15 Candid Pictures These NHL Stars Did Not Want To Take

Here are 15 candid pictures these NHL stars did not want to take.

Compared to other pro sports, the life of an NHL star is quite tame. Aside from a certain Russian superstar (joke, well not really), hockey players don’t normally go out and spend thousands of dollars a night at clubs like other athletes do. Instead, they live a low profile life during the season and get in some partying during the off-season.

This article will highlight an array of candid pictures these NHL stars did not want to take. Whether it be enjoying a peaceful metro ride or even purchasing a card for a loved one, these are moments that the likes of Jonathan Toews and Sidney Crosby wish the public did not see. And also, of course, we have a plethora of pictures pertaining to NHL stars getting pretty inebriated in what we hope was the offseason. Some unlikely candidates make the list including Calgary Flames' player Michael Frolik, who has one of the most hilarious candid pictures on this list.

Enough of the hype, let’s get to it. Here are 15 candid pictures these NHL stars did not want to take. Like always, enjoy the list and be sure to share it with a friend. Also, let us know your favorite picture from this list. Let us now begin with a couple of pictures from the best player in the league, Sidney Crosby!

15 Sid & Nathan


As Nova Scotia boys, Sidney Crosby and Nathan MacKinnon share a special bond outside of the rink. During the offseason, the two share the summer together by training for the next season as they live near each other. It looks like the offseason training worked for Sid, but the same can’t be said for Nathan, who’s struggling this year and putting up some career low numbers with 12 goals up until this point. Nonetheless, with the Avs struggling terribly, we’re sure he'll bounce back next season.

This picture shows the two doing some grocery shopping while dressed like a couple of teenage Canadian boys. The two share great chemistry together and that was well documented during their Tim Hortons commercial. This is one of the many pictures taken of Sid Crosby while he's doing average Joe things. Speaking of which, here’s another!

14 Sid Picking Out A Card


From afar, we admire Sidney Crosby for his excellence on the ice, but we tend to forget that off the ice, he’s just a regular dude like the rest of us. Still only 29, Sid enjoys the family life during the off-season, visiting his parents Troy and Trina, while catching up with his sister Taylor.

In this picture, Crosby is seen doing something most of us do at various times of the year; going to the pharmacy to pick up a card for a loved one or friend. The girl in the picture photobombed this picture successfully by sticking her tongue out and pointing at Sid. The experience must have been truly surreal for the fan who was in the same aisle as Sid. Rumor has it he was buying 29 condolence cards to send out to the rest of the league (you laughed don’t lie)...

13 Phil & His Lady Friend


In this picture, Phil strikes a classic facial expression that most of us have pulled over the years. It’s the “don’t take the damn picture cause my friends will make fun of me” face. We're not sure what’s worse here, his wannabe Tiger Woods hat, oversized shirt that appears to be made by FUBU, or that yellow, rubber bracelet that looks like was given to him for free with a purchase of a Happy Meal.

Despite being overweight at times in his career, Kessel has managed to get it together and turned a laughable situation into one that had a Championship at the end of it. Phil was huge in the team’s post-season run last year and continues to surge this season, netting close to a point per game.

12 Toews On The Metro


Three-time Stanley Cup Champion, Conn Smythe Trophy Winner and metro rider, Jonathan Toews continues to power the Hawks to the top of the standings. The criticisms he’s received this season are truly laughable. So, he has only 11 goals in 48 games so far, but what about those three cups, gold medals and not to mention his 24 assists this season? Did those same “experts” forget about that? Truth be told, Toews is just getting warmed up and will likely turn on the jets when the games have added meaning. His team is once again near the top of the league and we can look forward to another lengthy playoff surge from the captain and his team.

As we stated earlier, along with his credentials, the Chicago man is also a metro rider as seen in the picture above. Can you just imagine seeing this guy on public transportation?

11 Burns & A Shirtless Joe Thornton


In terms of awesomeness, this picture takes the cake on this list. This picture features San Jose Shark teammates Brent Burns and Joe Thornton walking down the streets of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania during last season’s Stanley Cup Finals. Now, had it just been a picture of the two walking down the street, it would have been fine. But Joe walking around shirtless made this photo spread like wildfire online. There just aren’t very many men willing to walk around shirtless in public, especially men who are near their 40s. That just made the picture so much better.

Unfortunately, Jumbo Joe and his Sharks would fall to the Pens in the Cup Finals. Look for the team to make some noise once again this season, with Joe hitting the 30 assists plateau once again and Brent Burns putting up insane numbers as he nears the 30 goal mark.

10 Cigarette Smoking Carey Price


This might not look like a big deal, but when you’re playing in a hockey market like Montreal, it becomes overly dissected. This was the case with this picture, as the Montreal media bashed Carey Price for his lifestyle away from the rink, saying he was a terrible role model for younger fans who looked up to the star goaltender. Once the tabloids made such a big deal about it, we can only assume Price wished the candid picture was never taken to begin with.

That was then and this is now. Heading towards his 30s, Price is a different man today. Carey is happily married to his wife Angela and the two recently had a child. Carey has embraced his new life and brought his daughter to the All-Star game this past January.

9 Grabbing Derek Roy’s Junk


Derek Roy quietly left the NHL back in 2015 as he joined the Swiss League briefly. Today, Roy is still on the ice, playing in the KHL. He started off the season with Omsk and is now playing as a member of the Chelyabinsk Traktor. He’s off to an average start with his new team, scoring 10 points in 33 games. Well into his 30s, it’s pretty clear his better days are behind him.

Something else that we hope is behind him is his reckless party lifestyle outside of the rink. Believe it or not, Roy has a slew of party pictures, showing the former Sabre completely out of it and this is yet another picture he wants us to forget about.

8 The King Partying It Up


Drafted 205th overall, nobody could have predicted the profound impact that the Rangers goalie would have on the franchise. He’s been a top tier goalie in the league for years now and continues to be, despite some minor hiccups here and there.

Let’s face it, the dude is perfect. He dresses to perfection, is one of the most charitable players in the league and has a beautiful family. So seeing such a picture of The King partying is a big time treat and a bit of a rarity. Others featured in the picture include the heart and soul of the Detroit Red Wings Henrik Zetterberg, and a pair of Corey Perry lookalikes. One of them is talking to Z, while the other is standing behind Lundqvist and is oddly dressed like Beetlejuice.

7 Frolik & The Night He Can’t Remember


Drafted tenth overall in the 2006 NHL Draft, it’s hard to believe the Czech native is already 28 years old today. One of the more underrated players in the league, Michael is a capable on both ends of the ice. The Jets suffered big time from his loss and he’s now a pivotal player for the Calgary Flames.

Judging by this picture, it looks like Frolik has a wild side to him. Leaking in sweat and looking completely out of it, Frolik is pulling a face we all want to avoid, the “I need to leave ASAP cause I’m going to puke” face. Major props goes out to the girl holding Frolik, as not only is she keeping him standing, but she has her arm across his sweaty chest. Now that’s love folks.

6 Stoll & Paulina Gretzky


If you follow us religiously (as you should), you’ve seen this picture in a previous article. If you haven’t, we strongly urge you to check it out as the article highlights 15 pictures Wayne Gretzky doesn’t want you to see of his daughter Paulina. Obviously, this picture was one of the headlines in the article, featuring Jarret Stoll and his ex-partner, Wayne’s daughter Paulina.

The two were linked together for quite some time and this picture was one of the very worst to come out. Not only was it a bad look for Jarret, but it also hurt the prestigious Gretzky family name. Nonetheless, the relationship turned out to be a fling, as Stoll is happily involved with Erin Andrews, while Paulina is married to golfer Dustin Johnson.

5 Wasted Brad


Count em’up, yup that’s five bottles of alcohol, a drunken Brad Marchand and partridge in a pear tree. Of course, by a partridge in a pear tree, we mean a puddle of puke... This isn’t the first time, nor will it be the last time, that Brad goes hard, as he even has some pictures partying it up in Montreal where he's heavily intoxicated. Now that takes a serious pair of you know what's.

Whatever’s in that alcohol, it seems to be working. Brad is on fire, capping off his fourth straight season with 20 goals or more (he's reached the plateau five of his last six seasons). He had a career high with 37 goals last year and is now on pace for another career high in points, only three away from his record from last season where he finished with 61 total. Without a doubt, he’ll be lining up some more shots to celebrate yet another successful campaign.

4 A “Tired” Looking Wayne Gretzky


Wayne is an absolute gold mine when it comes to pictures online. If you haven’t seen it yet, we strong advise you to take a look at 15 pictures the Gretzky family doesn’t want you to see. The article is littered with pictures of Wayne, whether it be of him getting snubbed by his very own wife or being nude and covered up in soapy bubbles.

This picture is yet another gem. Just imagine how much cooler you’d feel if you showed your friends a picture alongside Wayne where he looked heavily wasted. This dude in the blue shirt can actually say that and it must be an honor for him to have this pic. For Wayne, not so much...

3 A Glazed Kane


At the age of 28, Patrick Kane remains one of the most dominant players in the NHL and certainly one of the greatest American-born players of all-time. He continues to light it up this season, putting up 58 points in 57 games, in another fantastic year for the superstar.

On the ice, he has nearly no flaws, but off of it, he’s gotten in some serious troubles a few times. That all stems from moments like the picture you see above, which showcase Kane’s party-life outside of the rink. He got in major trouble assaulting a car driver while intoxicated and things took a terrible twist when another allegation was revealed of Kane taking advantage of a female. He won the court battle and has put that lifestyle on the back burner ever since. Those days are hopefully behind him and he’ll likely want to avoid more of these types of images.

2 Jagr and The Selfie


Just when you though Jaromir Jagr couldn’t get any better, he somehow did with this particular situation. After hooking up with a young model, the woman tried to extort Jagr for $2,000 or she'd leak this picture. We assume most athletes would take the bait, but someone as old and wise as Jagr was having none of it.

Jagr responded to the lady by telling her he didn't care. The picture went viral and caused him no harm, while the model was made to look like a fool. According to sources, the girl lost her boyfriend from the ordeal and the pose spread like wildfire online, with a plethora of people copying the picture.

1 Another One With Sid


We'll end this article like we started it, with a picture of Sid the Kid doing something normal. Seriously though, this guy is one stand-up dude. Instead of telling someone else to go for him, he took the admirable route and went himself to buy some hangers. What he probably didn’t want, however, was a picture of him at the checkout counters. But then again, even Sid probably gets the fascination that his fans have for his every move. Chances are that those same hangers were sold out an hour later and probably sold on eBay for triple the price. As laughable as it sounds, this is the world we live in and we certainly would expect something like that to happen.

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15 Candid Pictures These NHL Stars Did Not Want To Take