15 Former NHL Stars You Didn't Know Have Hot Daughters

If it's pictures of Paulina Gretzky you want to see, and they are well worth it, see this link: But we're going deeper than the Great One's blonde beauty and letting all the headaches she must have caused wear off. In fact, soon enough, the daughters of other NHL stars should be old enough to take her place.

There aren't any gap tooth and black eyed ladies on this list. Instead, what lies ahead are some shocking, and maybe not so shocking genetic links from the ice men's finest. Though they may not bear the scars of their fathers, I certainly wouldn't want to feel their wrath. If they didn't inherit their father's looks, though upon closer examination some actually did, they probably inherited a little of their "wickedry."

Dating or marrying the daughter of an NHL star, or any athlete, must be pretty cool. Instead of hearing stories about how, "I saw when Eric Lindros...", you'd hear "When J.R hopped over the boards and broke into the zone, we all leaned over the boards and..." Instead of seeing a signed puck here or signed stick there, you could see the signed sticks or pucks of all their great teammates. It would be awesome to try on jerseys that were actually worn, and not bought. Instead of visiting on poker night and waving to Uncle Ralph who got fired again, Martin Brodeur could tell you about another shutout.

Maybe I'm exaggerating just a little, but there has to be some incredible perks to dating a hockey player's daughter. All of these ladies stand alone in terms of their physical attributes which might make you forget all about their dads. So without any further ado, let us search the sorority data base of other daughters of NHL players.

15 Brandi Roenick (Jeremy Roenick)

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Yeah, I know there is a bikini shot I could've posted, but since J.R was one of the greatest American born players in NHL history, this was more fitting. Is she adorable or what? Gotta love a lady that loves and appreciates the outdoors and animals. She is a huge fan and rider of horses who has been competing for years. Brandi is accomplished at dressage and won 3 Gold Medals on Junior and Young Rider teams. She also competed against top international riders and won competitions all over the world. Maybe she gets her competitive spirit from her dad, who hasn't lost his energy since retiring. He has recently jumped an alligator on a golf course and wrangled a giant catfish in a river with his bare hands.

14 The Yzerman Line (Steve Yzerman)

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The Captain, and his wife, Lisa have three beautiful daughters who are also athletic and very bright. The youngest is Sophia, the middle daughter is Maria, and the eldest is Isabella. All three attended the Academy of the Sacred Heart in Bloomfield Hills, Mi, and excelled at Lacrosse and academics. Not only was he a champion on the ice and the toast of Detroit, there is no doubt he is also the man in his lovely daughters' eyes. Raising three young ladies probably made his decision to move to Tampa a little easier, where he'll have plenty of hot water and they'll be able to avoid getting in it. But let's focus on his eldest daughter Isabella, pictured above. Isabella was the little girl skating on the ice with her father following him leading the Wings to the 97 Stanley Cup, and as you can see, she's grown up quite nicely.

13 Crosby Hull (Brett Hull)


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If you are starting to wonder if Brett Hull's daughter is going down the Paulina path, there are some, subtle and not so subtle differences. Crosby loves boats too, but she seems to have had less "work done," less men drooling and squeezing and groping, and more bikinis that are her size. There is no doubt she seems to have a lot of fun with people waving their tongues and having beach parties, and there are pictures of the two together. But Crosby seems to be a little more about her age, a little less about herself, and all while living the dream. She is in college after all, and we all liked to enjoy our college days, so we can't fault Crosby for wanting to have a little fun.

12 Alyonka Larionov (Igor Larionov)

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Igor Larionov was one the pioneers to help bring Soviet players to the NHL. He was also a key contributor in Detroit's run of 3 cups in 1997, 1998, 2002, and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2008. As a member of the the Russian Five line, he brought a sneaky, fast, complete, and incredibly unselfish approach to the game. His daughter, Alonkya, lives in New York and is trying to make a career in broadcasting. She has interviewed many stars like The Great 8 and travels to many NHL sponsored events. She's also appeared on American Idol, and some of her photos have been used in "catfishing" scams. I guess the crooks would probably suggest she wears a mask while taking shots to keep her looks.

11  11. Anne-Marie Morrow (Guy Carbonneau)

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I wonder if Brendan Morrow, Anne Marie's husband, had any road blocks in entering Guy Carbonneau's circle of trust to date his daughter. Did Guy hook him up to a lie detector, ask his opinions of French players, the Canadiens, and if he'd learn French? I'm sure he gladly gave away his daughter as they got to know each other fairly well while playing together in Dallas.  Though Anne and Paulina are friends, she's avoided the precarious poses and photos that were perhaps inspired by the ocean.

But Anne certainly looks terrific, especially in a shy, introspective pose, and also a bit naughty in her Cat Woman costume if you look it up online. Either way, Brendan Morrow is a very lucky man.

10 Janelle Foligno (Mike Foligno)

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Janelle certainly went through a lot as a young lady and teen when she had to face and overcome anorexia. She is the daughter in law of Mike Foligno who played for the Sabres and got married to his son, Nick. Janelle talks  to junior high school students in Ottawa middle schools about eating disorders. The couple is really quite extraordinary as they have overcome individual and family health problems, as their daughter Milania faced serious heart defects as a newborn.

As a result, they are one of the most generous and active of all hockey families by supporting Children's hospitals, Pediatric Specialists, Cancer Foundations, Cystic Fibrosis, and numerous other diseases. It's good to see a proud hockey family giving to so many causes.

9 Megan Hrudey (Kelly Hrudey)


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One of three daughters of Kelly Hrudey, Megan Hrudey seems like just one of daddy's little angels. Still young and maybe a little bored, she tweets about what many young ladies tweet about, um, nothing. There's a lot of shout outs, restaurant recommendations, and thank yous. You know, typical things. It seems her and the rest of the Hrudey family care a lot about mental health and breaking stereotypes. While she and her sisters seem to avoid raucous bikini parties with teen age men releasing testosterone, it's nice to see them learn some normality, especially since their dad was a goalie. Though she may not be flaunting it and causing dad to call Bob Nystrom, she is certainly a very pretty young woman.

8 Caley Chelios (Chris Chelios)

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Talk about a miracle on ice, how did the daughter of Chris Chelios turn out to be so pretty?Not only that, but the guy who wore the "C" though in his case it stood for chicken, has sent out into the world a professional reporter. Shocking, I know. So here she is, working for "The Bolts" and covering the finals. Not a bad gig at all. I bet she has some pretty amazing stories and met some amazing hockey people. I'll also bet no team or players will give her a hard time during an interview. If she had been involved with the chaos in the Patriots locker room, a quick call to the Grim Reaper would have settled it quickly.

7 Reide Housley (Phil Housley)

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Reide, the daughter of another American born NHL icon, Phil Housley, seems to be as diverse as the number of teams her dad played for. Phil, who is going home to coach Buffalo, is the number 1 American defenseman in points of all time. He also played for eight different teams and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2015. Reide is a yoga instructor, realtor, and Life Style Solution Advisor (what is that?). She also seems to derive great meaning from quotes about living life, living for today, the moment, and anything inspiring that can be found on posters with sunsets. It's a bit surprising that after all her time in Smashville, she didn't release a record or marry a Predator.

6 Natasha Bure (Valeri Bure)

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Oh, there's another Bure? Maybe you heard of her dad, Valeri, or maybe her uncle, Pavel, but all that doesn't really matter, does it? Natasha was born in 1998 and is involved in the entertainment business. Surprise, surprise! As a child, she started acting  in a Whimzy Pets commercial. While growing up she fell in love with tennis and wanted to turn professional, but the entertainment bug kept calling. She designs jewelry, runs a You Tube channel, and has appeared as a contestant on "The Voice." She recently wrote and published her own book, "Let’s Be Real," and is now looking to expand her acting and modeling career. Valerie who? So Pavel scored 437 goals in 702 games and over 58 goals 4 times? Big deal.

5 Cassandra Vilgrain (Claude Vilgrain)

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It's about time a daughter followed in her father's footsteps to play the greatest sport in the world. Cassandra was born in 1996 and fell in love with the sport while watching Canada defeat the U.S and win Gold in the 2002 Winter Olympics. Then, her father Claude, who had played for the Canucks, Flyers, and Devils, became her coach and mentor. He cheered and watched as she attended the University of New Hampshire, where she scored 17 points in her rookie season and made the Hockey East All-Rookie Team in 2014. She then transferred to the University of British Columbia where she continues to grow and improve as a player while she's closer to home, friends, and family. Anyone who has watched women's hockey has to love it, and maybe one days she'll be an Olympian.

4 Claudia Lemieux (Claude Lemieux)


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Meeting Claudia's father, Claude Lemieux, must be awkward. Sure, Claude is one of the few players to win 3 rings for 3 different teams, but he is just as well known for his dirty play and failure to stand up for himself and his teammates. He is infamous for his cowardly act of "turtleing" to Darren McCarty in the 1996 playoffs. But in terms of Claudia, she has no reason to "turtle" and by the looks of her she has no intentions to do so. She graduated from Mira Costa High School in California and attended Tulane University where she majored in Psychology. Currently, she's not as focused on the workings of the mind as she is the workings of the body. Claudia is a model in Los Angeles and works for BYRD, Frankie's Bikinis, and M.G.S.

3 Lacey Wilson (Doug Wilson)

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Blue liner Doug Wilson played 13 years with Chicago, 8 as an All- Star, and is the Windy City's all time defensive leader in goals, assists, and points.  That's pretty amazing when you consider he played for one of the Original 6. After he spent his final 2 seasons as a Shark, he then became their GM and brought them to the Cup Finals. Though the GM has a lot to worry about with contracts and getting his team back to the Cup, he doesn't have to worry about the career of his gorgeous daughter, Lacey. She is a fashion publicist and owns her own company. She was also Miss Massachusetts USA in 2010 and is married to Aaron Bates, a coach in the Los Angeles Dodgers' organ-I-zation.

2 Allison Micheletti (Joe Micheletti)

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Allison is the daughter of Joe Micheletti, who was drafted by Montreal in 1974 but played for the Blues and Rockies. Now he is a broadcaster and a popular hockey personality. Allison is 28, a professional golfer, and married to retired, NHL and American star, Mike Modano. She was a young and talented basketball and soccer player before she suffered a serious injury. She started to play golf when she was 16, had "it," and played at Furman University and at Arizona State University. In 2011, Micheletti turned pro and played on the Cactus Tour and Women’s Canadian Tour. She then started a full tournament schedule. She's also a dog lover and works with DFW Rescue Me, a Dallas non-profit that seeks to save and rescue dogs.

1 Carlin Domi (Tie Domi)

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It's really quite amazing that anyone with the last name Domi, by birth, could ever be so cute. It's even a little scary to see they share a similar smile... ew, "I almost threw up in my mouth." And where did she get that hair? But at least she doesn't have the rest of her father's mug and brains, as she graduated from the University of Western Ontario and now lives in Toronto.

I hope Tie comes clean with her before she sees 99% of his career highlights where guys like Dave Brown and Craig Berube did a number on him. And here's to hoping she doesn't follow in her father's footsteps! In any event, Domi's raised quite a family with Max in the NHL and Carlin seemingly on her way to success as well.

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