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So John Ferguson, Jr. is probably the worst GM in the Toronto Maple Leafs’ history, right? I mean, he made some real stinker moves, signed some egregious contracts and overall, somehow seemed to make the team worse year after year.

One of the most terrible moves, though, was in 2004, when

he sent not just prospects Jarkko Immonen and Maxim Kondratiev to the New York Rangers in exchange for an old Brian Leetch, but they threw in their first-round pick in 2004 and their second-round pick in 2005. At the time, it might have been considered a fair swap if you squinted your eyes and tilted your head just right.

But the Hall of Fame Defenseman Leetch only played 15 games in a Maple Leafs uniform because of the 2004-05 lockout and ended up signing with the Bruins for his last year in the league. That’s a gigantic, embarrassing waste, folks.

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