10 Pictures Of Sidney Crosby And 10 Of Connor McDavid The NHL Wants To Hide

Pittsburgh Penguins captain and center Sidney Crosby and Edmonton Oilers captain and center Connor McDavid are two of the biggest names in the NHL. Crosby and McDavid share a lot in common as they're both Canadian guys who have been serving the same duties on the ice after being selected with the first overall picks in the 2005 and 2015 NHL Drafts, respectively.

Crosby is 10 years older than McDavid, but the 30-year-old has made about the same number of headlines on and off the ice as the 20-year-old. There are plenty of other players who have the same abilities to make moves at very high speeds. You can't go wrong with either one of these star players on your fantasy hockey team.

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, Crosby and McDavid aren't perfect people. They've made headlines on and off the ice. Some of those headlines (and photos, for that matter) caused tons of people to question their intentions. Don't get us wrong, curiosity is a good thing, but there are some things that caused some people to raise their eyebrows and scratch their heads. Basically, things that aren't appropriate, especially if you're reading this article in the workplace.

This list serves as a reminder that Crosby and McDavid aren't immune to having their infamous moments. You might recall a couple of these moments and maybe even more than that. After all, they're superstars in the hockey world.

Here, we'll break down the NHL's golden boys: 10 pictures of Crosby and 10 of McDavid the league wants to hide.

20 Crosby With Two Girls

via twitter.com

We don't remember when this goofy photo was taken, but we don't think that a seemingly younger Crosby knew what was going on at the time either.

Crosby is often the butt of "two girls, one cup" jokes, but haters are going to hate. He's 30 years old, but has won three Stanley Cups (2009, 2016, 2017) with the Penguins. That's quite an accomplishment for a 30-year-old.

But this time around, Crosby was spotted with two unknown girls, who are probably stunning blondes. Anyway, we don't know why he intentionally or unintentionally tried to photobomb this particular photo between the two girls. Their faces have been blurred out for obvious reasons, but it makes us wonder who these ladies are...and what Crosby's intentions were.

This photo is rather premature, but the infamous edge still remains in the image, so it seems like its meaning will forever remain a mystery unless if Crosby says something about it.

19 McDavid With His Boys

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This picture of McDavid and his boys pretty much explains itself. Hence, that's the reason why McDavid wrote a simple caption: "Good times with these mugs ????".

McDavid is just doing what most 20 something year old boys would do—party hard! He, however, isn't your average college student who is a fraternity brother. He's one of the most popular rookies in the NHL. That being said, he can pretty much do whatever he wants, as long as it's not illegal because it's not a good feeling for someone like him to end up in jail and be the butt of prison jokes and memes on the internet.

McDavid looks like he has a little too much to drink. Same goes for his boys. Hopefully, the group of four requested an Uber to head home because receiving a DUI is one heck of a payment even though they have more money than most kids their ages.

18 Crosby's Nutshot On Ryan O'Reilly

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Crosby is arguably the best player in the NHL, but he's also a ruthless guy. Crosby certainly showed his ruthlessness when he speared Buffalo Sabres' center and alternate captain Ryan O'Reilly from behind and into the groin. Simply put, Crosby gave him a nutshot and hit him where it truly hurts–the nuts.

When asked about Crosby's hit, O'Reilly told Mark Masters of TSN: "It was a weird thing...You know, it happens. I didn’t expect it and he apologized after the play and it was understood. It just threw me off. I wasn’t expecting anything and then something happens, but he’s a good guy and he is just playing hard and he takes a beating every night too so it happens."

We believe that the hit was dirty, but Crosby got away with it. No penalization. No discipline from the league. The latter shouldn't come as a surprise, but Crosby was still wrong for doing such a thing.

17 McDavid's Trump Impression

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Well, McDavid's costume stirred up some controversy this Halloween. It seems like most, if not all, Canadians hate President Donald Trump, so it doesn't really make sense that McDavid would dress up as a very controversial politician. Moreover, McDavid's girlfriend Lauren Kyle dressed up as First Lady Melania Trump.

McDavid and Kyle received over 4,500 likes on Halloween Day. The couple also received their fair share of negative comments. Their initial caption read "Making America great again," before being edited to "Mr and Mrs Trumpus".

Sportswriter Pete Blackburn had something sarcastic to say about the unexpected photo. Blackburn wrote, as shown in the tweet below.

That was indeed a hilarious statement, but McDavid and Kyle's choice of costumes weren't politically correct, especially towards their fellow Canadians back home in Canada.

16 Crosby's Stern Face

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Sid's not a kid anymore, but he was a kid just like all of us, and he had his fun. There's nothing wrong with a young adult having a good time at a party but the NHL often markets Crosby as just about the most straight laced athlete you could ever meet.

Early on in his career, the Penguins ensured that Crosby, who was being hyped up as the next one, wouldn't fall into the same traps many young athletes do. Thus they had him live with owner, captain and player Mario Lemieux for the early portion of his career. But Lemieux couldn't keep an eye on him at ALL times, so Crosby still managed to have some fun nights out. We just hope he was responsible in getting home safe.

15 McDavid's Reaction To The Oilers Winning The Lottery

via sbnation.com

Why so serious? Well, this was moments after Connor McDavid had learned, along with the rest of the world, that the Oilers had won the 2015 draft lottery, which basically guaranteed McDavid would be an Oiler. The Oilers had been stuck in futility for years, despite having unbelievable luck at the lottery year after year. McDavid had an expression on his face like a kid who had just lost his puppy and many were speculating McDavid was very unpleased with the Oilers obtaining the rights to draft him. His father explained that his son was in fact, not upset at all:

“To be honest, he was a little bit in shock,” said his father.

“He would have had the exact same expression on his face if the winner had been Buffalo, Toronto or Arizona. The reality is that his future had just been decided by bingo balls.”

So, is McDavid just incapable of expressing emotions properly?

14 Slashing Marc Methot's Finger Off

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Back in March of last season, defenceman Marc Methot was playing the puck into the Penguins zone. Crosby realized he wasn't going to be able to catch Methot, so he irresponsibly slashed Methot on the hand, and Methot instantly felt something was off (no pun intended). Crosby played innocent in the matter and glided away, as if he'd done nothing wrong. Methot turned his attention to his hand and when he took his glove off, it was revealed he'd lost part of his finger. Somehow Crosby wasn't penalized on the play even when Methot displayed his nearly severed finger to the refs.

The Sens and Penguins would meet again in the Eastern Conference Final that spring, with many pointing back to 'Fingergate' as a storyline in the series.

13 McDavid's Awkwardness On Full Display

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It's amazing how comfortable Connor McDavid looks on the ice and how he makes everything look so effortless. Yet taking a good photo seems to be the hardest thing for him to do. There aren't many photos where he looks like he's in his element. This time, we probably can't blame him, as the couple he's posing with look like they've been reunited with a long lost son. McDavid is clearly uncomfortable here, with the woman clutching his arm for dear life and the gentleman awkwardly holding his hand. With McDavid being the young star that he is, he's only going to get more and more requests for photos with fans, so he'd better get comfortable with taking some pics! He'll probably institute a no touching rule soon.

12 Crosby Goes To Town On Subban

via rds.ca

This past spring in the Stanley Cup Final, a rivalry heated up between P.K. Subban and Sidney Crosby, after the whole "Listerine-gate" joke unfolded on top of constant on-ice trash talk between the two. By Game 5, the two had enough of each other and during a battle on the boards, Crosby began taking shots at Subban's head. While Subban certainly was no innocent victim, as he was clutching Sid's leg, the face of the NHL wailing away on another player's head is the last thing the NHL wants to see after trying so hard to eliminate head shots from the game. Crosby definitely didn't set the best example, and it was outrageous, that all that resulted was offsetting minors.

11 McDavid's Hit On Marcus Sorensen

Via yahoosports.com

Last year, McDavid had a huge year with 100 points (30 goals, 70 assists) along with five game-winning goals, 18 penalty minutes and a minus-one rating in 82 games played. McDavid was also an offensive threat in more ways than one.

McDavid certainly got the home crowd riled up as the Oilers hosted the Western Conference Champion San Jose Sharks in Game 5 of the Western Conference First Round on April 20, 2017. McDavid made his physical presence known as he leveled Sharks and Barracuda forward Marcus Sorensen with an open-ice hit at center ice.

The Oilers went on to edge the Sharks 4-3 in overtime and the first round series shifted to San Jose for Game 6. The Oilers beat the Sharks 3-1 to advance to the Western Conference Second Round. Up to this day, hockey fans talk about McDavid's hit and some claim the hit would've been a penalty for anyone not named McDavid or Crosby.

10 Crosby's 9th Grade Picture

via weebly.com

We have no idea what Sidney Crosby was thinking back in the 9th grade. Who was he attempting to be here? Look, we all have that one awkward photo from our high school days, but this one really is laughable. Crosby went to Astral Drive Junior High School and we wonder if any other students gave him a hard time when he showed up to school sporting this hairdo. Thankfully, he was ridiculously better at hockey than everyone else. By the time Sid's high school graduate photo came out, he had changed his hair to something closer to what we're used to from Crosby,

With Jaromir Jagr recently bringing back his mullet, we wonder if Sid will ever want to bring this old hairdo of his back. Sid, please don't.

9 McDavid's Colorful Suit

Via blog.icewarehouse.com

Sorry McDavid, but there's only one Don Cherry (Canadian hockey commentator for CBC Television) and you're going to have to work your way after your hockey days come to an end.

Let's look at what the first overall pick of the 2015 NHL Draft wore to an Oilers' prospects scrimmage. Yeah, McDavid tore up his young counterparts by putting up five goals, but he still has a long way to go in this professional hockey career.

McDavid can choose to wear whatever he wants, but his colorful suit with catch phrases in speech bubbles were out of this world. He's nowhere near Cherry's level, but hey, at least we can look back at this photo and chuckle at a youngster who seemingly tried to imitate a hockey legend.

You can find the components to McDavid's outfit at Inline Warehouse and Ice Warehouse. Good luck trying to rock a colorful, Cherry-inspired suit.

8 Crosby's Jock

via youtube.com

In a self-written article for Sports Illustrated, Crosby wrote about how "just playing" helped him break out of the funk he was in. He added, "Not that fixing things came overnight. It’s not that easy. You can’t just flip a switch and resurrect your best self. There were things I wanted to adjust about my own game, but it would’ve been overwhelming to take it all on immediately. Instead, my focus was to simplify things and just try to improve incrementally, piece by piece. When the little things got ironed out, the bigger stuff simply fell into place."

Crosby also mentioned how him and his fellow teammates slowly began to develop an identity as a team that was based on how they wanted to play. Despite all that change, it seems Sid has a little trouble changing his jock strap, as you can see in this image here. Come on Sid, you're making money, spring for a new one!

7 McDavid's Snap

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Like many other young peeps, McDavid has a Snapchat account. McDavid also likes to joke around on Snapchat.

#HockeyTwitter laughed so hard when Arizona Coyotes center Dylan Strome shared a tweet of one of McDavid's snaps last year. Strome wrote, "Here you go everyone... As promised an embarrassing pic of @cmcdavid97 keep voting!! #NHL17McDavid"

We figured that McDavid was trying to crack some jokes, but this particular snap might make the rest of you wonder if he was drunk or sober because those sunglasses were far from Versace. Still, it was a polarizing move made by Strome, who seemed to want everyone to vote for McDavid to be on the NHL 17 cover regardless of their team.

Although St. Louis Blues alternate captain and right winger Vladimir Tarasenko won the NHL 17 cover, you have to admit that McDavid's attempt to gather additional votes was clever and goofy.

6 Crosby's Hit On Braden Holtby

Via sportsnet.ca

Earlier in the 2017-18 NHL season, the Penguins edged the Washington Capitals 3-2 on October 11, 2017. But there's a question that remains a debate: Did Crosby deserve the penalty for hitting Capitals goalie Braden Holtby?

If you're a Pens fan, you're likely going to say no. If you're a Caps fan, you're likely going to say yes. No matter what you think, Crosby's hit on Holtby was uncalled for. Crosby made an effort to block Holtby's clearing attempt behind the Caps' net during a Pens' power play. Crosby’s shoulder made contact with Holtby’s head. Holtby was upset, and as a result, gave Crosby a whack on the legs later in the shift.NBC Sports color commentator Pierre McGuire suggested that Crosby appeared annoyed at the way Holtby went down and felt there might've been some embellishment, but he seems to favor the Pens, so his credibility is a concern. There was no call on the hit. What do you think?

If you're a Pens fan, you're likely going to say no. If you're a Caps fan, you're likely going to say yes. No matter what you think, Crosby's hit on Holtby was uncalled for. Crosby made an effort to block Holtby's clearing attempt behind the Caps' net during a Pens' power play. Crosby’s shoulder made contact with Holtby’s head. Holtby was upset, and as a result, gave Crosby a whack on the legs later in the shift.

NBC Sports color commentator Pierre McGuire suggested that Crosby appeared annoyed at the way Holtby went down and felt there might've been some embellishment, but he seems to favor the Pens, so his credibility is a concern. There was no call on the hit. What's your opinion?

5 McDavid's Rookie Season Cut Short

Shaughn Butts/Edmonton Journal

McDavid was robbed on what was looking like a banner rookie season. He was on a point-per-game pace, but a broken collarbone severely shortened his season, and thus, he only ended up playing 45 games in his rookie year. He still managed to score 48 points, making you wonder what he could have done had he been healthy. However an early season injury took away any possibility of the Oilers competing for a playoff spot. About a year after the incident, McDavid accused Flyers defenceman Brandon Manning admitted to hurting him on purpose:

"I did all I could defending him last year in the media," McDavid said a year later. "Everyone wanted to make a big deal saying he did it on purpose, and he wanted to say some comments today about what went on last year. I thought it was one of the [most] classless things I've ever seen on the ice. He said some things and our guys responded accordingly. I guess we can put the whole 'if he did it on purpose' thing to rest because what he said out there kind of confirmed that. Shows what kind of guy he is when he doesn’t step up and fight some of our guys.”

4 Crosby's Vanity Fair Cover

via livejournal.com

Like the rest of us, Crosby learned a lot of things in the growing up process. After all, it's a part of life.

Back then, Crosby wasn't known by his last name, but his moniker "Sid The Kid." He entered the NHL in 2005 after being drafted by the Pens and subsequently rose to fame over the years. But he didn't know everything upon entering the NHL. In this picture, Crosby looks out of his element posing for Vanity Fair. While Sid certainly isn't a bad looking individual, like many hockey players, he looks very unnatural when the spotlight is beaming down on him outside a rink.

3 McDavid's Dirty Hit On Johnny Oduya

via youtube.com

On October 13, 2015, McDavid put a dirty hit on Dallas Stars' defenseman Johnny Oduya in an Oilers vs. Stars game at the American Airlines Center. Watch the hit here:

We know that this is the type of hit hockey players aren't supposed to make, but McDavid did it anyways. The only difference was that McDavid didn't even get a two-minute minor for the hit, which sparked outrage from #HockeyTwitter. This is a hit that can put players on the hot seat. The NHL has already handed suspensions to Raffi Torres, Tyson Barrie and Jordan Tootoo for such hits, so why didn't the same happen to McDavid? Here's another question: Can you imagine if Oduya did the same thing to McDavid? Yeah, but he'd likely be suspended for "x" amount of games.

If the league is serious about player safety, they should appropriately punish the players regardless of the player's status.

2 Crosby's Rocky Balboa Costume

Via larrybrownsports.com

Philadelphia doesn’t like Crosby and Crosby doesn’t like Philadelphia. However, it looks like the Pens' star is a big fan of Rocky Balboa, the main character of the Rocky series.

"I was Maverick last year from Top Gun. I like the movie (Rocky) too," Crosby told the Pens' website. "Maybe (Philadelphia fans) will soften up on me because I picked that. It was all in good fun. I like the Rocky movies. There was nothing else behind it."

Crosby should be easy to spot as he's the third person from the left. Crosby's dressed as Rocky, and the photo credits belong to fellow teammate Evgeni Malkin (center and alternate captain).

So the real question is...does Crosby really like Rocky or is he simply just trolling us? We can't decide, so let us know in the comments section because it's a stumping question for the majority of us to think about.

1 McDavid's Clash With Ryan Kesler

Via todayssportsnews.com

Earlier this year, Anaheim Ducks' center and alternate captain Ryan Kesler made the Western Conference Second Round series a house of pain for McDavid and his youthful Oilers team.

After an early faceoff in the Oilers’ end in Game 1, Kesler leveled a cross-check to Leon Draisaitl’s head. Kesler aggressively worked over his young opponents. Kesler's plans momentarily backfired in the first period when he took a tripping penalty against McDavid. Shortly after, Kesler's trip came immediately after he lifted his stick into McDavid's face. Kesler didn't waste any time playing an aggressive type of hockey.

Here's what McDavid had to say about Kesler: "I need to find a way to create some space. He’s always sticking around me...It’s hard to create space that way, but that’s his role and he’s going to play that way. We can expect that. He’s that kind of player. He’ll get under your skin and all that."

McDavid is right, and let's hope that he won't be in a lot of physical pain in as many photos anymore. He's a good player who can't afford to get hurt on a regular basis.

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