion just outside Ottawa. When he got traded to Nashville, the mansion sold for $2.2 million! They bought a cottage outside of Nashville while they built their “forever home”. The home, now completed, is way out in the country that amasses a stunning 400-acres.


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Carrie Underwood wore this stunning caged mini-dress to the 2016 ACM Awards, held in Las Vegas. She was performing one of her songs in this dress, but we all know you are probably more focused on that skin-tight dress that shows off her legs. Just keep in mind who she is married to!

Fun Fact: On August 3, 2017, Fisher announced his retirement. He wrote a letter to Predators fans in The Tennessean newspaper, which made him the first Predators captain to retire with the team. Fisher, at 37, wanted to retire to be able to spend more time with his family, including his young son. After Fisher announced his retirement, Underwood posted a loving message on her Instagram. She expressed how she’s going to miss watching him play, but shared her love for him. Carrie and Mike will almost certainly be seen in the stands cheering on the Preds this season!


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Another nice photo of Carrie Underwood doing what she does best – performing in front of millions. She looks the part as well, dressed to impress. Her golden attire will certainly draw many eyes towards her. That is never a bad thing because, as we know, Carrie is very easy on the eye.

Fun Fact: Cowell’s prediction in 2005 rang true. Not only did Carrie Underwood go on to win Idol, but she also recently surpassed Kelly Clarkson as the top selling Idol alumni. Moreover, her album Some Hearts was ranked the number one country album of the 2000s by BillBoard. Adding to her growing list of accolades are 7 Grammy Awards, 15 Billboard Music Awards, 12 ACM Awards, 11 AMA Awards, and 8 CMA Awards. And she’s only 34!


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Here’s the final photo of Carrie Underwood in a bikini for this photo. This one is a tad less revealing than the previous ones on account of the top she is wearing in this one. That being said, she does show off her incredibly toned body – even more impressive since this photo wasn’t too long after she had given birth to her first child.

Fun Fact: Underwood holds a Guinness World Record for having the most country number one singles by a female artist. In 2010, Underwood tied Reba McEntire with 10 number one singles by a female country artist. She has since blown past Reba and now has 14 number one singles! Country singers tend to have long careers, so who knows how many number ones Carrie Underwood will eventually end up with?


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We will end this article with a nice wedding photo of the happy couple. This is the type of photo that Mike and Carrie would be more likely to hang up on a wall in their home. Mike has a big smile on his face – and deservedly so. He just got married to the lovely Carrie Underwood, who happens to look lovely in her dress as well!

Fun Fact: Underwood has briefly ventured into the world of acting. One of her most prominent roles came in NBC’s 2013 live broadcast of The Sound of Music. She portrayed Maria von Trapp in the broadcast, which was performed and televised live from New York. The show received mixed reviews, with much unfortunate criticism directed towards Underwood. Many felt she was not experienced enough as an actress to portray the role, though her vocals were largely praised.

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