15 EMBARRASSING Pictures The NHL Wishes Didn’t Exist

We enjoy some of the most forgettable pictures the NHL likely doesn’t want us seeing!

Nowadays, embarrassing photos are simply inevitable. With technology rising, comes the increased ability to breach on someone’s privacy. Nowadays, not only can you snap a picture of someone in a peculiar situation, but you can even go in their actual phone and breach their privacy. Yup, it’s a beautiful and scary time to be alive.

In this article, we aren’t hacking any phones, but instead, enjoying some of the most forgettable pictures the NHL likely doesn’t want us seeing. The range of photos in this article aren't limited to one genre, everything from party pictures, to mugshots and to even “Not So PG” content is available for eyes to see in this one. What all these pictures have in common is quite simple, their embarrassing and the NHL wishes they never got distributed.

From stars of today like McDavid and Crosby, to stars of yesterday like Jagr and Ray Bourque, we’ve got names from all the eras in this article. Enjoy the piece and like always, be sure to pass it along to a friend. So without further ado, here are 15 EMBARRASSING pictures the NHL wishes didn’t exist. Let’s begin with a certain Ottawa D-man...

15 Dion Lights One Up


We start the article off with a throwback picture featuring the Ottawa D-man in a pretty embarrassing photo and one the NHL without a doubt wishes didn’t exist. NHL players lighting it up and smoking cigarettes isn’t the exact message the league wants to send to their fans. If that wasn’t bad enough, even former Calgary goalie Miikka Kiprusoff is caught blazing it up as well alongside his former teammate.

At the age of 32, and now playing a low profile role with the Sens, we can safely say Dion is a new man nowadays, maturing in more ways than one since that picture was taken. However, it’s an embarrassing shot that sends the wrong message, making it forgettable in every way possible. Gary’s pushing the delete button on this throwback photo. But then again, do kids really aspire to be like Dion? Looking at his contract wages, they should...

14 Captain “Not So Serious”


It’s no secret, the NHL has its darlings and Jonathan Toews is one of those players. The league works at length to protect his legacy and seriously why wouldn’t they, the dude is three-time Stanley Cup Champion and yet to hit his 30s. Along with that, his leadership skills are something to admire as he keeps a cool and classy demeanor while leading his team to titles.

Well, this is another shot the league wouldn’t want you to see of its darling. Yea, he’s serious, but when it comes to partying, he’s been caught in multiple throwback photos including this one where he’s taken a bong shot and likely, KO’d for the rest of the night. It’s a picture that shows a different “not so serious” side of Toews, and an embarrassing one the NHL wants no part in showcasing to the youth.

13 What Really Happens To Stanley?


The NHL has done a fantastic job of protecting the legacy of the Stanley Cup throughout the league’s history. The trophy is one of the greatest in all of pro sports, kudos to the league for keeping the trophy’s high profile identity alive after all these years.

The NHL loves to show the struggle and emotional aspect of winning a cup, like a long-time veteran finally getting to hoist it up over his head, or, a player celebrating with the trophy alongside family. However, what we rarely see is the true purpose of the cup, bringing it out of the arena and boozing the hell out of it! As you see in the two pictures above, the league wouldn’t want you to see that the cup can be used to feed women drinks, as Stoll does in the pic above, or, drink countless beverages out of, as we see with Chara and the Bruins that spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on alcohol following their cup victory a couple of years ago. We doubt the NHL will ever show us “Cup Club footage” anytime soon.

12 Mugshots


This one applies in all pro sports, athletes getting arrested is an embarrassing aspect and something all leagues wish did not exist. Evidence of an arrest is a mugshot, in terms of embarrassing pictures, few things are worse than that rock bottom shot.

Compared to other leagues such as the NBA and NFL, arrests in the NHL are quite tame. Although, it has happened in the past and even to some crucial players such as the Staal brothers that faced some embarrassing mugshots a decade ago back in 2007. The two took the forgettable photos after being charged with disorderly conduct in the Minnesota area during Eric’s bachelor party. Without a doubt, it’s a photo both the Staals and the NHL wish did not exist. Ironically, Eric would rediscover his game in the same city a decade later...

11 Wife Battle In The Stands


Another crucial part of the NHL is the fans. The league has some of the best fans in the world, however, even those in the stands have at time caused some forgettable moments.

For this high profile moment, we flashback to a dispute in the stands featuring James Remier’s wife April Reimer, and, the wife of Dion Phaneuf, the famous Elisha Cuthbert. Cameras shrewdly caught the two arguing in the stands, and before the NHL and the Leafs knew it, the moment was known as the “death stare”. It was a viral moment in the crowd the league wishes never happened, but hey, thankfully we have video and pictures to prove that it did in fact take place. Toronto was a tense market for a while and this picture clearly sums that up.

10 More NHL Stars Partying


Once again, we feature a party picture on the list, if it was anyone else it wouldn’t be all that bad, but the fact that it features the best goalie in the league is problematic. The photo was taken during Price’s Cancun trip back in the day. If you think this is bad, boy are you in for a shock as Price has a slew of “Not So PG” photos available online, whether that be smoking a cigarettes, or even, locking lips with a girl, all the photos are forgettable in the eyes of the NHL.

Similar to Phaneuf, Carey has put those problematic days behind him as a proud father and husband nowadays. He has a beautiful baby girl and his emphasis on partying is now a thing of the past.

9 Ray Bourque Gets Arrested


One of the greatest to ever play the game, Ray spent over two decades in the league ripping teams apart from the back end. A five-time Norris Trophy winner and one-time Stanley Cup winner, the league has done its very best to preserve his excellence as one of the greatest since he left the game.

However, in a shocking twist, Bourque went through a forgettable moment last year getting arrested if you can believe. Ray was involved in a crash last summer and it was later revealed that he was in fact driving under the influence that summer night in June. The incident was taken to court, and got the attention of every Canadian television station. It was an embarrassing moment for both Bourque and his family, along with the league, making it a picture mostly everyone wishes didn’t exist.

8 Roy’s Embarrassing Photo


When you take a quick look online for embarrassing NHL photos, it becomes quickly apparent that certain players have more than others. Pat Kane is a prime example of that, however, veteran Derek Roy is no slouch either and likely at Kane’s level in terms of “Not So PG” photos available online.

Roy has a slew of forgettable photos, and this one, is just a snippet as it appears as though things went a little too far that nigh as the veteran gets his junk grabbed after a night of boozing. It’s one of the many pictures of Roy he likely wishes was not taken, and we can only assume the league agrees, even if his name isn’t the sexiest compared to likes of Patrick Kane. Speaking of Chicago’s number 88....

7 Kane’s Legacy In Jeopardy


Growing the game across the border in the United States is a huge deal for the NHL. Seeing a market like Nashville get to host a Stanley Cup final was like a dream for Gary and the league. The NHL also knows the importance of growing American stars, and one can argue, Kane is one of the greatest US born players in a long, long time. A Winner of three Stanley Cups, an Art Ross, Conn Smythe and Hart Trophy, Kane has solidified his legacy as a standout.

Which is why when rape charges came out against the forward, everybody panicked, especially the NHL. Kane’s legacy was in serious jeopardy when a 21 year old accused Patrick of being the aggressor. Due to a tampering of evidence, the case was eventually dropped. Although he wasn’t charged at the end of the day, it was an embarrassing moment the league wishes did not exist in any circumstance.

6 Anything Sean Avery

The league rarely black-lists any player, but one can say Sean Avery is one of the select few on the list as the NHL hardly ever brings up his name due to his disturbing past. From his “sloppy second” comments, to even causing the NHL to change a ruling after his disturbing distraction antics against Brodeur back in the day, one can clear see Avery was a liability more than anything else during his time in the league.

Nowadays, Avery is 37, he played his final years in the league back in the ’11-’12 campaign finishing off the season down in the AHL with the Rangers affiliate, the Connecticut Whale. Everything from his time in the league was an embarrassment, and we fully expect the league to continue in acting like the former player doesn’t exist!

5 Youth & Revolt


The younger stars of the game have a crucial responsibility of not only keeping it real on the ice, but doing the same off of it. That’s easier said than done, as with success, comes lots and lots of temptation. Just ask former Boston Bruins forward Tyler Seguin who was littered with temptations during his run with the team. According to rumors, his party life booked him a ticket to Dallas.

Looking at such pictures of a promising star, the NHL is without a doubt embarrassed and would rather the aspiring youth did not see such a picture. The league wants to prioritize on-ice play, and not, “Not So PG” antics off the ice. Take nothing away from Tyler’s play, the guy is a gem, but such photos are something the league and likely himself, wishes did not exist, if only for the impact it has on the youth aspiring to be like him.

4 Connor McWeakling


June 26, 2015, is a day the NHL wants us to remember forever as the NHL's mega star Connor McDavid officially entered the league during the Draft in Sunrise, Florida. Ever since the selection, the league has clearly promoted him as being the very best and arguably, the new face of the league. He deserves such praise however, as he nearly snatched up every individual trophy last season.

Something the league doesn’t want us to see or remember, is McDavid’s time prior to getting drafted during the combine. Looking weak and frail, McDavid looked like a boy and nothing like a generational talent. A picture was snapped of Connor attempting a pull up, and let’s just say the picture wasn't remembered for his power. Such a photo is safely in the past nowadays, and the NHL has no problem with that whatsoever.

3 The Voynov Incident


The Slava Voynov situation was truly disastrous for several reasons. In terms of recent situations, it had an embarrassing outcome and one the league truly wishes did not exist. Not only did Voynov suffer and embarrassing arrest, but what he proceeded to do was just as bad in the eyes of the league breaching his NHL contract and heading back home overseas to Russia. After numerous court battles, Slava ultimately got his way, making everything so embarrassing, especially for the NHL making him get away that easily.

Slava is currently playing with St. Petersburg of the KHL. Adding insult, he had a great campaign putting up 37 points in 48 games. Don’t expect to see the Russian back in the NHL anytime soon as the wound is still very fresh.

2 The Jagr Bed Selfie


Social media nearly blew up when this forgettable and embarrassing picture was posted by an 18 year old model. The female that took the picture wanted $2, 000 from Jagr, or she threatened to put up the photo to the masses. Jaromir, coolheaded as always, laughed off the threat, and told the 18 year old to share the picture. Turns out Jagr was the hero of this situation as fans praised his attitude in the situation, things didn’t turn out as well for the model Catherine as she lost her boyfriend following the pic being posted.

Nonetheless, although the outcome was praised, it was a moment that the league is likely embarrassed of, particularly cause like, Jagr’s in his 40s and old enough to be her parent. In all likelihood, you won’t see that photo in an NHL Jagr montage once he calls it a career.

1 Sid Strikes An Awkward Pose


Nowadays, Sidney is making the headlines for bringing the Cup back to Halifax. He’s the league’s darling and poster boy, a two-time Hart winner, three-time Cup winner and two-time Conn Smythe recipient; Sidney will be regarded as one of the greatest off all-time when he calls it a career, in what we hope, isn’t anytime soon.

So with that said, anything embarrassing is something the league wishes didn’t exist. Crosby has some “Not So PG” party pics, but we decided to take the comical route with this picture as Sidney looks more like comedic actor Andy Samberg as he stands in the awkward pose. For that split second, we can appreciate the goofy side of Sidney, however, the league would rather such an embarrassing photo not exist. Sorry Gary, it does...

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15 EMBARRASSING Pictures The NHL Wishes Didn’t Exist