15 Female Hockey Players That Have Steamy “Assets”

Hockey is a sport in which players have little trouble finding attractive WAGs. While the same could be said about most, if not all, professional athletes, there's certain advantages that comes with being a hockey player. Most notably, it's a tough sport in which its players have a rough and tumble, rugged quality to them that seems to attract women. In Canada, for example, being a hockey player equates to being a five-star quarterback in regard to attractiveness from the opposite sex. The Tom Bradys and Jay Cutlers - sorry to pair them together - of the world might have incredibly hot wives, but third and fourth line pluggers in the NHL seem to do just as well. Hell, even in the heart of country music Americana, Mike Fisher managed to score one of the United States' biggest - and hottest - musicians in Carrie Underwood.

However, often times when thinking of hot women within the sport of hockey, we limit ourselves to those WAGs of popular - and not-so-popular - players. And while a lot of them certainly deserve the attention for their eye-popping bodies, there's a ton of beautiful women playing the sport themselves. Those women might want to be recognized most for their on-ice abilities, but you have to forgive us for marveling over their physical appearance, which is typically hard to notice under all that gear.

15 Tessa Bonhomme


Although not a current player, we had to kick off our list with former Canadian Olympian Tessa Bonhomme. The 32 year old native of Sudbury, Ontario played for Ohio State from 2003 to 2007 and later played for the Toronto Furies of the Canadian Women's Hockey League, where she recorded 24 points in 49 career games. She's a one-time Olympic gold medalist (which she won in 2010 and subsequently drank beer and smoked cigars on the ice - how hot is that?) and was once named to The Hockey News' annual list of 100 People of Power and Influence in Ice Hockey.

However, for our purposes, the blonde-haired beauty was, not surprisingly, named one of the 30 Most Beautiful Athletes on the Planet by Sportsnet Magazine in 2002. She continues to look stunning as a reporter and anchor for TSN, which is the Canadian affiliate of ESPN.

14 Hilary Knight


If there's one woman on this list you have heard of it's probably Hilary Knight. The 28 year old California native is one of the most recognizable women in the sport and not only for her talents on the ice, although she's quite good there too. Knight is considered one of the world's best female players and has proven as much; she debuted with the United States Women's National Team in 2007 and has since recorded 63 points through 45 games at the World Championships. She has seven gold medals at the World Championships and two silver medals at the Olympics.

Off the ice, Knight was perhaps the biggest bright spot of ESPN Magazine's The Body Issue, where she's featured wearing absolutely nothing but a pair of hockey skates. Her chest is covered up, but what you can see is her six pack and strong legs.

13 Angelina Goncharenko

A 23 year old offensive defenseman from Russia, Angelina Goncharenko has represented her country at the national level since the 2009 Under-18 World Championships. She made the national women's team two years later and has since been a fixture on the team, participating in five World Championships and one Olympic Games. She's almost certainly going to make the team once again for the 2018 Olympic Games.

Russia has been an emerging power in women's hockey, having won two bronze medals in the past few years, and Goncharenko is a big part of the team's improvement. Off the ice, the beautiful Russian is blessed with a bountiful backside and can offer both a seductive and warm, inviting stare. Unfortunately for her admirers, she got married this past summer.

12 Susanna Tapani


A 24 year old native of Finland, Susanna Tapani is a 5-foot-10 brunette who is equally as beautiful as she is talented. Supplementing her curves and physically-fit body, she is blessed with an entrancing smile that is visible both off and on the ice.

Tapani has long been a fixture of the Finnish national program. She made her debut with the under-18 team in 2008 and scored three goals in five games at the U18 World Junior Championships. Two years later, she debuted with the women's national team and has since played in four World Championships and one Olympic Games. She had the best performance of her career in the 2017 World Championships as she recorded nine points in six games. A former University of North Dakota student, she now plays for Lukko in Finland.

11 Eveliina Suonpaa

Sweden is typically thought of as the Scandinavian country known for its beautiful women, but when it comes to hockey, Finland isn't doing so bad itself. The country is also home to Eveliina Suonpaa, a 22 year old goaltender who is a rising talent on the national scene. She's a teammate of Tapani on Lukko, having spent last season with the team, while playing in 23 games and posting an impressive .920 save percentage.

Suonpaa has represented Finland at the 2015 and 2017 World Championships as well as the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia, where she was a backup goaltender. Like Tapani, she has an awe-inspiring smile, not to mention an incredible body that she doesn't mind showcasing to her followers on her Instagram account.

10 Erika Grahm


Okay, we didn't say Sweden was devoid of beautiful women hockey players, we just noted that Finland is catching up. Because quite honestly, there are few Finnish women that can compete with Swedish forward Erika Grahm in the looks department. The 26 year old native of Frano is a longtime captain of MODO and consistently averages near or over a point-per-game. She competed in the 2014 Sochi Olympics as an alternate captain and is a lock to make the 2018 Olympic team. She has also participated in five World Championships.

It's easy to notice Grahm's beauty on the ice as she has a pretty face, but it's even more noticeable off the ice; the blonde babe has nearly 3,000 followers on Instagram, which is a lot for a Swedish women's hockey star, and she enjoys posting numerous workout-related photos.

9 Anna Flanagan

Look, nowhere in this title did we promise we would lay out the 15 hottest ICE hockey players - we just said hockey. And that gives us enough leeway to include Australian field hockey player Anna Flanagan, who, as you can see from the photo above, is an absolute stunner. She's also much more well known than most of the women on this list, at least in terms of social media influence, as she has over 51,000 followers on Instagram, which really isn't surprising considering her Stacy Kiebler-esque legs (for you wrestling fans out there), flat stomach, beautiful smile, and curvy backside.

Australian hockey's golden girl also has a bit of troublesome side to her; the 26 year old is currently attempting a comeback after a whirlwind 12 months in which she was convicted of drunk driving and broke team protocol.

8 Valentina Wallner


Score another point for Sweden as Valentina Wallner comes in at number ten on our list. Another goaltender, Wallner is a 27 year old who has represented her country at the national level and most recently played for Haninge Anchors HC of Sweden's Division-1 women's league. Primarily a backup, she maintained a sub 2.00 goals against average in four consecutive seasons with MODO in the low-scoring SDHL and earned the starting role with Sweden at the 2014 Sochi Olympics, where she recorded a 2.90 goals against average and .915 save percentage through five games.

Unlike your stereotypical blonde bombshell from Sweden, Wallner is a lovely brunette who has a simple beauty about her, whether it's between the pipes or off the ice. Need further proof? She was ranked as a top-50 beauty at the Sochi Olympics by a shady Russian website.

7 Monika Gyomber


Every other woman on this list has quite an extensive digital footprint due to playing high-level competition for a number of years as well as their social media accounts. That isn't the case for Monika Gyomber, who, if we had any more photos to judge from, could easily be ranked atop the list. We can't even be certain if she's still playing today, but the Hungarian goaltender represented her country at the Division III World Championships in 2011 and recorded a dazzling .947 save percentage through three games.

The 26 year old previously played for a men's team in Budapest as well as the Vaxjo Ladies Lakers in Sweden and ECDC Memmingen in Germany. A German website conducted an interview and photo shoot with her and gave us incredible pictures of her showcasing her flexibility between the pipes - both in full gear and in tight-fitting pants and a low-cut top.

6 Meeri Raisanen


We told you Finland was home to some beautiful hockey-playing women, and by now you've probably figured out most of the women on this list are goaltenders. Meeri Raisanen is both. The 27 year old Finnish netminder looks more like a traditional Swedish beauty with long, light-blonde hair and a pretty face, but she has spent her entire playing career in Finland, primarily playing for JYP. She also spent one season in North American playing for Robert Morris University.

She made her international debut at the World Championships in 2012 and has since appeared in three World Championships as well as one at the Olympic Games, although she served as a backup and didn't get any game action. She's a great follow on Instagram if you're into hockey and beautiful women.

5 Brianne McLaughlin


You might have noticed there have been few North American women on this list so far. That's not because European women are more attractive... Okay, that's exactly why, but that isn't to say there's some incredibly beautiful American women playing the sport; in fact, Brianne McLaughlin, not surprisingly if you've followed along, is a 30 year old goaltender who has won a pair of World Championships with the United States Women's National Team as well as two Olympic silver medals.

The 5-foot-9 Ohio native spent the past two seasons with the Buffalo Beauts (arguably one of the best team names in all of hockey) of the National Women's Hockey League and spent the previous five seasons with the national team, while also serving as an assistant coach with her Alma mater, Robert Morris University. She also did some modeling work, including a series of photos of her rocking an American flag bathing suit as you see in the steamy picture above.

4 Viona Harrer


Don't sleep on Germany, either. Viona Harrer is a 30 year old goaltender who hasn't played in a couple of years, but built herself a decent resume playing in the third-tier German men's league as well as with the women's national team. The black-haired babe has a smile that suggests she's far too nice - and normal - to be a goaltender, as goalies are often strange creatures of habit who prefer to be left alone. Harrer, one the other hand, is both beautiful and welcoming.

A native of Rosenheim, she began playing professionally in 2003 and eventually played in eight World Championships. As Germany is often on the outside looking in as a women's hockey power, she didn't get to represent her country until the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi, where she posted an impressive .938 save percentage and a 2.00 goals against average in three games.

3 Tanja Eisenschmid


The brother of Montreal Canadiens draft pick Markus Eisenschmid, Tanja Eisenschmid is a 24 year old German who has been playing competitive hockey for over a decade, when she first debuted for ESV Kaufbeuren's under-16 team. She played four seasons for the squad before moving on to Germany's top tier women's league and eventually moved to North America, where she played four seasons with the University of North Dakota.

She played for Germany in the 2014 Sochi Olympics and has represented the country in six World Championships, having made the team for the first time as an 18 year old. It turns out she's not only beautiful, but she's got brains as well; Eisenschmid earned a bachelor's degree in communications at UND and is now pursuing a masters degree in international and intercultural communication.

2 Emerance Maschmeyer


Emerance Maschmeyer is a 22 year old goaltender from rural Alberta, Canada who recently completed a four-year stint as the goaltender for Harvard University, where she was absolutely dominant in posting a sub-2.00 goals against average in all four years, while twice topping a .940 save percentage. She joined the Calgary Inferno of the Canadian Women's Hockey League last year and proved herself as one of the best goaltenders in the league by posting a 1.49 GAA and a .946 save percentage.

In fact, Maschmeyer has a long history of proving herself. She made the Fort Saskatchewan Rangers Midget AAA boys team in 2010 and the following year played a handful of games for the Lloydminster Bobcats of the Alberta Junior Hockey League. She has since won a pair of silver medals at the World Championships with the Canadian national team and is likely to play for the team at the upcoming 2018 Olympic Games.

1 Anna Prugova


Again, not surprising, but the number one entry on our list is a goaltender. We can't be sure what it is about beautiful women wanting to block pucks, but they certainly thrive in the position. The 23 year old Russian has represented her country in two Olympic Games and appears set to do so a third time in 2018. She has also participated in four World Championships and helped her country win a pair of bronze medals.

While it might be hard to tell she's a smokeshow with all of her goalie gear on, she's a total knockout off the ice, as evidenced by the numerous photos on her Instagram account, where she details her travels and posts several candid shots. Russia might be trailing Canada and the United States in terms of being a women's hockey superpower, but the country can at least lay claim to having one of the most beautiful players on its roster.

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